Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Samhain Happy Halloween

What are our most grandiose hopes and fears?

lets us attend..
to love
Reality and a sense of "How am I wrong?" instead of "Oh, I am offended and always right!"
This is my intention for the coming year. I will be reverent of all dimensions and not just the three we know about now. I will always keep my cool and allow my kind heart to shine like a beacon among like minded,  hungry minds.

first we need boswellic ointment :)
easy to make..
after that we need to take a minute and think our actions..those of you that know and counsel me, thank you!

Lets us make something good. here is my recipe for a lovely healing balm;

You will need 1/2 ounce beeswax
1 cup olive oil or your favorite oil
I love organic sunflower oil"))
1/2 ounce frankincense or boswellia seratta..that is Indian frankincense

melt the wax slowly
add the oil
keep it warm until the oils melts the wax again and add the frankincense oil and gently cool.
You can use any nice glass jar and you should keep this handy for its benefits on pain and inflammation.
Does it work like pain pills?
It is a quiet helper which strengthens your body and does not hurt your liver.

Try is good.

Joyful Samhain
Intending Weath
Indending Knowledge
Higher Mind

Merry Meet!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

relative space

North America on Jupiter

venus on saturn

Well good! Venus is for the next two weeks on Saturn and Mars is on Pluto.
The saint or whore in a bad way becomes more self destructive, more  rush to sex, more lying to one's self.
do we  rely on our strong support systems to keep us on track?
I think this aspect is good because there is a weeding effect. People who do not fit, move on. they must.
The fantasy is over as we say when we become wise to survival and how it is still significant even if you own a microwave. I do not.

I work at a healthy grocery store, you know that.  I talk to about 500 people a day and they say things like, "they are destroying our food", "our food, our food"
I told one of them that who will do the work? "You want organic but you want it nicely wrapped by a servant. How do you think food is grown anyway?"
I find that most Americans do not have a clue  about the effort it takes to grow anything..they want to yell and be special..I understand that. I want organic food as much as possible which is why I am in this business.
This business of food!
I like to look at what is trending with the is fun!
Some genius, mixed garcinia cambogia with green tea. He will sell millions of those to chubby lazy women who do not know how to make a salad  so they blend all their food in a smoothie! "belly fat"
I will say this, if I want kale, I want it stir fried with garlic and soy sauce not mixed with a banana and rice protein.
Dr Oz and many other TV doctors are  really helping people to forget everything good.
"Do not worry about making a healthy meal for your family, just blend  up a smoothie, take this pill and that pill.."

The masses, they swarm to the next thing like a hungry pack of vultures..masses, muggles..
You know what they are and how to deal with them. Do not loose you cool, because, it is all it takes to keep them happy, a little bit of cool and less talk.
Garcinia with green tea?
Yea, some people were sitting at a table and scheming new ways to make money..

"drink real green tea and shut up!" LOL

"What do you eat, Anastasia?"

" I eat all the foods, salads, fruit, apples, tomatoes, avocados, potatoes, good bread, good coffee..good cheese and butter, olive oil, coconut oil and what ever my mother brings over, because there is a blessing when some one makes your food..real food..and if you want a smoothie, make one with yogurt or just fruit.."

I am not saying never drink kale apple carrot smoothies..go ahead drink your lunch, who am I the smoothie police?

I want to actually talk about the Pluto/Mars aspect and how in the next two weeks, one must clean up and get it together for the winter..two weeks..two very significant weeks. Uranus is there, really shaking things up!
You can fix things up.
You can clean up and be free from worry and sadness.
You can be calm and love your life for what you have become
are becoming..and be just humble and be fine.

others may turn to the dark side..
I know one girl at 41 who got her tongue pierced..ewe!
Maybe I am a prude, but, no, babe!
That goes with so many harmful things that I say, "no"..unless, you keep it in your own house with one me, it paints a picture.
Another boy I know, schemed and lied and schemed..
"no, boy!"
Your work shows. You need to show up sometimes and do a good job.
show up with less drama, please!

Uranus..instant moving sure to look at everything..everything and also keep your distance at the same time..
We will talk more on Uranus soon..

