Sunday, November 27, 2011

merc retro Let's Have A Sale!

Do you feel it very tight vibe. It is like a rope came and tied itself around us and pulled the time back a year ago, ten years ago or more.
Being a very clever Libra, I can remember some pretty vivid images of the past.
"yea, remember when you told me I was fat?)
"I never said, you were fat"
"Oh, yes you did it was June 15th in the woods of Virginia, when you told me I wasn't stout enough to be country because, I felt I was too refined to get dirty"
I am like Kafka in many ways ( he was a Libra)
We seem to remember things and dwell on them and then justify them..usually with an authority figure or some sort..
Better to throw all that stuff out for good, I know, but can I help it if my memory is so sharp? lol
It is small stuff, hear me!
Mercury Retrograde~trend ends Jan 6 2012.
This month, remember stuff enough to toss it all out the door,
fix your computer or buy a new one but money flows and you should spend it with out fear.
Organize and clean up the place
don't panic you are safe
you have family and friends ( family more)
There is always some good soap or oil in your home..Oh, how do I know? You wouldn't be here if this weren't so. :)
Thank you

*sale at my soap shop
Ylang Ylang Blood Orange and Vanilla Soap $6.00
Cocoalicious Soap $6.00

Saturday, November 26, 2011

and it is only getting better Proti Florinis, my home town

when a person has been raised in a place like that, anything is better. The village isn't what it used to be, I know, but sheesh such disarray. Can somebody go there and at least collect the trash?
I remember walking through the streets on many a day.
One of the houses is mine but I wouldn't recognize it from my imagination's view of it. It seems it wasn't so gray and dreary when I was growing up but then I was a dirty little child anyhow;
always making the mud pies!
I am glad they are soap now:)

dr oz and the pained

ok, you are fat, you are unhappy and you basically hate your life so you wait all day whilst eating fried bread to watch dr oz at 4pm and man, you feel so good after his show, that you now have hope about breaking the addiction...
so you get excited about raspberry ketones making your stomach flat and white bean extract making your body what it was before all the fried bread.
you must have it!
So you get out to the whole foods store and buy it.
Glucomanan other wise known as konjac fiber? Yes we have it honey.
( took it, my body reeled from the onslaught and I don't think I slept that whole night! Who wants that?) Everything (oz) he says is for a quick fix because the food junkies have no clue about longevity and using something for more than a day or so and other foods in green colors and maybe some orange in there.
Here is where I come in:)
How many questions do you think I will happily and patiently answer before I say something callous? 100?
400 questions baby?
One time is all it takes to hurt someones feelings..her name doesn't matter. That she wasn't even that fat doesn't matter either..what matters is my reply at her disdain as to why I didn't have the white bean extract, which was.."listen, we don't have it"
The lady, "but dr oz says it is so good"
me,"well then I think Dr Oz should take white bean extract!"
snap!! She got so pissed..(hey, who am I the dr oz police?)
Who is Dr Oz the king of the world?

See, I am not a saint!
I blurted out the first thing that came to mind.
"I serve patiently and with joyous heart"

Friday, November 25, 2011

not mumbo jumbo and god fearing

First Observational Tests of Eternal Inflation

The eternal inflation scenario predicts that our observable universe resides inside a single bubble embedded in a vast inflating multiverse. We present the first observational tests of eternal inflation, performing a search for cosmological signatures of collisions with other bubble universes in cosmic microwave background data from the WMAP satellite. We conclude that the WMAP 7-year data do not warrant augmenting LCDM with bubble collisions, constraining the average number of detectable bubble collisions on the full sky to be less than 1.6 at 68% CL. Data from the Planck satellite can be used to more definitively test the bubble collision hypothesis.

Stephen M. Feeney (UCL), Matthew C. Johnson (Perimeter Institute), Daniel J. Mortlock (Imperial College London), Hiranya V. Peiris (UCL)
check out the whole article below if you want to.

check out these DVD's, all on Netflix (love it);

How The Universe Works
In To The Universe
The Universe

After years of obsessing about religion and bowing to the stone ( I was raised in a Greek home as a Greek Orthodox) I still get little shocks of fear go through me when I think that perhaps Mary lied about being pregnant by an angel. Well? Have you ever read The Creed? You should study the lines for a day and tell me what you think of that today.
Perhaps she knew they would stone her. Which they would have, they still do in many regions in that area on Earth today!
My point being that the idea that we are more than a bunch of hateful fucks banging stones together about who God loves most aren't we?

