Thursday, July 31, 2014

burgundy pitch

It smells real enough. I am melting things right now. I am really excited about this day and everything being the right way with no draggers on..
draggers on:)

Yes, we all have disappointments and sorrow. So?
I choose to be free from worry and despair, free from lower type hangers on and mistrustful so called friends.
Be clear.ya'll..
Like I tried to babble on about this yesterday but, you know, I get way ahead of myself and spew drivel..ha hahaaaaaaa
Just saying once again, people talk, and sometimes it is true what they say.

Cry then, but crying does nothing but give you swollen that what you want? Swollen eyes? That is why creative juices are for.

this is why creativity flows
This forest blend is brewing right now.
frankincense tears and oil
star anise
burgundy pitch

bees wax
fractionated coconut oil
I wanted no disturbance in scent for this one..

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

go daddy

Really, I wasted 25 dollars in 2010 and cancelled my account with them and they try to charge me through paypal as an automatic renewal! No!
Paypal was so lovely and helpful and denied the charge and cancelled whatever pathway go daddy found to access a brand new account I had set up two years ago, way after I had cancelled my thing with them. I just never did use it..etsy seems more than enough for me.
Really, go daddy?
You can just go!

Can it be that corporations that exist only in cyber space have little creepy wormholes to get in and get you and  take a bite..a small bite and you just do not notice 25 dollars here or there.
The Moon in Virgo is good for intolerance of stupid things, wasteful things and when it comes to money management, Virgo vibes bring the best energy for saving and being wise  with  fundage. You have to!

Now Leo boy, please, calm down. You seem to think that there is a sort of  life menu that you need to follow and that you should have more than you do and that you should not be working with lower (in your eyes) people.
first, no one is lower..
second, do your as usual, great job,
third, don't be a twat:) everything is fine.
who cares if you do not have that perfect set up and more is coming. It always comes.

Sagg, honey..Mars in Scorpio, transiting the twelfth house is about knowing the enemy does so too exist. You have some people who kind of see you as a negative and spewing opinionated uneducated claims..
it is about you opening up to new ways
and understanding this;
people get mad if you say things and just because they get mad doesn't mean your words are not true, they are or aren't..but in the out there world, and in the words of Sting.."if it's a mirror you want, look into my eyes, or a whipping boy, someone to despise.."
you are really frustrated and angry at misshapes in life. maybe just do your own job and do not worry and yes, there are enemies a foot. of course, they can be stomped right quick, remember it is the year of the horse and you are part horse, part open mind thinker. Choose your words wisely. At times you wont..people get hurt for others and want things that are not real. If you say what is real, they get mad. What good does that do? All I can say is do not be one of those angry dark people who walk in a room and suck the air right forget your own power.

"when you walked in the air went out
and every shadow filled up with doubt...."
theme song from true blood, :))

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Jupiter in Leo and Mars in Scorpio caution a bit graphic :))

Wow, really, what a shift in vibes huh?

I want to say it will get easier but I think we will expect more from one another now and have the ability to deliver the goods.
 Mars is Scorpio is all about getting down to the facts like a surgeon.
Also if you are the creative type, you might want to challenge yourself regarding your expectations of what you can actually achieve and not what you want to get from something. Money changes everything.
You might find yourself more attached than usual and feeling lonely in a room full of people at the same time.
You might find yourself blaming others for your feeling when your feelings have nothing to do with  what must be done.
caring, not caring, is not going to make a  difference when something is clearly in need of doing..why wait, sonne?!

This is no time to squander your funds but funds will come. they just do. Jupiter in Leo loves money and and money loves Jupiter in leo and he wants us wants to look good so we will all do some new things with our hair and maybe shave  our legs because Mars in Scorpio likes Clean and Classy..Leo loves anything bright and styling so we will see.
I have been on a grand roll this summer what with mars in Libra transiting my Venus in Libra and North Node in Libra, and now Mars in Scorpio hitting my tenth house with Mercury in Scorpio and my Jupiter and Neptune all in Scorpio.
What is exciting is that it has all been  related to learning (I have Venus in Libra in the 9th)
and my public persona and how I express that with my clients and friends.
I cannot hide for long, I must produce art through my words and products. That is my best thing right there!
Another best thing is that I am able to appreciate other's work and shed fear about who is better than who and who has an award about some dumb thing that only lasts a second and still you're still poor..
I say release that and be who you are. Competition leads to mistakes and loosing some of the time..
Win in your own heart, do what you love and all good things come with that.
Accept quietly while planning better ways to do your work. change when you need to..change your mind about god, and what they have told you. there are no miracles..I am sorry, I wish that we could bring people back from the dead but it cannot happen..if there is a divine being he would fix all of the turmoil in the world..he is silent while 91% of Egyptian girls get their clitoris ripped out for god.."wow" and super "sigh"!

about 25 years ago I read a book called The Tao Of Sex and during that time I was meditating and learning about the teachings of Yogananda and his teachers..
The ideas were that sex should be sacred and not wasted otherwise you get bad chi in the body which goes unbalanced and things start to happen. I pretty much thought that to be true..anything in access is harful, any good  Libran knows this.
Like too much anal sex causes the muscles in that region of the body to never repair themselves makes sense but gays do not always penetrate so I have revised  my understanding of this. plus, keegles really do work, yo.  Love isn't always bondage type porn sex..(I work with young uns who talk freely about these natters)
A point made by one guru back in the day,  was that too much clitoral stimulation leads to bladder imbalance and makes for a thicker lower body..
Well, today all I see is a who lot of younger gay girls who are fit without that stereotype..maybe some gay girls do not eat well, drink liquor and get too much clitoral stimulation! What do I  know?
I feel like the old books all put women is a very unkind place and gays too. People are smarter now, right?
Gays are no longer living secret lives and porn lovers no longer visit bath houses where drugs and sex with anybody is cool. It never was for many thank goddess, because I think our clitorises are fine..but dang man, 91%? And we are still worried about the pyramids crumbling? Take a picture, make a replicas you dumb fuk! Also I think hire a woman to engineer the whole thing and see what you get..please, stop cutting the babies genitalia. It is so mean..we live in modern times, where rituals and cleansing through blood shed isn't so cool and not needed what with having soap now! Dude, I can't help but be salty about things!
And they call me a hippie?

there is a snake deep down in there
it frightens and stirs your deepest yearnings
you breathe in strong breath
breath out all the gray stress
because the stirring is becoming vibrant, it snakes up along your spine
each level a ball of light that is secret and always with you
it passes by the creative empress energy pregnant with boons
money rich and wealthy abundance
the third orange and upwards to  red
gut instincts
breaking it down to what you can use
at the heart.
getting it
being loved

now lets go up, say what you love
say what you mean
say it with grace and sweet words
say it with confidence
with poise
it is what your heart wants all along and here is how it is shown to others
your mouth full, juicy and  always willing to laugh even when it hurts
you mind
you call it the third eye
I call it you inside

breath in now and let it all expand through vast distances
your mind connected though the base where the seeds of creativity lie

Monday, July 28, 2014

speaking of neanderthals

Ancient man never rested much. I can tell you that. they were constantly busy making things for tomorrow. better spears, better fire coals with harder woods and since birch is one of the oldest species of trees in Europe,  that is why they used  barks and woods with what they had handy.
When I came here from the village in Greece, my mom still made her own brooms, aspic in winter and sausages in January to make it a few more months. She has a microwave and never uses it except to decorate it with some lacy thing with a statue of some cute thing and hearts on top of
she covers everything with lace,  my mom does.
We never do any of those things any more.Not the lacy stuff, that is just momma being a Pisces woman.

If you had to slaughter your own pig, you'd probably freak out and not even eat it. so far removed we are to the survival of our kind. When is the last time you thought about where an egg comes from or the truck fulls of limestone The United States harvests from The Earth so that they can fortify everything with Calcium? Even milk, they add more limestone powder disguised as calcium carbonate, more than any other nation! Call it what it is, dammit! Limestone powder!
If you had to get your own milk from your own cow, you would not drink as much. you'd make cheese, for sure..I know I would. There are some dang good cheeses in the world, yes?? Love!

