Saturday, May 30, 2015

June soap menu brewing just now

I am brimming with ideas and I think June is one of those be super selective and also sure of things as the way you made it happen. Remember to always do the right thing.

"Madam soapmaker can I have a bar of your soap, I seem to be all out."

I want rose of course. I love it so this time of the year. I want a crisp, bright rose. I have used most of my rose oil so it will be time to buy more:) Rose with rose geranium and patchouli? I have enough patchouli..that is for sure. That sounds amazing to me.
How about sweet orange? I kind of love oranges!
I love seeking out my oils!
For men..
They want things from me all of a sudden..oil for their face and soap to shave with.
Boys love soap to shave with.
I kind of want to make something new for them but then you get in to this whole thing of men vs women..who needs it! If I want to wear tobacco, I will wear it..

I have a beautiful noble fir that I want to pair with frankincense..I want incense and I want the floor of Appalachian pathways in to the hills..crisp drying leaves over damp rich earth.
We will see. Some brews take longer than others.
We got some new really nice soaps and bath oils at my store. The thing is, I do not always want tee tree with lavender. I want to smell good..know what I mean? Then again a nice tea tree lemon soap sounds about right too!
I am crazy about oils!
I hear word of some sort of manuka flower out of New Zealand. that would be nice. I wonder if the flower smells any different that the tea tree oil....

Friday, May 29, 2015


"it is not real"
They say that all day, real science people say it too.
The thing is though, they also talk about the smallest things, smaller than smaller things and then say one atom does not matter! Every magnetic thing to you matters even that one molecule of nux vomica.
Guess what, it may be the best thing for many, this homeopathy.
I will tell you why.
Drugs for pain and then realization of reality, try something else not a killer.
And that arnica really does work, doesn't it? I always feel better. Pets really respond to homeopathy as well.. Is it all in our mind?
Maybe, but that is where ideas churn.

I am good. I made a really nice thing for a bath oil perfume oil because man, I can't stop!

I just hope that there is enough because I have to say, it smells so good that it will go fast.
Attraction...sacred honey thoughts melting  in each others minds..
we energize each other with transparent words and judgement. we fascinate one another with our ability to create beautiful wonderful moments of pleasure.

That is how vanilla does! It goes in and then just slowly spreads and glides in to each scent atom and becomes something else.
Something easy and delectable at the same time. Sweet, tantalizing fermonalish:) with the vetiver and oakmoss near by.

Moonlight Words
kind of like old whore ideas with out her labdanum cape                                                                                 her skin glistens with health
barefoot master
clear mindful intentions
carry over into sacred peace of mind

OM Hrim Sum Suryaya Namaha
Sun Worship
shakti power
to hold


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

yesterday and living the life

day off
clean place up
have a nice shower and some vittles
sweet friends might come by

"why, what do you mean, people are coming over?"
"If you clean the house, people come over.."
"mom, what do you mean? Is someone coming?"
"I bet everyone will stop by, now move it, starting with all, ya all's clothes on my couch!"


The best visitors I had were the wee boys that came over with their mamas. One year old human boys  are awesome! "Just like monkeys", my daughter said that:) and a five year old girl with the mind of a 20 year old story teller! How bright our children can be, right!?
Imagine with the right strong, not mean, women guiding these humans towards a better world. Imagine how much smarter your kids are than you in so many ways how you have passed some of the finest genes, smart, funny, able to withstand natural misfortunes..with open eyes and clean mind..mostly..
Humans are a form of ape..sorry Ken, (the guy in KY who thinks the earth and everything is 6 thousand years old)we've been able to look far enough back and genesis is wrong..with mere glimpses of realities that they deemed is only mystical if you allow your mind to not think for itself. Also the frozen body of the cave man found in the Swiss alps.. is about that old. Humans were already using fire by then. He carried kindling in some gourd like thing..I point is that we've have developed over mere millions of years as what we are now..the brew may have been planning and creating us for billions, many billions of years..from starlight to rocks to things growing the them to us and beyond.
The amazing thing is that we are one 10% human. The rest of us and 90% is bacteria! It may be the reason why were are here. 90% is what we are always wrapped and used in. The cells which make us are one one small part! Dude! Our cells are smart enough to group together to form a liver!

