Sunday, September 30, 2012


about all my type Os today:)
please forgive my enthusiasm:):)

happy full moon in aries

It is so brilliant out there ~~right~~ now~~ just like you!
You are all that is the best of aries today and tomorrow and forever..but today you know how awesome you are and how you can proove it but you don't have to.
everything that has happened to this moment is to show you that you can be better.
yes people die, go to prison for stupid shit and drink a little too much one night and do all the wrong things! Not you, though.
You can look at something righ off and know where your place is..It's like a movie to you where the divine forces are coninually showing you..each day filled with stories that fill pages of story books and the "cell files" in your mind.

I am in awe of myself today.
I know my skills are always being fine tuned..that is the thing with Aries! The Skill. The year in which you have worked at that one thing and each time bringing you more boons because of it.
whether is is your knowledge, you ability to work with any material you choose or you ability to take your voice to new hights..Aries vibe is all about that!
Oh,Aries it is all about cutting someone's head off too! Do not let your hurt feelings turn to vengance where you might feel joy over anoither's suffering..that is Aries too.
Look at all you've got!
"Thank you for my wonderful Skills"
(I love You)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

coming soon at my shop

A soap of violet and rose leaves with tuberose and cloves

OM Mata Durga
 OM Mata Lakshmi
OM Mata Kali
 OM Inanna and Isis..OM


brings hope and goodness
truth serum
holding and nurturing
feeds the brain with inspiration
juicy ideas exploding in to sparkles of God particles waking up sleepy cells their cell mouths open to receiving vibrant energy..
re directing heavy flow

time to think

A pretty huge brain wave is about to shoot through and we should all take advantage of awesome creativity boons and amazing results.
Be calm and suave which is how you are already, I know, be more calm and more have what it takes to do something great.
You have your own thoughts which produce all your fate,
All I know is that you are with me so maybe we're the same
we don't waste time or take any blame
we know our actions are cool and clean
and the payback is awesome and makes our auras gleam and they reflect off of one another particles of light
which penetrate into our DNA and that is what attracts what it attracts and takes us to new heights!

Yea, I know..we are all that and everything more:)
I love you
Thank you

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

meri meet


in traffic, all summer, everything taking its sweet old time.
tick tick tick
I would drive home on most days almost hypnotized from the time spent in the car, in the hot Sun.
It was the hottest summer in Michigan in years..many many years.
They are telling me all that Sun has been good for the grapes up north..Yes, Michigan has grapes and some people are making wine.
How good it is, is another thing.
They tell me that the grapes are more purple this year than any other year and some wine makers up there are all excited about the results of 2012.

The year we all had to stop and learn about having less which is always, always having more.
We had to reckon with our feelings and what we really want.
Some of us have been left out in the rain, banished even!
This year we had to live the life we believe in.

Forgiveness, repair
Regret repair
overindulgence, repair..

Monday, September 24, 2012


good day and I hope you are getting on with your day just fine.
We are all getting into the swing of things and experiences are more in tune with our emotions, but...thorough all of our opportunities, we will learn and do better.
That is the nice thing about being human, doing better and not repeating the same old story..but we go and we do and we sleep and wake up and do some more.
Seems like the secret to happiness is DO.
No, not random stuff just to do, but intentions soaring higher and reaching further and doing it for love, the love of do..

Sunday, September 23, 2012


I am wearing sandalwood and black pepper (by accident) It smells so good, I am just in awe!
Maybe a little butter or oil?
Does that sound nice to you?

Full Moon In Aries a Commin

very soon to a home or office near you..
get your little bottles in a row, and then have some fun.
Aries loves to socialize and look good.
Too much is too much however,
so... get your bottles in a row so that you don't have to explain anything.

Saturday, September 22, 2012


All I am saying is, if you are all control freak about anything, it isn't going to work.
Step back and see how you pushed the situation to this point.
Yes, we all make mistakes so now take the reigns like a chariot driver and beat some ass with you brain I say.
Moving in on someone else's territory will not make you happy in the end. Focus is now easier and getting your thoughts across is way easier. That means you will get your point across in an efficient and yes, bossy way. You are master, after all!
You are not some puppet to be used like a dummy, you know this, but now you can easily find out what stands in your way and breeze through like particles on a windy day.
People are like, 'wow, really, she is that amazing?"
Yes she is! yes she is!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Gead Ma'am!

