Saturday, September 28, 2013

Funky Momma Juju

funky momma juju

Frankincense and davana join together once again. Like a regenerating time lord or his wife more like it.
The blend is all frankicense cedar, spruce, cyprus, juniper, oakmoss, sandalwood and peru balsam. with suave notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and orange blossom and davana to soften things up and put a funky little flower power on it.  A sweet juju!
I will include one free nugget with each real bar of soap you buy, hand rolled by me. The juju, it comes from you and what you want to make of it!
Wow! I get to work this? I get to share it with you and I get to mingle with a higher power and sprinkle that juju up on us completely effortlessly!


I need it, gotta  have it!

I have to make something with all the cedars there are!

At work where the many come to buy skin stuff and vitamins from me, we have these soaps from Zum..
They are really our most popular thing in body care..I rarely talk about them because work is work.
I have to say that they make a consistently nice smelling soap product. They use sunflower oil or something and I question how much actual goat milk is in the soap because even a small amount causes an animal smell in the soap fat..they also use nice colors and have some really pretty soaps. Fake and fake ass oils included!
Who am I, the fake police??
I know they use fake because patchouli does not smell like their patchouli but if you like sandalwood smell and don't mind fake, their sandalwood soap smells really good..(don't tell anyone I said that)
I have been fooled a few times and loved something that I thought was real. Remember the sandalwood powder I got from India from that girl?
Fake fakety..dang it!

There is a  wonderful thing about cedar, it does not require embellishments!
Cedarwood doesn't need anyone to hold him or stroke him, cedarwood is fine with himself.

Cedarwood Oil

For cleansing the past!
Cedarwood for shedding extra weight gained from too much "self" loathing..when you hate something.

Cedarwood Atlas
cedrus atlantica
Cedarwood Himalayan
cedrus deodora

Virgina and Texas ceadar are actual from juniper family, I am including them in this blend anyhow because, I love Virginia Ceadarwood.

Cedarwood calms the mind.
Stimulates cleansing to the Kidney Lung meridian and so that will help the adrenals,thereby diffusing fear in the body and bringing calm to the mind.
If you are looking at the future, hopefully from a high road, you can use cedarwood oil to your advantage.
Cedarwood purifies energy and releases toxic emotions which stifle spiritual growth.  Cedarwood increases feelings of divine love and feelings of divine protection and purpose.

Undaunted Spunky Cedar Soap??

Friday, September 27, 2013

venus in scorpio square saturn

It has been  very hard on Scorpio people all year. They have had to be argue and defend themselves and that always sucks because one must remember what one may be skewed in Scorpio's head!

When Venus went into Scorpio we had a little reprieve, there has been a little more tenderness and acceptance from one another. When we hate on Scop, we really hate them and then, we love them the same way..they bring an all or nothing vibe to the table:) I love them so much, heh!
It is better than some borring fak, watching tv and rotting as he sits there! hahahaa lol
Our energy levels have  been low. Saturn transits bring the weight of being human on us. Saturn transits bring health issue related to bones and teeth.
I am positive that you might tend to a tooth which has been bothering  you for a minute??
Well, you'll go. Saturn is about visits to the doctor, the office and basically dealing with some sort of authority or another clerk somewhere..
Really, though, you should avoid places where it is too crowded and please take the probiotics! ( I told you about 15 million times..:) Drink kimbucha, eat yogurt, the real stuff not that Muller with fucking fish gelatin in it! bastards! They lure us in the adds with sparkly  shoes and a slim sexy babe and then give us fruit with some modified fish gelatin in it! Another good time to note, things are not always as they appear.
Scorpio is about gathering info..this is the best time to get down and figure it out..

It'll be a little easier for Scorpio when Saturn goes in sag..the work ethic is going to be through the roof  so get ready for some nice things..
It'll be a grand time when mars in Libra is associated with Saturn in Sagittarius! (look for hidden money, hidden love treasure and look at the bright side, because there is a treasure there waiting for you!)
This has created  very friendly vibes between two very orderly and stern energies..Mars being very male in nature and Libra being what Libra is..elegant, attractive and smart as a whip!
Bring it!
For now and for the next few weeks, one must clean up, and get ready for the wonderful wave of change..
Do not think you can remain this intense, living your life in an emergency and never having to face who you are..
drive the insecurities away with style, smarts and sexy funky momma ways! You are you know!
( for a man I would say, "sexy  genius man ways")

Sexy Funky Style
self aware elegance

Thursday, September 26, 2013

birch soap

You would be surprised about the birch soap on the menu. It smells like a camp fire and yet everyone buys it. I sell out of birch soap as fast as as any other "fancy" soap in my collection.
Well, perhaps people have all sorts of skin issues ranging from itchy to peely..
when you get peely, you are in trouble. plus, it can't be comfortable!
It separates in a weird sections because you hardly ever exfoliate?
I have a customer (yo), she is scared to give herself a good scrub down!
I've been scrubbing since 93!
I think Greek skin is tough!
Birch, one, it is the third in my plan to make three soaps  today and two, it heals a little, ya?
I think it does something.
I  know you know, that it is anti fungal and anti bacterial and anti oxidant so I won't bother ranting about its chemical components..seems to me that if humans have known of its medicinal effects for 40 thousand years, then that is good enough for me!

I hope you are well and happy on this very chilly morning in September! It is time to start fires and relax in our homes a little..I have two gloriously restful days coming up and then next week is another story..

