Saturday, April 22, 2017

hello babies and big giant sunshine

In a near by town here in the Detroit area, there community of highly religious Muslims that  hired a crooked doctor lady lady lady lady..woman, sister, mom, I am sure she is a mom too, to perform female genital mutilation on young girls, seven years old... well, they tell the girls that everyone gets this done and they must do it. Normal and horrid in modern times , wouldn't you say?
We we have done it to boys too since the dawn of what men in robes in the heat with no books and no idea about atoms, decided that this is the way to treat babies. Seven year old girls! Oh? And three day old baby boys are not that shocking?

And now to the serious and meditative part of my story..
It is cold here and it is becoming a nice day after all. Every day the sun is more and more brillant. I love this time of year.

Now to even more serious stuff to think about..

"I enjoy our conversations. Your cologne is too much on my delicate sandalwood, How about some sandalwood  for you with a fine patchouli?"

I should I say that. How can someone who knows me want to wear some fucking thing with some fucking sharp chemical they pretend is citrus or amber or ambre or noir or Tom Ford with his over the top ingredients..some really good and then he gives you brain chem log syndrome (made up word))?
I am greedy for the best things which means real oils any thing  else is out of the consideration.
It is crazy and so evil to each other and the rest of humanity. It represents a falseness and pretending where what is fashionable is presented by one small group and people just flock. The boots with the tights..missy, you have not seen a horse in like ever in real life. ha ha ha I don't care is ts only poignant because I see so many people all day and there is a look at the market.

My look is natural and I am a crone
I look to have accomplished my mindful goals
my reasons for living
my gratitude and joys
my riches beyond my requests
I can relax now with a notion that I know know know what I want
It is comfort
good food
great family
the fuks
I love them all so much
guess what, they smell the way I want.
real real real
really good.

Thank you I love you for not smelling fake and horrid..thank you mom for not cutting my vagina and dad for busting your ass for  mom, She is the queen of our home for sure.

 I want that which I already have. I have so much and more is coming.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

happy and safe

I have had less and less  to rave about for about a month now. I have  been reading and digging dirts.
ha ha

I made some nice things though. Rose Cardamom Soap  turned out so nice, I sold every one of those. When I am good I am very good. I rove a rose with labdanum too!

I have been very thoughtful of you. Of all the things we have been through together and how it can be years since we have spoken and when we do, it is like yesterday. We are drawn together though a silent web of ideas and thoughts and intended invitations.
I love you and the way  you get me and when I say that I mean some want to get me so I can hear them out and l listen to how they suffer. ha ha and I mean to kind of chuckle here..
Don't forget how we all suffer the same but in our minds we have more sadness and sorrow than others unless you see the others suffering, the real suffering.
Not why the traffic is bad or the boyfriend is a jerk.
The  ones who have pain and loss, hunger and bloodshed..everyday and every hour on earth the violence continues and here right now we are gratefully safe and well fed and so so so happy.

Today I will prepare and amazing meal and a nice new batch of soap or two. I once made a soap with ground nettles and I think it will be a nice one should I maybe choose  to make Nettles and Moss.
You see, I have been pondering on this new very funky lavender oil from France. it is odd and I love it!
Why soap with nettles? Nettles are rich in chlorophyll, silicates and other very health nutrients. It is nice and smoothing on the skin.

I have been getting many requests for more scrubby soap.

Lime Vetiver Afternoon Special..

Lemon OG
Blood Orange

One big hunkin' body bar and an oil..mmmm
It will come with a vial of oil
so very soothing, soft
and oddly lingering with a sweet tangy finish from the vetiver having blended like velvet with the lime.

I hope you have a wonderful day and think of me with laughter and awesomeness!

Monday, April 17, 2017

mending the fences and letting some go

It has been a working time and cleaning up for spring and summer rains to bring more flowers. I love it.
forget me nots
black eyed susan
I have planted seeds and I am stacking the plantings by two weeks in order to stack the harvest times. Last year, I composted a ton of them and that is okay because good dirt!