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

they rely on you to be strong and the capricorn way

I say that to strong people in my life and now is the time we get to exhibit how awesome and strong we are.
Capricorn way!
To be easily climbing to be easily funding and to be easily content with how high..the how and why of it and be the master for that..
the how is when you take each thing and think it through..listen to your mind and what it says to you.
Listen to your inner heart's mind and be real and not mad all the time.
Mad as in ready to justify. Mad as in why you did this and why he did this and why you cannot forget it.
You will forget, because it is time for capricorn masters.  It is time to move and time to do and climb and fix along the way.

Mars in Capricorn Pluto in Capricorn
Your real home life
Your mom and dad, you and the kids, your reputation, big...
good thing you were always mindful of your activities so that it all comes out clean. Good thing you have you family near you always forgiving you and letting you be you!
Does that mean you get to be a jerk for years on end and then expect loyalty?
Well, some people will only take so much and then doesn't take much to roll you off a cliff..
They will say hello or they will say, "good bye"
The road you choose for the next three months will be many ways. Who do you run with? Someone  who lies and cheats their way in your soul or someone who truly loves you and cares about your thoughts and dreams..both? Or..are you constantly searching for the one person who will love you and and tell you that you are beautiful? 
Beauty doesn't cheat. Real beauty shines like a star and allows for the heart to enjoy rapture with someone..not just sex, the rapture of the good life. good food and good people near..
No..if there is a a lie due to fear, it does, it poisons.

Yes to real. yes to hard work. yes to loyalty and honest living! might just slip off a hill and crash hard..what?

We can expect some really top people to crash. I mean, at least one big shocking developement..let us see about that. I think I am right.
Pluto in Capricorn is about drastic falls and leaps of grandure. Mars in Capricorn is working hard to make money and on  being healthy..but again, I say that some one in a high tower will crash..
an older fellow..
What am I a diviner now? I am a telepathic illuminator!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

vanilla themes and Tom Ford's nose

We've tried palo santo soap and for what day it was and how we yearned for it, it worked.
I am not in love with palo santo but it has its place.
I am not in love with some Indian oils. I like saffron in a paella not to wash with and frankly, and I know this is a Libra thing, and I do not feel abad about that. I am not less spiritual because I do not put saffron on my third eye. I would for a ceremony, not every day.
I want to smell good.

So I have a little coconut oil and vanilla and I think I should add some coconut pulp because it smells so good and I love tropical stuff!

I am already going back to me self..after this retrograde. Dude, I had to think  and regroup.
I am smart, I can weather anything and when you have a family, there is a whole lot of weather, especially when they begin having babies and relationships..all these new people coming to your house and smiling and moms introducing, "hey, I am busy and only have time for walking dead and maybe one other thing."

I want to say thank you so much my dear ones who think of me and know I am not neglecting you, I am so occupied.
My mom, "it is your own fault for having all these kids!"
"mahhhaa! :)"
My mother is involved and it helps everybody be good. No really!
She is a tyrant, my mom.
I always feel, like she is something I can never be. A master of bread. her hands creating breads all her life with such mastery and ease. I have seen her kill many a snake with her shovel and continue working as if it were a mere nuisance. Some were poisonous. I remember a black one they all ran out there and killed it before it tried to eat a chicken!

I am not an American in so many ways. In so many ways I am, because there are many like me.

Back to me and soap.

I want vanilla soap. Sweet vanilla scent but with real vanilla pods like my friend Tonie says I make the best way. She says that is and has always been my best vanilla, the one from infused coconut oil and real vanilla. I do not see it as much as her. I like co2 vanilla, really, a whole lot, and there was one perfumer who would separate the  vanillin from the bean and make these crystals..they smelled so pure. I think he used hexane. What else would cause such refinement that from a black tar like paste you get white crystals?
They use hexane to separate the drug from cannabis. That material can the be spread on the skin  so be easily ablorbed. They do not care about your skin or lungs do they? They do evaporate most of the alcohol  off. I mean this is the way absolutes are made..we pretty much accept  them because how else would we get jasmine?