Mars in Leo square Venus in Scorpio..
my feelings
my hurt
words hurt

That is Venus in Scorpio being compulsive because the lion in all of us wants adoration and complete submission to our greatness..and the scorpion wants to never be told what he wants!
It can play itself out in so many good ways unless you take the low road.
What is the low road?
Crying, banging your head, breaking up, getting violently back together, breaking up, each time putting a greater rift between your best self  and your obsession becomes greater than your true desire in all of this!
Love is like crack in a way, huh?
This simple little square in astrology can create scenarios which may be quite a challenge for some.
For others on the high road, why.. they have a view of the future and have clear sight to what is ahead..
one reason being that there are no tears in their eyes so that helps!
Another good thing about the high road is that you are in a better spot to "spot" predators..
as long as you are honest, everything is fine..crying does not fix treachery..face that and you might find a mirror...
Scorpio Venus is very much in need of love, stinging you along the way with poignant experiences and and the ability for excellence right down to the smallest fiber. leo always brings flair!
If you ask a Leo person to do something for you, they do it so you never forget how great they are..These types of squares in  astrology are always a great time to change, organize, review, stop and do it right, don't be so pissed off all the time!
Moods are like vampires!
Smiles are like boons, money, a sweet warm vetiver lime lover, a goat man, a round juicy woman who smells of patchouli and sandalwood or just neroli, a ginger cardamom dame, a perfect way to say thank you for this day:)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Patchouli from Eden Botanicals

I thought I would try a few ounces to see if I might like it. I do! It is smooth, creamy and old smelling! I am glad and so happy about it..
I also got a new Bulgarian rose from them..stunning is all I can say right  now! You order something, they give samples..that is how a business is run. I asked him for neroli sample he gave me like six of them..
I like that.. Sunrose gives nice samples too!

Omg, so good and what nice change from Sumatran! Not better, just a new experience and I like it..I already put some on me with the rose..and, I bought some vetiver from him too, organic, Sri he sent samples of all the other vetiver in his stock! I love vetiver almost more than any other oil right is so good and yummy! Like you!

Let's dream up something, now..something smelly and sweet and bittersweet even! Something here and now.

New potions coming up! I mean who doesn't want to dab a little bit of one before an event? I seem to make more sales at my job when I wear jasmine and sandalwood in the correct balance..not too much jasmine.
What do you think about these?

Patchouli Vetiver Potion
Patchouli Rose Potion
Vetiver Rose Potion
Vetiver alone in salve cream type potiony thing..

For sure more soap too..I just ran out of patchouli soap, old whore and there has to be a third one..
I am ready to make a ritual soap for someone nice..I hope she likes it and  I hope you do too..because I love you..hahahaa

dragons and honey

pretty cool, right?
It belongs to that fun Gemini boy, I work with..if you can call that working..I had happened to bring him a sample of this bar of soap to try because he loves honey and he had just bought this piece at The Renaissance Festival in Holly Michigan..
They all go and get in costume and drink beer and smell of fake amber, because that is all there is:) I do not think I ever wore a costume at a thing..I did take my clothes off at Lothlorien in Bloomington Indiana. way back in  the day when I thought I was free! Just that one time!
It takes every kind of people..

I love the dragon ring thing!


wednesday, every one leaves

It has been a long time since I've been alone in this house with someone here, alone..Everyone who lives here goes off to school, work and the place remains clean and tidy all day.

Today, I cleaned the floors and then went over everything with a clean white sheet which I allowed to collect dew while protecting  the tomatoes overnight. I felt that the moon energy along with the living plant underneath would reflect some sort of intention on my part..and the sheets part to collect any fly away dust that has settled through the night..
I like clean stuff but I live with people who may be careless and self absorbed and the clutter builds up..
clutter is dust to me..things should be stowed if not in use.

I seem to have also collected a new house mate..the three day a week plan is now seven day..I feel like I need to let this happen and she does help with advanced homework..
she brings her own cooler, it is so cute..
she sleeps with one of the boys, but they aren't "sleeping" together..
"you know, we can put a sofa in there for you guys"
"no, no, we don't mind"
It is so weird..

5 good things of the day


crisp, chilly

bean soup is on!

Black Bean Soup
one bag organic black beans
clean and fill a pot with water and put the beans in there
boil on high
1 big spoon Celtic salt

in another saute pan
saute one onion chopped medium
three cloves garlic chopped fine
1 tablespoon each of oregano cumin red pepper, new mexico chili pepper, bay leaves, black pepper
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
fry that up now  until it soaks in to the onion and then dump in your bean pot, put a little juice from the beans in the pan to deglaze and the pour off the rest of that in the soup
add celery and carrot of you want to
simmer for three hours and serve with rice or a crusty whole grain bread..

Roasted Squash with Heirloom Michigan Apples
clean and cut a couple squash of your liking do the same with the apples and then put on top
sugar, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and about 1/4 cup water..
cover and bake for one hour at 350..if you want butter, put butter on it..too much butter puts the pounds on though..

get to wear frankincense and sandalwood today
get to make something amazing for you

have a wonderful day

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

the long long day

it has felt as if I have been in a legs heavy and dragging my ass all day yesterday. Today a little better but I worked with the two young boys..the one likes his body so much, he flexes in the mirror often through the day..the other too much fun..we sang "the lion sleeps tonight" Gemini! They are a gas!
The Moon was actually void on Monday I came to find out. No wonder, it felt as if I was on a cloud all of Monday afternoon.
All in all, I got a ton of things done, slowly and surely and now off to bed to dream..

I bought for a mere 9 dollars, Mystic's thing on 2014 and Pluto Uranus with Mars in Libra all Spring and Summer of 2014!


mystic medusa

I gleaned through it earlier and now to go over it a few times more. I think that she is so keen on astrology! Many astrologers have been talking about Pluto Square Uranus till 2016..
Pluto makes you change whether you want to or not..the easy way, or the hard way and then both at the same time..The best thing and the broken thing..get rid of it..or it may be taken away from you..eventually, you create mechanisms which shed old baggage and old wants..look at the future and what you are going to bring to the table..