Did you know science is so good at figuring things out that they believe they will come to the conclusion that is is no God. There are many real reasons for their train of thought.
That before the big bang, 13.7 billion years ago, there was no time..
Then, they recently started theorizing or what ever big brained people do,  that there are many many Universes like ours being in time and eventually extinguishing in an even bigger whatever it is...eventually because 13.7 billion years( so far) is a lot of time. Or should I say TIMEZ:) but for  that the same thing happening  billions of times to billions of Universes?
Why not?
It was only 100 years ago that we thought our solar system was the Universe.
Now, our  Voyager is about to leave our solar system and go in to the Milky Way, a giant neighborhood of stars and moons and different combinations of chemicals and gasses having formed in different ways and forming trillions of  life forms. Think about some of the clorella like substances and compositions of rare minerals we could employ in our understanding. The energy in one white dwarf star could fuel a whole planet. And you know, that in 100 years ago they will be harvesting star materials to fuel travelling through dark matter and dark energy..
The things we still do not know much about..I am thinking Dr Who stuff! Timey whimy things!

About God though, if a proton with a molecule of which you are made were a a tiny bit different, it would not spark the same energy from starlight with electrons and it wouldn't work. There would be no life at all because the whole reason for the big bang and all solar systems everywhere is to make life.
It is too much, I think whatever divine force is doing this, I am a part of it and I must know!
Give me love, give me peace on Earth, give me life, keep me from from hurt...
Who sang that?

I know you know that I know:):)that you know.
Thank you
have a wonderful day
I love you:)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Uranus Square Pluto from where I stand

Uranus is in Aries ruled by Mars the planet of war, sex, violence, sports, surgery, Pluto in Capricorn ruled by Saturn, old stuff, mom and dad, parenting, the past, the way past and news from way past times..

Bottom line here? Be noble or fail. Be honest or dwindle. Be kind or suffer. Be forgiving and be forgiven!
The big one here too, be open to change otherwise, you will get carried away and loose control.
There is also an element of following the rules which we will all adjust to. We are not as free as we think at this time on our planet.

New stuff about the past and future will be revealed to us in the next three years. eight things...
One of them, already having shown itself and conducting some 7 more times..perhaps the same themes being reconstructed till structure and calm prevails.
And don't give me this thing about how if we were perfect we wouldn't be here..
Nothing in the Universe is perfect which is why there are so many variations of the same elements in outer and inner space.

Did you read about how they found an ancient piece of papyrus that basically says Jesus was married and makes reference to wife having the ability to become his disciple?
All the fundamentalists already have their pitch forks out to claim that since it is a woman scientist she must be a liberal therefore not to be credited with the findings or that it cannot possibly be authentic. I am willing to wait until all the evidence is in and not proclaim anything.
The facts are the facts..Maybe it is time we went back 1500 years and re-put everything on the table and weigh the evidence without fear of beheading!
I mean the guy comes here to teach forgiveness and compassion and after they all kill him, they later go and kill a bunch of other people in his name..really? and still do..I wonder  how in three years time ( during this aspect), how everyone on earth will learn from this..
Enough with the flag burning, it is stupid!

And that is where I stand on Uranus square Pluto:) so far..

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


for healing
for understanding and cleaning homes of negativity
third eye
noble thoughts
donna noble even..

relieves fear and hunger
helps one stay calm
brings more money and allows generosity.. (they sort of work together)
and it is pretty!

I am telling you this because it might behoove you to get an amethyst and hold it during this Uranus square Pluto which is exact today..but in my experience the damage is already done or the blessing and opportunity to change has already begun..
you already know what is up..
Put you gem on your heart, or somewhere in you home which you'd like to protect and bring in some "home-healing"
Have an awesome calm brave, you are, I know it!

Monday, September 17, 2012

why wood

wood is stability
the sprouting of spring and rebirth
uprising energy
green and blue


Blue spruce

wooden benches and cutting boards count too
wood is comfort and constriction
wood is the ability to structure to the finest point
look at The Cyprus Tree and how it grows tall in a column pointing to its next higher goal, taking maybe thousands of years and being, reaching, elegantly and with style..