Back to me and how awesome I am:)

I hope that you had a nice weekend. I hope that you know what is right and good. That too much pornography and illicit behaviors lead to worry and frustration and worst of all away from creativity or worse.

Finding a grounded friend or lover who really loves you is worth working for  and also your lover should always be your should not have to ask or beg for his or her love. They naturally should want all the beautiful things (you)which make a marriage or friendship work. You listen when a person says things and you say things back with out sneers..the sneers are scary:)

I believe that one must have alone time to create..a hobby, books, stories, history, laughter and food with family..the gym! I used to love the, I seem to have developed an aversion to touching other peoples  My point is that, good intentions make for more Goodness, abundance and blissful companionship.

In a man I would value my time  a guy with some skills anytime over a computer geek who never goes outside. I love a nice hardy man..but that is me. You want to hang with the nerd inside playing league or that other one..what eve's..I got's me some worm castings to encounter some where. I have a whole lot of work out there .
Also the earth oven thing..I need to have it! (Every merc retro with the earth oven! It can happen!)

Have a good one! I have to go buy printer ink.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

honey lemon balm spring wishes

I told you about lemon balm and how nice it is to heal yourself with it. Heal what?
Your brain babies, your brain.
Every time I get near lemon balm leaves, I feel like I am in church. I have loved them as a little girl because my mother always grew lemon balm, tons of it..nettles too. Remember when I thought I was cool and grabbed the nettle with my hands. Now, that was painful.

I made some lemon balm soap. I used fresh lemon balm leaves and blended them with honey..both as a stabilizer and emollient. A local Michigan small farm honey. Lovely!
The honey adds the taste of earth and animal(obviously))..I added geranium absolute. Very little because I only wanted a few drops of gerinol..and also organic lemon. The lemon is there to emphasize and spike a little.
It smells cake.

This is what I love about soap making, the idea of fresh ingredients and beautiful fat cakes. Some are speckled and some are black. I have made messes of some and never one time looked back. Even when I closed blue lotus moon over a dog..who ever you are that made me have to do that, I hope you know, it is all good..
Facebook? No..I cannot. It takes time away from important face time things I need to do. Like appreciating lemon balm for her grace and poise under tremendous pressures.
For understanding and listening to what is important.
I love lemon balm because its molecular composition is geared towards calm and clear thoughts.

Am I saying a bar of soap can be magical?
As much as you want, much as you want. Sometimes patchouli is patchouli and vetiver is vetiver until you get stung by the overwhelming glory of a rare vetiver that you can never again replace. I would still use the whole thing in soap. I have.
We were talking about lemon balm, weren't we?

I got a letter from a fan who wants me to make that oud orange blossom thing I made a few years ago now...I will see what I have in stock and based on sales how much oil we can afford to make does sound very good. It is mercury retrograde and things from the past do come up. Old loves just gripping on to the last few remnants of what once was..they write songs about things like that. In my opinion, oils never let you down.
I am thinking about the next batch of soap..

Fresh wide leaf sage soap with sage oil and lavender

So far in my life

Busy busy and still finding time to do this....basically playing in dirt.
I could have produced very nice rows I suppose.
Also it was a time thing because the peppers were freaked out in their pots.
"Let's us out!"
"No, it's going to be cold tonight"
"It's ok,let us out."

"It looks like you've made it )"
"It was rough, you were right "

It should be getting warmer I already feel it.
I had to bring in some of the more delicate plants again.

