Tuesday, April 30, 2013

a fine line

There is a fine line between happy and sad. I mean one second your frolicking on a beach in your mind and the next you could be pucking your guts out..well, is there something that is not sitting well with you? Or that constant allergy you have, is there something really irritating you?
I learned all that from reading books by Luise Hay. Recently I have more opportunities to inspect her ideas full on and understand again how wonderful Luise is and how easy it is for me to read myself..

One thing is for sure honey, confidence and happiness in life are the key goals for us all. To inspire confidence in my self is easy, to inspire confidence in others may become an art form to be admired in the end. Not the end of time, but the end of a challenge or change in status.

It happens when you work in an office with others, or say, your family, you see them everyday, you share your thoughts with them and laugh with them and work side by side with them and even cry sometimes at the injustice of life for some, with these people. But who are they? You just met them two years ago, (random average number) who the fuq are they really and why are they in your realm?
There is a reason you attracted them, right?
Maybe not a reason, but certainly a clan or tribe having been made in essence..you have your shaman, your priestess (that is me) and you have your warriors and farmers.
and soapmakers:)
I am a high priestess, heh heh:) more like the fool!
But today I am the ace of cups and my ideas flow, I am the cauldron of kerridwyn!

"with your head full of brains and your shoes full of feet, you're too smart to go down and not-so-good street"
dr suess

Monday, April 29, 2013

white rose co2

I have decided to wear this today alone and without patchouli..ha!

It makes me think of the absolute somehow and then something more.
It has an earthy quality and as well as an etheric vibe. I put some on my heart and my wrists as  to open the avalability of my potential artistic side mixed in  with  my compassion and joy for my awesome life.
Rose makes us wonder in wonderment of how wonderful we are and how pretty we are and how gracious we are..I am gracious most days:))))
all rose:)

that is a lot of bull

Three planets in Taurus and we're making it work!
Remeber however, Taurus is about resentment and not letting go as much as it is about art and beauty and good food and loyalty.
You do wrong to a Taurus type and he'll never forget it. He may(not) forgive you but dang it man, he won't forget.
This is effecting all of us now because after all we're all here on earth and the tidal magnetic flows will... definately effect us, our blood and our hearts.
Taurus is about blood and heart, yes?
 I think so anyhow!

How to ensure a suave day with all this bully bully?
Hey man, I say, speak your mind and show your heart and hopefully you have become a good person enough where the words that come out will reflect that.
Control freaks, will be exposed!

Drink a shot of wheat grass juice to purify and strengthen your blood with clorophyl and minerals.

Now as far as the rest goes, what a nice time it is to get some things in order in your home. Clean up a little, fold your clothes and make some food for your fams. They will want that now and need a little spiritual nourishment from you.
You, who makes all the awesome food with care and good intentions.
If your intentions are sadly on the wrong end of Taurus's comfort zone, well, all I can say is, look out, and stay as calm as possible. make love, make nice:)
make more love:) and put on a nice blouse with a nice pair of lace panties under...even if, no one can see it, it'll be your luscious secret.

Agapimeni Perfume
(it means to be loved)
8 drops patchouli
8 drops mandarin
8 drops neroli
8 drops pink grapefruit oil
1 drop rose
1 drop vetiver
1 drop frankincense

Sunday, April 28, 2013

sing it

om shanti shanti shanti
thank you for stopping by and saying hello to me.
I hope you are staying calm and radiant during this intense eclipse.
Do not be affraid to speak your mind and if you are like me there will be tears as you speak.
Ah, you are so intense so enraged at injustice and manipulation..
yes, you are!
Some ideas are there for you to reject and your true nature shines forth to light the way for others to understand.
there are ghosts to face, unknown fears lurking at the depth of your mind. fears of rejection and failure, and fears of loneliness and famine..
calm down step back and be honest with yourself.
Remeber that ghosts do not exhist, they are melrey fears in your mind and you must face them head on with eyes open
I love you:)
hari hari
sing it honey
feel the power of the speed of the univerese and let it carry you accross the real hevens in your brain...
that soft moushy sponge computer in your head..

Friday, April 26, 2013

lavender yarrow soap

anastasia's lavender yarrow soap

lavender maillete
with organic ground yarrow flowers ( had I skullcap herb I would have ground up some, next time))
Gentle and one of my most fragrant lavender bars in a long time.
Only four left:)
People love lavender oil, we do!

why sculcap?

Michigan skullcap is everywhere and starting come come out. Delphiniums are coming out as well as wormwood and zdravets too. I am very excited about skullcap and hope to have it growing in the wilder parts of my area here soon. Meanwhile I must start walking the woods here to see what grows wild and where. I am lucky at the moment to be working with a young girl who knows many species of wild herbs and medicinals  here in Michigan. Time to get myself a field guide and go.