Remember that 100% of the time, our misery comes from desire..not illness or some dumb idea that someone deemed as karma..that is a whole other thing..I am talking about emotions, stress, anger, being upset, depressed...them is all desire..(I meant to say "them"))
Karma? Dude, I realize we attract what we are, but, it seems like karma is more like a punishment made up by some holy people on a hill somewhere..that said, doing good brings more good..unless you live in Syria..then it doesn't matter! That is why karma does not work in the end. It plays favorites and God never would..You are iether forgiven or not.
Pluto makes you want things..Uranus drives you to manifest situations that are extreme..stop and think things honest and be noble, try, and be comfortable..

spray lavender on your pillow.
Thank you:)


The next thirty days or it, 45 days!
I know I called it solstice but it isn't:)
It is an equinox..
You know how last week it was 95 and we had storms and every one's house was in danger of basically exploding or being hit by lightning?
Just know that it is dang cold in the morning and everything is going to start to die outside..not everything, but all the pretty flowers and no more ripe summer tomatoes!
It is all good, you hear!

Could it be that I am mastering the art of making balms? I think so:)
I would like to thank my friend and confidant, Tonie and my best essential oil dealers in the world!
White Lotus is having a deal on vanilla and Eden Botanicals has some mighty fine oils,and I must  say that nothing has compared to Sunrose's labdanum! I wish I could be on that big hill on Cyprus and with my leather rake, collecting each sappy nugget myself, I do!
I would wear a hat and I would sing Greek songs in chant in Sanskrit right there!
There would have to be a still in time, where I would see what I could do with that..
there is a young man in my realm at this time who is now getting started in distilling! Organic!
Jake, say hello with your best sage hydro from my about wormwood hydrosol?
Now there is a forward thinker for his future. He is only a boy and getting started on a path which will always enrich his life, always..

Can I say thank you for all your awesome orders and love given to me these last few weeks. I am so utterly delighted with my soap shop and its visitors. We are of a special breed of human!
That there is a fact. I mean who else would be this self aware, self realized, self mind controlled but some one who loves vetiver and patchouli..the essence of the old whore..she does open doors!

Aries, dude, stop obsessing about this one thing..take time off honey:) the battle isn't  won just because everyone is dead..
everyone is here to live their lives and survive..this is true of the smallest creatures...they carry with them a life's burden of their own creation and influences from people you never knew..if they are a Scorpio type, they will never tell it..if they are a dreamy Aquarius type..there may be even more complications..

We should all be at peace with ourselves before we can fix others..focus on what is real now, right now...
ask your own mind,
What do you want?

A country home?
A hot lover, who never even thinks of another?
A hot ass wife?
A lover man without too much hair on his scrotum?


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Soulful Soulstice

Happy autumnal time to you all.
thank you for being here))

let's look at fall 2013..
Here we are now..
The Sun in Scorpio The Moon in Taurus
both in a dangerous and rather extravagant in their position in space with Mars in Leo..
There is the culprit here, That fak! As Mars in Leo is passing through our houses regularly every two years,  you can use the force or fight the force..(there is a force, call it human force if you want)
Many fight, which is why the tension. If you already have Leo in a weird spot anyhow, then this is the time to take charge and get a hold of yourself momma!
I have to say things like that otherwise I would stay in bed for a few days just to get away from the world..oh, :) I already do feels right. I watch movies and take note of what other writers is so awesome to me!
The game of thrones, with the sister the brother?
I suppose that is the most depraved thing he could think of to make us hate the Lanisters..All the actors in this are lovely though..the big Hawaiian guy..dude! ( i wonder if he shaves his body or if he is naturally un hairy)
Also Tirian is lovely..
I also watched Orange Is The New Black..
sheesh! that show was upsetting because of its reality..
When someone is taken from you sometimes gladly taken, you are like, "here take him, bye", you live your life, you do what you gotta do and you get your ass up and make some food and make some nice fashion and remember all shit you put up with and then you're like, dude, I don't feel bad for like all day now..I feel lighter and I feel like  I can say whatever I want, and go where I want,  now..

Separation makes you hold on to yourself and forget the make new friends, you read new books and you you learn who you are inside..not some fak, struggling along through life and hopping, praying, that (next) person won't abandon them..or perhaps they  haven't done the any ultimate thing you put a boundary on.
Have you ever said, "well if he she does this, then that is the limit, that is the worst thing they could do!"
And then you come to find out they did it already..the worst thing happened and you are not dead!!

It is hard, but as I've always said, "some things are only meant to be enjoyed for a certain amount of time"

I love oils for that reason. each selection having a different vibe and flavor!

My Mars potion is in the fifth house in Gemini..always fun...but, but, with all these boys around here, one of the  torros gets aggravated..all the torros get a little aggravated..Calmate!
Anyhow, Mars is in Leo square The sun and Moon
Prima Donna
Violent self loathing (stop that!)
Money, it changes everything
Lighten up Henbane, the future is bright, unless of course you spent last night in a ditch..course you haven't! Unless we're referring to the proverbial ditch, hahahaaa
Get your (fine ass)ass out of there, honey! Common! Open your eyes and quit making fail excuses...what do you want anyhow?
money changes everything...
A new necklace or a new pair of underpants, that always helps friend, she calls her husbands underpants, "panties".
I always smile when she says it. I am smiling now!

have a wonderful day

Saturday, September 21, 2013

the other one now

here we have another bright idea in a sweet little potion

Feeling a little sure of yourself and a little happier with your day? Bergamot is like that. It drives away negativity!
 It is here to show that we can  allow for enjoyment and it is here to caress you  with a knowing look and a deeper meaning with what you are doing now.
What are you thinking? Who do you choose to spend time with and who will effect your day in the best possible way..
You will choose all the best things that serve you and accept the rest as fringe..the fringe that doesn't need you to worry about what the other one is doing, it is about what you are doing..
tend to that

calm mind

here is how you will think of this until you make it your own..
First, you'll get bergamot smoke  in your brain, clean, crisp, refreshing, shocking.. later in about three minutes or so,  you'll  get tea, frankincense, amber notes, smoke again all  fully fanned by bergamot..
perhaps this is what your want right about now?