Well it turns out that our Universe ( which we always conceived as never ending)...that somehow through a divine spark of energy... isn't the only Universe! Ours as ginormous as it is may not be the only one! I always liked that notion but others said no way..I am like yes it could be!

Right now we are expanding in all directions in an even grander scale and faster and wider apart. In a few billion years, there might not be any visible stars in our realm at all and only our own planets in our own solar system. It won't matter because global warming is real, our sun will get hotter and hotter and we will eventually be consumed by the sun, but fear not our species will have been extinct and gone from this planet if that were possible. I think it can.
Why in 100 years we will have evolved into a different species just based on the fact that our brains are ever expanding with the Universe. We consume more omegas and resveratrols and our brains work better than ever! Some scientists say that this period is the best one to be alive in.
In reality we are 13.7 billion years old composed of the same materials created during the big bang and it is happening in other dimensions, so yes in a way there does exist this idea of reincarnation.
When a dying star explodes, it spreads itself billions of miles across space and then millions or billions of years later forms new spheres of light in stars which form solar systems like ours. Can you imagine what kind of life forms would have evolved as no two planets or stars are the same?
Here is an idea;

Gâyatrî Mantra

We meditate on the glory of the Creator;
Who has created the Universe;
Who is worthy of Worship;
Who is the embodiment of Knowledge and Light;
Who is the remover of all Sin and Ignorance;
May He enlighten our Intellect.

Made a mask
garbanzo ground og
quinoa ground og
fava ground og
ancient clay
vanilla ground
patchouli oil
eucalyptus oil

I ground them all in a mortar and pestle and then shook this through a fine mesh wire strainer.
I made a mask with apple cider vinegar
it is wonderful you should make one!

Merc retro
New Moon
give yourself a limit as to how you will spend your money today. You might like some soap though:)
have a wonderful day
have some fun
read a bit of;
have some tea with your son
listen to a song or read a poem about how you are alright and happy:)

Thursday, November 24, 2011


During winter months of misfortune, O Lord, may my denuded branches changelessly waft toward Thee a secret scent of gratitude. Paramahansa Yogananda

Thanksgiving and praise open in your consciousness the way for spiritual growth and supply to come to you. Spirit pushes Itself out into visible manifestation as soon as a channel is opened through which It can flow. You should be thankful for everything at all times. Realize that all power to think, and speak, and act comes from God, and that He is with you now, guiding and inspiring you.

Paramahansa Yogananda
"Thanksgiving Message"

"A secret scent of gratitude"..that is beautiful. Do you see how Yogananda can see dark energy and dark matter way before his time? I should meditate more:)
Meanwhile I have decided that my secret scent of gratitude is all over me.
Yesterday a woman said, "you smell delicious,what are you wearing?".
I was wearing sandalwood
pink grapefruit

Today I'll be wearing the aura of ylang ylang and blood orange from a batch of soap that I was compelled to make first thing; with ylang ylang and blood orange, a little patchouli to weave them together proper like.
A secret scent of that like being smug because everything is going your way?

Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Solar Eclipse Vibes with Sagittarius overhaul

Mars in Virgo and Mercury retrograde is not enough. We have a New awareness for the next 6 months at least as this solar eclipse is in our abundantly rich, joyful, gassy benefactor Sagittarius and his ruler Jupiter.
If I were to harness any of this energy, I would consider the truth in all things and honor is big here.
We are all busy making money and it gets frantic but the results are huge. I believe there is some sort of desire to escape through drugs or liquor.
How much can you control?
Not much..sooner or later it catches up with you and you know it.
Take a step back and look at the grand picture ahead of you. This may require letting go of someone dear to your heart. It is ok. You can begin to intend the best things for yourself. Everything else falls in to place.
You are free and they are free to move in to new glorious situations.
And with Pluto in Capricorn we are set to destroy old un-usefull patterns.
What do I know?
I am making soap and diggin' my life. Yes, my computer broke (yet another one) and I will buy a new system only for me. I am thinking Apple..we'll see. I won't purchase a new computer until after January 5th, 2012.
For now, I will think clearly, focus on my task and do one thing at a time whilst serving 1000 people today with directions to their food destinations and general good feelings of gratitude for the feast tomorrow!
Happy Thanksgiving!
In gratitude and joy for all the comfort and loving family we have around us.