See, you can say, "a little bit won't hurt" about everything. Before you know it, you are swimming in everything badness. Except for the names of some things..
The perfume industry is fascinating in its display and refinement of plant substances. I mean really..what does "leather" note really mean? Everyone has an idea about is fake and toxic. Do not forget that. You might as well just stay that route too because I cannot say enough about toxic perfumes and how they ruin the world. That goes for all the  men..please, stop with these perfumes you slather on and wash with my soap..ha ha ha Tom Ford's Sahara Noir, is one exception..not really...I feel like he tried and his blend has a tenasity I cannot ever achieve with just oils..styrax, frankincense and cedars, benzoin and a few others I have forgotten..It smells like church and sacred sex at the same time.

I have some fine gents on my team. I know who they are and I want to smell all of you up close. I bet women freak out over you! The Old Whore is great on a Man!

My ingredient list for vanilla bean soap

coconut pulp co2
vanilla co2
cacao absolute
coffee co2
vanilla beans ground up fine as can be
cocoa butter
coconut oil

Monday, October 27, 2014

a nice eye cream

you take shea butter
a nice carrier and some bees wax and it makes a nice smooth little cream. I think it is good to have oils around which actually do something for your skin.
We should have more of those!

this week's menu will include
the ghost of frankincense
black rose vetiver soap
and tangerine pink salt

and then..I am thinking some new balms in sight because I love the little jars with the cork:)

there will frankincense and myrrh, a must!
sage and cedar
piny forest
rose chamomile
oakmoss vetiver patchouli rose geranium...that smells so good this time of year!
Think balmy creams!
Think oily nourishing balms that make you smell so good that people are like a love magnet, I am a friend to all magnet!

I will post them when they are ready, but now, I must pack some lovely orders..have a good day and text me if you watched "four walls and roof"!
Oh, wait, you don't text and I spell badly so we'll talk!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

last week and the bigger picture

There was one guy who said you can fit all the planets between The Moon and Earth..another guy corrected him and said that "no, you would need a few thousand more miles to  fit them."

 The point being once again that distances are bigger than we think and it doesn't really matter..and it does.
So, Saturn..ha ha haaa he is big and in scorpio..wo is the strong one now> It is scorpio who has the poise and steadfast loyalty to the right things..
Mercury retrograde that fuck..burned out and fast and  burned up all over the place, telling long stories so he can keep the thrill going..after the thrill is long gone.

Listen, I know peoaple like that. My motto is, "if where you are and what you are doing is a big secret, it can't be good!"

You cannot live your secrets in real life so you sneak around  for sexual  or some other sattisfaction because it is never enough when you are burned out and one day you wake up!
You are like, dammit, here I am all alone with no friends..the do not love me enough."
They don't know you because you have removed yourself from them and now have no one because you wasted time, money and better days for this.."
Or not! Maybe this is how you want to live, hung over and dirty in a cheap hotel!
( I am so smart, see, and too honest..)))

Back to
Me and my pains..that seem to come and go as the please..I am a human magnet feeling all the suns energy. Four pretty strong sun spots this last week as well.

(Peaky Blinders! So good!)

One girl came up to me crying on Wednesday and freaked out..she took gaba and I gave her a talkin to about the mercury retro. Do you know what she said?
Mercury, that fucker!"
Have you noticed the disruptions in your electronics, you connection to wi fi and all that connected stuff?
Yea, Mercury Retrograde..
Look do not blame a planet  and then do..because your electronics are all breaking and if you are an Aries person, you seem to have suffered the money thing quite fast.
How interesting that Aries is the best saver.
I love them. I love my Aries and I love my of my girls is Aries, one is Cancer,
 I am a Libra.. put in our Capricorn Moons in there and we make a grand cross..that is pretty heavy and when there is a mother like me, who seems to be quite master We respect and clash each other often..lately we  are all getting on way better than ever.  Honesty has been the reason.It is a really nice family I have. I am  loyal to them and my long lasting friendships through the years..where I may have been a dick now and again.
How do I know I was a dick? Why, just look at others and how they make are like, "yea, I did that, 20 years ago!"

Time ticks I reckon. but is is also is distance, electricity is magnetism and we are  200 hundreds groups of molecules working with trillions of atoms which look like a solar system..the sun being its nucleus..
There our real meaning of life  guys, the one that can never be destroyed, the one that makes a platform with new stuff for the next thing.
Just like we do in life..everyday.