You all love the lap sang:)

I am so happy about that.
I have had several letters and notes regarding the smokey effects of lap sang sushong co2.
If we are talking tea, we are talking polyphenols and tannins..
even now, I can detect remnants of it around here. I have made a few things with it in the last 24 hours..

making a potion takes a whole lot of time so you can really infuse the final result in a better light..
better light, how funny:)

The first one I made is called Dionysus by the river..
Dionysus is good for Capricorn

Friday, September 20, 2013

vetiver lime captivation soap

vetiver lime captivation

the universe is going to catch you

a song about it

This last full moon seems to have kicked some ass yes?
 I have been working on a new incense blend..dang it  if I am not getting friking close! I still need calamus root and some  benzoin!
It is complicated.
and ten other oils including peru balsam!
I know! I haven't used that for a long long time. Mostly because I don't love it, I like it, but I don't love is too much of something..animistic or raw, too sweet, too intense, like a painful kiss on the brink of total kraken like release!
Release the kraken!!
I love saying that!
If you do, you had better be ready to deal with the fury and destruction you may leave in your path. Better to stop and think about your words and are gonna have to choose something, soon..give it a week or two!
I see people being too dramatic and letting themselves say and do things as if they are petulant children!
I will tell you something about me right now, I don't much care for violence like doors slamming and too much yelling..
I live with teenagers, that is my drama, I know that you have yours.
I am always yelling, 'Stop yelling, we're talking here!"
Greeks yell, it is true..but I am trying to be more Zen, can you dig it?
yes I can!

the man and the taxigi

It was a warm summer afternoon in the town of Flortina Greece. the man had just arrived to visit his family for the summer.
he payed the taxigi (taxi driver in Greek) and began to walk to his brothers the way he encountered another taxigi leaning by his car.
"Give me a thousand draxmas, mate", he said in Greek..
"sorry, no", said the man.
He thought to himself that this guy shouldn't be begging by his taxi car..
After his vacation, the man came back to his life here in the good ol USA, Amerika..
Years went by.after twenty years, and lost sleep over not giving a donation to a stranger, the man could stand it no more. his guilt was too much! He planned another trip to his home town.
After saying hello to his family, he asked around for the taxigi's residence. he remembered his name after all those years..
he walked slowly up the walkway to his door. His home was small and clean..he knocked on the door and the taxigi from twenty years ago answers wearing sleeping robes and limping to the door.
"I came here to right a wrong sir"
"why, what did you do?"
"I didn't give you this money when you asked me twenty years ago, and I am here now to give it to you, here, here is a thousand draxmas"
"Yes, I am sorry and I humbly ask your forgiveness"
the old taxigi waited and smiled and then said,
"Thanks, can I have another thousand?"

one thousand draxmas = three dollars

happy full moon

lately as I pass this awesome property on 8 mile road, all I can fantasize about is, Anastasia's Place.
the building was an old fashioned donut shop and now stands there just waiting for someone to make something of it..
A Cafe
With an oven..awesome food and aromatherapy in its lovely section..
I dream sometimes:)
As I pass the old farmington donut shop and get all like happy or something, and as I approach the next awesome place, down the road, a lovely vacant home with a guest house and a couple of acres...I get giddy inside!
Sigh..what a lovely place that is! no neighbors, nothing but trees and brick house..
Now lets say that, I came across a few million, and let's say that I decided to buy the place..
full moons make you dream and expose your thoughts..

Now, don't get me wrong, I love it here..I just turned new soil over and planted balsam and tansy for next year..the whole side of the place is gonna be pink wild balsams..and, there will be twice the grapes..I know It is perfect!
I love it here, I do.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

australian sandalwood

it is nice..

do I love it?
I like it more after a little dry off, and I like it more late in the day.

dab a little on you when you are stunned at life...
the emotions, the sadness and break ups and letting go of is all such a rush!

If Australian sandalwood teaches us anything, it is that, we must let things be  what they are..sure there is no more mysore, but we have other sandalwood oils to enjoy and love, and experience the transitions with:)

one drop sandalwood on the thrid eye
threading good hope boyond borders

Monday, September 16, 2013

obama care

You know what I think of Obama care?
Better you don't get sick  then put your hands and health in to strangers holding a pad  with all your criteria..
Have you ever smelled a hospital?
In the future your commode will have a detector which tests your body fluids and would detect even the most minute change..

If you do not feel good now, you must take drastic measures and change your life, no,  you can not eat salami all day and crusty European buttered bread every day and then go and drink artisan beer with friends every night.. eating out all the time puts the pounds on really fast.
It is all that refined flour and refined sugar and cheap oils they use in restaurants..
I know this!
Refined wheat has to be among the worst foods on Earth right now!
We get charts at work and information on processing and if you know what they do, you know what I am saying..
I will eat unrefined wheat and an occasional Italian toast and Irish butter. It is my favorite. the balance of grain to butter makes my stomach very happy. I need a little fat in my diet otherwise , I get weird..
I also note lately that all vegetarians are not created equal and some come to me with the same digestive disorders as anyone else in America,..acid stomach, gas and all that..
What is the answer to the question of good health?
Probiotics should be number one!
Drink kombucha and eat the means yogurt in Bulgarian:)

what does the fox say
please watch this and feel better:)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

winter marble a sweet birch and wintergreen soap

winter marble

A beautiful sweet birch and wintergreen soap..

Wintergreen and sweet birch have their place in aromatherapy and health. I like their ability to be warming and cooling at the same time.
You might think that sweet birch and wintergreen are the same. they are not the same and there are differences..
I find birch to be a little softer and sweeter..Birch trees are among the sacred trees of the Druids. they are also related to Alder..also, their branches are very flexible..due to the concentration of methyl salicylate. (they make that synthetically  to get aspirin..)