Anastasia's Quick Pan Stuffing
take olive oil and put about 4 tablespoons at medium heat
chopped onion
4 cloves garlic chopped
one bag organic kale
one bag organic baby spinach
cover and cook 10 minutes
add your dry organic stuffing mix (I used whole foods market brand with cranberries)
a few chopped nuts like walnuts or chestnuts
add 1 cup water or veg broth (I used water)
2 tablespoons butter and cover again for 10 minutes
cook this low and slow until the kale is lost with in the bread mixture
it is so good:)

have a great holiday:)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

What's hot and happening is

Be suave and do what you are supposed to do and everything is going to be all right. A step back is better than a big foot forward only to suffer and toil.
Toil, I say!
Why toil the hours away? Find something you love and don't be a dickwad ( he he) to loved ones and happiness is all around. Moods are like vampires, they suck...he he

In my dream last night, I was walking all along the isle ways at work in my big fluffy robe and matching slippers. I still feel a bit vulnerable there....I reckon.
It is so easy to be myself and then I loose it. If you ask me about ALL the shampoos I will get a little miffed I suppose.
"I serve with patience and love"
I mean there is Google, how does one not go read about the product they want or don't want? Skin Deep, that other one I can't remember..The way I see it is simple. No cruddy chemicals on my face or pink parts. This is the best way. No exceptions at all. So I guess selling shampoo shouldn't be my strong point, but I have clients who want to know what shampoo I use.
I have tried all of them! Right now I use 365 whole foods brand and it is ok. I want a shampoo which is safe and not chemically without the residue of soap bars and glycerin in them! Is this too much to ask?
I won't use vinegar every time will I?
Well here is a new, old quest to find a hair wash that I might like..
Giovani max volume, burts bees, avalon organics, that other one that lies about neroli being in the scent base and it is fake after all.. Heavenly hair something!
Questing for hair love..I should call it:)

Soap making on this night's menu is a beautiful sleepy blend;
Night Time Song Soap
roman cham
sweet marjoram
sea buckthorn oil

Jasmine Ruby Red Grapefruit Soap Stars
there are four spectacular stars that will light up your day or night with sparkling loving joyful laughter)
"you are the sunshine of my life..yea.."

a shea butter, og coconut oil, Spanish olive oil soap base in both of these sweet cakes:)

thank you:)
Have a beautiful night~

Thursday, November 17, 2011

people who

are hungry
people who are tired
politicians who forget what they lied about yesterday and even as one would say, in mid sentence!
Do we really want to depend on what those guys are planning for our economy, our lives, our futures?

Well for one thing I would stay away from doctors who prescribe drugs to make you feel better that in the end kill you..but hey who am I, perfect..non:)
I would take a acetaminophen with codeine every day if it didn't make me moody and constipated..I love that one..or even ibuprofen sounds good on some painful migrany days. I know why my head hurts though..all I have to do is get that big bag of guilt and sorrow oh and fear off of me..sigh...:)
I am trying not to take any pharma drugs. No ibuprofen, no acetaminophen. Every time I take that stuff, I get sick and dry in nature. No wonder why the whole world is constipated, bloated, gassy, acidic and arthritic..All that stuff collects in your intestines and slowly allows small toxic particles to enter the blood stream on a daily basis.
It still amazes me in so many ways that the masses (not us of course) need Dr.Oz to tell them what is good for them. Well, in defense, I have to think that most old folks do not have a computer to research stuff and maybe can't drive. Who knows, in my experience they are hurting.And in our time here we are evolving into a species who is consuming many plastic (tiny) particles which will undoubtedly create more disease. I mean how much titanium dioxide ( a common coating) can your system take?