It is exciting to use wild herbs because the energy they have is stronger due to the nature of their survival mechanisms. They develop components which protect the plant during harsh conditions.
Skullcap herb is wonderful for relaxation and calmatude. It is also able to help with pain and inflammation, anxiety and skin related stresses due to its high amounts of antioxidants and glycosides..yes, I did say glycosides..
Hey man, if you're all freaked out about your boyfriend or your new boss who is a jerk, skullcap won't solve those problems. But, if you want to chill out in the evening and get a little buzz from skullcap, why not? Skullcap takes the edge off and maybe even lets you close your eyes for a minute and then you can look at the whole picture and you realize who you are and where you're going from here.
Should you want to quit smoking, skullcap is nice to relax your lungs..in the olden days they would smoke skullcap herb to relax the lungs.. I am just saying make a tea with the dry herb and mostly leaves because the leaves contain more of the "stuff" of skullcap..

there are 200 species of skullcap herb on earth and lately this herb calls to me. I am invoking skullcap.

Family Mint
Ruler is Mercury
Blesses the Mind
Sweetens the Words
Works great for Gemini, then Libra and then Aquarius because its  air element but everyone can have a little dose of poise now and again. you do not have to be a Gemini to enjoy skullcap.

blend dried skullcap leaves with lavender flowers, parsley and and ground flax seeds (steep for 15 minutes)and drink for pure satisfaction and better breathing abilities..breathe in four hold four, out four, stay empty for four.

have a wonderful day

Thursday, April 25, 2013

allow me to present you with the magic of my shadow of the eclipse

in Scorpio:)
my twelfth house is part Scorpio, the  eleventh house is Scorpio too..
I have always wondered about that aspect of my chart. Scorpio takes a big giant portion of my northern hemisphere starting in my tenth house, eleventh and part of the twelfth house all together..everything I do outside my home is having to do with Scorpio vibes ..but let me tell how this is highlighted during an eclipse.
hey man things happen, and friendships fade and the next thing you know, you just do not relate with a person anymore..you grew, they didn't, you cried, they didn't care or you spoke up and they couldn't accept your words..
whatever it is Scorpio  is gonna tear it apart and re assemble it, somehow not needing a few pieces in the process.
Scorpio vibes bring intense all or nothing people, drama, jealousy, impatience, resentment, excellence in thought, patience, wisdom, ability to endure, delving deeply and getting the answers..vampires and their moods... And if you let the mood fester..well..it will fester and then you will smell bad from the liver..

In my case, when I leave somewhere, people get mad and  for a minute..they get pissed!
All that goes through my mind as a Libran with all that Scorpio up on top, is that, "what do you want me to do, stay here and rot?"
"I must go now man!"

Actually, I am here to stay. I like my mom and dad near by and I like my boys and girls near by and I like my soap near by:) and I like my job just fine..it is ok, all ok:)

Where do you have Scorpio in your chart?

Check out this link for further insight
Scorpio Eclipse Magic

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

a matter of time


Only two left of this divine blend in soap. More like a perfume really! If you love neroli with patchouli, this hunkin sweetie may be your cup of tea. Did I put some smokey tea in there or not?

it is amtter of time
only a matter of time
that you will be grand
that you will be just grand
hurling through space
fire feeding each cell
abundance rolling in
health flurishing
vitality always encouraging
with each
compasionate breath


it is funny how work is just so healing for anger and what ever else angsts you. I began cleaning the manor yesterday. Crabtree Manor)
There was alot of clean up to do before the planting begins..oh, man, there will be eleder and linden and cosmos and cherries...in about 5 years..it is the five year plan:)

You can get so caught up with sadness that that you walk around in a funk continually remembering what you are mad about and then the next thing you know, you change you mind yet again and accept things  so as to not continue being angry.

Or, you go ourside and you clean up some dirt and you think about the goodness and your boys with shovels saying, "what do you want next , mom?"
I don't know, but I can honestly say about myself is that, I linger on somethings a long time. Capricorn moon does that!
Like if someone is a jerk to me..I may forget all the other awesomeness in my life..just for a wee second, but it happens.
You too?
We can make it through this and become quite amazing or just still stay stuck in some imaginary slight from a country or a friend..
hey man, that said, some people are just assholes and there is nothing you are going to do about that..you cannot change them..you can't..leave them alone, maybe someone was and jerk to them or,  they are simply worried about having enough money for their belly fat removal..who knows?
That said, lately, all my customers are stellar. it has been at least six months since anyone has been too rude.
One time, an older red head was so mean that I walked away a little upset at her rudeness,  and then while telling   my workmate, I said, "that whore should be down on her knees at my feet being grateful that I helped her so intelligently, but instead she is a hag to me"::")))
moohaaaa, I laughed! very lightly, but she heard me, I think she may have..
dang it!
I hurt her feelings but..but..some one had to..maybe she'll think about why someone would say that about her? She is after all a good person. Right! A righteous woman!
Hey man, you do not achieve a scowl like that for no reason.

 Your smile says you are soft and happy.