I know, I do go on! I love Cyprus and how it changes in time from something so sharp to something sweet and incense like. If I can leave it alone, it just gets better and better.

Take a look at any setting where there are Cyprus.
 I see  strength, holding things together, a open pathway and simple beauty all the way. I especially like the open pathway part:)
Have a wonderful week.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

September things to love

a clean kitchen and hearth
apples, plums, grapes, kale
loving your life
eating hand prepared food instead of cookies
ok eat a cookie
eating clean as you can
enjoying how it tastes because of who made it
no amount of green coffee bean extract can do half as much for your bod babe!

Being beautiful is really in what you eat and what you think, in my way of thinking.
Believe me,  no one gets too far with a chip on their shoulder which they manifest in the form pain and agony
who needs that?!
Not me!
No, us, I should say. The fact that you are here now means we are of like mind. We want the best results! Surviving in our meat suits that is!
If you are religious, even more so... to honor your form, your god consciousness..what else would your existence be?
I am about to eat some dang fine pinto beans I made with ancho chillies, I hope you consume some goodness too.
I love you:)

new stuff!!

Lavender Oakmoss Soap with a drizzling of spruce and frankincense ( fresh clean, beautiful lavender mailette)

Nutmeg co2 in soap with organic ginger, red mandarin and cardamom a splash of lime and coconut milk...mmmmm a sort of island mystic blend

Cyprus Lime Soap with ground grape seeds, organic:)

 Earth Lore Soap with black spruce, frankincense, fir absolute, oakmoss labdanum, no fillers or grainy effects

shea and argan based

Island Mystic Blend
Vetiver Rose

Orders over 50 dollars get a free one ounce sample of cleanser and face balm!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Besom (BEE ZUM)

This is a broom from twigs tied around a stick and whatnot that women and men made to sweep the house with.
My mom made these with small shrubs she would grow every summer right up untill about 1980! The people in the American neighborhood we moved into were always laghing at us for one quaint thing or another.

I hope this inspires us all to sweep our house today and wipe something down.

Besoms are witches favorite form of transportation. This type of broom may sound like a relic from bygone days but for me, it is still a lovely idea.

Friday, September 14, 2012

people moving out

Three planets in Virgo today with Mars in Scorpio means there are plenty of things to occupy your time and no time to dawdle in hating!
"haters get no love"

Let's be focused
and let's be frank..that is all Virgo..

Scorpio? Well it is the underbelly of what ever you have festering in is all in what you nurture. The thing you spend the most time thinking about and doing.
Do you love it? You are so intent on the one thing that you miss out on the glorious messages you are getting from all around you?
It circles you, it is a disk, it twirls and spins.. like like the rock you are on right now, Earth, that  is!

These things and more are what color your day. Focus on what you are doing, don't worry, people notice the ones who slack and skim on the surface.

Most importantly, here would be the awesome results you will achieve on this so fruitful day. Plant some seeds in your mind.
What kind of improvements to the current doings and  others to be made..being made more likely.

Be honest with your self. You show every thought through your eyes and it comes out in electric currents through your skin, out of your finger tips and  your shoots out and touches people. Sometimes there are attracts like and all that...

Thank You~
I love you:)
I am sorry to those I have hurt
please forgive me:)

(ever try this exercise? It is very powerful! try it now:))))

Thursday, September 13, 2012

dreaming vividly

about seduction and how it can become a monster and make you a little sick..

There is a huge planetary event right here,  right now so I say be graceful and flowing and be the one people love to curl up against.

My thoughts become what I decide.
I choose to be quiet and not jusrtify my point of view..
I choose not to go after my kids
(my abilities to chase and conquer them has waned)
ha ha ha
I choose to always be diligent and efficient

have an awesome day:)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It is Apple Time

In Greek mythology, Gaia, or Mother Earth, presented a tree with golden apples to Zeus and his bride Hera on their wedding day. Guarded by Ladon, a serpent who never slept, the apple tree was in the garden of the Hesperides, daughters of the Evening Star. 
These golden apples became involved with many tales of love, bribery and temptation ranging from the abduction of Helen of Troy to the defeat and marriage of Atlanta. 