It is kind of like a cold room.
Salad circle, of onions surrounding carrots 
Later gators ..which by the way, in soap making, 
I'm making soap of patchouli and also a lemon balm with lemon and geranium absolute.
We'll for sure talk about how nice that is.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

the sacrifice

When you make an offering to the gods I hope you realize that you mean the little cells which create thoughts in your mind and not a monkey god or woman with 8 arms.
What it should mean is that you face a scary aspect of your life and proclaim goodness for the next thing. You wake up each day and do it again..each day experiencing piercing reality and having another day to do it.
Like, "here powers that be, here is my offering" "my heart is open to the best things, comfort and joy"
"here my vibrant fervent brain cells, make this real some more"

My offering is about Odin and the 9 years hanging on the Yggdrasil tree.
He almost died, I am sure of it. But not.
The idea being that things are hard and you have to stop and deal with it by submitting instead of being dragged by your nails.

It has been nine years now since I came back from the jungle. I miss it very much in certain ways. I still feel that if I had enough money to live, I would be quite happy there while being able to fly back and forth for the seasons.
**(mercury retrograde, you fuk, stop making up stories about the way things could be or could have been..if they could have been they would have)

Meanwhile back in reality, where I have a job and family obligations.
I set up roots here. And one must attend to them, our duties. All true.
Lets us (my brain cells and I) think on these nine years and how at the end of this huge thing that Odin went through, he came out of it with greater understanding of his capabilities and his honesty and his leadership.
Let us ponder ( my brain cells and I), on better success and more we too come out of our nine years..our little cells are continually evolving and changing our mind.

What makes  a person a great leader (of herself) is being there.
Being attentive and being quiet and control through logic and communication.
**note to self...
You think people know what you want, but they do not and you think your brain will do everything for you but you must show up and tell it.
all true

Monday, May 18, 2015

Where I've been

I have been putting plants in the ground.
Plants which I have dragged inside when it's cold and back out for a warm day.
There are still some babies not ready to plant yet... Things are sure taking off in the next few weeks!
We too, should take it the way nature does, by exploding in to fervent sexy life!!
Sexy because it is springtime, and you know what mammals do? They work and feed and prepare and they do it automatically.

Plants do it by reaching out to the light continually unfolding!!

Heirloom tomato babies:)

This here is tobacco.
It was like dust when I planted it.
I did not think it would make it.
I'd like to distill the flowers if we get some.

Soap made:
Cardamom with amrys and blood orange
Time lord
Cucumber chamomile 
And vanilla zombie

Have a good day;)

Saturday, May 16, 2015

yesterday I didn't plant lol

I was afraid for my babies because I saw it is going to be cold a few nights next week.
If I rush everything, all my plants will be stressed as am I when  rushing.

38 is too cold for tomatoes. The cold nights are hard on the veggie plants. The roses do not mind. the snap peas are happy and you are on my mind")))

I have some nice varieties too. I am so excited about that.

There has been soap made.

Tonight, one more round with some ideas in my head which have been flowing in secret.
I mean not so secret really.
Here is one...
Vanilla soap even natural vanilla, gets darker in time..but I do not consider this ugly.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Tomorrow I Plant

It may look a little barren now, but tomorrow, some babies are ready to plant.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

excitement and patience

they do not match!
I want you to know I am fast at work keeping up with my many ideas always flowing and my time which is always (lately) being pulled by actually good things.
My clan of which I am MATER..pronounced "may ter".so things are good and normal around here.
Spring is here, I guess pretty much even though I had to put the heat on this morning because I had my window open so I did not sleep well in a very cold room.
I had things to do any way. I should actually mop and vacuum but I won't because it is four  in the morning. That would not be nice.
They stay quiet for me and I do the same for them.

I like my quiet time. I love being alone to think about my plans and collect all the goodness which will transform a few ingredients in to one. That is magic like in a "spell",
get it, spell..each thought strengthens my will and makes my thought things become real.
I work alone to create this invoked magic..
Like when I make balms and sweet smelling wonderful things for my shop.It is who I am...
Am I still mad at humans for being what they are? Yes. Not as much when the sun is shining:)and there is bread to eat.
I am too busy and actually realize that the world is the world and I am who I am..