Mercury has gone direct now..we are simmering down having submitted to forces beyond our control.
because deep in our hearts we know.
We must live for now and always keep learning
always developing fresh starts
moving on
knowing who you are and what is real

internet fantasy love affairs be gone
real love takes honest effort and you actually showing up

anger and resentent to people and other races is stupid..yet Earth still carries us, we keep being here..
and it is good

Thank you and I hope you smile at least one time today having realized how precious your time is..

"I love my self and I love my life"

Saturday, October 25, 2014

what are you taurus or aquarius, i don't know what you are but you are like a magnet of comfort and other soap business news

Soap business news is slow-ish so I am focusing on what I have right now,  rather than trying to wows you with always new things.
This is good for many reasons. It takes money to have everything and we have enough for a few really  nice things rather than experimentation and always following up on ideas from others and special seems to be wasteful and changing course isn't the thing to do at the moment.
It is mercury retrograde so even these ideas may just be checked out and then tossed in the dark corners of my my wild exploits area of my brain

I have enough for the old whore and I have enough for the time lord and many others..there has to be a perimeter in which a real business should opperate.
Of course I will make special blends again. I notice that people are looking at the red dragon soap I had made a couple of years ago! It was a blend of dragon's blood and something.. I should make that again! The ghost of frankincense rocks..I sold all of those!

Right now at the shop, I am trending more skin care than soap, believe it or not.
I make awesome potions too and people want that more than soap, right  now. Fascinating.
I love soap, but I always needs and wants, :),  oils, I do!
Some of you bought the vitamin c  serum from my shop. It is nice, isn't it?
I have been using it on my face. I look fine, a little pale because it is Michigan..

Inflammation for the last few could be an asteroid having passed pretty close to us..I found out later in the day about this yesterday and dang it if my knee didn't feel like a magnet was messing with me. It was the asteroid, I am sure..

"maybe this asteroid was telling you something", I thought.
or not. maybe each one asteroid is composed with all sorts of different combinations of minerals and metals and even gold..which is only made in many different sized ones and each object from space, our own little dot of space is just doing what it does..spin, pulling hard while you push back..or and I know I always give the other side, I am a Libran... you submit to its forces.

The knee thing.. bathed them both in rose oil and rhasouled both but good and I deeply pressed in and felt each restraint of energy relax we are back to us again....but, I mean wow!

I do work on concrete and as you may know I go through a shoe thing and do not love every shoe lately. I went back to some expensive beach shoes and they seemed to make me feel better.

feet, shoes, knees..
Fear of the future is knees..fear of success..
fear of dealing with the world..
(btw, I will always tell it like it is so that there is no shadow of a zone..what you see and what I say, is what it is))
But it is also the feet. the bottom of the feet is...what?  Fear of pressing the the earth too hard??
treading too hard and being pushy?
To pressing, pressed, stomped, stomping?

"I glide easily through my day"

Friday, October 24, 2014

strangers ( review) the walking dead and people spoilers season 5 ep 2

Rick always prefaces with a story so that everyone understands there is danger in areas they never imagined. Strangers!
My humble review...
Michone was describing her life, now. How she does not miss anything about her past, not really. She misses Andrea..who was selfish, arrogant and a bad judge of character. It is true! Because even though the governer was on the surface a very nice and protective man, he was evil and all the signs were there. Andrea, with her petulance!
Anyhow, she was not in this episode but for one mention by Michone. Andrea was there for Michone!
Rick says that people are a bigger danger in their world now. Everyone has done wrong and broke down to their most dirty survivl state.
At one point Michone went to reach for her sword and smiled because it wasn't there anymore.
I felt that way about my massage table. i wonder where it is still,lol..
i came back from costa rica and it was gone.
Things get ripped away from us like that..death, illness and our temper can add up to millions of ways we can hurt each other.
Father Gabriel..his suit is too clean and he is in cahoots with  something..something bad like maybe a secret group we don't know about yet trying to start a new colony which of course the motives may be ok, by their means are very very bad..
we will see, won't we?

