Tuesday, September 30, 2014

venus sun libra

We are all grandioso
 us Libras,


Check out the moon in Sagittarius!
It means understanding beyond the mundane and knowing this.. deep inside your own mind. Focus on the direction and what it takes to make it safely. This is something gratifying for you. I like it!

What stands out for me during this aspect of Venus Sun in Libra is that,
everything is better and right now it is OK..concerning yourself with trivial matters is what a Libra influence is for.
It means clean up, do your hair and shine as a goddess. Sing it momma!

Here is where Mercury gets to be a stinger... in Scorpio, though..
The truth is the truth and no matter what you say about it or justify or pretend it isn't, it is..

we can be a drag when we deny the facts..just saying.

Here are some examples of a dragger downer..

I have pain
I am tired
I never had the breaks others have had
people suck

The brain's coping mechanism must change that thought pattern in to ..
(it takes two weeks to change your cells mind especially your taste buds)

I will eat more greens today and less wheat and soy
I have all the energy I need
I work hard and do not look back
people love me because I am happy inside and it radiates outwards.

have a good one.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Presenting the sweet little vial with twine

coconut pulp co2

Eden Botanicals has some. I bought a wee sample..I wonder if it is good or if it smells like overcooked coconut that almost makes you a little sick.
I hope it is sweet and tasty because I am mixing it with coffee co2 and cocoa absolute!
I want to make a butter with these and smell like a tropical goddess.
It is one thing that I do miss about the jungle, the salty breezes  and the sweet smells of flowers and burning wood in the evening.
Cold beer on your lovers breath, musky sweet and hoppy..

Sunday, September 28, 2014

I love my mineral course

It is hard and I love it.
Anyhow, check it out..earth is awesome and the seeds of life come from a big bang..

See..first hydrogen was made then helium with a little bit lithium and then they smashed together and then came back together and  made bigger stars which started churning out other minerals, and crystals components. How do they do it?  Accretion!
It turns out through heat and bigger and bigger things smashing together..every time a star goes super nova it gives us things like gold and iron..iron is the last thing a big star makes before it explodes.
and all of that means rock planets like earth can be here..with our silica, made in stars, and our calcium made in stars..bigger than our own.
Gravity brings this in to play big time..it is a force to be reckoned with! It pulls things together and bonds bigger rocks to form our round blue planet earth...where all of the seeds of life can brew us up through  billions of years in time..we are maybe older than our own mathematics!

God/Us is hydrogen!! ha ha! The true seed of life...which is why we should all just relax and breathe.

Also if you say to me the world is evil and expect me to agree with you that some god loves you and me and that I should pray for you?
I would say "of course I wish you all the best things, but if you have cancer and thank god you are still here, it seems like some sort of groveling..why did he give it if that is the case?"
I did not say that to my client..I was gentle..in my way:)
I said, "all that stuff  isn't real" If god exists, it is bigger than some dirty dungeon with burning bushes and sacrificed lambs and virgin births..a story as old as time)).." she said,  "what the heck, I see what you are saying but just believe in him any how, just in case.."
"that seems sort of false, don't you think?"
"also this whole chosen people thing"
"No, that was in the bible"
"Thou shall not suffer a witch to live?"
I think it was then her eyes crossed.."witch"
This was added to some texts during a time when the books were all translated in English..no one spoke in that way 4 thousand years ago and women had their duties and were stoned regularly"  The word, "witch", was added later...It was added way later by clerics. Today we can analyse the way in which the language changes through each year..it is easier to note these patterns when they are hundreds of years in differences..( I love science!)
You can see a pattern of inconsistencies  in each text of the bible..this baffles me.
it is ridiculous..yet we have been taught by clerics and our families,  constant fear of hell and torture..
Ok, Ok, I will stop. I want us to remember the women who have suffered through all sorts of evil practices by clerics, they were trying to heal their children and make brews..I do not blame them for sneaking out to chant their power to the stars, their voices refelecting  and bouncing off of the moon,  helping them to cope..let go, be free from fear and state their place  on this planet. It is the main reason why I make things, my desire for magic on a level that I find so intriguing..
in the end and the begining,  here on earth, it comes down to how well you cope..Witch/with each changing Tide of weather and temperatures, what you will eat today, and how you will sleep..have sex and sleep..be loved for real..be happy at home. the place where you go each day and night..each morning you are happy and healthy.

Witch Tide

Above the water I can see in each direction
in the far west a blue golden hued light
I ride on light and have no fear of the water
I can drink it and feel alive
knowing depth having been its deep ridges
I ride on air
my state of being calm
poised and always doing good
there being no fear
my mental broom
sweeping away debris
my discoveries
gemstones made of me
realities like treasure
memories like hugs and affection
sadness always passing away
washed by tears
cleansed by sorrow
once more to rise look at my destination
looking at all corners
bless the east
thank you for the ideas
bless the south
thank you for the power heat sourse to make it happen
the west is your best, love her and thank her
she is like divine mother, ambergris and patchouli and she is like sea salty bravery
Head north now and be one with her
no bullshit
be her
Witch Tide

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Did I say happy new year?

Happy new year! It is some sort of fiscal celebration..all the bills get settled and all the counting and all that..

It is a wonderful Autumn for you?
I hope so..

The song of the week was best sung by my wonderful friend..
"it was you, woman, right down the line"
Gerry Rafferty sang that, Miss! You make my day shine as if the moon were 15 kilometers away reflecting all that radiant light from our star!

I sang it in my deep sultriest voice I could muster for the girls at work and one of them said she loves that song..we all laughed and it is a fine fine day!
Please listen to this awesome song!


Friday, September 26, 2014

2 mls

They took two months to get here! ( they are glass. I got so seduced.)
They are so tiny, each one holding a half teaspoon of oil!
Not even!

They are so cute:)

100% essential oil  perfumes do not do well for many..what I mean is, people are not aware of oils and their potency which  is why I will dilute with organic jojoba..it is nice and easy..
I will sell these with an easy bindi blend formula so that everyone can have one. I have about 30 of them..great number..

number three~3~
it means celebration because of your holdings. It means gearing up to always attend to what you own and have and are enjoying in this time.
I am making these at $3.50 because I like the number 8 in most things. Eight is about infinite possibilities and knowledge, wisdom) 
I learned that from Mystic Medusa. talk about having insight into something  grander and how it touches us all..each other and what is going to happen. We are always worried about this or that might happen. Open your eyes to the the needs of your daily life and allow for changes to be always easy. That is three all day..
In the Tarot, three, is always three women dancing under what would be a pergola of some sort..a sunset in the background. I love it! It is dancing and doing and being content with your doings..not content? That is what fives are for!