That is what I say anyhow:)
things come out of my mouth, I am a Sagittarius rising after all! Sag does that, just blurts out the truth like an arrow of fire and wood and some fakin birch tar holding its elements together and he just fakin hurls at you and you're like stunned at the honest truth of it all.
I am now gonna plant some wild flowers, I want this place to be an enchanted manor..awe!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Uranus square Pluto May 2013

Mystic calls is The Zap Zone, I call it upheaval.
Changing conditions are forcing us to adapt.

here are some dates which you may find helpful:)

• Uranus square Pluto June 24 2012
• Uranus square Pluto September 19 2012
• Uranus square Pluto May 20 2013
• Uranus square Pluto November 1 2013
• Uranus square Pluto April 21 2014
• Uranus square Pluto December 15 2014
• Uranus square Pluto March 17 2015

So here we go!                                                                                                                                                      As far as I am concerned, I felt this square all last week and I am suave, it is true, I am, but I look at some and how they are spinning out of control. There is your buzz word! "Control" that is Pluto. In many ways Pluto is once again going to teach us that being stagnant and wanting only your way may prove to be unbecoming of you. You cannot fake your true heart all day. Things that you say to people, and they say to you shows you what is in their thoughts..their smile if any, icy cold. remember too, the year of the snake.  Changing is inevitable and that is always so with Pluto. It tears you up but you must shed your concepts of religion in order to function in an intelligent society. Science has no time for hell or heaven and the facts are the facts. Also your race is not as important when you look at the world as one and step away from your tribe. Uranus in Aries is about technology (and also rigidity in many ways)and technology cannot be harnessed without admitting  that we falsify and convince ourselves and  our brain to feel better, to feel safe and to keep our ideas sacred. Hey man, they are going to learn sooner or later. I think sooner because just as in any organized sittuations like Earth will be in the next 25 years, there's gonna be some "splaining" to do!
There is also Mercury doing something in all of this which is why I keep thiking that ideas must change and we the people, must start from inside. You want to change?                                                                                                Stop contributing  to the hateful ideas which nurture resentment, fear and punishment.
You want to change,(you will be forced to) open your heart to actually loving your neighbor, your friends..if you even have any at this point..hey man, you can only nurture so many people in your life, some get mad. You cannot worry about that. You must work hard to be extra noble now and become what you want to become. Live the life you actually believe in. yes..but honey, if "your life" means that you believe that you are better, better in line with god, prettier, more authorative, richer ha! I feel sorry for you! There will be nowhere to hide!
All I know is that I know nothing and want to learn everything:)

Sunday, April 21, 2013


before you say the worst things, say the truth not your oppinions
this is what I am finding more and more as I grow older

Here is the thing, I have an opportunity to mature as an amazing skin care expert..that there is good!
I am becoming better and better.
One thing I've learned with skin care  is that some people don't want to accept the truth about ingredients, but the ones that do, really see a difference and huge impriovements  right off.
Take the woman who "tried" everything for her neck rash..like right at her hair line, it gets warm and damp and it is perfect for bacteria to grow.
She came in in tears. I looked at it and knew what was up. "I'd put some frankincense right on that" I said to  her..she had scratched it so much that it was torn up a little but she still put it on every day. The first time it stung and I thought she would freak but she  said even in the stinging she felt relief. Whew!!
I was a little  nervous, I mean you never know how conventional people can get..
"why don't you get some real borrage oil instead of breaking a gelatin capsule?" I'll say now and again to some lady off the street.
"No, I want to do it like Dr. Oz said."
"Ok, well thanks for stopping by, here is your borrage oil for your face in a gelatin capsule."
Some of them listen to me.
I tell them how to make calendula oil and I tell them to try a balm instead of a cream of fakin potasium fakin sorbate...I don't say that to them..we can't say fak in a public setting :)
Here is my thing and I will chant this all day, if it is made in a lab in a vat with "people dust"  which has strange people's skin particles floating in it and then you put some fakin potassium sorbate in there and then there are all the other  so called botanicals and then I even hear rumors and frankly I think they may be true, even  today's grapefruit seed extract is a far cry from the stuff that Aubrey used in the 70's.
Word has it that grapefruit seed extract is super fake, word has it.. and what about linalol? If there is lavender oil, just say so. Why do you not just say so?
I never use that stuff anyhow so it doesn't bother me. I do not want it. In my opinion, which is humble, small batches of anything is better than giant. If you want a milky  cleanser get yourself some dry milk and some ground garbanzo flour and some clay and you have a milky cleanser for your face.
I like simple things, classy things and super clean things.

classy face cleaner

2 tablespoons each
 og garbanzo flour
og goats milk powder
1 tablespoon clay of your choice

5 drops frankincense
3 drops chamomile
1 drop rose
mix well
pour in to a jar
and use it~ a pearl sized amount with a sprinkle of warm water makes a nice face cleaner..
apply borrage oil after you rinse on your damp face, cold pressed organic borrage, or evening primrose, or pomagranate, organic jojoba, organic argan, they are all nice.
Pat dry after a few minutes and your face should be quite radiant..

today is a good day
thank you xo

Saturday, April 20, 2013

favorite essential oil? really?