Both wintergreen and sweet birch contain pain relieving properties.. nice for a steamy hot bath, soothing the muscles and making your pain go away..
I am not saying this soap will make your back pain or knee pain go away.
I do know that massaging deep hurting muscles can only help you. using a little birch oil will help a little more.
have a wonderful day!

good sunday to you

I love Sundays..even the ones when I go in to work.
I feel like everything is more still, at least here in Livonia it is.
I live in the older part where there are still parks and woods set aside for the neighborhoods. People walking their dogs up and down and birds singing!
The newer neighborhoods have no trees and there are strict rules about hanging clothes outside and things like that..
hey man, you live in Rome do as the Romans do..
I am not hanging clothes out there..but my point is that I could. My other point, is that I love it here as much as I've loved living anywhere..It may be my favorite place..
 I love is the dryer with lavender sprayed on a washcloth and then my clothes dried with that..:) it is a wonderful thing!

The weather went from 95 to 40 at night right quick too! It is like a light switch went on..
in a way that is true! The Sun has moved a degree or two and we're about to venture forth with another winter here in the Northern Hemisphere..
I hope that you all protect yourselves..
I am taking extra probiotics and eating more spice in my diet..
Did you know that cumin and ginger together have more anti oxidants and protective components that any vitamin you can take?
Here is a great spice mix  for health
taken twice daily
1/4 teaspoon

ground seeds of some sort
I use, milk thissle, grape seeds, strawberry seeds and hemp seeds
grind that in the vita mix till it is a powder:)
then I add,
black pepper
red pepper
I then grind that up some more with the seeds..
next I add,
bee pollen
and I mix that well in to a paste. I keep that in the cooler and take my dose..

Is it tasty?
Hmm, is not a pleasure food..just take it!
It'll warm you up and get your juices flowing!
The creative ones!

Friday, September 13, 2013

just some new photos

hyssop and lavender

propolis soap with hay absolute

I can only imagine how this dark amber honey propolis bar will age..softly and sweetly, like rolling on hill on a sunny afternoon..where flowers and more flowers scent the air so lightly and so happily..ever smell a red clover? Try it sometime, its scent is like sunshine or something. I had never before worked with hay absolute and I must say, I am utterly delighted! What a lovely scent!
You know something,
We should all be like honey badgers..honey badgers don't care much...
I actually named this soap,
Roll In The Hay Honey Soap:)

Riders On The Storm

I am waiting for sunrise so that I can go out there and pick up the deris from that fierce storm the other night!
Dude, trees fallen on peoples lawns and stuff!
I was at the height of this storm, making soap..I feel like we were right under something powerful. The sky was black!  Black I tell you!
You could hear the wind howl, it was shaking up the house..and..surely as the dim light of the sun any place where it is about 7ish, I am making soap..not all afraid..a tree could have hurled in here..branches were flying everywhere..but safely tucked in our home, we were oblivious to the violence outside.
The power went out after I was done. the storm lasted 30 minutes...
sigh...we were out of electricity for 24 hours..
"go read a book". I told them..sheesh, "what,  you can't live without Tumbler for an evening?"

The soap that came out of this deeply intense cell was a complex and very green purple in its own way..
violet and hay together has to be my new favorite little combo!
it is so so good..
hay absolute..
it smells of honey and late summer! It does!
It is gooey and sticky and sweet smellin..
I want to make some more things with is going to be an awesome Samhain, just awesome!
Now I want to make a honey propolis hay absolute that is a lovely idea!
have a wonderful day:)
Moon goes in to Capricorn later..
don't let yourself get all caught up in hurt feelings..
focus on your expertise and be humble, not a marter..there is a difference:)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

the violet the hay

Violet Soap

the last time I made this, many of you loved it. I didn't have  hay with its honey tones or ganet flower with it rare broomy scent then:)

I think you will note it green coming at you,  first thing. I think you'll come again to get something else.
Blond tobacco and vanilla as well as brightness from orange blossom absolute. So beautiful, so rare..

Think of this as something reminding you of late summer, a scent after a storm or the sweet smell in the taste of a summer apple..
yes there is scent in taste..course there is..

there are only seven generously cut bars..these are special in their seven-ness because seven is about nurturing and tending something..
be it a lover or your love of war and danger..
perhaps violet reminds us of our true selves..
and..they say Tonka bean brings good fortune..
it is a very suave scent this!
I love you
thank you

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Venus Fever


Venus fever scrubs!
Four to choose from!
Check it out, at, eleneetha aromatics:)

raw sunflower scrub

What do you think? I'll take all the seeds out of here while they are still soft and put them in a vita mix and make a scrub with them..
I am thinking a cake as well, something bright with sea buckthorn oil.
I have some nice ingredients at the moment. Mung bean flour, and also adzuki bean..manuka honey!
I have green clay to hold everything together and I have you!
What, do you want to scrub your face with neroli and sandalwood? Yea, me too..
Lately I have been using Manuka honey and mung bean flour, frankincense and has been delightful, it is wonderful and stays fresh the whole time!
A scrub should only last a month and then you toss it. Manuka honey makes things stay fresh, man, I know it! Wow! Honey is so cool! I used that whole sucker! It was so nice!
(save the jar for something)
I will make more.

I cut down most of the sunflowers yesterday and hung them all to dry.  Eaten raw, they taste a little like fresh corn, juicy and sweet..I just keep eating them! We have enough to eat, and re plant seeds for next year when  I will clear out the whole back of the place, for marigolds and sunflowers..I saw a garden which was all raised..that would be cool for lavender lovely that would be:) It has to be a hill of dirt and not a wooden thing..I'd make a  fence of it...I would:)
Today I will clear out the dying cukes and put some red clover seeds in that spot. They are supposed to condition the soil. If it rains before that time, so be it...I'll stay in and watch Game Of Thrones..I got the first season...
The book is way better!
more on that later")

Have a wonderful day, I think a Gemini might stop by for a sniffing session..they want to come over, fine, I'll take a Gemini  for tea!
Maybe my oils will arrive by then..

raw sunflower seed cake
you can use dry and already shelled seeds of course
1/2 cup sunflower seed meal
1 trader joes vanilla cake mix
3 good eggs
a dropper full of sea buckthorn oil
add grated lemon peel, lime peel, orange peel if you like
bake 350 till golden
12 ounces fresh squeezed orange juice
1 drop neroli (one!!)
honey to taste
reduce to a syrup on low and while warm, pour over just baked cake

serve with coffee or tea

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

virgo is the sexiest sign in the zodiac for at least another two weeks

ten ( or more) reasons  why

usually the men are not  pretty like models but have an earthy appeal
the women are sultry
virgo men are usually stout put aries with that and they are downright proud of their work, put taurus, they design..put scorpio, you have a dynamo player, soothsayer or both.
virgo women are usually trim
virgo men smell amazing even with nothing, put capricorn with that and you have a ceo who loves brown rice..and smells
like amber honey
virgo women are always well read
virgo men too
they like to pretend
they like to be like peter pan
sometimes, the only clean thing around a virgo, is virgo..hahaaaaa that is what they think in their mind..really!!