Feeling hurt, left out, and betrayed?
Stop now and collect yourself and always be worthy and hold your head high and your stomach in and chest out.
Surround yourself with only good, those who would shut their door on you, are not your friends!
Also do not beg for favors..no god wants snivelling peasants at his feet..
unless it is divine mother who makes you worship hers..ha ha ha

We are surrounded by our children daily, they love us and they are always smarter having access to so much more information that we have ever had and let them show us what is true and what they have discovered to be foremost for us humans. i know that I have at least planted some good seeds in all of my babies and their babies..some are true poets, others will always be engeniers and philosophers..

first and foremost,
my new frankincense forest blend, with everything..just know this, it is so beautiful, you should not miss it. I am just saying!

with the patchouli and the frankincense oakmossy notes

with the patchouli and the chocolate amber notes

flowers in summer
rose jasmine neroli

gg force
patchouli sandalwood lime hints of tobacco

just myrrh

bodelicious binid
a dab of something special for just a little moment in time..
$3.50 each

they are small and delectable:)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

New Items At Eleneetha's

Tripple Libra and Mercury is about to shadow out

In Libra!

ok don't panic because it is what it is..be your best self and be suave..to those of you  that feel threat every time mercury goes retrograde, I say, maybe you are the threat...
do not engage with people..
We  all  have a powerful tug from Uranus at the moment and what with all these personal planets in Libra, some people just say the worst things.
Some, just do well. They remain detached and do not engage and they also do not always have to be right..they only have to think right  thoughts and all the rest takes care of itself.

Who us? Yes!

Sun in Libra
Moon in Libra
Mercury in Libra

It is like a light shining down on us, Libra Scorpio types!

For me and who else is there, I  will be  outside cleaning up the place for winter..all the tomatoes are gone and the sunflowers seeds eaten by all the fat squirrels out there. the place is brimming with life, from bees everywhere to humming birds to chipmunks..
they know where the good food is!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

responding to the new moon

Beautiful, this time is!! Happy Autumn to you!!

We have until Samhain to plan and then put  some things away and rest and wait..make cookies and cake, read something wonderful and be willing to learn..
I will make soap for you and a bath oil or two!

I want to evoke a feeling and lingering thought. I want to connect with your dark matter that  holds us!
Invisible Connections!

I want to make tea for you in a soap..
green tea and spices with hints of cinnamon and honey..
like chai with vanilla
and some sort of smokey burnt wormwood.
My recipe so far for this soap is as follows;

og soap base as always

bergamot star anise
green tea co2
lap sang su shong co2

How does this sound right about now??

thinking of ceps and what I would do

sweet beginings

with frankincense and myrrh
a hint of amber notes coming through
get some on your nose and it stays all day
what is this smell that is doing this to me?
sometimes labdanum
and then rose
sometimes spruce
and don't forget the one that stays close
vanilla smushed on leather mixed with warm human smells
some sort of ceps..like when
 you get close to the dirt near a cherry tree and you get that fruit
the sweet earth mushroom dirt

Monday, September 22, 2014

The Fig

I am drying green figs from the garden. I am not an expert on growing figs, but I wish I had more sunlight and heat for these to fully grow..being Michigan, I am drying these now. I have hunger for fig smelling oil. I have hunger for it you hear me..
what to do?
What to make it smell like figs? I will study all fig blends from everyone and let you know what comes.
How to blend with the idea of sweet fruity musky aroma  of a fig..which incidentally, is really good for you and your belly..and brain...

Some ideas I have on scenting would be..

course real dried green fig infused in olive oil, finely blended
leaves and fruit with some organic cardamom powder, just a pinch..just a pinch vanilla powder, wee little bit...

now the oils...

mastic gum
lavender tincture 
solomon's seal tincture

Bergamot, thyme?
The thyme comes from a very fragrant  organic distilled hydrosol I made last year with that distiller boy from Pontiac..he is gone but this treasure needs to be shared with someone good..bergamot thyme with green fig sounds just perfectly tasty!

Then again, you know how I feel about vetiver..with rosewood? Doesn't that just wet your whistle just a little, now? How long has it been with rosewood? Long, long time!

Patchouli Basil Soap

soft buttery, with flecks of lemon balm from the garden, raw organic coconut meat, thick and rich olive oil..just so nice.
Everyday it is getting better too.. I love basil with patchouli..it is just the best smell..soft, inviting, spicy, mentally cleansing and sultry too because deep dark patchouli is higher mind all day, babies!

Please try one before they are all gone! They are big and they are awesome.

It Turns Out Pluto Is Not Alone With Pluto

There are other little icy planets like Pluto in his zone out there in the Oort cloud where comets are made..how beautiful and how rare and if we only knew that we are also there...

 we are just now. just beginning to discover there are more like him...oh, my!..and no he is is not technically a planet I would like to always say.. Plutonian Vibes are more than he..they are them., now..that means we can change , the truth is always there for you..face it and feel it.

I have been re thinking my approach to the planets in both the reality of what they are and why I have given them meaning based on mythology  having had had glimpses like we all have glimpses of something bigger in reality and time..so what if it is only in my mind?

So what if there are more than one or two little planets of Pluto brethren, the plutonians??

PP Groovin  Pluto Paradise....a little Pluto Potion... a decadent and suave  approach to change..

....about a billion or two years from now..our star having gone red giant and earth almost molten so we,  by then, had been very aware of the potential here.. had already planned to  settle on these watery little planets planets now tropical with strange trees and life blooming for a million or two more years until ...everything freezes back up for who knows how long...until we join with Andrameda..that is a few billion years away..That will be amazing. can you imagine?

*** only one  billionth of the total energy made is matter, all the planets and moons and all the stars in the unvierse, us..we are a small wee part of an even smaller wee part ( a billionth of  something) and
matter can never disappear, it has always been here..
so, "when we meet again" should always be our understanding.
until we meet again..merry meet..


As far as mythology goes, I feel like I can see changes in our society based on moods and cultural backgrounds,  but dang it if I always always feel Mars..he is not always nice!

Where is Mars in your chart right now? That is where learning and new understanding comes from..in the area of the chart which represents..you.
Mars is in Sagittarius around 6 degrees..
If he is transiting your second house, you will have new money changes, more, and harder working to get it..if you have Mars in the fourth there may be strife in the home or you are re doing the bathroom or kitchen..Mars in the 5th, ..a good time but make sure you are not making sex in to a game. Mars in the 8th..money, house, papers, sex again..be careful of the too strange, k...
mars in the ninth is so cool! Sagittarius rules the 9th and mars is fierce here..sharp as a well sharpened blade with ideas and influence..with rewards and payments for past deeds which knowing you, are Honorable and can only bring Goodness. Mars in Sagittarius for all of us,  is about changing what we know..to what we now know and it is about having the rewards of the past in a way..
Looking forward to your best things for the future is Mars in Sagg..awesome right?