There is a bunny in my yard. I think he lives here and eats my garden goods so he is organic..I thought about killing him for dinner and how that would feel..I have certainly  eaten my share of beef and chicken in my day.
I guess I am not that hungry, because I do not really want to kill the bunny. He is so cute. He is eating my plants though..most of the small  baby ones. He is saving the lettuce for another day I guess because I have managed to save a small clump.  Poor bunny, he is food for everything.
And even if he were gone from here, there is no guarantee that the garden wouldn't suffer. We had such a big storm yesterday, all the corn fell and I lost one sunflower. I was sad, I still am because it is too wet to go out there and see the real damage done. I had some sort of epiphany about the loss..if I want corn, it is down the street, and if I want heirloom tomatoes, I think I planted enough plants to make sure that happens. I  should get at least 8 tomatoes..88 would be nice..but I think I lost the corn..

Have a good day..
Mars entered Scorpio and Jupiter is in Leo..
You have Pluto and Uranus working things out
Lets bring art, more money for art and do art things and then when the day is done, rest, talk and watch a good show!
Derek..wonderful, kind, touching, and funny as pigs in mud..Every episode makes you cry. Ricky Gervais, what a funny and not funny guy he is!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

waiting for balms?

They aren't finished. I wanted to finish them on Saturday, but, I decided to wait because I want to add something called burgundy pitch..from northern European spruce trees.
I am so enamored by the sounds and colors of  ideas in my head, they explode with wonder of how it will be..smokey? Smelling of meted dirt mixed with sap? We will see or should I say, we'll smell and reckon with what it is..
Pitch is one of the oldest manufactured substances by humans..we can go back thousands years ago, when the Neanderthal man used this as glue to keep their Spears strong.
Basically pitch is a tar like substance produced when melting the bark of certain trees that carry a lot of sap.
Birch is one of the oldest and I am sure the one from spruce smells amazing. It is described as forrest, fruity and balsamic. It is clean too. They can melt bark really easily I am sure, this one comes from France so I bought an ounce..what if it is good and real..
If not, I am sure I can easily make my own. It sounds pretty simple.
 You make a fire pit and put a vessel as a collector and then surround the vessel with the bark of birch or spruce. You then, bury it with dirt being careful to layer the dirt over the material so that none of the fire above really burns the material. You keep it hot for 24 hours and then let it cool.
 At the finish you will have collected a sappy, glue like resin compound.
I can't hardly wait to smell this. If it is fake, I will tell you and proceed with my original plan to make the balm the way it is now with out bergundy pitch..

what do you think of the forest blends? I love them. So clearing they are! I know this much. I love frankincense, all of them, I want frankincense and forest and fruity. I do!
I find strength and purpose when I stand under a pine grove on a hill. I have peace and I have inner thoughts coming together in to focus of what I am and who I work for and what I serve. I am..the answer. It  is myself and me who choose the reactions.  It should be for you too. That does mean not stepping on toes and being a bitch all day. It means being tolerant and waiting. It does not mean reacting before thinking.
It means not talking. Not saying a word. Not judging anyone but yourself.
Take time now to thank your day already, so nice and cool here, so lovely, mommas!!

I love you all so much for coming over to my blog and allowing me this wonderful indulgence.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

2 new balms for emotional effects

For creativity and strength

I am in awe, everyday of labdanum and I must say, my new batch is as good as the last one..
The scent of labdanum on its own is sweet, musky, tender, floral, piny and sacred smelling. It blends beautifully with just about anything and adds a soft mellowing to any sharp blends.
I love labdanum with any resinous oil. Myrrh, frankincense, benzoin..oohh, too sweet with benzoin..just a drop then of benzoin:)
here are two new balms I am posting this weekend at eleneetha's place..a k a

Creative Flow bindi and balm
a lovely brew with mastic gum melted slowly with frankincense tears and organic extra virgin olive oil.
Slow brew here and all day event of gently keeping these oils warm and melted along with local bees wax.
When sufficiently satisfied with the brewing process, I then add the essential oils and allow for a gentle tempering process before pouring  in to jars.
I add;
benzoin (one drop) per four ounces of balm
star anise (one to three drops to get the creative juices flowing)

temper for 30 minutes and gently pour into jars..

I have not added measurements because I usually make enough for about 8 jars but if you  want to make a balm only for yourself you would use about 1/6 ounce beeswax
3 or four ounces olive oil
30 drops frankincense oil
1/4 teaspoon of labdanum absolute  paste
and one or two drops clove oil
one drop benzoin and one drop star anise

Labdanum is a beautiful material (albeit messy)
it strengthens the chi, makes for a lovely relaxing tonic and is actually noted in some medical journals for its healing properties to immune system. On Cyprus, it is used as medicine for many ailments of the body.

Labdanum Strength Brew
Again with beeswax slowly melted along with labdanum and a few nuggets of frankincense tears..this is brewed over a long period of infusion, slowly and gently in a water bath, a double boiler. sort of thing..

add the oils
labdanum ( more)
templin fir cone
star anise (one drop)

I find that once in a while I need me a balm. Put some on your feet, now close your eyes and think giood things..

Friday, July 25, 2014

sandalwood and neroli turns

I love sandalwood and finally out of the four companies I work with when I buy oils, I am in love with Eden's, sandalwood "rare'. I did buy an Indian sandalwood and used it in a perfume I made for is so young that it took weeks to age..I still added more of the one I love.
I am expanding my knowledge. I am finally ready to do something with room fresheners.
the problem has always been the tools.
I don't want candles around with my kids or their kids and I do not want to spend money on an electric diffuser..40 bucks on a machine..not for me!
I love room sprays. It is perfect. The delivery is alcohol based and I basically infuse grain  liquor.
Someone said it smells so good, you could drink it. Don't drink it.
It is for your brain not your

 I like to study other's work, read about ideas from other aromatherapists and make my own conclusions when it comes to mixing blends. I work with oils on hand mostly. Yes, we had palo santo for a minute and lavender palmarosa and lime together were memorable! I say, quite memorable..
I might bring that idea back in soap..
right now, I am intrigued by mandarin and lime together with basil at the very strength of this potion. Is there some other component I can add to this? yes. some oil of leaves from the bitterest orange tree whose leaves smell of sunshine and flowers most intense( petitgrain sur flue and also lemon leaves here)
You do get the green and then you get the softness and perfume of red mandarin fruit.
Does this blend behave like one of my best?
That depends, there are some who do not abide citrus. I can't personally,  fathom that but, yes, there are those who do not care for citrus oils..crazy huh?

Next, Sagittarius and Virgo moments of thought...

What should a scent be for a Sagittarius? Or better get, one who has been slow to go natural all the way. They get it, perfume is bad but all of the natural oils do not appeal to them..
How can they, at the store? All of that energy from hands all up on each bottle, it changes the vibe in the oil.
someone mixed ylang ylang and vanilla yesterday and we all almost reeled.."whoa"
I had to wash that off!
Wow, ylang ylang can go bad I suppose... it sure got to me! I will say this, it cleared my head and I was really good at my job afterwards..surprisingly clear headed and calm all day..there was the lady who wouldn't leave because she is so full of family despair t hat her kids now think she is senile  but like most Aquarius people, she is just out there and not lol lol
I told her she sees too many clairvoyants and that she should focus on being happy and living life..
I told her to go do tai chi and not worry that some weird stalker is trying to fuck with her mind..I dare not say that that I think she is fucking with her own mind. That is what everyone else says to her! Who am I, a store clerk? More than that but  not really.
Ineteresting, right?
I gave her basil and frankincense on a cotton ball and told her to go home and dab it on all the doorways. she came back and asked me for the tai chi teacher's phone number. I hope she goes..:)

I have a soft ylang ylang here in my shop which is pleasant and when mixed with a touch vanilla, it is intense magic, sweet and good suave power..Virgo and Sagg, can and should use that right now. Suave is when you are quietly powerful and smart too. Some sweet love making power and rare abilities to connect all the dots perfectly.
I see you yearning for more..more desire to change from with in, more compassion for the woman or man you've become, more aware of every cell in your body remembering what you fed it yesterday, talking and willing to submit and say you are sorry for other's pain and being real with what you are.
I love you
So I think vanilla and jasmine and rose for you, I think a touch mint and a flash scent of resin, pine,  sandalwood for you. Relax and be content for you..rose because you are wonderful and happy..beautiful rose for open heart to allow goodness in..