There are so many varieties that I might have bushels of tomatoes :):)
Greek varieties and big giant heirlooms like "hillbilly reds"
I have an hearty Siberian tomato. I planted brandy wine (pink) and all the black tomato varies I could find.
I planted the basils by the softest part of last year's compost  where they will be free to get as big as they want.
This week I will plant onions and enough so that we can have fresh salad by June..yea..I planted lettuce, it never does well for me..maybe this year it will be different.
I must say it is so magical to work with the soil. My mom says my soil is beautiful and I might agree. I am in awe of seeds though. I started the tomatoes indoors and they hated it. They popped out all right but nope, not enough light. we tried a strand of LED lights and $20.00 later.."okay let us put them outside."
It gets cold at night. They are still alive in their little green house. I do talk to them every day.

I planted all kinds of quash and pumpkin. I am hopping they wander any where they please. Pumpkin Pie is delicious. Ravioli with a simple  pumpkin filling made with just enough good goat cheese, its lovely, delicate and pleasant in your mouth. I want some right now made with a pasta rich in eggs. mm
I will also plant water melon and I will let them thrive in the sunniest spot of the place.
The vines are to me, just the best. I ordered a Japanese squash  variety which I might just put at the beginning of the place and let it just hang its fruit like little orange lanterns.

you are my orange lantern
you brighten my day the way  you attend to your tasks
you lighten my heart the way you look at me with knowing eyes
my knowing heart
my gut wrenching mamma mind ready to
break up
smooth out the dirt
pick out the bad parts
they come out of everywhere
repair your boundaries
build them with core  strength
with core control
with mindful memories
mindful trust
it's everything we like god to be
it is us together though  as one mind working some big giant fire pit so hot and so deep and so much stuff it continues to spew out that it is black and still not it that the layers are so wide in between..there is an ice cold void made of some thing, unknown dark matter dark energy us.. only 1% of everything. We think we are so much, so important, because we know about us, as far as we know now..and it is a lot and not that much in time. 99% of everything that lived on earth has died off and they lived for long periods of time here. We as humans have evolved to now in just about a couple of million years..
from a little rat like creature to a naked ape..the bones tell a story.

What is going to be your story? My story? I am telling it now and maybe I will tell more and maybe less.
Sometimes I remember vividly things I should forget.:)

Friday, April 7, 2017


I see the moon and the moon sees me
I hear her voice of eternity
her luminous rays reflecting silent truths
desires met with little force
riches had and lost just the same
what is her time but an eternal game
she makes us play
while we carry on and while away
the hours during each new day she brings

happy spring

Thursday, April 6, 2017

bubble bubble toil and win

don't say trouble say let us see when
say you are  fine and finer still
is the way you take care if yourself and your will
the way other people remember you
I hope some of your *swords just swiped by some of the times
it is about being an idiot I know
it is about cringing and laughter in the memories blow so quick so sorrow full
it does not matter still
resentments are bad on the *gall bladder anyhow:)
and who needs that business

**gall, as to something that you can be sickened by or hate on

karma and witches

It is not karma I fear but my dishwasher breaking down and if you tell me we are meant to be together it is because I  want it that way. How come some things are meant to be and the bad ones are never "oh, I know we are meant to be that is why we know each other."?
People say it all day and it pauses me to think on it.
Are we really? Or are we drawn to situations based on our desires and activities to get what we want?
I know, it is hard to think on it but it is true. What we do from here on is what matters not what we used to do.

The thing with witches that I can not abide is the pretending we are these long haired beautiful nymphs on a mountain with the wind  in our hair and our inner power strong like fire raging towards the sky..I love it and it is not real.
I wish the man did not label us so. We are strong only because we birth and heal our children and our generations continues. We are really strong in that. We carry the burdens of men who bring blood shed and grief. Men, who must control the money, the wars and the the roads.We have women who build on that in order to fit in the manly structures and in that women have been indoctrinated not to say what is the most obvious things..I will
I will
I will
The real power with in is our will. The way we manipulate and exceed in our own expectations..right?
I can not just take it and say nothing.
It is not because I am an atheist now..I think I am and I  know for sure it is okay because I can integrate my knowledge to make the best choices, for me and my kin.

sigh..the suffering of boys dancing for dirty men holding their dicks! Yes it does does and those are the men worthy of being in the temples! I mean really! And we all say that every one is equal but really fear for our lives is why we comply.
The  way we make women in to sex objects in every advertisement..yea, we do. and no one really looks like that. No one. I can always see beyond the plastic boobs and can't hide from the sun babies..the light of day shine on your true faces..our true faces.

Speaking of which witch which..
I am right now bathed in eternal scent of rose choya and burnt oranges..I am safe. I hope you are too.
I love you!