Mars in Sagittarius moved through my 12th and I got a cold..did he force me to be sick?
No, but interesting huh? I even took medicine because, I felt so bad..The last time I got this sick, , I was fine all winter after that.. I am ok now..I took loquat syrup with honey and a bunch of other stuff.
only one coffee if you must
green tea
astragalus is nice
tumeric(liver, heart tonic..take it)
 Tumeric goes with Jupiter I think and Jupiter is the liver.

I am going to leave you with this poem..

our true paradise is in our heart..our true nature must never part
with goodness and truth
with rare fortitude
joyful responses and high intentions
exchanging our money with love
each transaction something that heals the pulse of time
each thought transparently potent
creating each memory
doing it with confidense
who are you
making waves?
or are you making morcels of goodness
delicious grand delights?

Do what what want to do. Now you cannot blame anyone else..
are you on a high horse..come down with us and walk sometime..

I love you


Sunday, September 21, 2014

happy stormy sunday to you

It rained so swell in the wee hours of the morning and i feel very good about things.
I am making some beautiful oils and soap and really, that is all I ever need it seems.

How do you feel right now..Mars kind of getting on your ass about your health you have been neglecting?
All of us so do not feel too special right now..lol but still, Capricorn, Libra, Aries, Cancer..the diet is an issue.

Why, when I eat bread all day, I know I feel bad..some days I love bread with everything..I have been aware of it and have curbed myself a little bit..it is cool..some people even tell me I lost weight. Everything fits the same..
Everyone is so concerned with weight..why?
Just eat good food. You body is your body..I will say this cuz you know, I works retail, the isle ways are getting smaller and smaller with the wide asses I see all day and their carts parked next to them so that now you have to get by by going all the way in to another isle just to get to your destination.
"how did asses get this big?" I will say to myself.
I wonder...

Do you think it is too harsh to admit that we are  more huge than I have ever seen in my life time?

So, Mars in Sagittarius..
self righteous much??
ha ha ha
do you see that we are all inclined towards changing before our own beliefs choke us in to misery and pain..
is that how you wan to live, sugar?
No! You will lay down all weapons and shield for a moment  or a month..you  will listen and make adjustments..
you will not be offended things are not the way you want them..
you will not be offended
you will rest
you will allow for the future events to have a platform now. always you are free from fear, worry and guilt..
guilt is something the church buried in our Psyche for the last 2 thousand years..when you do the right thing always, you never be mad at yourself, hide or be afraid. When others do you wrong, you will allow them to be wrong..maybe you are wrong.

I had a debate with a Polish Russian fellow yesterday who said that all the gays  should be killed because god in the bible..oye!
 I layed into him about all that thought..what do you want me to do, say nothing?
god does not care who you kiss ok. If he only cares about that and not peoples head being cut off, then who is this guy? 
We talked and talked..what is up people?
How come you either want to punish your brethren or save them..
hey , I know..you want some pals up in heaven so that you are not alone in paradise which you can never quite describe..try it..try describing heaven.
I can't, he said to me. No one has ever seen it.
He said, when he was in a comma for what ever thing, I forgot already, he saw nothing..nothing at all..black. huh!
I say, leave people's souls alone!
Leave them alone and worry about yourself and your family, your health and how you will stay warm this winter..
Wouldn't it be cool if Dr Oz , became good and taught all the right things so that people would automatically do the right thing so then they have nothing to hide and they wouldn't leave the computer porn and the controller to have some really good conversations or they could meditate and smile more and ....
nothing to hide
nothing to hide
nothin ta hide...baby..ohhhh 

Friday, September 19, 2014

my star taurus and lime basil mandarin goodness

I am so attracted to lime basil mostly because of my friend, Anne. I loves her. I made a lime basil mandarin soap last month but it was a failed mess which will not cure until the end of of winter 2015..some of you may have a soft cushy nugget..ewe..it was too much! Today's menu for soap.. a more stable and overall the  bounty of citrus..all that I have.

pink grapefruit
tangerine from eden which is crisp and fresh, juicy
basil sweet licorice tones
lap sang tea smoked over pine and then that material compressed by co2 (isn't the future wonderful?)
a drop or two patchouli for the smokey tea dry down..the lingering dirty low down!

lemon balm herb from the garden, just the leaves.whipped in a blender with raw butter coconut meat or as the want to call it manna. your manna..lol

this will be poured over an organic basic soap formulation which I am in master mode with. I mean I have made it so streamlined that it can be taught. I will not be the one teaching it..ha ha Although, I do take an assistant now and again..they have to want it for me to make time to share in soap making..
I want to experience it somehow with you and you will be like , "yea, that is the way I feel" and all through the oils.
I make things for a few special people who love wonderful oils on their skin...they want the patchouli with dirty vetiver because they understand we are all animalistic inside..they know the secret of the dry down on their bodies after along day of this and that..there are memories on you all day here and there..

Now when it comes to the way you really feel and you haven't really addressed that yet. Just remember this, do not be a hater and just relax, sonny, honey bunny.

I will leave you with this poem for the day

hello my dearies friends and loves
the moon is in leo all day and you should not make too much fuss
don't forget to clean up and look pretty though
thank that person who taught you something, who gave you a moment and chance
taught you that you were wrong and take the glory in that.."ah, yes, great idea, I was wrong"
can you say that to yourself or an other person?

try it and see
lets us all see what you can be

just today
not what you were
today until the night when you close your eyes
you should take note of the raw animal lusting for all the goodness and all the fervor and vitality a living thing can achieve..

I love myself and I love you!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

myrrh balm and Aries bams

They want what they want, I get it, but do they have to always complain that it is not good enough. I feel like cardinal signs are noted for that. Not being satisfied enough.
I want to tell you  that I  love all cardinals but being one ( and certainly loving myself)working with one and living with one my whole life, I must have lessons to learn about being too complaisant or maybe even too aggressive! I want what I want..
As I get older as a Libran I can see mistakes people make and can be quite critical..after all, air types always are! A Gemini will cut you so fast, and smile. you are taken aback  and you  only realize it way later!

And speaking of Virgo, I stood next to a woman this morning at a work meeting, Virgoan, my age, round and very sure of herself who takes Kundalini Yoga and we talked about it..well, she talked..very frankly I might add which I find odd about Virgo as they are so proper overall..and she is like telling me about her and Bob's sex life..
I was a little grossed out when she almost confronted me about mine..
She said kundalini yoga has just made everything so much better and it is a way for her and Bob to do something together. I do not know Bob..but knowing her, he does what she wants, I am sure!

You know what my favite thing to do is? Resting with my soft clothes and Netlix days off, mashed potatoes with butter and cheddar cheese in them, good gravy like my mom makes.. I am dressed all day, work my ass off, remain proper and it is nice to unload the "ladies" when we get home, right ladies?
Ha hahaaaa..and lol...omg, A hot aromatic bath, beautiful bath oil and jammies, food, netflix!