For the man who is Virgo, if he were mine, in soap, I would want, always, vetiver and lime with any old whore combo..when one uses her, she lingers..people love her and on a good warm man, she smells even It depends where and who you are. I say that, "yes, she is.
Seems like you'd think Scorpio likes patchouli, but most do not..go figure that one! lol Mars ruled some of the time, Scorpio likes fresh and clean and finished..not too much dirt..

Oh, neroli seems to not ship very well right I am waiting for cooler temps before I present it in a blend again...oils can turn and when they do, it is harsh. who needs it?
me, and many others.. i love neroli with pink grapefruit, with sandalwood, jasmine and rose, it is beautiful perfume..
I want all the neroli but I am willing to wait for the best one which I will buy soon..soon my babies!
Have a wonderful day..we'll talk:)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

what is happening in the stars

Indeed, tempers are flaring and people are talking and then yelling and then fighting and then being crazed with blood. What do you expect when about a thousand people died in 6 weeks time on Earth? People feel the vibe, it is big sad energy..let us be free from worry now and love one another washing with good soap and rubbing down with perfumed unguents and forgiving our traspasors.
Simmah down now my is just that zappy Uranus triggering violent thoughts and inconsolable behaviors.
Be calm and state your purpose early on because people will not want to do what needs done and then blame you for not doing it..
the fuks!
I am stepping back and learning tolerance from a dear work mate who is always so poised when in the spot light..behind the scenes, is another story..but I bet not one of us is completely at peace about everything.

I spent a good deal of time with a wealthy older man on a consult about food and what do take to help his memory. he loves me for my mind he said..:)..He is older, his memory is fading just like my athletic awesome figure is now a little is what it is.I cannot run a quick 5 miles anymore. It bothers me for a split second and I forget about it..I am now what I am and when my memory fails me, I back track and check myself and my habbits and I take DHA. I love it..I also eat a little coconut oil every day. I do not know, but, I feel like think and I look better and my skin is never dry.Organic coconut oil is just a gift to us..real ambrosia!
Aging sucks. I had one of my regulars come in too,  who always wears a chef coat and I do not think she is a working chef because her nails are perfect..she cried..
I am like, "what is up, babe?"
"I have cancer and I don't want to die!"
"Babe, we are all gonna die, you must focus on now.."
"Ok, what should I take for my fatty liver?"
Oye, with the fatty liver! How come they wait until they are dying to eat better and stop  drinking wine all day? lol
"I want you to eat cilantro every day chopped up with tomato and lemon and salt and maybe some onion",
I said to her.
"I know how to make it.  I will."

Some day we all will take out last breath..things live and die, the trick is to not die suffering with a fatty liver and swollen testicles, yes?
Cilantro is one of the best things for some, yo!

The violence in the streets must be reckoned with by not being in the streets as much as you can. in your home you can rest and be one with  yourself and not have to justify your beliefs. It is ridiculous this oppression!
Of course, I rant about it!
That whole bullshit in one on the news has even dared to comment about the religious zealotry and how destructive it is..I sweat to you, it is unfathomable to me this type of human abuse toward one another.
Put superstition and religion away and you will see all the worlds problems disappear..and people will be forced to be self realized and our civilization will be remembered with a little pity because we took so long to understand the real truth..
Not us though! Right?
Every day we review our thoughts, review our behaviors and our activities and who we run with..I am so proud to be a part of this wonderful group of people, really!

I love you..

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


What, now we label people by the kind of sex they like?
I wonder if we will ever just be like, "oh, that is so and so, they are gardeners or money handlers and Christian or, Jewish..or god forbid, pious they are!
If god is real and I am not saying god isn't real then who made him? Why is the Catholic church so consumed with sex?  Why is Islam so strict? Why did the Catholics burn people for trying to read the bible in English? That is not nice..not even godly at all..
Why? I don't know, but it seems to me that sex is a big thing to all of their leadership who run god's work..(:))
Especially the Catholic church..they have an obsession with condoms, no gay dicks ()), unless of course it their clergy (1 in 50 being pedi) who are knee deep in lies and parables that do not fit our world.
Flocks of sheep my ass..There haven't been sheep in these parts in hundreds of years and I bet not many people can relate to the wheat one has seen wheat fields. I haven't in 45 years!

God could have at any moment prevented the suffering of humans, oppressed ones, women, babies suffering while they performed their praising rituals, begging god to adore them, wearing kingly vestments and kneeling in silent prayer..

It feels good to close your eyes, even if you do it one day a week, you close your eyes and see in your minds eye..all your churning, yearning, blue green violet thoughts..made in stars..that is breath is something special and what we are is life happening during billions and trillions of years in space and time..we are in constant movement.

But, these antiquated,mystical ideas..seriously!
Look at how the church treats people? Guess what, after they become Catholic, they are still poor and live in really buggy places with animals roaming..their day has not changed except for the promise that if they, you, behave and follow the ten commandments (an ancient Egyptian concept that moses brought with him) and have unprotected sex as much as you want,, but don't do it certain anal and no condoms!
They are obsessed with sex!

Things are what they are no matter how we try to un think them. 100 years ago we thought the universe went forever and that idea of forever was the end of our milky think about billions of those type of star colonies..cities in space but frikin big with stars and stars big ones churning out seeds for life. Silicon, calcium, silver and gold..all made in stars..uranium, platinum, bronze, all made in, burned out stars..exploding far far waway and brought here by asteroids, dark matter, dark energy, all working together..

Someone said to me,"who made the stars?"

Who made who?
You can go one with that and never be satisfied, because you want to believe in god, a being who cares about you and will save you from pain and worry and cancer..
think about the doctors who studied their asses off so that you could be "healed"..
the technology of science that went behind the scenes to develop x-rays and scanners and lazer frikin lazers..
"God gave them that ability"
they say things, people do..
Maybe they just closed their eyes and allowed the holy spirit to consume them and whoosh, a doctor is born, right?

In a book called "utliers",I read a while back, it is mentioned that mastery can be achieved through one way. practice and time. Putting in the  hours of study and thinking and trying make it not work so that yo can fix it..making it work right every time and practicing that. Competing makes you fail because you cannot win every time..someone has to loose..
solitary time alone is when you can meet you consciousness and say, "hello , my oldest and most wise friend, hello!"

I am submerged in eternal light

Monday, July 21, 2014

kids and everyone else

"mom, blah blah, had to stay here this weekend because her mom went away and she was stranded at her house alone."
They make up stories. I let the chick stay here but wonder at the mother who went away..They will say any reason to stay here, I know, and then leave mad, right?
I love my house too:)
After the girl left, I talked with my boy. I told him that  these long visits have to be kept to  rare events and not every weekend.
He is an interesting child. very smart and doesn't need others to entertain him. They are all so cute with the hair long. They have socratic discussions and their evenings are spent talking about math equations and the theory of relativity and how complex it is.
"Is the universe mathematics? One of them asked.  "And if we invented mathematics did we invent the universe?" "no, we discovered the universe, it was always there but we made a system of measuring its particles.."
"yes, like the fact that light is both a particle and a wave"
"what do you mean?"
 "Does the particle travel zig zag?"
"no...meow, is both an particle and a wave...meow, meow...