Herbs and flowers fill my little dirt space on earth here at Crabtree Manor.
I wait humbly for chamomile to present me with her magical soft scented flowers.
I watch as my lavender gets green and fluffy and the sage is ready now for my full moon ceremony..
I welcome all the star light which showers me with life force..I welcome honor and truth and fantastic boons. I welcome you, all days!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

good news bad news with mercury retrograde

And usually is is the last thing you want to hear. Your heart rate goes up and you freak out inside a little. Sometimes when things get really intense I feel it all the way to my..well? It is the root area where energy happens. Where you are alerted in to action.
Mercury retorgrade.! Fuker!
It is always money too. Too much money for simple things that you could have done yourself if you weren't so embroiled in that one thing or two that make you loose focus on what is real as opposed to what you want so deeply. Deeply, for the moment and right now.
What do you want?


When you sort through that and it is a matter how much money it is to have it, then you know.
When you sort through your reasons and how long desired thing will last as opposed to "should" last, then you know. You will have that..
When in your mind, the expectations of your daily life do not match with the way you really live and the way you conceive things in your mind, you must pull away or be dragged. We have all been dragged so do not think I am preaching to you.

Take me for example..daily life for me and how much money it takes to live in Livonia, gets to me. I would rather walk to work than pay esurance..they rake you with expenses. the roads you drive on cost money. It makes me long for the hills of Costa Rica, when lived right by the bus stop and wasn't afraid of being killed on my way to my shack. Even at midnight I would wait for the last bus after cooking for rich Americans and never one time was I in danger there. I do not feel safe at bus stops around the city at midnight in Detroit..sorry babies, I don't.

Sometimes I want to cook again. I have been watching cooking shows now and again and sort of don't care.
I mean how many times can I sit and enjoy "drunk" Anthony Berdaine eating bone marrow from the bone..mmmm
My yia yia used to give us that and we would all scream that it was gross. It is good for you. She told us that and we thought she was kidding. She also re used sardine cans as little dishes for us.
She would cook a duck now and again in her earth oven cook house where magic happened. Where we bathed near the hearth and where we waited for the women to bring out hot steaming loaves of bread, homemade butter and cheeses for our Sunday feasts. My Thia Fanitsa would start singing and make us all cry, even the wee ones that we were, we cried too. She is in her sixties now and we are more equal because ten years makes a difference when you are 10 years old. She is still pretty!
My papou was a stern man and we didn't bother him much and he didn't bother time he caught me steeling eggs so I could pay for ice cream..the guy took eggs for payment. We had the biggest most delicious eggs!
He didn't scold me..I seemed to have gotten away with quite a lot at ten!

Mercury retrograde..
I would love chickens, three of them and a cute little house to go with them.
I would love a little building with my earth oven and area to sit or bathe..a modern earth oven hot tub area? No, not anything that has water in that I have to treat. I want a stone tub that I will drain and clean.Mostly I want an earth oven and one made by a master of earth ovens..
a mason a stone mason..indeed!!
I want that.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Jupiter Mars and Mercury retrograde

It should'n't make any sense, but it does.

Mars is going to get involved soon too so get ready for even more interesting times. little gem of mine with energy brimming with laughter and songs.
Give your self a little more and see what comes back.
Every moment you are  away creates a bridge of time which is lost
and can never be regained
your memories are colored by what you are feeling now and if you always try to be happy and kind sometimes still, problems happen!
Feelings you've nurtured well up and you cry a little because things and people and life and what is it all for?

the words you mutter
the ones you utter
and the wounds you lick
not paying attention
being to trusting
being mentally lazy
get your head out of the sand

What do you need to be happy?