So I told you I have a cold..the worst in years so I should be fine all winter..but I am smelling this new myrrh oil through my swolen nose and I am getting all these new waves of scent I had never noticed before. It is almost buttery in its smoothness, Sweet mixed with bitter..myrrh is so bitter yea? Bitter sweet maybe? Well it is good for us to have myrrh because we need to get rid of whatever anger, jealousy or hangups we have about ourselves, our lovers and our friends..dude, leave them alone, everyone has their own way of growing..you can try to remember when you were all fucked up not too far back, ago...I feel like if I were to give myrrh an aspect of itself, I would definately realize that it banishes fear and allows love to enter by letting you be who you are and definately to let go and move on with your life.
Banishes fear?
I think so. Fear is the worst thing for us..I have been so stupid scared, I have cried  to myself when no one would be looking..life can be overwhelming when you have so much going on. Right when you think another thing cannot be added to your itenirary, things come up..the whole school thing and.....

 Still another month before Walking Dead!!
I cannot wait!
Rick!! He is a Virgo, Rick is. the actor Andrew Lincoln! Daryl is a Capricorn! My friend, she loves Norman Reedus, the actor who plays Daryl! I love everything about this story..the actors are top notch, the writers, there is a woman who is a big player in the whole story..they love what they do and I love you!

Have a good one.

Myrrh Balm ~ Zombie Shield

1/2 ounce pure natural local beeswax
1 cup organic olive oil
10 mls myrrh

melt the wax slowly in water bath
add the oil when melted
after the oil goes liquid
add the myrrh

pour in to a vessel
apply where ever you want

I like it on my forehead and my wrists..under the nose to protect from intruders..yea!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

thinking fast and slow

mostly slow..I am under the weather as they say and feel like an elephant stepped on my head..lol

otherwise everything is swell..my home is clean and I have managed to bring the plants in without any mishaps from kitty. She must stay out of the plant dirt so I have it fixed now and she is all sad that she can't go in there..
she runs when I yell at her. I wish my kids ran when I yell at them but they are all growing and we must speak to each other like adults..that means I have to keep it together more than them..lol

dark moon times are  when we are about to move in a new direction but it is still secret..hopefully you have not divulged all your thoughts to people that do not care and thinned your intentions..hopefully.

When you talk things too much, the energy goes to the words and not the concrete plan of what you want to achieve.
If you are not happy right now, you should be planning and planning and thinking not spreading your words so thin that they do not matter anymore..

that is my little plan/lesson for the day..I am off to my lecture on the history of minerals..fascinating!
I love you
have a good day

Monday, September 15, 2014

GG Force Bath Oil

GGForce Bath and Body Oil
I always  mix the "master" oils in a separate container so that they marry and fill fresh clean bottles  upon orders. I love these amber glass and then my lovely customer Cressida likes blue bottles, so I stock one or two blue ones for her..
I am really enjoying making this bath oiI mixed everything yesterday morning and it blew me away.
 I guess when you  name something with the word "force", you are gonna get it!

 This formula began with patchouli and rare sandalwood. I wish I could go 50/50 on that but it isn't that way with sandalwood. let us say 80/20 in ratio.
I then  added tangerine murcott, bergamot and a shot petitgrain (neroli)

I kind of got taken by the animal that came out of this blend when I added the cistus, it went right through my head sort of..not in action when I say animal, but for instinct and self control..if we were to speak poetically on that.
I took about 2 ml  and put it on a  plate applied some on my arms and left for work thinking I should have added  more bergamot to lighten it up a little more after that intense cistus addition. I turned right around and did just that..a few more drops of bergamot.

People would walk by and say how good everything smells in this one spot..it was me!
"what are you wearing?"
"oh, I am working on a new men's cologne,
it has sandalwood, patchouli.."
"ah, patchouli..sandalwood..very nice, anastasia"

You put on a good patchouli with just about anything, and it will radiate attractive forces..put too much and people get scared you will turn in to a dirty hippy..To that I say, "stop it, open your heart to good patchouli and I shower twice a day, "don't be silly" or should I say, "don't be shallow"
Not being shallow is the patchouli way!
Making our mind and body do things we want, is our way!

When I came home later that evening, the oils had reduced to a tenth of what I had poured on the plate and once again, it had already transformed in to an even more beautiful scent.
I get the top notes of  bergamot and tangerine and then, I get patchouli big and then I get soft silky tobacco, musk and leather boots..faintly..it has to be because you put too much tobacco in a blend and that is all you will smell is tobacco!

The best time to put this on is after a bath. You can use it as a hair tonic and a body perfume.
I think I have made something very nice.

Saturday, September 13, 2014


Sinus by Garden Of Life
It will get  you through your cold if you have 23.00 to spend..
Otherwise it is ibuprofen and like a clock, we are in upper respiratory season!
Take your vitamins, drink water and no more hugs for me..I gotta stay away from sickos today! lol

Strange days, hugh?
Yesterday, was odd too.
For Scorpio it may be about certain life style ending and Scorpio really focusing on their art..what ever that is..they are talented in areas of observing and remembering and really understanding people. I am so excited for them!
For Sagittarius...
there is so much I can say about it. Saturn is about to enter sagg. I know this and I think about it every day.
I have Scorpio in the 11th and 12th houses and my natal Saturn in Sagittarius is in my 12th!
Is it too much life lesson where my gut aches because i said the wrong thing..(yea, some people cannot handle the truth..they get their feeling hurt, it is mostly loved ones)??
Saturn is about to really get real as they say for Sagittarius, Virgo and yes Pisces..did you think you could hide in your cave forever.
For many Virgos is is a time where things get shaken and they move on from one thing to another..it could a job, a marriage or more zealotry..some Virgos will learn to give in mentally a little and realize they are not always right..and who cares anyhow?
Who is right should be the last thing we worry about..

coming out of the dark as they say and some may have eye problems  and other inner ear because what are you seeing? What are you hearing? Does it please your heart or are you angry about the past?
Course be sad about mans choices..I used to think that everything was  sacred..I was asked this question yesterday again..
"if you were to walk into a  temple, would you bow?"
"Yes of course I would because god is everywhere"
Now I  am learning that nothing is sacred and everything and everyone should be questioned..

Saggitarius is about learning, doing and getting respect for your skills. Be careful what you ask for sagg, some groups are so too beneath you. You cannot be their friend. be your own friend. Love everything and everyone..not just "your people"
This is a lesson the whole world  will learn in the next few years.
We are one, we should always take care of our home, our hearts and our minds. The Saggitarian who reads this may be thinking in any language..
he may or may not see the unfoldment, some of it frightening and lonely, some of it so enriched and so ultra rare that Sagg is taken aback. They forget that they set out  to do a task that they love and will flurish in. It is the way of the Archer..His learning is happy detachemnt, her pride is in her stunning array of lighted thoughts! Does she have to say every thought?

More  astrology, less?

have a great day..