I am not looking at any more spoilers before I watch..only reviews after because it really does mess things up. You get to bored, like who cares what happens if all I see is heads being smashed in..right?
Also, the writing is so good and the dialog is wonderful and real to me.
I work retail, I see zombies..some days only one or two, other days more than that. it is always relevant.
Humans get to be rude and unkind to each other and then all shit breaks loose.
I think Bob was bit. look at his face when Sasha asked him if he was ok..dumb ass, There is bubbling water and he walkes right in it!
I saw it and couldn't understand why he is so careless..
It had to be him and he is someone I never trusted. He is from Terminus and he is now food..
How will this infected and dying man effect the hunters..the f*king cannibals?
We'll see, ,won't we?
Their greed and evil took a bad turn.
There are many reasons. is Georgia, there is food everywhere..potato farms and peaches and all sorts of food..besides eating human meat will make you sick. I suppose that is the point.
Do not think this is not a real thing with humans..they will eat each other in a pinch..we have all heard the stories....

It is our brain and that is is where the virus hits humans. Is a virus, yes, no, no, yes in a living host, humans it is.
Ebola is a virus..look at how easily it can enter and make trouble? A year or two later, you have the ravages..
In the walking dead it is like that only the virus is so powerful that it can control a body to only tear, eat any living things and multiply.

That is why I love this story. It shows strength and endurance and focused mind always wins. Rick is my hero. I am Rick. and his crew..of course we suffer and break down sometimes, like Rick did when Lori died. She sucked! What was it two weeks before she shacked up with Shane? Puta!
Also That baby is cute.
I love it when Rick was counselling his boy, Carl, on being alert, that just because we are around pretty smiling people, doesn't mean we are safe.
"Ok, dad..", he said..
He had better or he is alone with strangers!
You know, in my own apocalyptic end of the world all are my crew. I will cook for you!

I do not trust the priest!
His suit is too clean and how did he get on that rock so conviniently?
How will Bob's eaten flesh mutate in the cannibals and will we get a new kind of zombie now?
We got a fire zombie and a water logged one too.
I am excited to see how we will all be excited with episode three!
I bet it'll start with Bob laughing instead of crying in the end..or not!
He is a gonner!
Where is the katana? Do the hipster human eaters have it? I hope so!
What is up with Morgan, is he loco or no?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

my regression to the means and the best thing I ate today

The regression was me, being to frank with a customer. She called the manager because I told her the truth. It was after they honored me as best team
I was too frank, lol!

Here is the secret treasure in this way too honest of a day.I had called her back and told her I fixed her delema  and she had already complained..I have magic that is why..and she calmed down. I wonder if she felt bad about getting me in trouble with the boss. lol :) He said I was a straight shooter in my defence..
I quenched her before she knew she was quenched by responding to her rage by petulance instead of believing and being kind..
Will my wisdom ever fail me?  No!
ha ha

The best thing I ate today was a Greek Salad with garlic stuffed olives and wonderful Greek dressing and toasted whole grain butter...I ate way  more, but this was my favorite! I am a big Greek after all!

Greek Dressing Anastasia Style 2014

1/2 cup beautiful olive oil
1/4 cup vinegar
I do a mix of red and apple cider and a shot balsamic..not too much, I do not want to stain my salad unless it is baby greens or something leafy, then I do not mind balsamic too much....
a dollop Dijon
a dollop garlic minced(optional)
1 tbs red onion
blend this
pour over salad greens

personal salads take about two tablespoons
big salads take the whole thing ~pour over a nice big Greek
add salt to taste and a splash lemon ( from a real lemon, not essential oil)) before serving, if you want to

Greek salad is a mix of romaine and various greens..not too much bitter ones
you can add red peppers sweet ones of course
top with olives and feta cheese
dressing on top

Great feta cheese is what it is all about and Greek salad has feta..
I like this one from Cantoro's , my favorite Italian store down the road, but whole foods has both domestic cow's milk feta cheese and from sheep as it should be when were talking feta.
I told you that I come from a Sheep Herder's family, didn't I?

lucky leonine

you decide to make it good.
you are beautiful and pretty
I love your look.

You have been so lost for the last few years, my is expansive Jupiter babe, making you feel lost, sorting through all your acquaintances.. I almost want to sing for you, "coming out of the dark.."