Sunday, July 20, 2014

simmah down

  A very sweet Jewish and Russian friend told me that Israel is justified in this war because the Palestinians are constant bombing them. (she got a little defensive) hey man, I am not attacking you because you are Jewish or Russian or Palestinian! I could care less about the ridiculous ideas of man's self aggrandisement with himself about who is more cherished and more right. I love all things Eastern European!  I have Israeli friends who left all of that. There are huge colonies in Costa Rica where many have fled, so that they can live in peace and raise their family away from bombs!
No they are not justified to shoot and kill and not on either side of some stupid border!
My friend said that some of these nations put their bombs beneath hospitals and schools so that when Israel or the Us bombs them, they get blamed for killing children. that true?
 Any educated and reasonable human knows that this is not only the worst thing is is anti human to sacrifice your own kids to prove a point..which you do not even have enough brains to explain.. No one is ok to go and bomb another place. Grow up! There has been enough sacrifice for goodness sake!
Just leave each other alone, there is one thought. The other one is that countries that are militant and back wards need to step up with the program. No more violence. Unacceptable..It is no way to raise a family. Your family.
Focus on art, music, laughter and wonderment of space and time..

I wish to stress how strongly I ( I, me)) feel about this and to spread the word, about raising children who are thoughtful and educated. reading, learning and doing good for real.

don't be mad, be pro active from you own home first. tell your children, tell your mom, that we are just all sitting here on this rock
you are not special
no you are not
you keep thinking like that and your brain will rot
and then in no time
you have become something that time has long forgot
you so much better when
choosing goodness and tolerance over force
choosing smiling and forgiveness over blood and guts
Take off that smug uniform and be nice
just simmah down, now..take some tumeric

royal unguent

Everyone should have some..
every household should make it and accompany that with real prayer and chanting for good..
this ancient medicine is special because we know today that all of these oils are protective to the skin and body because  of real nutrients and really active antibacterial components. Cinnamon and clove being a very important and fragrant aspect of man's search of soothing comfort.
cinnamon is always happy, loves the heat and gets sweeter each day by the sun. So much so, that animals will eat a whole bush if you let them.
I can see why ancient man would use the bark of such trees..bushes really.
White Lotus has a recipe for Royal Unguent..
  • 1/2 once clove bud co2
  • 1/4 ounce costus co2
  • 3/4 ounce patchouli absolute
  • 1/4 cardamon co2
  • 3/4 ounce henna leaf co2
  • 1/8 ounce cinnamon bark eo
  • 1/4 spikenard eo
  • 1/2 ounce styrax eo
  • 1/2 calamus eo
  • 1/16th ounce galbanum eo
  • 1/4 ounce saffron co2
  • 1/2 ounce myrrh co2
  • 1/4 ounce cassia
  • 3/4 ounce marjoram eo
  • 1/8 ounce fir balsam absolute
  • 1/2 ounce nagarmotha eo
  • 3/4 ounce labdanum absolute
  • 3/4 ounce ambrette c02

I would use this format but reduce the amount of spikenard and nagarmotha..also too much saffron makes me a little queasy..clove bud co2 is really stunning, euphoric even!
And I know Christopher at white lotus has access to many of these oils I do not usually have on hand. One could buy wee vials of each oil and make something for the whole year. I would go by drops to make a balm. I think I can round up most of these oils and see what the deal is. How it pans out and all of that good stuff.
Doesn't this blend look interesting?

Saturday, July 19, 2014

the wars the planes and why religion must die and not people

Mars in Libra, yes?
This horrid way in which we treat other humans on earth? That must change my friends. We must finally see what is happening in the name of some spiritual leader who never actually shows up! Be real for once and stop loving hatred. Your god, tortured his boy and then blamed it on you...he is a killer and he is mean and you made him that way..
Look at them chanting with signs..
Look at all of their religious stupidity and faith in a divine being who does not  care because he isn't there..he isn't yaweh, or thor or jehova, or theos or zues..he isn' it isn't! Your momma cares for you and me, I do..who else can you actually say loves you? Round them up and say "hello, what are you growing this week?"
Do you think that now, their god will show them the way? these militant troublemakers?
Which one? Which uneducated and closed minded fear mongering hateful punishing killing blowing up 300 hundred people and children on a beach fucking god should be followed this way???
Be pissed my friends but stand back, because some of these nations won't be happy until they kill every Palestinian of Jew or now

I am a little scared. It could happen to anyone. One day you are just doing your job, making dinner or talking to your kin and bamm, some fuk has killed a whole family.."dude!"
How is it ok for Israel to do this?
We could bring all the Palestinians here, there is plenty of space.
maybe they will come..we should think about that. I live in Livonia which is between a huge Jewish community  the biggest Arab community in the US! Guess what? They do not blow each other up. Everyone lives and works together just fine. they live and work within ten miles of one another.
Why? Because here in the United States, we do not blow each other up. people want peace and they go to college and learn physics and math. How come they cannot do that there? Is it water rights? Is it claim to a god? is it lingering hatred because of God? Is it gold, or silver or is it the oil? What? How do they all think it is ok to bomb each other?

When we use up all the natural gas and prehistoric plants refined with lethal toxic metals, and computers soak energy from the sun for us, people will finally come out of the dark ages.But first, we must understand science..a little bit and then more and stop trusting this god. make a new one which gives you boons and fertile grounds.

Russia right now is bad, bad, bad. The Plane was 200 miles away and they shot it down.. I wonder how that could have happened on purpose?? twice to same air line??
There is a reason why people want to   leave  a country and form their own laws and do not want to be near you. You suck!
Nations should be run intelligently with real fairness for all and not some militant regime. that is always oppressive!
Seems to be that  there may be some incompetent soldiers on their staffs because they make foolish errors..this last one being a doozy. If it was not a mistake, they suck more and let me say that right now, they suck a whole lot!
Remember Chernobyl? That is place, a ghost town now with toxic air still lingering invisibly over every thing because someone forgot to check the list..They all has to leave their homes because of some dummies mistakes dealing dangerous toxic elements. that poison humans!

Now imagine solar collectors instead of refineries..
I think that when we do things like this, everyone can still breathe the air for a while longer and it may mean conserving ones time and turning things off..but I do not think we will have to do that.   and people will have new jobs and we all get food and money. It is a the real blessing. The real way that we make money. All of us not some politician's glory or made up lord who will bless us in another life, not now and even  at any moment subject to change his mind? that is dumb..I will shed all fear because I do the right thing always.

When we start learning about science and its real magic, we take responsibility for our actions and while we will admire sacred symbols of the divine we will marvel at the little computers in our own bodies which have memories..our cells, our DNA, which shows where we came from. It is bigger than any country. wow..


Friday, July 18, 2014

sookie the whore

She had to fuck..(see, how easy that is to say now)) both of them
she had vampire Bill and now she is all in love with vampire Eric..I am a little disappointed and sad and really do not care to hear sookie grunting with Eric in the woods.."sookie!"
(I am watching true blood)
"you had to have everything didn't you, sookie?"
"What, just because you are a fairy that the laws of cause and effect will not , er ah, effect you?" Now you've diluted yourself..what is happening to you little fairy?
They are vampire, they do what they want, I guess..
OMG..she is so mingled with them that good and bad do not matter to them like humans expectations of those concepts.."there is no good or bad, there is just is.." Eric said that to her and  then let her suck his blood..Their blood is like a steroid or some thing that makes you addicted..
ha ha ha lol my ass off! That is so funny..
I love it! Plus in season four, the witch is here and she is pissed and wants to kill all vampires because of what they did her. the priests that burned her were vampires 400 hundred years ago..I am scared of her a little. She is mean and took that woman's body over because that woman was begging for some divine thing to enter her by all that "goddess" energy she wanted to conjure up. The followers of the goddess must do good always.
Chant for good my babies, only good, you are a mirror..but no, that bitch is pissed and she will kill a few vamps and the story may get soft from here..I mean how many times can you save the world?
This story is all sex all day ( I think I told you that) some episodes...boring..but the vamp story is great. I love that Stephen Moyer..he is a Libran..we are so beautiful, on second glance, we're thoughtful, we're cold...that is a Libra person right there..I love a good story with fashion and good writing. And no, I  don't necessarily want a morally staunchly law and order type show..not ever..give me fantasy and fashion any day.
My friend and I watched Hemlock Grove at around the same time and we loved that little diddly on Netflix. Framka something..her clothes are wonderfully fresh. Everything in that story is so Swedish to me.. like with the viking thing on true, love, love!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