The sexual and romantic connotations of the apple were powerful reasons why apples came as dessert at the end of the meal. 
They not only tasted heavenly and were good for digestion but were regarded as a cunning transitional aphrodisiac for the pleasures that followed. Is it any wonder that apples became the most sought after fruit on earth? 
They have taken their rightful place in the pleasure gardens of the wealthy throughout the world in spite of the almost instinctive knowledge that eating them may lead one to a life of chaos and destruction.


There should be a rich violet soap right about now right?

rose leaf absolute
violet leaf absolute

what to do what to do..

Thank You Jup!

Jupiter just caught something huge from space and it created a big blast. We are talking areas that are as big as our moon maybe?  I  do not know the actual math here but let me tell you that the numbers are so big it takes letters to represent them...
Al I am saying is that Jupiter, our super amazing friend may have caught something for us that would have had  a big impact here on earth! Thank you Jup! Our super amazing friend. You are HOT to me right now!

I wonder which forces are best to review here?
Jupiter in Gemini close enough to Saturn in Libra (fall2012)..means some one is sensible and holding things together..right?
What are Gemini things to talk about?
having fun
studying anatomy
learning for fun ( my favorite)
being bright
thin glance
lazy mind

Find out where Jupiter in Gemini is in your chart and then review your choices.
"I do what I  want, therefore I am super happy"

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dude, Mars in Scorpio!

Sometimes people die, they pass, sometimes violently and sometimes fast...
Mars in Scorpio is like that. A wave of deaths and sepparations.
It is ok. The churning will settle in to a swirling pool of lovely understanding and composure.
It is easy and it is "violently" not so easy. You can choose at any time.
If you are unconsolable about  something ,try to get out of your own mind and let someone else win. In so doing,  you will gain so much more from a sittuation!
It is like a hidden treasure, deep in muck and waste, which will get cleaned out one way or another.
Quote for the day:
"(: I am comfortable to let the other guy shine because I am perfect at what I do :)"

thank you thank you thank you

Sunday, September 9, 2012

why angelica and why now

The main constituents of Angelica are volatile oils, valeric acid, angelic acid, angelicin, safrole, scopoletin, and linoleic acid, making it useful in the treatment of fevers, colds, coughs, gassy excresions and other stomach disorders.
No wonder the nuns put it in their tonic Carmelite Water! They used wine in their recipe. Wine from grapes which grew right there which they also made and they must have sang songs to God whilst making the least that is how I look at it.
How elso would they DIVINE such tonic?
How else would they know that this plant heals in some way?
Intending to cure something or freshen the air on a dark winter's day perhaps?

I am going to find some seeds and plant some. It is a perinial which grows as far north as Iceland.

New soap on the menu will be;
Lavender Rose
Forrest Witch


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Carmelite Water

Carmelite Water 

1 1/4 cups vodka
3 tablespoons dried angelica leaves, and stalks
3 tablespoons dried lemon balm leaves
1 tablespoon coriander seeds, bruised
1 nutmeg, cut into strips
2 tablespoons cloves
cinnamon sticks

1.pour the vodka into a jar.
2.Add the remaining ingredients,cover tightly and shake.
3.Leave in a warm place for three weeks, shaking every day.
4.strain into a sterilized bottle and store in a cool place. Use within six months.

again with the lemon balm

I  know, I just can't get it out of my head. I get ready to make it in a soap and it won't be made..not yet anyhow.

Lemon balm is really good for you. I just went to a lovely workshop where it was once again mentioned for its tonic properties.
For one thing, it has components which support less  anxiety and more focus on what is in front if you at this moment.  So it isn't like valarain then or poppy, lemon balm is more awake and doesn't take you down like a drug. Lemon balm is bright and sunny.
You can go ahead and read this article;
 I loved it!
Go read about the honey bees and how these two precious life forms work together to form in Lemon Balm,  turpenes, rosemarinic acids, caffeic acids and many other phytochemicals that are quite interesting.
 Am I   saying you should go buy the highest dose in a bottle ( there are good ones out there, New Chapter, Herb Pharm, Gaia) and take 30 of them in a month?
No, but you could take a cup tea with lemon balm or mix it with a little holy basil tea, also known as tulsi. Now, that would be nice for you..
Have a cup later today and see how nice you feel..
Balance in life~right?