Cilantro to remove heavy metals has been noted. Cilantro is said to change the polarity of the blood. How? I don't understand it fully but it is something about the aldehides, or borneol and certain volatile constituents.
The idea is to eat it fresh. Juiced if you could stand it. I chop it in a refreshing salad. When eaten fresh cilantro is a wonderful way to rid of heavier toxins in the body. If you take just one pharmaceutical you will have some residue in your liver. why not try cilantro for a week..
If you look at the chemical composition of coriander you will be astounded. It is huge. Hundreds of micro elements!

check it out here..

Refreshing Cilantro Salad
One bunch cilantro chopped fine
one gorgeous tomato
one sweet white Spanish onion
2 lemons juiced
good salt (Himalayan)
eat it with sprouted tortillias or in my case French Bread, avocado and cheese melt with this on the side.

have wonderful day
making some good soap today
shea butter soap
more soul radiance
and a chamomile with sea buckthorn
and then maybe a wild rose with chamomile and sweet marjoram now doesn't that sound so nice...

Friday, November 11, 2011

dabbling with ideas

I want to make perfume oils for the holidays. I want sandalwood lately and this takes me on a journey of "what else".
I will blend these now and offer them right at Mercury retrograde. (Nov. 24)
how nice to anoint in the morning with sandalwood and neroli oil or
Sandalwood and rose otto or sandalwood patchouli.
I believe that the scent you put out acts as a magnet to attract the right energies around you. Take me for example..
When I wear patchouli and neroli, women love me. When I wear ambergris men are intrigued.
interesting..something animal always brings more animal notes in life as well.
Or when I wear sandalwood neroli, people just come around and want to be near me.."I like your smell what is that you are wearing?"
Today I mixed sandalwood, petitgrain, patchouli, neroli and pink grapefruit oils. As the more volatile oils evaporate one is left with the soft warm tones of what sandalwood and patchouli have managed to fuse together in the end.
The citrus oils go in about an hour on me but patchouli stays till three:)

Coming Up!
Anastasia's Toning Face Oil For a "Foxy" Babes Everywhere
all og
argon oil
pom oil
acai oil
goji oil
sacha ichi oil
hemp oil
tamanu oil
essential oils of;

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

After The Asteroid

Did you feel that? Did you panic a little or let go of your inhibitions at a certain time? I kind of got hives yesterday too. I had to go over an error and it frazzled me in such a subtle way. I had to go over something and see it through its final pathway.

The last time an asteroid got this close was 1976...I had just graduated and hooked up with Nick. He was lovely, yes... and also I had ventured in to something bigger than myself and since then I have gone through many, many transformations.

Did you know it was passing by?
Here in Michigan it was around 6:30ish or so.
I wonder if you were to think back on that moment in your time, you might have become aware of something poignant in your life.

Check out these links;

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Taurus Full Moon with Neptune Effects

Full and greedy for love and money and some other stuff that is good that we all have been guilted in to thinking otherwise.
Go ahead and tell me what you have been buying for yourself these last weeks. Bring it, it is your cosmic right to have the best things.
Neptune is going direct soon and is already getting pretty close to Pisces energies in my opinion.
Here are some things I can point out right now;
easier to create stuff
going in new learning situations
being true to who you are
being scared
wanting to know a drink or some others stuff.."blue devil hoochie juice" (Mystic calls it that I feel shy even writing the word down):)

The other day I went and bought some Kona Coffee at my store. I am at the register paying and the girls says, "56.00 dollars please, anastasia."
56 dollars for coffee? Really?
Oh yea, there isn't much Kona in reality. It is a rare treasure from Hawaii.
"would you like to put it back?"
No, I said
I will keep it.
My manager was so appalled.
"put that back, you can't buy 56 dollar coffee!"
I said I would not put it back.
This is a reflection of my wealth and beauty around me. Of course I made some to drink right away. It is delicious. I also made some soap with it. Everything has value and you are worth 56.00 coffee or tequila or that 40 dollar of plum brandy you have been looking at. To be used exclusively for the room sprays of course.
This is what I say in my head when getting stressed about money.
There is plenty of money to use whenever it needs to be used. It comes from surprising sources.
Neptune in Pisces will show us this. That we will cherish the few things we already have and observe how we already have our cups running over and spilling goodness so that everyone who walks in our domain will have been blessed by this oozing abundance.
We are not hungry or working the orchards fields. My parents did that. My mom, a strong Pisces woman, always seems to have money. You need 100 bucks, she has it. She can be so frugal, and yet so generous. It is a Pisces thing.
Neptune in Pisces will show us how to be more compassionate and yet..there will not be a naivete with regards to politics.
You want to change the world? Change your self! Change inside and manifest the best things for our planet and our families. It is our money which feeds those big wasteful mega stores! Buy fresh food and throw away the microwave for heaven's sake. Can't you wait an extra minute to boil water on a stove?
Hey, who am I, a reformer? ha ha
I do not have a microwave or any teflon pans so that I can manipulate the amount of fat I consume. That is freaky to me. That stuff is poison, throw it away..I know you make good eggs in it, but you could learn to use stainless or cast iron and make good eggs that do not kill birds with teflon.