the scorpionic rock star perfume

I think it should be a straight up perfume oil. I don't think you can see the real beauty of the oak moss in a cream as much as what it does to the perfume..
Oakmoss is stunning. I have been working with it for many years now.
When I first took a whiff, I was like, wtf is this?
Too sharp, like a really deep concentration of wet green and then dry.
To really understand oakmoss , it would take many years.
And what a journey it has been so far..
In this wonderful blend, I feel like the oakmoss just gets lost in fluff. The true base is so exceptionally distinct.
The study here has been fabulous starting with three oils and mixing them with some other lovely helpers. I am going for deep and good here and if I may be so bold, an old whore version of the male aspect..
three oils
the sandalwood the patchouli and the frankincense over oak moss over myrrh to shed bitterness and labdanum and  rose to accept goodness and be gracious.
oakmoss then a drop rose (one)
shake and wait
add the oakmoss (a little at a time)
(the oakmoss absolute is a dark condensed paste here in a 24 time period of dilution in organic cranberry seed oil here to allow the oakmoss to do what it does))
Is the old whore a chypre blend? Yes!
Is the scorpionic rock star a chypre blend?
it is the right balance of labdanum oakmoss to what ever you add it to which makes a chypre become whatever it will..lavender and patchouli, you have a woodsy bright summer time feeling, piny with the resinous frankincense coming out..if you go the way of the old  whore, you have to be around a while and be a master as this but also have more jasmine and rose handy..because deep down the old whore is comfort and meaning and deep satisfaction ..that is rose oil to me all day..deep and really confident satisfaction.

If you  put too much labdanum you get that weird sweet..too much oakmoss and you are in a rare place.
Not that I would mind.

I love to read about  other's perfumes and what they cherish in their blends. of course, one would lean certain ways. I find that all of the botanical perfumers seem to have an oakmossy blend or two.
I must know more about chypre perfumes!

this is my blend of the day
2 ounces really nice body oil
3 drops frankincense
3 drops sandalwood
3 drops patchouli
1 drop rose
1 drop petitgrain
1 drop oakmoss
1 drop labdanum
(do you want to add a drop lavender to this or some geranium and a shot vetiver?)) You could..
mix this in any carrier and smell really good.

Basic body oil which you will enrich is easy to make..Now a days you can choose from many great skin oils at the the health..get organic.
I love organic grape seed oil with the organic cranberry and tomato seed oil blend I put in everything because I feel like it heals me right..I love og jojoba as a stabilizer and I love organic sesame oil. Not too much!
I had this green tea oil last year that was wonderful but the Japanese store closed and now I can not find it again!
What do you expect, they charged 8 dollars for eggs!)
I am like who shops here?
Oh well. we move on and we try new oils..we do that. By the way,  I love organic  baobab oil and I love you!

Have a good day!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

new attractions

In soapmaking and skin care.
"I love your perfumed body smoothies."
"Because when I rub my heel on my wife's belly, it doesn't scratch her any more"
Funny man!
I had the visual, right quick!
Well good! I am glad his wife's belly is nice and smooth and so is his "heel"
I like it that couples love my work.
"you can almost eat that vanilla coconut whip", he said to me the other day when his wife wasn't there this time.
"it is nice to see you without my wife here"
ha ha haaaaa
I had known him four years now and she finally met me and we hit it off so much, she contacts me on her own now  for more butters and soap where before she was too shy.
 I know the feeling. I am super shy too..
"yes me, I like home and making things for my family and soapies. It is my best thing man!"
When I say new attractions, I mean about
what did you think I would start dating, join e harmony or
I have gone on three dates in 5 years and they were all a bore to me and time wasted..
Some say I am too picky..and I make up reason not hang with a man..not so..
If there were a nice home loving dude who loves tea and soap and doesn't bore me, he would be here fixing my mail box right last "date" wanted me to pay for lunch..I gave him a bar of soap and he was sent home..I smiled..and I thought that he was nice and I don't have enough kids!

In oils one must harness certain emotions, evoke certain feelings and seduce with beauty and rare heights..
That is the trick you see. It is never the same twice..each time though, you get better and better and then one day something goes wrong..and then you continue from that going foreward. Goes wrong as in you add too much of a bad oil that fucks up the whole dang happenes! You start over with something better!
I love oils for all these reasons..

I want sandalwood and spice enduring on my skin. I want citrus to pop at me with delight and I want an air lifting with refinement..
I want church and incense with my smokey offering to the gods not as a sacrifice but as an unfoldment of knowledge and understanding of the universe..and a glimmering reflection of what we are..I want all this...

My next wonderful soap blend with be these oils
 cedar and a shot sandalwood
It will be really nice I promise that!

Someone also asked me for a lavender lime geranium soap..
that sounds really nice and I shall being prepping for that, straight away..

I love you, have a good day!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Japan is still 99% all Japanese still to this day..
They have very strict policies about who gets to stay on their small island. The US is and has been too big to close off like that. Boundries are made to be broken and that goes for what is happening in the Middle East..Just stop it! Live and eat and go spend money so that you help the pulse of the world.
It is going to happen...we need to begin to live as one planet for however long we have this wonderful place in which to could be a million years or a billion.
I am awed about what is happening in Texas because I felt t heir plight in  Central America. I did!
When I went through Honduras coming home from Costa Rica, I saw many things..
Honduras and El Salvadore were the worst. Nicragua, bad..In El Salvadore, the military searched everyone individually and even their pockets with dogs..they want to find drugs because they know they will. they found drugs and we got a new porter that very day and only after 24 hours of interogation. Yes, I was scared. For some reason and... but for the grace of divine god within, they loved us.
Honduras is dessolate and dirty, I saw nothing good there. El Salvadore is a beautiful place..just lovely..mountains, volcanoes...
I could feel the lonely hunger in Guatemala and many people got on the bus there for the trip as far north as they could by one they were pulled by the Mexican police..

I really feel for the people who made the treck upwards and not in an air conditioned bus..they really travelled a long way and many on the back of trucks, babies sent alone..really?.They are hungry and willing to do anything for a better life with toilets and running water and infrastructure..
We cannot turn our backs on them now, right? One must consider some sort of dialog with these countrie's leadership. Also, besides bananas and papayas, there are hurdles to jump when it comes to setting up an economy in the small villages where pigs just roam around like pets, no windows and those small lizzards everywhere..
Those litlle beasts! It is like they had personalities..I hated them!

I have been reading comments in the news about this topic and let me just say that I am more astounded everyday about how we think..
someone wants to go there and shoot them all!
that is just dumb and cruel.

Can we really seal every nook and cranny in Texas?
What do I know?
I just feel bad that this is happening and that such a large group of people are suffering like this.
it is a rare thing to witness human events of this magnitude. I hope we all do the right thing always.

beyonce and virgoan delights

awe..she is a Virgo an awesome one..
she has been sad
like most virgos
I am not saying she is good or bad but I think she as a virgo is hurting
virgos hurt more than others for some reason

(not really..they think they do())
this can lead to being a marter to yourself
doing wrong and being mean
being lost in some dogma that does not fit anything any more, understanding that you are going to die and shrivel up while dying..

 oh yea, beyonce,  that life, the dad, the mom, the sister hitting the hideous husband for being what he has always been..a man..mooohaaa
"one day you're here, one day you're there.." (holy grail..the only song that I know JZ is in)))ha ha ha
they want to fuck everything..all boys do even saggiatarians!
Did he really do it? Yes, most likely, why is every  one shocked?