I made Bay Rum Soap..it has these oils in the end..
bay rum blend by anastasia

jasmine grand, a little bit
petitgrain for green
honey beeswax for sweetness and caramel notes
sweet orange
cinnamon leaf
one drop vetiver frangipani co distillate
one drop white ginger Lily vetiver co distillate

the sweet globules of honey and beeswax floating in an organic creamy soap and smelling like sugar honey water with jasmine..
Our life is good!

Friday, September 12, 2014

new batch of propolis balm

Brazilian green propolis balm has been a quiet little balm in my shop.
I had it priced really high because I do not have that much and I wanted to stretch it out a little longer in my house. I consume it daily for the winter months.
I love its effects, more energy and brighter mind..I know, brighter mind may not be a scientific term, but I like a brighter mind.
This new batch of propolis balm has the organic vetiver and today I feel like a little sandalwood would smooth that out a bit.

One will not even notice once the balm has set. I am using all the big players too. All organic rose hip seed, olive and baobab. organic cranberry and organic grape seed oil, plus all the gooey stuff in the proplis blend. red sea algea with the astxanthin and the ph balancing probiotics in the propolis!
it is a beautiful thing and steeping right now. Making balm takes about 6-8 hours from start to finish. Each dab should be loaded with pleasure giving qualities, something that displays my pure love of natiral skin care!
I love it because I know my face feels good after a good scrubbin!
I love the vibrant texure, with no rough spots when I apply an oily balm or shea cream..
Fall is for balms!
More balms, more balms!

When you steep beeswax, you must go low and slow and then with vetiver, you must add him early on as to allow for an awakening of super swell anti inflammatory abilities. This is real too! Vetiver has secret, really small particles that help bring down swelling and pain. Yoga teachers recommend it all the time and it is nice to see women opening their hearts to vetiver..our dirty sweet friend.
I used only three drops Australian sandalwood so it is subtle. That one was nice. It was old and must of gotten better. I put it away a couple of years ago when I thought I didn't have time for Australian sandalwood.:)
I do now!

The menu is soapmaking is coming along..
I will make 8 bars of each of these soap cakes;

bay clove soap with petitgrain pomegranate co2 and silver fir

lemon balm with lemon balm soap

roman cham and rose shea butter soap

organic coconut oil California avocado calendula baby soap with powdered goats milk

Come to me Isis and Astarte bring me my knowledge of the day
open my mind to my secret  best things
an array of colors flavors beautiful understanding and poise
be my dirty whore and be my goddess queen
oops I said me when I was thinking of Persephone

 my elm wych

I use all forces to my best results
I am happy with all that I do
I have no enemies
I am a friend to all
I am happy in my home
I have plenty of resources to accomplish anything I am working on

a fougere' blend 

clary sage
rose geranium
fig (organic from my garden)
grape leaves

I am casting this spell at the early dark moon phase of September
planting my seeds like Persephone and crying when needed like Demeter
remembering that time heals all things
are we going to stop that? I imagine myself on a magic carpet being carried, my carpet is roomy and tidy and red velvet with turquoise and gold trim..tastefully done..:)

Thursday, September 11, 2014

the lips

Neil Young is dating Daryl Hannah..
daily mail uk
I am glad for him. He is a sad person who has been through a whole lot and should do anything which makes him happy. He is divorcing Patty.
I feel like we  build walls after 30 or so years..sneaking around with our secret thoughts away from our mate. The things we never show to them, and, the things we show too much which makes them do the same. I love him. I think of him every September because of the song called, "harvest moon"

He  sings so pretty and if you have ever listened to his music, you can see and hear is poetic beauty. Now, his new pal, Daryl, she should not have stuck herself with upper lip injections..I do not think she looks pretty. She has some major body language in every picture..

His wife is gorgeous, Peggy is her name. I like her only because I read his autobiography and she is a big part of his life.
So, people say mean things about them and insult them, My heart wants him to be happy and her too, Daryl Hannah, I mean! And Patty, of course!
and yes, i read the daily mail uk..it is a rag, it is my guilty pleasure..also has no filter..they post really gross stuff some days.

...and what about that creeper 57 year old director guy in Hollywood, he is dating an 18 year old..wow..I get it, I do, but keep it together gentlemen,  and do not go there..ah, you already did it now..shit, dude..they respect serial killers more than a sex offender. What difference does a day make in the age of a child?
"she is no child"
I know, some girls go wrong right away, I guess it is a matter of our moral fiber..what ever that means. it means that our morality changes as we continue to evolve. What did you think a million five hundred years of evolution is just enough to make us perfect?
No way! If you trace your great grandparents about 100 times, you will see that you have changed quite a bit. For one thing you live longer. Two thousand years ago people/humans really only lived to about 40..before that about 25 years old and you are a goner..
The best is yet to come. And in my way, I say, "do not waste time..make your brain work every day for you and it will keep flashing and making more space!" Our frontal lobe could be bigger in my opinion. This would make humans less likely to strike and therefore they would be more likely to find solutions instead of going for the weapon first. The more caveman like men are, the faster they die. Look at how agrarians made it and then look at the those fools in the middle east. You cannot eat a gun, fool! They are the real zombies of earth..we need a vaccine to ward of against more of their temples..that is all we need, more zealotry! No!

Morality and its effects..
I wonder if we will change that as well. The day is coming when man will evolve from a need to defend god and his myths..all men all myths, not just the ones you think do not matter to you.
In  Australia, they have the oldest myths about god which have been dated at least four thousand years before the bible.
Something about a big lizard and a boomerang bringing the sun back from the east.
Jesus as well as Mohamed both thought spirits dwell  in the desert and had no idea that atoms exist.
(**interesting factoid**did you know that the distance between the nucleus of an atom and its protons equals to about 15,000 kilometers in relative space and time?))
That is so magical!
In the poetic sense..
The only magic I love to conjure up is soap and food.
I can rely on every ingredient making a beautiful wondrous cake. A flavor, a pillow of wonderment.

Spinning Plates
I watched this last night.
A beautiful film and I cried..that boy, Chef Grant Achatz..dang dude! I want to cry! I loved it!
To listen to a prodigy, a true innovator of his time and his idea of what is beautiful  how far he is willing to go to get a flavor in his food. He even has a distiller..Some contraption that uses a water bath and spins the material, in this case tobacco) and the steam from that was collected in another vessel  just so that he could make a one bite amazing nugget of  food...ahhhh
When I think of soap, I think the same things he talks about. Just the thought of a red berry, conjuring colors of red and orange and to me spices lingering with rare jasmine and deeper yet, saffrons and myrrh..
I got super inspired. It is like this,  do a beautiful job every single time and do not waste time on insignificant things..always clean up and wipe down.
please watch it, if you want to.
Thank you so much for all your awesome orders. I love you!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Beautiful Ideas on a cloudy day

Things to do during a harvest moon
which by the way, is 30,000 miles closer to earth during this phase of its orbit..

do not over think..but think about lovely things to eat, make and do
plant some chrysanthemums
plant a seed of an idea
plant a seed of a love vibe towards someone you have been hankering for
when you do this, you have now set your intentions for the next phase.
I am;
Intending wealth for you
Intending you, having all the love you need
Intending great home life
and hugs all around
Intending freedom from worry for you
and your cup runneth over with all the best things!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

raw face food

organic fine grind corn, coarse and needs cooking if you eat this..I like to wash my face with corn meal now and again. It is wonderfully finely ground with vanilla beans and then mixed with raw organic coconut manna.
you can eat this and yet for your face, it is awesome!