This is a time to figure that out and not live in some dream or fantasy. Dragons on Jupiter are not real. And Mars is not real like a human and Mercury goes retrograde three times a year.. isn't it funny that is progresses, in astrology from each element each year in order to  have fulfilled some sort of completion in one area and moving on to the next next time it will be Libra..(I will look on that)
I have Mars in the fifth in wonder I am so momma like..mahhhhommm!  Last time the retrograde mercury , it was in Aquarius..Now Gemini(air signs, words and thoughts)

So, yes, there is a strong connection to each planet in our solar system. Very strong yo! If you tell me that Jupiter has no effect on you, or very little, I will say, "Non" Its gravity does so effect us!
It does! It is so big and not that far away..we can see a 400 year or more old storm just raging with sulfur and iron and methane and all the chemicals once made in stars to have formed us.
Of course they effect us! Planets like Jupiter  Mars, protect us like a shield.
Like beings from myth who can carry planets on their backs and have super natural powers to change reality?
I wish it were so and then all I would have to do is pray to the gods and try to beg them to make our lives  easier and more fruitful with lots for actual fruit trees in my case!

This is a time to move on, move out and change some more.
Buy nice things for yourself.
Do not go buying a house, it will be a pain in the ass later and take more time away from real things.
Also, the Gemini effect may bring too much detachment, insecurities and many more difficulties when too much thought is given to things that may not be in your best interest. You cannot see that so you wander and skim and feed your loneliness with food or drugs or too much running here or there.
This can easily happen when one is self absorbed as well as spoiled from being too pretty..LOL

Jupiter will go in to Gemini later this year. I believe it will very much make an impression to Mars this summer..
breathe in and be free from worry
the gods are each vibrant brain cell ready to do your bidding even before  you think it. You inner mind has decided for you.
Trillions of cells working together and magnetically holding each atom together to form us..

I love you!

Saturday, May 9, 2015


Of course there is life on other planets!
It is not what you may think in any case. Have you thought about bacteria which may exist that would blow your mind. That yes,  time is different up there and goes slower, but look...
if we were to travel to another planet it will not be for many years, perhaps never. We cannot stop fighting over our gods first off! After that what ever is left (energy, money) is spent on the sick from all the refined chemicals we make.

oye with the aliens.
If ancient aliens came here, (which I do not think they did) they would have left a mark. Everything is about evidence in this case in my mind!
And you cannot tell me the government is keeping a conspiracy to hide this from us the populace.
If that is true, you and I have been living in a cave.
What with all the information now streaming, nothing is hidden and thank odin for that!

a higher being (like humans) seems to need a whole lot of organic components made in stars to be alive and traveling through space is hard on the bones. really hard and all the background radiation and dark matter are also very hard on the body. That is why I think aliens did not come here. We may have been seeded through an asteroid and somehow through a bacteria a a switch our dna that made us different from other living creatures..I do not know.

The natural order of things seems to be..stars, big ones, exploding and then all the dust coming back together in a more orderly way and smaller longer living stars forming galaxies or star cities. The dust turns to rock, collects water which has always been in space (god is water?))no god is hydrogen) after that things begin to change and make basalt, then granite, then continents, moss on stone... and crawly things that eat other crawly things then us.
We are a part of the earth and literally grew in it and from it.

Aliens may one day communicate with us but it will be through computers. There are studies now which have potential to send consciousness in a computer and sent the computer to hostile planets instead of actual humans.
It is expensive and dangerous to travel space..
that is why ancient aliens did not build the pyramids. Slaves did. And there were many mistakes so they had to be re built so more slaves.

"masters be good to your slaves, slaves, obey your masters"

Think about it, One step on a planet with some bacteria you just breathe in and all your internal organs melt. Or consider the changes in gravity. Some would crush you. Even in our neighborhood, we have planets with such pressure that things get crushed after a few minutes. I think the last craft we sent to  Jupiter lasted 11 minutes..
Can you imagine the strange creatures that may develop on other "earth"like planets?

No way?
A mother spider, after her babies are born, makes a chemical in her body which liquefies her insides so her babies can eat her.
Can you imagine the diverse and toxic substances that could inflict a galactic traveler?