Lemon   balm has been associated with the feminine, the moon and water, and was considered a
sacred herb in the temple of the Ancient Roman goddess Diana . According to magical folklore , the
herb has powers of healing, success and love.
Culpeper associated lemon balm with the planet Jupiter and the astrological constellation Cancer .
Some herbalists believe lemon balm is also beneficial for the astrological signs Sagittarius and
Aquarius .

Friday, September 7, 2012

citrus soaps

You should want that burst of flavor, that juicy feeling you get when you smell pink grapefruit oil.
You anxiously wait for your oil to arrive and then open the bottle and inhale and then you put it down and walk a bit..then you smell it again..
You want this in the shower. Wouldn't it be nice to experience this burst of sunshine on some days?
In soap this is  where the opportunity lies.
You must be generous with the pour. If not, the scent is short lived. yes, it is there, but really, you have to wonder if all those people calling their soap citrus are adding some sort of fixative or something.
I am saying this because I had to pour twice as much oil in here to make the grapefruit stand out as well as it does.
My point being or should I say my other point that this makes for a bar of soap that will dissolve faster than most of my soaps.
When the essential oils co-mingle with the high energy fats within the soap, they do whatever they want after that. I know that with citrus oils, I must always be generous.
High energy, and I am not talking some mumbo jumbo here either!:)
The beauty in anything is its highest vibration.
Think about it.
Do you want to use a product from a warehouse which makes tons of product (no matter how natural they claim that is), you will always have a higher risk of compromising the material?
Have you ever had a cake from a bakery that tasted better than something your mom made?
No way..My mom makes the best everything..the woman can cook!
Another story.

Venus is in Loving Leo! Clean, organize, sing a your head even:)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

a walk way

Mabon it is then!

This is a walk way I planted when I moved here, hastily I might add.
I  am already figuring that next spring I will plant these babies all over the place and freak everybody out.
Marigolds are the best thing and they prove Mabon is real. Evidence of how and why, we,  as a species interpret such color..up close or just at dawn, the glow a weird hue, I swear!

This day brings us to some energies which we were forced to face a couple days ago. When Mars went in Scorpio.
Secrets revealed
breaking bad habits
If you are still harboring resentment towards someone, you must take the information and turn it in to a success. That is the best thing here.  Actually being precise instead of being afraid of precision. The balance comes from taking the popper amount of time to do things amazingly. Now if you are using that time to take tooooo long, because you cannot see it another way, hey man, your habits are yours to see and fix. People can tell if you are an ass all the time. All I am saying is, you cannot hide your true self forever.
Calm down, think nice things.

A kind look here, a loving thought there:) and doing it all for yourself and not the other guy"))

Like Mabon, which is the reds, the golds, the colors and the colorful thoughts and behaviors I might say.
So Mars in Scorpio, hugh??
Yuppers, take hurt feelings, turn them to a work of art..
How you do it is your call.

What do I know about it, I am making more soap today!
It is really my best thing..

Saturday, September 1, 2012

my wee sample of vetiver co2

it smells like hay to me. not at all like the distilled I always get.
I love all the vetivers.
 My favorite so far is all of them..I cant't decide you see. Most likely the one from Madagascar I had for a fleeting few weeks. Right now I am using a vetiver from Sri Lanka..smooth, mellow and fortifying!

Vetiver co2 smells of hay. I reminds me of a barn, a nice clean one after a harvest of hay and wheat and corn that we all had to shuck for days on end..those days are gone because we are in modern times and live in Livonia.
The memory remains..
jumping into hay, knowing you're safe with yur mum and yia yia near by and being happy eating eggs and bread.

Vetiver co2

blue moon

during this our blue moon
I will see your guiding light
in a blue hue
where some  violet lies I see red too
my medulla quivering with starlight
my pineal vibrating to the sounds of om and gum
 all obstacles shatter in a billion pieces  
absorbing light particles
feeding us now

"thy consciousnesses exists therefore I exist"