Like I could choose just one!
Right now I am in love with oakmoss. I am in love with vetiver and guess what? I am loving lavender. I go through ins and outs with lavender. I get so caught up with frankincense that I forget about lavender. Or rose,  well, it is wonderful, rose is!
I have been cutting the fern soap I made the other day.
clary sage
a bunch of kanwa clay and....
It is gonna be great! Omg, so good. the oak moss is from Sunrose and I must say, it is the best I've had since the old days when the mysore sandalwood flowed..and the lavenders were in kilo sizes..kilos!
The oils I had blended for the fern soap and intended for this blend have shown me once again that I have no control over their beauty and ways in which they will become..

Friday, April 19, 2013

I want

Pluto is all about, I want and sometimes not getting it.
Reviewing why we don't get what we want is Saturn which as it coasts through Scorpio, we can have some resolve as  to the why nots and the dang its..
I feel sad about the world...I hate my government, or they can't be trusted, they'll take away my guns..they will take away my rights..
(they already have and no matter how many guns there are in your home, you will not escape them and their guns..which..is another rant)
choose which thought enters your mind first, in another scenario...

"I want to have freedom from fear of money"
"I don't want to constantly be afraid of facing my money fears"

"I always have enough"
"All of my needs are met"
"how am I going to make it?
 "i don't want  to be poor
I don't want to suffer
i don want to loose my credit cards"

"I always have enough and all of my needs are met"

"I want my lover to love me and not waste my time, I want to be in a healthy honest  relationship"
(your wish is my command)
"I don't want some guy who insults me all day only to later makes up for it by toying with my emotional needs.."
(your wish is my command)

"All of my relationships are based on a healthy honest vibe, which permeates through my life all day"


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Old Whore Perfume

You want to the old whore in an oil?
You want to continue with  her suave and tender flow. yes?:) thank you, I'll try:)

the old whore, she always gives you  more
she thinks of you in glorious ways
in trillions of light shades of blue violet light haze
in yellow red  flashing green verdant mind rays

in jojoba, organic 50/50 essential oil to jojoba ratio)
patchouli oil (11 year old)
a drop this and that:)..

eleneetha old whore perfume

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

momma said

I want to tell you sweet things
I want to say, I love you, I do love you:)
I want you to be so healthy
and have always enough
a look stunning
and forgiving
I want to tell you how helping is what humans do
fine I will tell it! And then I'll rant!

A new beginning of what is to come really Uranus/ Pluto energy..since Aries dominates at moment, we have a glimpse of the emotions on Earth.
Do I have to tell you to stay inside most days? Well, yes, it would behoove you to.  The more you mingle in the crowd the more opportunity there will be for some to get stepped on. That is The year Of the Snake plus Pluto Square Uranus plus the Sun in Aries at the moment..and I must remind myself that it is always a moment between good times and bad times..a pinch of time in space.
 Space is violent.
Humans are by instinct violent and everything fights to survive.

The haters will dissolve in to distant memories in a thousand years..ah the dominant ones, all for dominance, controlling all the money and  religion and killing for the lord, to protect him..and to kill the infidels or those without faith..you know, because Jesus needs people to kill others in his name or Mohamed needs people to kill in his name..if that were true then they weren't really so powerful in the first place..I know if my boy were being tortured and I could save him, I would and I certainly wouldn't make him suffer and then proclaim that it was for the good of the people..rubbish!
Do you see why I get so worked up? How many more must die for God?

My mom said to calm down. I am like, "mom, how come these people's mommas didn't teach them to always be nice and respectful?
There is nothing wrong with that!"
You know what she said?
"well, don't involve yourself with the world's affairs so much.."
Momma said my momma said..

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

angry thoughts turned to vengence

yup~~ it is an intense time in astrology plus we are crossing over some sort of photon belt in space and it makes weaker types more weak and makes anger come out of our mouths and complells us towards changing.
It is a huge time, huge..
I am very upset about Boston! I haven't slept a wink!
How long will we hurt one another like this for God? How ridiculous is the concept of heaven and hell? So literally taken!!
Heaven for the good and hell and suffering for the bad. If God made hell for his children to boil in,  he must be some kind of jerk! I mean these are times he should have come through  before someone does wrong if he were real. And why is he going around killing first born babies? Weren't the Egyptians his children too? Did he make everything or not?
I am pissed because this is such bull shit!
"who ever did this would go to hell on a jet plane if hell were real", I said, shaking my head.
"hell is real. so is heaven"
"no it isn't, that is stupid!"
"yes it is"
We were in the office, my beloved co-worker and I. the others in there told us to shut up now  That it would be a futile fight between us..
I go through this with Lucy all the time. How can she be so smart and so ready to fall in line with her catholic rules of who is chosen to be with God?
All I know is this; I am pissed! A little boy died right there because some uneducated hater wanted to hurt innocents.
How satisfied does he feel now?
You know they live through things like this in Israel and Palestine for years now, many years! Bombs, and shootings all the time because some ass is working for God!
Which ever side God's on, he doesn't care, that is what I see, which is why, I am not stupid!
I just wonder how much longer it'll be before we finally understand the space we are in? The huge vast distance of space and time, fed by stars people, and in charge of our own god within,our own mind and our own hope for peace..