So no, I do not think we came from an ancient race of aliens. I also do not think a higher intelligent race came here. There would have been more evidence because you see each one of us leaves a mark here. you know sediment and layers of dead stuff?
ha ha

The birds are singing after a night storm. I will be singing too.

Friday, May 8, 2015

my offering to odin

you should have one too
ask (your inner Odin) for guidance
about the next thing you should do
ask for enlightenment to know you are he or her
ask for courage
ask for control of mind and will

my offering will be a secret only for me
but my web of power will extend
to places full of glorious enchantments and free willing debris
I will collect each thing like moss on a diamond it will  connect
to form my desired outcomes
my meditation,
it is simple and pure
may it be a honey wine infused with flowers having been chanted to with vibrations
it may be a smudge of sage and violets having been collect as if in church or sacred temple because the earth is our sacred home.

may be an anointing oil for beard and hair

for my ladies, would add oak moss and with woodsy woods and clover blossoms elder flowers and sage.

for men,  I would make it with juniper and pine
I would add the oak mossy notes and lavender with sage..

It is a ritual for your mind to collect all your fine attributes and bring them to an organized and very comfortable platform.
invoking now...
honor in earth
honor in planning
 self control

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

a small wee bit of color in green after green

There have been a few things blooming like magnolias which you only get a days worth of awesomeness and now the rododendrons.
I love the colors that happen in sprintime!
I love you my cherished readers and soap friends.
Let us now rejoice at how amazing we are and how we conjure wealth and goodness from seemingly nowhere. just like a star forming and radiating goodness and life so we reflect this. always there is wonderment on earth when we continually evolve like this.
In that regard we are special in another more universal look, we are not so much.

"why is your god so greedy for so much gold and wealth?"
Interesting, intersting, since gold is made in stars at the point before they explode in to oblivion and land on some rock forming in cooler spots in its nebula..
dude, I am crazy about this!
How we are so much a part of something so much bigger and more complex!
"well, who made god?", said a boy I acused of worshiping a human sacrfice.
"good question, boy, good question"

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

yia yia's food

The old people!
They are so fixed with their food!
Take my mom. Overweight, has had every ailment and it all happened when we came to amerika.
Is it the food here that makes us sick? That and no fresh air!
In Costa Rica, I walked at least ten miles a day and maybe saw an air plane one time a week.I felt so strong there. stronger for sure. here, I am achy and worn out.
There is something clean about the country and everyone knows it,. And, humans have replaced lead with other harmful chemicals in our air besides the heavy carbon atoms that have never been more dense in our air. Not even when earth was all volcanic!
The foods we eat grow in soil in which all these heavy metals and harmful particulates have settled in to. Our layer on this planet will be really interesting.
Is the the wheat? I love bread but I know my body hates white flour in large doses. I love a nice cold coca cola with ice and pizza. everyday? No.
I do not buy sodas not for many years. Only when my parents come over, they bring sodas.

Then there is that Warren Buffet..84 years old and fixed and sadly a dangerous exploiter of humans for his own wealth! He influences how the masses will eat and drink having invested billions in Kraft Foods and Coke!
He said that they are better  because people at Whole Foods aren't smiling. He means the customers I guess.
Maybe they are not smiling ( he would not know because he does not shop there)but I was at Kroger the other day and they were all mostly fat and not smiling!
He is evil through and through, yo!
Because  he already has billions of dollars and he still has to take anyone down who might be a small threat, he has to try because like many in his age group, he sees eating healthy and a hippie thing that only lesbians and liberals want?
Okay, I might have over stated my point, but there is an air of stubbornness. It keeps people at a hoard level and still hungry for his 1/4 can of sugar water!