Post Full Moon

Rather uneventful, you say?
It was a quiet yet stealthy time for all who are shallow and think we do not know that they know we do not know but we know..
Sneaking around and scrounging for money so you can get your face lifted and you are an aging man..dude?
It isn't that I disapprove, no. It is that I know you are lying and somehow you think I think it is ok. That there is insulting to my noble creed, if I had one. :))You are lying because  of  all the money you spend on looking young again. it will never happen.
Love those scars baby! Love em!
I feel bad for him.

I know  of someone who behaves this way. They wonder why I do not want to hang out! I only hang out with a very few who make me feel good about myself not schemers in the first place. In the second..I am trying to get better  not sink myself due to some unresolved addictions.
Yes, I have them. We all do and if there is anything one must resolve, it  is their addictions on a full moon in Pisces.
Do not be that person though who is so desperate that they choose always the worst way to live.
I mean, who am I, the police of living?
hah haa

I wonder how we build our addiction to hurt ourselves. It is silly.
I know a Cancer boy who recently had a break up. The girl said she needed a break. he was crushed.
he said he feels guilty.
"Why would you feel guilty?"

"Like I did something wrong"

"That is all your compassion doing that to your mind." "You did nothing wrong, she is growing and not meant for you to be with her forever."

We often think people will love us until the end. They will not..a very small group remain in love all their lives.
The rest of us, fall in love, break up and it hurts like a dirty bitch.. yea?
That sweet boy..he thought it was him when it was her the whole time..
the first thing she said to him was that she gets easily bored and that he was the only one that did not bore her.  The boy took that to heart. I would too, suppose,  I mean , you naturally want to trust your lover..

Have a good one, I love you!

Monday, September 8, 2014

planning our week of fun

I made some orange blossom perfume and if I could make a soap I would, but not yet.

I am being practical because I do not think I should rush in to anything and I feel like I get carried away sometimes with a care for the morrow, or what ever they say..
Tomorrow will not take care of it self if you didn't do anything about it today..that is what I say.

We had a doozy of a storm the other day and it basically knocked down all the sunflowers. The squirrels are going crazy. I gave them all the flowers with seeds, everything! The bunny could not be happier and I almost feel like I should build him a house for the winter out there. He ate all the lettuce I planted and anything else he could. I had some sorrel growing  out there too, come to think of it!
I cleaned up the garden and there are only the fat tomatoes now. I want them to turn red on the vine. They are as big as grapefruit!

There not that many left. When tomatoes come in season, you eat. you eat them everyday and then you long for them all year long because even though you can get tomatoes all year, there is nothing like the one from a plant you grew. It tastes better.

The full moon is almost here. It looks like an amazing reflector light up there. Everything is good. You need to rest as much as you can. Do not run here and there like a crazy person. Be free from that. relax, plan, do one thing at a time and do not freak out about every little thing that isn't done.
Eating seems to be on your mind.
Eating well, that is. 
Eating more fruit and more salad. we look great.
Do some art. Make a delicious dish that your family will love and stay home and imagine the future.

**oils that go with this full moon**

Rulers,  Neptune Jupiter

Confidence - or +

Full Moon in Pisces Bath and Body Oil
Jasmine Bergamot Frankincense
1 drop jasmine sambac
3 drops frankincense
4 drops bergamot in one ounce carrier:) 

Jasmine,because  one remembers how awesome we are or were once and still..om to isis energy!
Frankincense because no fear, no anxiety, calm knowing, om to shanti!
Bergamot to smile, to laugh at life to inhale beauty and to drive away gloom. Om to knowledge and open mind!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Orange Blossom Cologne

repeat after me

  • am as free as a bird
  • I am free to be myself
  • I accept myself as I am
  • I am good and I know it
  • I believe in my gifts and abilities
  • I release my need to be humiliated
  • I release my habit of self-criticism

Calendula Soap

My daughter bought a bunch of trinkets at a house sale. I thought the little plate was cute, so I carved a little calendula soap nugget to fit on it..it is always about soap, see?
This is a nice soap made with garden calendulas and roman chamomile, lemon balm, gifted to me by a my lovely scorpio goddess. 
May her life always be overflowing with goodness and high minded friendships and beautiful purple flowers!

Saturday, September 6, 2014


They tell us all this stuff about it. It is challenging or what they like to say at work, an "opportunity" to find new ways to improve.
I have a hard time deciding the difference between opportunity and a customer being a bitch because she hasn't slept, or ate anything satisfying, or loved herself in a long time..
the early days, you can't sleep, then the flood of emotion and then the feeling that  goes with the copious amounts of cortisol and other harmful chemicals our body spews  when we freak out...
About what, you ask?
Well, if you are a woman and you have made it through age 45/50, you have experienced a couple of certain life events.
fell in love
had a lot of sex
made babies
broke up because it wasn't enough ( things can fall a apart about the time the kid is 3/4))
got married again or had a lot of sex
made a nice house or two
followed your heart 

part two almost sneaks up on you, huh?
sneaks?!! It basically comes suddenly, surprising everyone.
Your family might say to you at times, "you should see a doctor for some Prozac,  momma!"

the crying
the tears about the past
Thicker waist? Yes..so? Love that belly!! Touch it!
 See how pliable  or how firm it is, how soft and how you have relied on your front pouch all these years..
Say every day..
I love my life, I love myself, I am proud of my choices ( I know you are)
I always do my best.

I accept that I am not a sex goddess, an old whore yes. ( I had to mention her, of course)


take some herbs, eat some miso soup

maca is great, I love it
a little greens powder always helps you feel better
dha, I take 500 mg daily, skipping here and there
black cohosh, boring and I never used it because they all come back saying it does not work.:))
"ok, now will you try the maca veggie caps?" "yes, anastasia."
Emritta progesterone cream works great when you can't sleep. It is made from wild yams not some drug..
When I was in Costa Rica, I used one from France and I think it was not plant based..that one worked too.
I feel like it got me trhough some of the sleepless nights.

have a great day and do not let stormy days keep you from the important things, resting, being happy and grateful. It is the best thing.