These people must evolve but in to what?

Monday, April 15, 2013

rustic birch tar soap and shampoo bar

a hot process soap which is dark and very much what birch tar soap would look like if it could look like itself  which it does.I do not know how many people would like the smell of smoke and fire but some might and now it is done. I have gotten this experience off my mind for a while. Things inspire me and I get an idea and can't rest until I carry it out. It is the Scorp in me, my own personal Lilith!
To say this soap is rustic would be correct..
a two ounce bar, $3.00
Small,  because, who needs a hunkin' hunk of this? No, you just need a little one:)  for sometimes:)
rustic birch tar soap

Sunday, April 14, 2013

I now smell like a fire

like a burning fire with some of the smokey glow at the end of it..
It was an experience I can tell you that!
Using castor oil and birch tar may have been something I wasn't completely prepared for. Or was I?
As soon as I added the catalist, the soap cream was ready..It took no longer than 30 seconds..and then as I added the birch tar and ground Icelandic moss, it went solid..
I had to make sure all the material was well mixed and that almost seemed  impossible as the initial wave of birch fumes, took me by surprize!
I was in emergency mode..I pulled out the huge croc pot and put it all in there and re melted it  and then I was able to at least spoon it out and smash it in its final phase!
Needless to say, everyone came out of thier nooks in the house and ran to the kitchen and asked about the smell. It permeated the whole place. I am sure the neighbor across the street could smell it. It has settled in to a distant smokey remnant now, but I can still smell smoke lingering on my skin and a stand of my hair now and again.
Everything is learning and staying calm in the face of terror whist being expedient! The soap.. is very ugly soap but not..I will wait and see it during the light of day later and see how I want to describe this ancient soap with a new age twist from castor and organic coconut oil and the castor generously added because should someone want to wash their scalp with some birch tar..
untill then...
have a wonderful day:):)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

anastasia's famous birch tar shampoo bar

that is the plan in the works for today. Plus i would like to make more lavender patchouli with some geranium, clary sage and vetiver..doesn't that sound nice? Like a  fougere blend. mossy and fern like...
I will need to go to Zerbos and get some castor oil for my birch soap  and then I will make it, my way. (it could be famous:))
Without palm oil or animal fats of course!
Birch tar is a most useful item from nature. They (people) began using it around 40 thousand years ago to hold weapons together and they must have realized after handling it that it killed certain bacteria and fungus on the skin..I can be quite sure that cave men got scraped up quite a bit and they probably saw that their skin didn't puss up when they applied the birch tar..
Birch is one of the oldest organisms on earth. Perhaps billions of years thriving and spreading itself throughout the northern hemisphere..
Plus the tree itself it is quite pretty!

The essential oil  that I have is smokey, woodsy and to tell the truth keeps calling me to work with it. It does have a nice attraction, I must say. too much and not enough at the same time.
plus now and again, some one will ask if I have pine tar soap? I am always in my head, like, "No! I make mostly aromatic soap!" But hey man, lately I am attracted to the smokey woods, the mosses and the smell from a good fire!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Angel Paths

"In darkness, I grow richer than rubies, red upon the horizon as I ascend the night sky. I am mystery and power, united and invincible. My gift is Truth. Illusion and deception yield to my dark vision."

Birch Tar

How do you feel about birch tar? Is it worthy of a soap or balm? I am thinking that it is...:)

pluto retro news

This was yesterday, obsessions in some may lead to wrong behavior.
This is how I look at it (again)

Pluto( ruler of Scorpio Mars energy, secrets)
Capricorn (endings and house full of hurt feelings)

You have your players..Uranus in Aries, passion, force, skill warmth, the trickster) yes, and  look at Saturn in Scorpio, the ruler of Capricorn bringing all sorts of revelations..yea?

all I know is this;
if you are lying, you are dying
dying a slow burning death that never satisfies .I mean, that if a person is generally willing to do good deeds, have noble thoughts, usually, whatever event they are going through can be handled with finesse..even tragedies .what, you think your the only one having to suffer like this? People get their bones broken and their hearts broken too..I have! Plenty! but and I say this so gratefully, I am not the one crying at this juncture in 2013..no, it is others..sad ones, choosing to nurture their hurt feelings..
some... so inclined..they want to sneak around, have that certain something,  controlling every event, so that they do not have to be alone. alone with the truth that they are alone.
Seems like Pluto can bring that out right now. Pluto makes you feel like it is the last chance and after this, there is nothing good..and..that is a lie, my sweeties..the truth is, that there is always something better and more satisfying, but taking that chance requires courage to face your most undesired attraction and face it but good.
You can cry..spill the dirty tears of regret, because the new ones will be clearer, more radiant:)
understand, you have to change your mind, you must, you will.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pluto is about to go retro