Make sure you are drinking enough water and maybe even review the rich food you may want to consume at this time. Too many carbs make your tummy bulge out..too much gluten plugs up your intestines and the wheat of today has a ton more gluten than 100 years ago.
Probiotics and aloe vera juice would be a good way to start along with plenty of water.

All in all we are good this month and working out the kinks in our lives and projects. There are some considerations with mercury going retro at the end of the month. I already feel like electronics want to break which means more trips to Best Buy for computer repairs and such. It is cool. I used to freak when a computer broke down..they break and then you fix the problem. Now for the real work of being detached about my work life, my kids, the house, the dishes ( getting up right now for that duty) my figure, my full figure and horsey face..ha hah ah,oh...:)

New butters right now on ETSY~

Patchouli Vanilla Body Butter

Patchouli Vetiver Body Butter

Patchouli Ruby Red Grapefruit Body Butter

Vegan in nature and so easy to use:)
check it out if you like at,

Thank you for stopping by, have a wonderful day:)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

get a piano

and learn to play
express yourself in a new way
learn to dance
sing with your heart~sing it!
and happiness and will always bring it~
never parting, always submerged in eternal light (starlight that is)
yet expand faster and faster together while observing all that you have and done~
do you worry about the Jesus,
the bible, the koran?
you (I) must think beyond these (guilty?) fantasies and do the right thing always because it creates the right magnetic forces that propel (me)you to our trajectory.
We are made of starlight, literally. There is dark and light and an invisible magnet that holds our whole Universe together. Imagine, the immensity of this and the size of this.
Who is the creator, some war monger who kills for territory and gold?
Who kills babies as if a noble right? Who lies and cheats and makes up stories about God? Who takes all your money and makes big armies to control the rare mineral trade?
That he died for us to prove a point? That he asked to get out of it in the end because it hurt like a dirty bitch...that..oye, after that people with armies sat down and made the rules of who would be considered true and who would not.
the wise men and women of our Earth seem to have seen something more. I sort of understand now, what Yogananda meant when he said "I am submerged in eternal light"
sort of..what do I know? I love to ponder, I do.

ok ok I went off agian, let talk soap.:)

I made some good stuff I hope you enjoy all of them
here is the recipe

80 ounces (365) olive oil
26 ounces (365) organic extra virgin coconut oil
2 ounces softly melted raw cacao butter (Navitas)
2 ounces shea butter
1 ounce og jojoba
(all three in very small amounts)
I broke this up in three bowls upon saponification

made one block for the old whore ( super delish, this batch)

one block for rhassoul soap with lemon and frankincense ( took left over old whore base and added frankincense and lemon..wonderful!)

and one block java lava
nutmeg co2, the finest clove oil with rich ylang ylang..smells like a good pumkin cake with some patchouli on it..

I hope you have a good day, I am off to do some demo work today. I will be charming and magnetic :)
thank you

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mercury Venus Sag and I feel fine

I do. My Capricorn Moon likes me to lament and worry and that makes my knees ache and also look like swollen balloons ready to burst. Why the knees, I ask myself?
Is it all the squats I did in my 20's? Could it be the 20 or so years of Martial Arts and bike riding and baby having and generally being a hard worker?