Friday, September 5, 2014

she was mean

and like all Gemini people I know, she loved to look great if not tawdry...she dressed like she should be fat, ha ha ha too much glitter there and she looked better at 81 than at 31, alien and yet better..plump in the face and pulled. RIP and only because I feel like you are an ending to many outdated eras and practices. See ya!
Now you are instantly a memory. I wonder if Michelle O misses her..she called her a man..insulting she was!!

Notes and stuff on my mind..

So we have these new "health bars" at work..buffalo meat and other nutrients..or is it bison..I do not know..but..
if you just  make a fine jerky, people are happy, right? Well, yes, but things have changed. You cannot just go walking around with a strip of meat in your mouth.  There are vegans to consider. Modern humans need swanky packaging and nuts with their meat so they make these bars now..wow.
It makes me think of The Three Amigos. "how do you like your bat, Dusty?"

Our Universe is now known to us a little more!! We are part of a super super cluster of galaxies which is way bigger than we ever imagined. Previously the super cluster of Virgo, today we have a new name for a even bigger group of "cities" as galaxies are fondly referred to.

"Laniakea", meaning "immense heaven" in Hawaiian. Our Milky way is a wee small part of that..small!

It is so exciting that we can understand so much more now about where and what we are. I mean at least we know something more about what we don't know..lol

I do get miffed ( simmah down now)) when we are talking about these things and when we can enjoy the knowledge presented, we have to wade through people and their bible quotes. Sometimes I say things to those people..
Like why do you always have to bring scripture in to everything? Why do you always have to put Jesus in it or the fact that you are a Jew?
I say things because I feel like people like to pretend the world is going to end and you had better be good or else!

The gig, is up!

 The world is not going to end any time soon and if it does, I would like to die doing my duty!

Some guy started with, "if you are searching for god, space is not going to satisfy you"

I say that when searching for information, and details, you are not searching for god, you are looking beyond that idea now..you have new things to measure and sort through. How can you be so scared about the end. It is going to happen. You will die. Everything dies and that is the only "punishment". Your soul, if it exists, is nothing but supernatural stuff anyhow and cannot physically suffer any more and what ever you did while alive on earth, trust me, it is all brain and no body..
And, Space does so too satisfy! It is more amazing than any Bible story or goats and men suffering in a fire pit.

How can anyone think  that god loves you and your people more? That sounds like a bad dictator,lol!
Ancestor worship is common among humans..
I have to say, it was not nice of Abraham to say that his people were chosen by god..it really shows what cave men they all were, perfectly willing to stone their women if they did not cover their faces and..because he did not kill his boy, he made a  symbolic meaning when cutting off his penis foreskin and then finally biting off his foreskin with his mouth, represents this barbaric and disgusting practice.
Now it is automatic..most American do it to their boys..and this is  another rant.

Recently in modern times..a woman was shot randomly in the street (in a Muslim town, I have forgotten)) in a parked car because she was sitting in the car with her fiance' and some Muslim thought that is way inappropriate and shot her. they beat the fiance' senseless, but shot her dead. wow, I wonder if the shooter was found? It was probably her brother who shot her.
Dude!! Get it together!

teach your kids forgiveness
and real facts.
teach them that hate is bad not worthy of them
teach them that the mind is a mystical experience when we study its amazing chemistry..
teach them to cook for themselves
teach them to be kind by being kind
teach them not to live for others
Teach each other to live well, eat well, say good words and but do not hide in fear of truth..
Sweetness in life is what I want for all on earth, I want that.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

woman of the year around here...is..me

She is very pretty Kim Kardashian and I do not begrudge her the title at all..sexy, always clean and put together Libra, big ass, that face..dude, she talks like a chipmunk.
I like her. What, she is pretty!

Libra...she is a Stylin Bitch!
So why all the haters? Do they not like her because she isn't nice? I don't know..all I see is her face on tabloids and magazine covers and peoples comments. They are mean in the comments..
I guess GQ has different standards of what makes a woman of the year. She is the one men want to..you know..bang..It is weird, the mammalian way, our animal lusts..some animals are more equal than others..but I would say that all Libra's have an  elegance about them, and they are rarely dirty or vulgar. (except when they are alone with you..what!!))They get bored or boring easily and,  yet,  they love routine..go figure!

I look foreword to Libra's wonderment in the coming year.
I was telling a friend that we work hard so we rarely get caught not having completed our tasks. Okay, once I started hooking a rug and put it away..not for me..I never finished that project. It was the 70's, I bought a rug that looked  like the southwest and it was shaggy..  Libra is tidy, I stowed the unfinished rug  until one day I tossed it all in the trash.. it was years later..someone drove by and picked it up.
They are pretty much, what you see is what you get"
Good thing some of us have a good dose of Scorpio to  pump our intuitions!

You look at Sagittarius for example, and they can have to have things done before they can do other things..it is like I want to say, get on with it..and I think they have the ability to be gross although they get grossed out by the dumbest things..Oh, Saggie, what do we (as in the stars not we as in me)) do with you but show you the right way and wrong way and you get to choose your team or connections and your success. (reminding you saggitarians that I know at least 4, and this is not about you exactly, plus I am sag rising))
Sagg rising, we are afraid to move forward..fear of success, maybe? Lack of major funding and that puts the draw bridge up for a while. It does. These days, raising money is full time work for big projects and money changes everything. Take this time to review  your inner harmony and ask what you need and what you want.
This goes for all of us.
We had a ton of money once and now we must live within our means. and..we are still living better than we were back then.
Think about it Virgo. Do you often wonder about the past with longing? Well if I know Virgo, the sentimental past isn't how it was then. Maybe we create what we long for just as much as we live and love our  today in our way..
I am not lecturing, I say things..who am I, some philosopher?

It is morning, crisp and clear and the birds are squawking..I hope you make your day productive and ego free..no ego, no hurt feelings..big ego..always defending feeling..
I read that in a book, :))

Let's make balm!

I am getting some sweet little containers, they should be here soon and I will make a very loose waxy bindi that will be easy to pour out yet slightly thickened by a dark beeswax I just bought. It is amber colored, so dark it is! All I could think of is  a dark beeswax lavender soap.. I dreamed about it last night.My higher mind pulling from the past and making reality come forth, just like this..ideas and more ideas..anastasia's ideas!!LOL
I made that years ago..14 years ago. It was one of my most memorable soaps ever!
sigh..the thing about beeswax is that it smells very different every year and gets the color of the wild flowers the bees collected from here in Michigan. I love it here! I get so excited!