I would say John Snow is a Virgo in my latest favorite book, The Game of Thrones..
John is a Virgo alright! Not that I think he is hot, (in the book he 15) it is just his qualities that strike me as Vergoan:)

moon in scorpio

Did you feel that push yesterday? It was bitchin' if you ask me!
Look the truth hurts us yes, but it is slapping us in the ass so we had better face the music and sing along..hey man, you wrote that song! (by you I mean each one of us)

What to do for stress in September of 2013:)
take ashwagandha with holy basil, it is nice, I  like lemon balm extract sometimes too. mostly ashwaganda in the morning with get your juices flowing and make you smile..take some!
Gaia is having a store has it (WFM WBF) but I think you can go to your nearest health store and get some. There is a brand called Himalaya which has a good one is milder than the Gaia..I still prefer an extract if I am going to take an herb., but what they are doing with herbal medicine is isn't just dried powder in capsules anymore!

What do you fear most? What are you guilty about?
Pine Flower Essence for guilt.
A well dressed man was waiting for me when I went in to work, he was at the flower remedy section and asking if I muscle test.
I told him, yes and proceeded to confront him about his symptoms.
He was  there to get something for a loved one who did something and was now really sad about it and couldn't shake the guilt..
to  release guilt..
I was surprised at that..I felt like it was more self loathing than guilt, but I didn't tell him that..
With flower essences, you have to search deeply for the real culprit.. I wasn't gonna blurt out to him that i felt this person feeling the guilt was a  control freak..who am I  a psych doctor, some sort of witch doctor?? lol
So I continued to ask him things and say what the first thing on my mind was..slowly his face brightened from a overloaded little lord to someone about to go home and be happy..
I thought walnut, but it tested badly on him.
The final choices were pine and crab apple..pine to shed guilt and crab apple to accept yourself and others they way they are..
and then I gave him an affirmation for that friend of his and it went like this..
"I forgive myself easily so that I can forgive others without effort"
he hugged was ok
as he was leaving, I casually asked him of he supposed as I do, that people create guilt so they can be sad about something? And allow for pity?
He said nothing but looked at me again, as if I just told him something he never considered before..

We all have that one or two things that we are crazy about..
obsessive about! Most of that is based on fear of loosing something..
Nobody wants to loose..jealousy and hate become a tool for some..where others can brush that stuff aside and stomp it!

Moon in Scorpio
enjoy it!


Monday, September 9, 2013

fire crotch!!

game of desks

Tonie sent this to me because she knows I have the first book almost finished..
oh jimmy

after about 6 months

at La Mona Estate in Costa Rica, where I house sat for the hippies, there were seasons different from the inner part of that little wee country..the middle is where all the volcanoes are and the beaches just have their own micro climate..
Out at the beach, water is an issue and where it goes more of an issue. Some of the little streams are looking bad and dirty with black water..everyone thinks it is all eco...:)
You see, there is only so much water underground and all the land developers don't get they take a bunch of money, and build a dream house or what looks to be one and then  the sell sell sell..
another 5 years later, there are still unofficial documents and official documents which have   not been resolved as far as water rights..
That is how it was in Delicias, De Montezuma in Costa Rica.
Water was  an issue..the Americans fought over it know the rich ones, with the giant house with the bridge on that one really lush hillside.  In some towns, developers from Israel were accused of using dynamite to blow up the hild so they can build on it..a big no no!
Don't get me wrong, during rainy season, I had often wished they would pave the whole fucker!
No wonder the women are always holding  some sort of dry mop..all day that tile gets wet and muddy..they dance while they learn things there. You learn to be happy with sound and cleanliness.
I would get up at 4:30 am with the monkeys.that is when nature is awake every morning in the jungle, on the hill, at la mona de seda
(the monkey woman of dryness))) ha ha ha ha ha
it is how it translates to me..
I would then go out and start the fire for na'an and start the process of watering the baby plants. I had a half acre of bananas to water every day. It was the best part of my whole five year experience there. They started out looking like weeds, I must have had 100 of them or so.  they  were about 10 feet tall when i left them.  Julio came and prepared the area and planted them for me. We learned to use a machete even better with Julio to teach us. I think one of my boys followed him around a lot. he came every day, up that hill and let me tell you, it was a trek..he must have been in his fifties, but i think he let the fire water drench his liver so he looked older..ancient.

I walked that hill every day too for a whole year..sometimes a Costa Rican would give me a ride from one of the back roads to my hill..never the Americans..
One day as I was walking from a beach town to the main town of Montezuma, I was sauntering down the dirt path on a hot hot day and the drug dealer stops his moto and offers a ride..course I took it!
You know what that guy said to me?
What are you doing here?"
I told him something normal like, "oh, I'm teaching English in Cabuya, or I am making sushi for the rich guy on a hill"
"you don't belong here"
"I know, honey, lets go!"
"What are You doing here, half naked on a moto, shouldn't you be in a class somewhere?"
"Hehe! Anastasia, eres muy valiente, te ammo!"