I don't really follow all the celebs..but it is everywhere. You can read all these stories with pictures about people you do not know..I know enough Virgoans to note that they are amazing in the zodiac..if only they could just be free from guilt and sorrow..a chip on your shoulder can lead to breakdowns.

Think about the goodness and  joy that can come from just letting go. Sex is not dirty, it has never been, we are animals, that is it, we can be kind and not run around like dogs but when we live with them and eat their meat we turn
we turn
when we are alone we are back to who we are..what we are loyal to and wish to please..who do we serve..

what do you think about
when you are all alone
are your thoughts emerced in an other's wrongs
are you plagued with disgust with yourself
do you go hungry when your head has been in the sand
what do you read now
who are willing to change in to

you talk about soul and heavenly delights
you think about dancing and swimming in starlight so so bright
I know you because we've passed in a  dimensional stream
you are forever creative an artist and a long lost friend
I love you and hope for you only the best
that for sure always, you are living in your finest dreams

da best tings

Monday, July 14, 2014

Juniper Frankincense Honey Cakes

Just so good!
I took ground organic juniper berries and ground them more with wild lavender honey in its original cone state and I mixed them with organic cranberry seed oil and ground them up nice so that  nothing scratches..
and then I  made soap
with cold pressed organic coconut oil
delicious fruity olive oil
frankincense, templin fir, Siberian fir, frankincense heart wood oil, nagarmotha, a shot of lavender and a shot smooth and mellow vetiver..
right away the honey notes came through but the frankincense dominates in  every way because i used so much of it..I am heavy handed when I get a big bottle of some oil I love!
This soap will age just beautifully too. In a year or so, it will still be better than now...and now is really good!

If you love deep woodsy scents, this is not a soap to pass up. I made 8, and I hope you get one!

my scorpio tenth and mars in my fifth house

My tenth  house is Libra/ Scorpio  with Scorpio dominating..I have Venus in the ninth trine mars in my fifth house..I am fun and loving and funny too...right? lol
yes yes love of learning when Venus is in the ninth. meeting foreign types and weirdos..I get all of that.
career and the home front..always dramatic and always busy especially if you have planets following any house..for example
I have mercury Jupiter Neptune in Scorpio in my 10th house..
deep thinking, art, expression through voice or words..
Venus in Libra, in the 9th house of higher education, travel, schooling and policies...

Nothing in my fourth  however, Mars is is Gemini in my 5th house and easily trining all of my  Venus  in the tninth  stuff, like,  knowledge, higher life forms, knowing consciousness or learning more about it..looking deeply, nothing is as it seems.. 

I find that I am getting really smarter as I get older too!
My most precious gift  (Mars trine to Venus))astrologically and not by himself but carried behind the scenes  by the spectacular power going with my Scorpio tenth house intensity which  is always pushing the bariers....

Mars in the fifth is about making work your fun, art, creative children, being like a child, dancing, singing, turning, stomping like a 12 year old.... and since it is trine my sun and north node in Libra, I am able to harness the energy flow..because as you know, you stay  in your Scorpio Sector too long and you get dark fast..a dark dank corner where you think you need to hide from all of them out there. 
well,, no, you can't..when you are too alone, people try to step on need to waste any venom on them..although some overbearing types may get some needed  lessons. 

You know I love Scorpio and I love Gemini because I must love those aspects of me and if that is true, then I can love you and you:)

"love everyone"
"make good food"
"use healthy ingredients"
"do not eat it all"
"go outside"
"learn a word or two each week"

Sunday, July 13, 2014

violence not torture

I love violence. I love martial arts but when it comes to inflicting pain, I am not in to that. I reel a  little and step away.I was never a good fighter in class. I had heart though! I tried hard!
Not to say that I haven't gone after them kids (my kids) back in the day. I haven't  'gone after them" in a long long time. Mostly because they are all big now.
But man, when one of them thought she was depressed, I got on her so bad. I said, "the women in our family do not have time for that shit and if you harbor any thoughts of cutting to rebel against some bad thing, I will come after you again, hear me missus?"
"Don't be dumb", I said!
Now you know I am smart enough to see if someone is really needing a doctor and medicinal assistance but no, we are not going there with the coping with life drugs!

Raising kids is hard. Many in Livonia are on many drugs..for being sad, angry, too name it!
I bring this up because a well known client was raised on a cocktail of 15 drugs, by her mom, to fight depression and bad behavior.
Now this catholic, zealot of a mother, has one her other kids on the same cocktail!
 These people are zombies for real!
My client, she stopped all the drugs and eats really clean food, no sugar and no gluten. She is a bit of a fanatic but at least she feels human and in control again.
Beautiful girl. I have met the mother..she is sweet and she is dumb. On that particular day, it was the 40 days of Jesus walking on the earth after he died..I wonder if they gave him prozac to get over the insane way in which  he like millions had been tortured..Jesus, for making claims and the others, for many many reasons..mostly they could..

I didn't engage with her, I wouldn't. Her mind is closed off from anything but her dream bubble.
My client and I talk all the time about this..

Jesus and many others were tortured and killed for being religious zealots and talking about "one god" by many Roman leaders for hundreds of years and then, in the year 312, Constantine, a Roman, converted to Christianity and began to torture all the pagans who would not accept the Christians..and on and on...

My goodness, I am so glad, I am smart..and funny..and a great soapmaker?

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Full Moon Beam

moon bean special set
It is the wonderfull full moon and I have to say, I love making things that smell good! This does!

Friday, July 11, 2014

voyager and interstellar spce

look at how we are in a big ball of ice and stuff..

tings and happy birthday tesla yesterday

It should have been "things" but I make so many mistakes it would take weeks to fix all of them. You know I am not a literary or anything like that and you know what, I am not a genius either.
You aren't either?
Now I can say what I really think.
It is my blog after all and while I always seek to not be insulting, I will point out flaws and big mistakes.
again nothing is life and death.

Biggest news, Voyager has left our solar system and gone into interstellar space~!~
I am so dumbfounded by this and amazed and really interested in the way it all works, the mythology we create and the pride in our cults and clans are so dramatic and then, I point out about the Sun to some and they say I am a mystic!
Dude, science is so  mystical and it adds up, ever so surely!
Like the way it has taken almost 13 billion years to get where we are, where we have evolved..dude, this is  how it has happened! How can you deny this and equate creation  to such small boundaries?
How, bitch?
Yea, I get mad. I walk away. I really just shake my head and wonder when we will  believe Tesla and make a tech world which ends all earthly boundaries and wars..war is poison to the earths surface. it is like an acne breakout on one's face and hurts everything. Yes, the gun makers make money..for to kill families? ( I meant the for to)
I don't get is tribal and low and really mean!
I walk away..
I want to hide from them, all of the devils in their theater.

I do hide. By the end of the day in the world, I come home and hide and meditate and get mad at my kids for being lazy fucks and I'm lectured by them because I have a "yelly" voice they say..LOL
I will work on that! I am so passionate like one of my girls that we can't be in the same room at the same time.
She is good. My mom has taken her in our magic circle and it is good.
I am so proud of all of my children..but dang, man, do I have to tell you it is Friday morning and it is garbage day every Friday?
I will, you know! I will make you take that garbage out!

In all these ways which I  rant, I want to say, that it is good. My life is really good and after all these years, I feel like now, I am again, on a new adventure, new friends and circles created..
I am like a glowing light at the top of a tower like Tesla's tower pulling electricity from the air and being an attractive force and to some, frightening. "look in to my eyes" :)
They were afraid and called him crazy! I would have loved to be his disciple. that fucker Edison! He actually electrocuted an elephant and a horse and many other animals to make Tesla look bad in a public campaign to discredit him! They made movies of it. I cannot believe it! That fucker, Edison! All because he was an arrogant ass and  jealous! What a way to be remembered,  huh?

Tesla, was so removed from them that he walked away from Edison, but I think he is the one that burned Tesla's lab in New York.. Tesla has been quoted to say that he didn't want to waste time blaming anyone in particular..he has work to do! They laughed at him and he is the reason I can write to you right now..He was a follower of Swami Vivacananda. I have one of his books here somewhere. truth through harnessing the mind is the key to all knowledge..
Light is electricity and so is! How, how??
I mean really, wow!