By Saturday, there will be some sort of magnetic shift.
What that means is that even now you are feeling it. More resolve, more steady, surefooted and better understanding of all people around you. Be honest and for God's sake, Crisco on your face?
Is everything about skincare?
Yes! :)
See, when you obsess and try and re- do and buy yet another friking kukui lotion with glycerin and then you say, "well, somebody told me Crisco on the face is really good, and I put it on, and you know what, my skin felt good that night"
Crisco, really?
Are you that freaked out all day about aging that you are now listening to anyone who says they know what is good and you just go ahead and do that with out ever staying steady on your plan to use one thing at a time?
Crisco! She comes in and tells me of her skin try-alls as I refer to them..she layers and layers all these filthy creams..
I scolded her about the Crisco..
"hydrogen never leaves your body, never"
What I should have told her is that, she is a freak and Pluto is making her crazy and she is cramming everything she can in to her habit.
Pluto is all about habits and how you must at some point adjust yourself so that you can be happier.
the best things:
be happy
lay it down
do your best
be honest
be glad
be supportive
be generous
don't just blindly listen to any freak about your belly or your face, but read a book or learn on line...
synthetic sun screen is bad and does not anti age anything!
choose some thing which can serve you or you are the servant. That is Pluto to me.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

saffron and milk thistle soap

I started with the spice blend
full on turmeric & ginger with back up from cumin and cardamom, black pepper, clove and organic ground cinnamon...all og all day.
I then added milk thistle well ground with grape seed powder both organic..
 some saffron threads and I ground all that some more:) yes, I did!

Now the oils to scent..
Nerolina, sweet floral, some champaca flower, some jasmine and some nutmeg co2, some ginger co2 and pink lotus absolute.
smells like nothing you have ever experienced before..
Now, I wait to let it cool off so I can cut it. Not until tonight will I be able to. So, all day, I will anticipate this wonderful blessing of oils and sunshine vibes! And I already wonder what it is doing to itself? I'll pass by, take another smell of it and smile..oh man I think to myself..this is so intoxicatingly  delightful..
How did I get to do something so special?
saffron and milk thistle


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

techy device blues

Emily dropped her phone in the potty..a common problem in the evening when girls are relaxed and have sweats on
"What do you need your phone in the bathroom for??"
"I forgot I had it!".
 I upgraded and gave her my older phone which is in excellent condition. Besides,she is always on my phone playing words with friends..I do not mind..but then again..
"Mom, a guy named Stephen, said he wants you to come over"
"Tell him, I'm busy maybe next week!"
"Mom some girl is saying something about a guy, hurting her feelings"
"Mom, you made a sale!"
That, I didn't mind so much, it was like having a secretary.
The words with friends? Really? That is where my techy abilities just can't fathom some things, like I cloud..
Everything went great, she was happy, and then we began to adjust our emails and while she deleted them off her of now, her device..and.. just a few seconds, all my contacts on my new device,  deleted, by I Cloud!
So I have lost all numbers on my phone contacts.I did retrieve it once for a second and then, gone!

Please email me or text me if you have my number:) so that I can rebuild my contact list on my techy device.
thank you:) xo

Monday, April 8, 2013

listening to Micheal Moore reading his own book

here comes trouble

He is an early Taurus and all through the book, I am listening to him tell of a finer time and better time here in Michigan where white people and Catholics could live the lie and wish and dream  a better future..then the Detroit riots happened and Detroit was burned down to become the unfulfilled and broken down piece of crap there ever was..I know I do not want to go there often..there are some today working to revive the town and make it safe and lovely again.
I mean why burn historic buildings down? Why kill?
Maybe it is because "Detroiters" during that time were that pissed off at whites for years of slavery and mistreatment of their brown fellow man..he talks about Martin Luther King being shot during Holy Week and he remembers people in church while holding a dead jesus cheering that the black man  was dead..
Is this how "good" Christians act?
but he does go on and on about his simple white upbringing and makes his mom into a saint..she seemed that way to me and always loved her kids..
But Micheal's Taurus, comes out through his bitterness towards his fellow man..and say what you will about the truth Micheal, you were wrong to use  your political truths at a celebration of art..not that I care if Holywood's protocol was rocked! I mean really, they aren't royalty and if they were, how would that really effect us? We want to see their clothes and hair!
So, the fact that this guy now has to hire navy seals to protect him from the many people who have tried to kill him is stunning..I mean it is 2013 + 3.5 billion on Earth!!
Oh, and only latino or black ones as no white navy seal wants to guard him...
He got kicked out of the seminary for asking too many questions.:)
That is me. I want to know details!
He analyzed the bible and asked why's and  they said no, you cannot stay, we have been doing this for two thousand years!
Oh, and, did you know catholic priests could marry until the 11 century?
Many popes were married, the apostles were married, some rumors are surfacing that Jesus was married because no decent man in his thirties during that time in history, would be respected otherwise..and then some pope guy comes around a thousand years later and says sex is bad, loving your body is a sin and women basically suck because of their viginas..
I am the one saying vigina not Micheal..a hard word to say, right?