I am about to eat said flour with cheese in it. My mother brings these things over. She wants to make me fat! It is like their mind is blocked.
"mom, you cannot make cheese pita all the time"
"why not, you think it will kill us"
"no, but it isn't healthy, mom, really."
Next time she comes, she will bring fruit until she makes more tiro pita (cheese pita) again.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

merc retro news

Get ready to really put  some time in is all I am saying because you are already busy and things fall apart when you are this thin on resources.
It can be as simple as people not showing up for work.
Or other family members distracting us from what needs done. Just because you might be in a crisis at the moment, does not mean you get to set aside your duties. They wait and you will be held responsible for the outcomes of each event in your realm.
Also, one must be mindful of not living a life in a state of emergency there by neglecting to be mindful of ones behavior and what they produce in their short time span here.
Time and what we leave behind..
Do we die and go through all the seven heavens?
and I do not know. It seems that all memory fades one is unconscious. The only thing you leave behind a memory in each cell of you and your meat suit..which gets passed on to your kids.

I am very busy myself. Many events in my children's lives makes me think about when I will let go and live for myself and not everyone else. Honestly, I do not know what that means. Am I supposed to  take a cruise then?:))
They do grow up and want to leave and that can be quite a thing to adjust to.
Perhaps I will talk about that later.

For now though,
I have a bunch of I should do's
and a bunch of don't have time for's

Will do's

make new propolis balm
make lavender soap with clay ( one of all time favorites for summer and bugs)

I am making a soap with that pine and cedar distillate I bought , I think , to me, it is one of the most lovely scents ever! It will be chypre but with woods and a ambrette seed oakmoss combo I happen to have here.
It is the forest and the glen and it is fresh and clean and renewing flashes of clear thoughts.
I  used it last night and I slept like a baby once my neighbors stopped yelling from the party they threw last night because of a boxing match.
I do not follow boxing anymore and I would rather watch Vikings on hulu..
Pretend violence is to me better than real head banging..each punch delivering millions of dead brain cells on contact!
I had to close my window they were so loud! I must have gotten up during the night and opened it again. Ah, fresh air!

For today,
I am wearing old whore over ambrette, oakmoss and labdanum.

Have a good day and think of me often because I think of you every day and praise you for being my friend no matter what I say or think. That there is real babies!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

simple needs

I have been working with birch tar. It is smelly, smokey and I spilled a bunch of chya loban on a whole block of birch soap. Just on top and it basically stained the whole brick and they cooked together. I meant to drizzle. It is one of those things in aromatherapy when it is an "oops!" I spilled on my hand and everything. i have washed and washed and still, it lingers on me.
(cooked as in went through the saponification process)
I finally see why this (oil) choya loban is so special.
The smoke does eventually go away to radiate frankincense. A sweet resinous beautiful memory of what it was destined for.
I am in awe, really.

The birch, not so much and then, yes! I go for another mind blowing smokey whiff! Such a volatile material.

 I have to say that it is one of my most favorite trees on earth. I have one birch tree and it is so cute and growing just fine. You can even drink its sap or juice. It seems to have healing properties right from the tree as a kidney tonic..drink up! If,you can find someone who grows nice trees, grow your own birch tree. Talk about Paleo!

I am making soap later and this time I will make a vanilla zombie again as I have enough vanilla co2 to make a soap with. I also have a couple of whole beans that I will grind really well and add to the soap.
I am intrigued about this dry finish with the choya. I might just make a small batch of soap with a single note of Choya Loban. I think it is worth a try. I will let you know of course:)

Vanilla Zombie
zombie because it is kind of wrinkly and ugly..vanilla because, it is so wonderful and simply delicious.
Have a wonderful day.


Friday, May 1, 2015

Diigin it


It doesn't look like much yet but it is a start.
The soil will be drenched with compost  before I plant any thing else.
So far it is snap peas and some onions are creeping out:
I'm so happy right now about the garden patch!

I love dirt.
There is a whole lot of weeds to sort out if it too! Just like life and people and just like a garden patch, you get to work it and change it within your abilities and the passing of time. At first you don't see them, then they creep out and you have to work hard to get them out of your way. The weeds ..())) 

Breathing and thinking about how thankful I am to have such awesome people around me and this awesome place I can dig, like...
My soapies and my fams and  all the flowers.
Springtime is the best.