I love you:) happy full moon!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

crazy full moon happenings

Look at this..there are good things happening all the time all day and things slowly but surely become whey are destined to be..
the best things happen easily if you just feet the roots and let the sun shine up on you and your life.

I will say that dealing with authorities sucks rights now because either you have a  bossy boss or one who is not there.
You must try to keep it together and not freak out.
yes a little freak out is normal and you should not apologise for getting mad at some stupid people.
they suck, so?
it isn't as if we are not used to it..look to the bright and happy friends and works mates you have..and if you disagree with someone you love you do not have to burn bridges..just be honest and do not cry when you explain what you want..
I cry a little too..not as much as I used to.
It is a great time to atone to your own heart, for yourself and see things as they are.
Is it time to move on? For some, yes!
Make a war in Israel? (WTF people, the Israelis and the other guys, WTF??))
Fast for Ramadan for 30 days?
("oye, god has so many rules so he can love you enough", I said to one of my beloved workmates..
"he always take care of us so I fast for him")
he is so noble that boy is and he loves his family too and he always greets me kindly..
what do I care if he is fasting, I will give him a few green drinks for when he can eat..

I remember fasting as a child. My mother had strict rules about what we could eat. no meat, no dairy..
It was the only time we ate healthy with out fried food and meat on our plates all the time. She would make these fried chicharones only in northern Greece they are guberinki..when we fasted we could not have any eggs, meat or  butter on our homemade bread.
My mom would make vegetarian foods beautifully.
Oh  one thing here in this memory..
because the men needed more substance god made a special exception so that the men did not have to fast and could have all the foods because they were men and more equal in the eyes of that culture..and the church so they could still take communion?
ha ha
I do have a point...
we are all equal but some of us are more equal than others.
Full moon in Capricorn tells me this and more..but I am out of time this morn!
have a great day
be humble
eat good food
and fakin' smile
everything is fine:)
let them lead what they want to lead
you are serene and focused, eyes wide open

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

mars and me

I have been on a binge of true blood..mostly this show is about vampires, ware wolves, even witches, I hear.. fairies, not yet)), sex, gay sex, animal sex and vamps on the scale of monsters being the most elite, and sookie. The girl.."sookehhh"
I like it, it is violent and rawwrr which is just what I need right now without having to leave my amazing home. I just love it in here. I have the whole run of the house, the garden and it is a slice of heaven..I hope you are also having a nice Julahhhh..
What was dumb? So much, like equating Dionysus with Satan basically. I am sure ancient Greeks or pre Greeks had work to do and created a myth, a story about wine and too much fun and now look at  our mythology, all swords and fighting, meanwhile the real evil lurks in companies that run the world..Monsanto and their kind, have dumped so much poison on earth that it will have left a layer in our rock to be seen  in a billion years as a civilization that went too far..

Here, it is about 65 at night, chilly and 75 during the! This is most likely one of the best summers I have had in quite a while.
I hope this for you..and just because  I say this  that does not mean I do not deal with family issues and their junk every day.
The Greeks, work, the boys, my daughters,  the mailbox which is still not fixed!!
" is the remote?"

So, we are at a week of creating some sort of purpose, yes?                                                                               The Full Moon in Capricorn is sneaking up on us.
12th house issues, dreams, secrets, lies, fear of the truth, fear of science and what it is what it means..
"the thing about science, is that it is true whether you believe it or not"
Neil deGrass Tyson

I love that..otherwise how are we going to get to Mars when our Sun goes red giant in a billion years, or less, wtf do I know?
I know it will about climate change then..sir!
Usually before the full moon, reality comes in to focus. Knowledge new brain cells to accommodate the space taken..that means giving not worry about others and what they are one with your art and be kind. You do not have to expose every thought.
You may be working on a project and yourself.
Great time to do yoga, think, and do not speak. Do not let bad thoughts fester, this can happen because you insist on outcomes which even if you are right, you may have pushed your opinion too far the wrong way by yelling or blurting out insults..this is no way to behave, my sweet..we have all learned that the hard way.
I wish we could all  enjoy one another and stop bragging all day..we do. we brag..we want to be great and be adored..for Libra..Summer is a perfect time to NOT be a rock star. Every one else? Let us work on our health, bitches.
Be grateful for the moon, she helps us change and weave our daily lives through emotion and flowing ideas..I love her like my mom, my friend, myself..and you! We are one..I know this, now, here and now, my thoughts travel through space and time and we join in joy, health, good food for all, plenty of money and open heart to the best things!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July and the Sun In Cancer

It is time to make a scrub, daughter's birthday and to ponder on life..
The Sun in Cancer brings a bunch of family issues to the surface now and some really pride full people may get pissed off about some prideful attachment they have and then wonder why they are so unhappy.
( yea well if you sit in a chair all day watching cnn and complaining how everyone dissapointed you all your life, they will not even talk to you anymore))
Cancer energies have always been interesting..some lower vibes may be dweling in the negative past which you are continually feeding..
so needs and having them fulfilled
excited and giving all day
remnants of Gemini 12th house which means someone has lied or been tempted by the fruit of another
it wanes and soon you are back to reality which is learning to be who you are.
promise of Leo sun, brigs forth grandeur and beauty. You are so juicy  good at the moment and your creativity soars..your animal nature
ready to strike..not yet

the energy is waiting and lusting for some, yes..I see things here and there.
lazy young uns comes to mind
the older ones not penetrating anything if they are doing too many things at once..
you cannot set up roots with that much distance between you and your little bit of dirt..
scattered ideas
wanting them all
learning to be real and even disappointed by life
don't be sad be glad you have a clean tidy bed and some vittles that taste so good every time!

Is life suffering..
if you walk around being a dick all day and start fights over your church..or your country, or your team..
God is not a club, real inside with the man or woman you relate with, your wonderful mate and choose one thing for a while or people will stop relying on you..

take my words which come from my intuition heart
I open myself to divine knowledge which is us and we are god
I know this so much I want to burst  it so everyone can know the glorious feelings when you see even for a split second what we are a part of and it is all in our 3 pound brain!
be one with me now and lets think how grand we are, how smart and how funny and devoted to honesty.

dangy dangy dangy dangy diggy diggy

Sunday, July 6, 2014

dirty whores with tits

Summer is here and in Michigan it is nice! The sun is refreshing and it is cool all night so that you can open the window. I love air conditioning all night and the window open is the best sleep!
During daytime, everyone in the city, at least what I call the city,(west bloomfield, mi)) is almost naked. They wear these long dresses and push up bras to show off their decolletage and well as you know, no matter how awful, some gross woman has to be naked and gross!
Tits all over the place, dirty tank top way too small and that dress so tight that your belly sticks out as far as your ass does! I am like, "doesn't someone love her enough to say something?"
I guess not, I know, I am not saying a word! On the other hand, you have the random woman who is about 30 and does that but her brassiere is all out and the dress goes lower and her eyes look like JLo and she reeks of some perfume she bought at Macy's..ha ha ha she looks like "oh baby, I am a whore, I am aw hore for you and you and you and none of you!""
also with the rings and the ear
I am like, why?? Why are you standing here at almost ten at night talking about dry gogi beris and how come they aren't fresh, looking like a stripper?
Well, if you'd bother to stop looking like a dirty whore, you would have at least googled something..or is your tv on all day for company that it is your only source of information?
(don't worry, I am nice))
"they only come dry because they do not ship well from the Himalayan mountains.."
But dang! That empty look in their eyes sometimes, gets to me.
Is it the drugs they take to be happy, thin, sleep better, tighten their (virginia))?


Retail is weird yo. You should have seen back in the day (80's), the weirdo folks that would come in the health store back then!
Maybe when you go healthy, you are detoxing and as your "demons" escape you, there is turmoil?
Or not..maybe jo mamma never taught you to be dignified?
What do I know, except that, if I look at it as is fun..if I get pissed, it hurts me..
I choose fun.
All those weirdos buy from work throws me money, they are pretty nice individually..the corporation is not who I am, which makes me a bit of an outsider..