The knees:
fear about moving forward
holding back from fear
stubborn challenges that need addressed

I am experimenting with Gemmo odd is this stuff?
My friend Tonie talked to me of this some months ago ( she is bright star in my life, that one!) She said, "maybe you want to study gemmothrapy?"
I am like dugh, "what is that?"
So I did study enough to be intrigued.

*Gemmotherapy offers drainage, detoxification, regulation, nutrition and support for the human body -
* The remedies are specially made from the buds and young shoots of trees and shrubs, gathered just as they start to develop in Spring. They contain the meristematic tissues (‘plant stem cells’) that drive new growth and explain the remedies’ powerful therapeutic effects.
The gemmo Ribes Nigrum (Blackcurrant) for example is anti-inflammatory. How come? Because it stimulates corticotrophin-releasing hormone (produced by the hypothalamus that stimulates the anterior pituitary gland to release adrenocorticotropic hormone) steroidal production of the adrenals. Blackcurrants, once matured,do not have this power.

Taking a preparation of birch, ash, hazlenut and black three, today:)
My knee went from swollen to popping all night. It popped so much, I woke like 530 times!

Today November 3rd 2011 :) :)
Making a coffee soap with pumpkin seed butter and vanilla today.
Making a ciabatta to go with some salad of wild lettuce and fresh asiago and vanilla infused cranberry sauce..oh it is good day for sure:)

Vanilla Bean Infused Cranberries

one pack og fresh cranberries
2 cups og vegan sugar
one vanilla bean sliced in half
the peel of one og lemon in big slices because you want to take them out when done.. although, I have been actually eating them..delish!
1 cup or so water
cook down for 30 minutes on slow simmer and check often
serve over any dish you want

have a great day

thank you

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The last week or so and the ten of swords

In astrology today, The Sun is in Scorpio and we have a Mercury and Venus both in Scorpio too. The new moon was in Sagittarius a and now, having have moved on to Capricorn.
The Sun, our star is in an "active magnetic phase" and let me tell you when all those super small neutrinos go through you and cause sparks, you are gonna feel it somehow.
If neutrinos can pass through you, billions of them undetected per second all day,I wonder what is actually happening here?
Are we magnetized as well? Of course we are. Each one of us (and we are tiny) gravitating towards one another without detection, quietly ( but not) colliding and breaking off like spheres in the heavens smash into one another and create a new combinations of elements, new spheres. Them neutrinos!

What does the ten of swords have to do with it?
I don't know about you but when I get that one I feel scared a little. I always think, now what is that gonna bring? Or well, shit there! Or my most infamous, it won't be me..naw, I can handle whatever..
Three days ago, the card came up. I thought now what could be that devastating?
I can handle it. It is not about me, all the while knowing something was up because every cell in my body has been exploding with intense energy and clear headed thinking. I went to Zerbo's, my favorite store ever, and I bought saguaro flower essence (it has been calling me for weeks now), pomegranate and painted dessert flower essences.
After I took them, I sat down and tried to manage my intentions and wondered why this obstruction with my house..why? That was the second Brandon, my real estate person called giving me, yet again, more disappointing news about my house and how there is yet another hurdle and more waiting. We have been closing since August and talking since April for heavens sake!
They like to string you along and say things from a script because they never read any real books or have any real dialog. I am pretty sure they are Republicans which becomes militant after that. "well the lawyers and the other lawyers and..blah, blah..
I said to the real estate guy, I said, "Brandon why do you keep telling me the same reason why we can't buy this house?" Do your job, dude. Fix the title work.
I caught them in a lie and that was my ten of swords experience.
I get broken hearted by strangers!
My friend Miss Tonie, said, "well, you have had a broken heart before."
It is true and by people who were thought to have loved me! Ha! :)

2 drops*Saguaro brings energies to the surface ( think, the sun's flares)having to know and trust your inner wisdom

2 drops *Indian Paint Brush
a reminder to take time out and be still in silence.
"In deep stillness you will find my presence"

2 drops * Pomegranate
to know that your inner wisdom and beauty are there during the seemingly darkest moments of your life and your connection with "the nature of things" and your feminine energy is always there.
"express your passion for life and living"
"I nurture my emotions and embrace my creative nature, from which I attract an abundant flow of resources"
(from the sweet little book, Voices Of Flowers, by, Rhonda Pallas Downey)

Thank you~