Sunday, September 8, 2013

keep on rambalin

School has begun and once again my home will be quiet for a good part of the day.
I love that!
I love that I can clean up the place and make skin care  without the backround noise of Family Guy in the back room.
Oh, I can filter out just about any ears are a keen as my nose nose is keen all day:)
One line that has stuck with me from that show is one where Brian say looking in to the camera, about why we don't help Bosnea or some third world country, beacuse it is my memory not an actual quote.. "maybe because there is no oil there"
Then it becomes political views, peoples ears start to flow fire and they get mad mad mad..
good! a government is like a family, what is equal and what isn't, what serves you and what doesn't..
We should question how this planet is run..otherwise we're all serfs, working for the lord on the kings road peddling our wares..
tell me modern day highways are not like the kings road? maybe that book game of thrones is getting to me:)

listen this fall is a pinnacle for us. me too. I have Libra Capricorn prominently placed in my chart..
All of us, we must be honest and say what is on our mind with out yelling or crying..
I can get kind of emotional and have learned through the years and experience, that calmatude is where its at.
**don't let your ego get in the way of your work..say quietly and calmly what you want for contentment..
**realize the choices you are making and the more you cover your tracks, the more your get tangled.
**become the person you are in you head.

Ceres is a bout the harvest and reaping what you have sewn..
You can tell what will work in a backyard garden by the end of the season when the weaker short lived plants start to die.
I believe ideas in our mind are like that..
we can look at what grows lush and yummy and what fades and dries out fast.

  You reach out to the shadow rescuer in your mind. You'll attract people who show you things about yourself you've never seen or thought about..You'll help others too..and perhaps some of you will show what not to do..
 Uranus, he is a sly one, that one..bringing lusty desires to the forefront with out really being able to finally deliver any lasting promise..

I love the shadow rescuer, I do, she is Ceres in my mind with Demeter in there too. She is Innana who has to stand alone and she is also very much the high priestess, divulging secrets worthy enough to explore..
don't be scared:)

I am so excited about the new blend.. I will have it ready by Tuesday next..yes!!
Shadow Rescuer
with violet leaf and oakmoss,  hay and tobacco and vanilla notes. I have added broom flower and vanilla and a shot of orange blossom too.
Talk about  a hay day!
I decided to channel Ceres, the harvest, autumn and its glorious smells, Mabon,strangely spicy, cool and animal... and all  of it, the harvest, the beautiful chill in the morning air, so crisp and moist and the dry out by noon when it is hot and sultry out there.

This time of year we have a plethora of tomatoes and garden vegetables and we have full bellies.
I want to stress my contentment and joy with my life and yours.
Not all of us going through a crisis and some us are thriving in our lives.

The harvest:)
50 years ago in my village of Proti, Florinis, I have memories of the ladies shucking corn and cleaning bean pods and my yia yia cooking food in her stone oven..that thing was huge! We  loved her cooking..her cooking house was separate from the main house. She had a courtyard, we went in the cooking house to have hot baths with water heated in the fire. I played with mud pies even then, hahahaa so they had to bathe me pretty much every mother muttering as she tried to comb my tangled hurt.
They though I was a handful!

blessing this day

Saturday, September 7, 2013

wonderous anastasia

glorious me
me me me

some of us have the gift right now
we are working hard and getting it done..
some not so much
some want more
 bored as hell
so what do people do when they are not feeling it at work or in the bedchamber?
what do the really smart one's do so that they can get through yet another unfulfilled day?
I don't know..I have never been bored in my life..but I can see people around me who are aching for something and it sometimes seems to them that..they are crying. "he doesn't love me enough..look what he she did, omg"
I remember when one of my husbands wouldn't eat my cheese and I drew the ultimate line between us there.
As a Libran, a hearty woman and ruled by Venus in the end type, I can honestly say, if I give you cheese laced in gold and you turn away, I'l be pissed..cheat on me and I'll be you keep talking about loyalty and commitment and all the good stuff and then you sneak around in corners? ha ha ha
sorry, this note isn't about me..
I am thinking about some of the drama that has been going in people's lives.
I can  see the Uranus in Aries doing its magnetic thing all day in most folks.
Uranus in Aries, the trickster, the jester, the truth teller

can lead to dark sneaky corners, remember in space, there is more dark than light..

how to glide through the shadow zone by  me and my mind

Be a Shadow Rescuer, be the human you want to be and tell the truth to your lover, I know some of your mates are boring and inattentive, and that is when people break up..the walls become too great between you, the stupid disagreements, all of it!
I read somewhere that a relationship is based on loyalty and true chemical responses to each other. this chemical compound that is running the gig, runs out in about 4 years, after that it is the mental loyalty  between a couple that leads the way.
One of the things that will make it work is if you accept everything I tell you and everything will be fine! :))
Judging each other leads to a gap in your mind and the other areas in your brain light up away from each other's true goals..the original reason why you made this choice..
think about what you are attracting at every moment.
bearing resentment serves nobody..
be self aware
say hello to your loved ones each morning, don't be scared to tell them what you want to say
 say it, say what is on your real
and smile at me from where you are:))
the shadow rescuer, heh!

Shadow Rescuer Soap and Body Oil
limited supplies

violet leaf absolute
broom flower
orange blossom

Friday, September 6, 2013

je me pelle

bon jour
je m' apelle anastasia

I will mangle French this year.  My boy is learning French this year, that means pretty much I will too..I'ts a wonder that I can't fly an airplane by now because I knew all the answers to the 100 question workbook..that was then, this is now. BTW propoline glycol is also used in airplane is a sort of you really want that on you?