Outside and out..or Outside and up, way better, now you  can see from ten feet high,  everything and choose what you'll follow.
A message I always like to point out in a nice way, is this;
"Don't be a dick, recycle and stop returning every one of your whims back to me, yes, you, big titties! WTF, buy the shea butter and use it up! Do you think all them barefooted women who collect each fruit even have a brassiere like you? No, they work in bare feet so that they can make a couple of dollars a day..sigh.."

"well, if it doesn't work, can I return it?"

In retail this is a ridiculous practice in my opinion, unless we are talking high price items, like broken shoes..
In a small business, this never happens.
I will not take back a product..not ever!
I have given about 3  refunds in 30 years, but never have I taken back soap..toss it, it is biodegradable!
For my business, through the years, that is an awesome group of customers that help the earth, humanity, with each transaction!
To me that is wealth and happiness. I feel like I have made something very memorable through my time here on Earth and still I grow and learn..

Oh, as far as 'big titties", she will be  back, with the black eye liner, which I love, and some other trashy look with the really high heels..ha ha haaaa Sometimes, I am stunned when I see then. It is like  a festival. Who wears shoes like that?

Saturday, July 5, 2014

herbal bundles

I will be including a few little herbal bundles with each order..there are only a few available but the are nice for a door way or you can let them dry and crumble them in a sachet..the keep away flying critters, they say..
including organically grown,
lemon balm

later I may have chamomile and yarrow bundles..we will see..

garden 2014

The scent of this here white rose is like nothing I have ever ever encountered in an oil! Wow!! Just freeking wow!!

blackberry rose eat one smell the other
our life is nice

looking at soap

Soap making has become for me a very simple few tasks for me,  and there, I have a cake, a soap fancy colored sprinkles but for the herbage and syrups.
Essential oil syrups are concoctions I whip together for a soap's scent.If the is any left, I drizzle it on top.
When I look at other's nice looking  soaps, I want to want some for myself in the shower and then I want to make more. I want it to have something special. And although I like pretty soap bars, I do not want some blue thing anymore. We all used pigments once. I used to make a purple lavender soap that was so pretty!
Natural pigments, are really not so natural because of the heating process..I  think they add things to get the give me a simple chocolate cake any time over some fancy desert that is a like a tower of fluff. I need more sustancense than that what with being a stout Greek woman! Soap is food not  eat it but, it is a magical creation coming through one's hands to you and me..not some vat full of chemicals..
(that could be another rant))

Ginger lime soap sounds nice right about now so does more vanilla cacao..that one sat forever  and then bamm, everyone wants it! So strange..
Another really odd thing is that, here, in Detroit, the folk love citrus and on my web site, it is too boring for many..see, everyone loves lemongrass except us!  I like it just has a tone, yea? Just like some people. I will make as much salty citrus soap as you want. I think it is very nice soap and many have told me of it's skin therapia..I like that! "Therapia"
You know what I love sometimes? Vetiver and lemongrass together in soap. After a good hand washing, they linger nicely together. Lime there, and a few sprinkles of lemon. I have lovely green lemon oil at the moment from California that is excellent, lemony and beautiful with vetiver and lime..

This I made the first time with palmarosa and lavender now I prefer strong citrus for summer which is why this one reeks of citrus beautifully!

And how awesome is salt in soap? I know! I want it always, though, do not put it in everything.

The beer soap has been cut and being served at the moment. I can only say that it is weird and needs to age. I promise it'll be good..we just have to wait. It is crazy, though! The four drops of black pepper I put over this blend really stands I am getting frankincense and some bitterness from myrrh..myrrh says,
"yea, ooh, wipe away all that bitterness, I'll show  you what is bitter.."

Shedding bitterness from your mind helps with many things including liver and gall bladder. Bad thoughts make more acid in your gullet and that is a proven fact!
It is true, maybe that is why Myrrh oil may be for you..myrrh can show us what is and  myrrh brings in grace and poise.
" I know you get lost sometimes and do the wrong thing, been wronged.. but remember  that nothing is life and death and stop saying you are sorry.." myrrh says all these things to me.
Myrrh says, "move on, get rid of it and go. Do not get lost in your lonely world of mistrust and feelings of inadequacy because you said too much or followed the wrong crowd."
It was mercury retrograde! Of course you said too much! Now it is time to work and get focused.
This is a great time to tend to what needs done. It is time to work a little. Do some stretching and breathe, yea?

i will go tend to my plants..I will show you pictures!
I love you!

Friday, July 4, 2014

happy fourth


This equals 12 every year..
I like every one's three day week end, I do not like the fire works and things blowing up all day!
I get it, you love freedom although I doubt many of us would fight like those people did to survive..

 You are happy..three days off, no rat race (he, rat)) nothing but a few beers and some meat!

I do not enjoy the two weeks of fire works before this event..I get it, freedom, but I do not want all the smoke and poison lingering in the air and making me a little sick breathing sulfur and red colors to make a statement in the sky.
enough already!
Believe me when I tell you and no matter what religious order you belong to or which land you live on, you are not free. jesus cannot even set you free when you get blasted by the sun on the day it goes red giant on us..
No, you aren't. If you won't let an other's  cows feed on grass that isn't yours, you are not free..if you pray every day and we get hit by an asteroid, you are not free, we are all together here and now, I am glad we are, I am!
Being proud of where you live is wonderful..

Go out there right now.(it's 6 am here) and take a look at your place. Does it have that pretty inviting clean look? Clean air and good health  is freedom too! If not, take some time to make some order of it all. We should go back and  celebrate the way people did in the old days. dancing and eating and laughing and glorious flowers in our hair..
I love nice clean things.
If we consider astrology here and I seem to automatically consider the planets and where they are and what kind of geometric placements they are in..
if we look at them, we see patterns. I love Mars in Libra and every couple years when it hits like it has for just about  this whole year so far, I drive myself hard and then crash for a few hours! I work hard and then do nothing!
Did you know that sleep makes you smarter?
Science has linked a few things together in the last few years. we are getting smarter if we are smart and rest properly. Sleeping makes you smarter because your brain needs it so it can work on some other things that are necessary without you distracting it..him..this mind control center in us!

sun and jupiter are both in cancer
squaring mars and the moon in libra
with mars and the moon trine mercury and venus

Jupiter Sun
for some good food and good sun
cleaning up your den and the flowers all delight
hollyhock and roses
in colors of pink and white
pink to bring love in the room
white to bring clarity and reflect light

Mars and moon bring skills inside and out
skills that repair left over plights
do not try to remember the past
look forward to the here and now
your beautiful dress
and your skin and hair shining with great health
sandalwood and  jasmine on your heart center
 lustful words
from other worlds

**seduction always comes with mars transits..don't ask me..I say things, is all!
**venus here makes for always having enough and living the "good life"
what is the good life?
having what you want and need, cup overflowing and all that goodness!

~ I will list my best things, you list yours~

Having Internet, awesome telly, netflix and HBOGo..

great bed with clean sheets and fluffy perfect weight blanket
awesome food
olive oil
coconut oil
shea butter
lavender spray for my bed each night so I can sleep better
nice place to live
nice neighbors
my mom
and dad
my children
they are all nice
did I say my mom?
Tonie my beloved friend
who always accepts me as I am
my garden wild like my mind
walking dead
game of thrones
binging on True Blood at the moment (don't judge me))
my new love of handcrafted beer ( 1/2 cup now and again)

Let us just say this..I feel very happy and content with myself at the moment
I have no enemies
I am a friend to all
that is  something to for sure be grateful for and reflects freedom inside and out..
I love you
have a great day..

come see me at the my store today, if you are local..I am sampling a ton of things from our back stock because of inventory..I am cleaning house honey.there are a ton of shampoo samples and they must get out of my sight so I can count right!