have a wonderful day

spinach smoothie
a handful of spinach
one apple organic
an orange with some of the peel
a little water, I like coconut water
blend and drink


Sunday, April 7, 2013

my mom and the dark ages

The woman seems to have appeared from the dark ages what with her robes and yesterday she met the cat because my  Emily wanted to share that we have a "sweety kitty" who lives here.
So Emily comes out holding her and yia yia says, "I don't like cats, especially black ones",
while'st reaching out as just as quickly to stroke the little fluffy sweety! I mean really, how can you not?
She is from the dark ages mommy is, I tell you. She still rolls out filo and brings it to me stuffed with cheese and spinach and all sorts of  food that her people ate three, four hundred years ago, made in the same tradition..and, "oh, I made this cake for your coffee!"
All this during a ten minute visit  with papou talking the whole time, interrupting yia yia the whole time because he couldn't  get all his questions in in the allotted time limit.
not too deep

hows work?
good good
a lot of people?
yes, about a thousand
the house is nice and clean
hows the car?
good nice
how many miles does it have?

He was floored that I was so precise.
I knew he would ask me this morning because it had been a week since I saw my parents and now that the big melt is on they can  go out..
"what is ginger?"
Now, I was floored! Since when does he know of ginger? I gave him a jar I had in the cabinet. I gave him a jar of probiotics too..I hope he takes the later..and the ginger..

Have a wonderful day!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

people died so we could know saturn

How often do you think of Saturn? I do. I think about it because it is stunning and beautiful and I can think beyond earth, outwards to my  solar neighborhood and I can bow to the heavens for real.

Think how we are one of the highest life forms and how we have grown to know more and more about our destiny..and if you'll allow me to say, the ridiculousness of territorial fighting and greed for gold and more gold..yes it is very special and made in dying stars and there is only a little of it in the Universe, but it still, it  is no way to treat your fellow human..by pounding him in to your religion and your belief in proper man made books.
Traditions, yes, real, no..
If we'd all just calm down and look at Saturn and his velocity, his grand masterness in our little neighborhood, we would be more in awe, more!
That little dot, if you can see it, on the left..that there is us, Earth..Om..to truth!
Look how we are immersed in light..Om to light!

In the Shadow of Saturn 
Image Credit: Cassini Imaging TeamSSIJPLESANASA
Explanation: In the shadow of Saturn, unexpected wonders appear. The robotic Cassini spacecraft now orbiting Saturn drifted in giant planet's shadow for about 12 hours in 2006 and looked back toward the eclipsed Sun. Cassini saw a view unlike any other. First, the night side of Saturn is seen to be partly lit by light reflected from its own majestic ring system. Next, the rings themselves appear dark when silhouetted against Saturn, but quite bright when viewed away from Saturn, slightly scattering sunlight, in this exaggerated color image. Saturn's rings light up so much that new rings were discovered, although they are hard to see in the image. Seen in spectacular detail, however, is Saturn's E ring, the ring created by the newly discovered ice-fountains of the moon Enceladus and the outermost ring visible above. Far in the distance, at the left, just above the bright main rings, is the almost ignorable pale blue dot of Earth.

Friday, April 5, 2013

jasmine with clove

I like it..not every day but I like it.
I have been wearing cacao with patchouli and people freak out about how good it smells on me.
It is a spectacular combo, especially if you pair it with a nice patchouli oil. It sweetens and transforms itself with your own sweet body's oils..
Jasmine clove needed some acid..I put a drop tangerine and a drop neroli, ok two drops neroli, and then a drop or two sandalwood. I know it isn't Mysore..Sri Lanka and it is nice..not Mysore but still has a tenacity I do enjoy!

I hope you have a wonderful day and think of me in the bright warming Michigan sun where it is just weeks away from planting!
I love this time of year! 

Thursday, April 4, 2013


I mean, I do not even know the guy!
I do know that he should smell like a tree!

Heathen Foil Art

When I set out to know Odin  I finally remembered my runes, which I loved and used all the time..Now I remember how he is very cool! He invented runes, runes are Odin.
 He is one of the first linguists  for the human race...the complexity and sophistication of the symbols still remains true to who we are as a species. What is 10 thousand years ago when we are talking billions of years as Earth creatures?
Odin was created  for a society which was no longer roaming but settled in one spot, growing food and having a big strong leader to protect you with his spear.
These symbols became a perfect way for people to communicate over a large area rather than only in their villages and if I may add, where, humans began forming words, actual words instead of just sounds..