Life is nice, be well!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

cravin the jasmine sambac

here is how it will go..
an oily bindi sounds best..
with cardamom
and red mandarin
orange blossom
jasmine sambac
smoked tea (lapsang su shong co2)

to release the hedonistic thoughts in me or you

spiriit vibes and no more zombies some say to me

I know the pluto boy balm was ugly, we are all ugly on some days. It was the last second too. I had added some red algea oil and bamm..it went coral colored.
my geranium lovin soapie said so..you know, when you know it could have been more, like the thing in your mind..the wonderful idea you have about what a blend should smell like..looks? they do matter in some cases, the looks.
All in all it was a respectable attempt to know someone far away who I really didn't know.
Dude, i am intuitive but i am not above the boundaries of human physics.
so, it was a failure? No, it smells so good..I had added so much sandalwood that it freaked the rest of the oils right out. At first it exploded into a violent array of colors what with sandalwood and frankincense..it was when I added the oakmoss that things went the other way..
I made the perfume for pluto  boy in the end and I think he is ok. I also once again have learned about custom orders and how it is not my thing.
I mean I get obsessed anyhow, you know..and then I go outside my creative boundary line..
So I stray now and again and sometimes it makes magic ()) and sometimes it makes a nebula not yet developed..
If you have a blend you want me to make in a soap or cream or even perfume, you mix it and I will blend it like I did for Libra -lula,  that time..she sent the oils and told me what she wanted. We talked on the phone and I really gave her exactly what she asked for..it was a nice blend too, tons of sandalwood and spike nard..
spikenard is not my thing, so I do not work with it much and I must say, all in all, I enjoyed the experience.

What about the amber thing? Are you freaked that i have strayed from aromatherapy?
Okay..don't freak out. :)
I  was pushed into it by some lovies..so here! Amber Patchouli Frankincense everything:)
I made a soap with wild acorn bud honey, a spray and litttle sweet perfumes with a bunch of animal and a few grains of that paste!
Look, I have had it for years..it is very nice for what it is..and it is one time of year that I make these sticky treats. You will be fine..
it is for those who enjoy this sort of thing..


Black Rose Soap is ready as well a new one I made with roman chamomile and calendula.Organic Calendula Chamomile Tangerine Soap  with lemon balm and ylang ylang

Plain, pretty and pretty dang yummy!
I love you
I hope you have a good one and I am through with zombies till October!
Time to work babies!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sweet Perfumed Mornings

10 mls $5.30 each
 I hope you get one:)

do not loose focus and do what they tell you

When you treat people nicely, they smile, some are dicks of course but for the most part..it is all good.
I always look at masters of discipline and take heed and I do my best. I hope you do too.
Don't expect too much from yourself and be forgiving..
So what, if you do not have that red leather couch or a fine college degree..yet..remember, this is what you are now and you will always change..
the trick is, do not talk too much in the morning or lament on your having to work..or your pain or your intolerance of lesser things..you need hugs, I know you do!
you must be nice, though
it is the way of all things..everything eats and is trying to survive and we are a part of something bigger than us..and you are an eater..
"again with the spirits, mom?"
I likes them..my spiritual thoughts of goodness and joy in life.
Speaking of which..Ricky Gervais is in trouble for saying a thought on twittah..and people freaked..
"if you do not want you  naked body to be seen by anyone, do not put it on your computer"
Now, it is done and your ass is exposed because you did it..so what! We have all seen an ass..look at this one..
Amber Rose twirking..ha h ahaaaaaa

Fun, right??
I believe that we should all be honest and at least try to do right.
Be kind
Have fun, laugh
do not hate on people
do not hate on prettier people
or their products
or their art
jealousy is hate, man..it is that simple.

I think that Leos have a hard time now because they do not feel like they have the things it takes to look good..lol..believe me you would look good with a potato sack over your head..you are so pretty:) Now stop worrying and bitching and lets us resolve what is holding you back from contentment..

Also, Virgo is about to shine!! Yippie!!
I hope you make truck fulls of money based on your perfect skills!

Libra...You have seen a whole lot of people come and go and still you carry on, trying not to show your grimace of pain to others. people hurt, you feel it all and it feels like the world's weight. I hope for you freedom from worry and less gluten my dear! You know your knees would feel better if you ate less bread.

Aries, honey, you do not have to share every thought and life activity with your family and friends. it can appear as if you are in crisis all the time when it is daily life..just saying..do not expect the world from loved ones and you wouldn't cry as much.
I know many Aries chicks and they are powerhouse zilla
I say take the reigns and see what you can achieve. You must know why you care so much? Stop caring? never! the next ten years are really interesting. You will begin a new thing, a job, marriage and a family..I love that for you. I think you like stabilty and constant effection or at least a daily snuggle mixed with respect and honor.

Oh and Scorpio gals, your secret life, you addictions must be met with face to face reality check. I know that you know that I know..:)this does not include having a glass of wine in the evening or a nice glass of artisan beer, dear....it may be a nagging need you keep feeding somehow. This goes for gals with planets in scorpio like myself.
I think everything is fear based.
I can tell you that this force is powerful enough to hone in on some cool stuff. you can see a wider range of ideas now. you can allow for peace from nagging worry and fear of abandonment or starvation..I mean really, no one is getting a toe cut off or anything like that..hahahaa

I rant on and on..
during a brewing for certain potions and this one is an amber patchouli oil i just brewed while chatting with you..

og jojoba
og sunflower oil
amber paste
4 drops of a perfume from White Lotus Aromatics that smells of davana or something super exotic  like that..
all you will need  is a drop and you will radiate sweetness in life, depth of passion and intense super fragrant love waves ~~~

It is wonderful to smell this now..so rich and fragrant and incense resin..I will show you that in a moment..
have a wonderful day and I will be in touch:)

Monday, September 1, 2014

black rose

It is a well known fact by now in science that our brain's memories are continuously being created and so we can never really remember the past, just what we make of it now based on how we live and think and learn new words to say new things..it is wild how amazing our brain is and of course this idea is about me and soapmaking..xoxoxoo

I love rose with vetiver and I know you have been waiting for a black soap of rose vetiver and black charcoal,. "Black Madonna"..Black maiden, Black poor dumb bitch who decided to follow a crazy zealot who got himself hung and tortured because his dad wanted to prove a point which if he was nice and kind in the first place he would not mind torture and allow real torture on  his boy, first, and then blame it on us, like that, but hey after that mess..she had to leave town, she had a child to tend to. So..the story goes...
I am thinking about this story and I am thinking that maybe it is also time to move on..
To  love the rose for what it is and not what it could have, might have been by some one's mythical deeds and caveman like mystical delusions..the truth is, they were all Sun worshipers in the first place, ha!!
So is a rose!

To love the rose for what it really is..to me..the most complex thing on earth..
for real..How many names of different components are there to rose I wonder?

 I am making Black Rose Soap

black activated charcoal
good organic soap base
organic vetiver oil
organic white rose oil

Simple isn't it? I know it is! It is always simple..we tend to complicate things by talking too much about things that are bad for us..the rose is about self control, see? The rose is about claiming your divine right and knowing that you have it. You cannot really do anything you want to her. Go ahead and step all over  the creeping thyme with your bare feet and then try walking on roses the same way..
(  i just planted a bunch of it..creeping thyme that is))
With rose you must always be at your best..and..she will give you memorable beauty.