This year, it is French with my boy and avoiding a fight with the one girl..she is so intense and good at art like all Aries people..and seriously, she is too big to take down with osoto gari and who needs that?
I would rather stretch and talk to you than fight with a silly girl. Teens don't seem  like their opinion being challenged. I always say to them.."calm down, what is the problem, is it your penis son?
"Mom!! Why??"
They laugh at me!
You mix Aries with anything and you have skill and precision with a sort of militant methodical regularity..
I'd say Taurus is still very much about art and good looks, it is simply that Aries will get down and dirty in rags for work and clean up, Taurus is like, "I always look tidy:)) and look at my hair but don't look like you are looking at my gorgeous hair?"
Gemini saunters, he feels hot
Virgo saves it all for closed doors. They are like Ceres who is the harvest and the enjoyment of good food and  earthly delights.
Cancer, says, "your're the one" to "the one" and then every one wants them more..
Leo, warm and fuzzy me me me
Libra, think about the word "Sovari". Greek it means sober but it doesn't exactly translate that have to be greek to understand the psycology..still, I am thinking legant, with vibrant glow.
Scorpio, sexy
Sagg, more
Cappy, clean sharp view
Aquarius, wants somethng more..a depper attachment and a deeper mind explore
Pisces, doesn't fuck around..they are getting done and staying suave at the same time.
have a wonderful day

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

dark moon in september

it is the dark moon
in September
Virgo Sun
Ceres, Demeter, Vesta
New Moon tomorrow September 5th at 7:30 am

Jupiter has   been opposing Pluto and both are  squared by Uranus..dang man
bottom line is that is was tense..and busy.
grief turns in to regret
there is  now a window where we can be more judicial in order to lessen some of the tension..
funny how money and having  makes for for less stress and even then we create stress for no reason

I would like to thank the gods
for sunflowers and the color yellow
for that boy at work who sang to me , out of the blue, he said he was a singer and I asked him which songs he likes..he sang was pretty..

have a sweet night and dream big now:) make a wish.
dig deeply
breathe in
peaceful mind
a friend's smile
thank you:)

oud girl

oud girl
sweet intense thing
the wild beauty that you bring
the fearless way that you sing
songs to me
oud girl
you know the earth
the forests and the rocks
they feel alive when you touch them. You can still sense the heat in them as if they were just made..
from an exploding star far away and so part of who you are

Monday, September 2, 2013

Yvonne Elliman

Remember "everything alright" by Yvonne Ellman?
everythings alright
I saw this movie when I was 14 and the song she sang made me so happy..I had finally learned enough English and could understand lyrics..I thought I was so deep then..hahaha
But this Yvonne..
She is frinkin awesome!!
And so pretty. she had a thing with Eric Clampton..odd fellow,  he is..

point point..
there will be poor always
fighting and struggling
look at all the good things you've got

The secret!
The law of attraction!
Heaven and when I say heaven, I mean heavens.. multiple universes and stars as big as our whole solar system!!
Look at the ideas that bring happiness and joy. look at the babies everywhere right now. OMG, they are so cute, babies!! I must have encountered 20 of them yesterday!

This is a way a Libran looks at this..
If you are walking down the hall singing a Beatles or some other up beat ditty,  everyone will say "hello" to you. they will even join you in a little bit remembering of words in a song.
If you are walking down the hall crying, crying, crying day by day, proclaiming misery,  and then one fitful day,  they catch your eyes and they won't smile anymore..they are thinking that, enough is enough..

I am going to go  rub my feet with oils)))
(so, I think the oud is making me very energized, could that be true? Like a drug?)

Sunday, September 1, 2013


a few drops of wormwood and about 8 ounces of hydrosol!
How interesting!

I will buy some very nice bottle of absinthe like booze at the liquor store and then I will add this and serve it in a 2 ounce bottle to my lovely friends...
so what like 4 drops in 16 ounces of liquor?

chemical composition of wormwood

A. absinthium extracts and essential oils are used for healing various diseases (Lawless, 1999; Balz, 1996; Wright, 2002). Oil of A. absinthium has been found to repel fleas and flies (Duke, 1995) and mosquitoes (Morton, 1981) and to kill houseflies (Kaul et al., 1978). Anthelmintic, antibacterial, antifungal, insect repellent, narcotic, digestive, tonic and other bioactivities are characteristic of preparations from wormwood plants. Their stimulant property is dependent on bitter substances as artabsin (sesquiterpene lactone) and absinthin (dimmer of sesquiterpene lactronic users. In addition, thujones may evoke dementia (Wright, 2002).

a kind of September

it's raining again
on a kind of September
where flowers have fallen because they couldn't take the weight of the water
the leaves are starting to fall and the wind in the air is either cold and damp or hot, so hot
a kind of September over a wet wet summer where June and the all of July was rain and most of August... it made my garden so lush so green, it is a sight to behold really..

I am wearing oud sandalwood for the moment and now thinking one drop frankincense..
I still do not love it but I cannot stop smelling it..why citrus? My mouth waters for a while after I put it on..kind of like vetiver does, but coming from the back of my neck, my ears and my attention to my plans and my desires. Practicing to listen and observe..
For a  Libran like myself, the Sun in Virgo is about cleaning the  cob webs out of my closet (sag rsing)

For Aries, it is about clearing out bad habits and seething anger
deep inside you know what is up..peoples opinion of you do not make up who you are..for some, one can never measure up..perhaps you are reflecting something of yourself here?

On the other hand, aren't we all? I am gonna reflect off of oud now! :):)

Taurus, honey clean up your bed and get anice new neat hair know how pretty you are?
Scorpio too, stunning!

Saggitarius, focus on the good, the sages and the ouds, they will guide you..

Cappy, my moon, my momma within, always with the working, the hard hard work which you love..
I love me a good Cappy in the and my daughters all have a moon in Capricorn, how about that..
I tell you it is like three goats banging heads:) some mornings, mostly because one of them is Aries and the Other Cancer..(in astrology, that makes for dynamic energy)

Pisces, you are awesome, take care of buisness and always lead with precision.
A Leo boy might not be able to take it, but take a Libra with you and you'll be out for the dummies, as if you do not already have them pegged!!

Aquarius, hidden secrets, hidden messages, still hanging on to something..yet can't get near it, want the home and the frilly curtains and also the yoga retreats..I think you can do all of that and still design your awesome more, read more, know more...

Cancer, everything is fine, you are fine and you:)

Gemini, this month will be a great time to sort your thoughts and speak your mind, be honest, that is something good,