But, I am not here to talk about archaeology!

I want us to Chanel Odin.
Become the magician. To become so strong that you are not effected by mundane stupid shit!
Become one with profound skill, with the ability of thorough investigation of events at a blink of an eye!~
And smell like a tree..nothing wrong with that! Right?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Special at eleneetha aromatics

This month with each purchase you will get a free 5 ml vial of patchouli cacao perfume..yummy?

Patchouli Cacao Bindi
5 year patchouli
cacao absolute
og jojoba

eleneetha aromatics

more dreams like a flowing river

and I am looking at Chiron and Neptune in Pisces with a bunch of inner planets in Aries connected to Uranus.
Intense time for Aries but so productive.. mold what you want to mold Aries.
 For Libra it means be humble and work hard at what you love and your true art will come through as a masterpiece.
Gemini, you are all to yourself, it is ok..I love you.
Taurus, the move, the house, the most awesome sheets on your bed..yes, you are tired and it is almost time for rest, almost..
Cancer, you work so hard and look so suave while working..curvy bod, like ishtar2013..
Leo, dude, I know, I know, you are awesome, and pretty and loyal and people just want you in their space.

Virgo, yes, well, the world sucks sometimes, and you have been bitter and hateful in the past..be more accepting and doors just open for you, by the way I suggest you put away your bible, bagavad gita and whatever other dogma you have in your mind too, more doors will open..

Scorpio, clean your home and you find hidden treasure.

Sagittarius, honey, I don't get you, you are so smart and the spew out a bunch of social crap that doesn't matter..the rules were made for you not you for the rules..this goes for sag rising too..
your reputation will precede you..

Capricorn, let others shine and read more books.

Aquarius, I just think you shot an arrow too far and you didn't look in the mirror enough to know who you are. Your words do matter and your deeds show through, some of you are thriving in knowledge and some hurting from being rejected..both?

Dang man, if you are creeping out about now, you are probably not reading this blog so I won't go creeper talk on you..If it is a dirty secret, then you are doing wrong..simple!
I will say that if you are shady and think no one knows, you are wrong. They know..why?
 Because you cannot hide your lying eyes, not to me anyhow and not to Pisces either..and they are  the ones with bread and twenty dollars when you want it!

have a wonderful day, I am going to make some brownies

Monday, April 1, 2013


I have been a little miffed at Herb over Chandrika for the last 4 years since I met him.
We laughed and laughed and at our first meeting and I told him :) I am a soap maker and he says to me, he says, "Oh I only use Chandrika, it is the best!"
"It is fake", I told him, "what do you mean, you don't care about the scent?"
No, I love Chandrika!"
"Ok, ok"

Well that was four years ago! Yesterday he came to pick up his six bars and as always and he takes a big inhale of them and looks at me at the same time while sniffing and with a smile no less!
"It is fake Herbie!" I said to him smiling, "fake you hear me?"
"No it isn't!"
"yes it is, 100% fake!"
"no, it isn't, it is natural."
"It is fake, all fake, fakaroo, babe"
"Why do you think I was so upset with you the first day we met? Fake I say, I can prove it!"
"Just because you do yoga, and love India, does not mean they are honest with their perfumes", I told him,  "and they lie!"
I do not think he believes me, the stubborn ass, maybe that is why he is still single and looking..maybe he should learn more about aromatherapy and oils..
"It is natural, it is made with coconut oil"
that is what he said..
He said, "maybe you hold on to things too long", and I smiled and said, "I am not the one holding six bars of fake ass chandrika in my hands where 30 years ago I would have  been".
Remember Bee and Flower soap and that awesome perfume we would get from India with orange blossom sandalwood or something like that? It was fake..fake fake fake
Hey man the facts are the facts, and we change when we should..
I let him smell real sandalwood and he tried it...I put some on my hand and let him smell it again after the dry off..I planted a seed..I mean it was organic sandalwood..



baby pig, awe!!!

I dreamed about one ( a scorpio that i knew once) last night..it feels like for some, turmoil and shedding off theirs veils. For other Scorpios  there are rewards and a bit of reprieve from the turbulence. It all seems to reflect whether you are an early, middle or late Scorpio. In any event, there will be payment to the piper or government..that is always a strain on Scorpio..not all outward, but yes, payment..give it! Say thank you for this lesson, move on..what are you gonna beat your club against the wall and scream at the injustice of life? You'll just hurt your belly, your liver, gall bladder which is greedy hoarding to past pain...
just pay the price and move on..besides no matter how bad the economy, the government, the doctors and Monsanto is, you are right now, what you are.. and no one really dies forever..that is what Jesus is trying to say and we made him in to some sort of zombie that we can't even agree what day to honor his words..all made up, the days are..because time is something really big..dark matter driven by energy and light..bigger than earthly man made sorrows..
be like a baby, so happy and content to have a nap and someone who loves him:)