**this one little show on Netflix with Daniel Radcliffe (leo boy...oohhoy))and Jon Hamm- a licious...
"A young doctors notebook and other short stories" is on netflix..and dark and weird like Daniel is.
He has come out of a high point and become a hurt, he was indulgent and smokes a lot. I loves it, I am almost done with it and I have been enjoying the plethora of cooking programs on netflix..I loved Anthony Berdain's No Reservations, on Beirut!
There you go..
So you have The Catholics, The Jews and The Moslems all living close and hating each other..
They all live there because it is nice, there could be an awesome beach venue or just about any lovely way for humans to enjoy such great weather..and exchange money which helps the pulse of earth...
but no..some guys with bombs just have be mad all day about their gods and the property values and who gets what..and they are likely cousins from way back! I am talking way back by 100's of 1000's of years!
How silly.
They are not my enemies,
they must learn, they will..time and, note that, our children are done with this one way or another..they are smart and wish for more schools and good computers which teach real creation from its seed..which is god..
"who are you?"

**also..about 35% of all bombs dropped anywhere, do not ignite and sit there ready to explode at the slightest disruption!
35% of 400 million little bombs were dropped in The Vietnam War! You do the math..I know my kids have. I feel richer for knowing this.
((that is over 700 thousand land mines))

I  and you will focus on our duties and our own
The Leo must come home
or there is despair and decay
not for you my sweetest Leo Lovies,
you love your self too much
we all should take this from Leo..I feel like Leo brings sure footed sturdiness while being keen, unless, of course they can't find their best gloves! Wow!

"I love myself, I love my life!"

200  times babies....

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

happy new moon happy soalr eclipse

It should be and there are challenges, but there has been tension and releasing. It is in Scorpio of course so we are going to have fun fun in the six months to come. It will bring a whole lot of tear jerking. For some of us the extreme schedules and extreme learning is quite a ride. for others who are sneaking around, well you will get caught and maybe with your pants down..
Scorpio is about getting to the bottom of things and some of us being stuck there..when you are doing wrong, the laws of cause and effect are ruthless..when you do wrong on others for revenge, you are just as bad as them..walk away and do not stay just because your heart is breaking and they might change their mind now..walk away because you must. Expect them to be good, expect the very best for yourself now..all Scorpios do!
This solar eclipse  has a whole lot of issues with money as I have said before during the last powerful lunar eclipse two weeks problems become exposed and we have to wake up or be pounded. If it is other people's money like the bank, family or what ever lending institution you have covered in your calm and be all I am getting right now. Addictions..must be dealt with..
I am not talking about a cup of tea or coffee, I am talking about stuff that slowly kills..drugs always  tax the is simple, but do we listen? No, because sometimes we need a drug to help with illnesses and then you must walk away from it..even ibuprofen is harmful after a while..I know people who use Tylenol every day.(spell that, acetaminophen))
This period trine with Neptune will be nice for art and aromatherapy! Yes!!
I think it may pose a nice cycle of growth for the creative mind. Put that good mind stuff in story on paper and touch many..put in a picture made with your hands and allow for others to express ideas through yours..that is paying it forward.

Do not be scared of death..your "soul" is fine, you are have been here forever having been re-cycled--through deep time. Trust me, I love you and I am wise.

Capricorn Intensifies and the Venus Fly Trap

The idea that astrology reflects by the angles  and speed of the planets may seem too far fetched for many of my acquaintances and teachers..but I stand by mercury retrograde as a bad time to buy things..especially things that are big..

One of my girls brought home a Venus fly was so healthy and sweet looking all small and dangerous..
three hours later, the cat is all excited and freaking out running around the house and we are like what is up?
She would run to the little plant, mess with it as if it were alive and run away..again and again until the poor little plant was nothing but stumps of green in a cute little pot.
I moved it to a new spot where she couldn't climb and now it is missing completely..:)


It is just a plant you say and had I known this, or my girl had, she would not have put the fly trap in that place in the first place!
I wasn't home in time..kitty is sneaky and she destroyed it so fast..
Our lives relating to this somehow?

You tell me. Tell me of your unwise purchases and how you effed up and now you see that is was a dumb deal in the first place..or are you smart like me and know that this is a time to plan and fix, not keep spending because you will..keep spending on everything and more.

Money is so weird. It really is. At my work, they come to shop in costume or something..some of  them do..their lips all puffy from botox and their new freshly glued is creepy a little bit.
I don't care except when they get too close to me because they all, young old, love me and my skin! LOL
"wow, I love that bag."
"thank you, it cost, 300 dollars."
ha ha
"thank you, it is vintage, I paid ten dollars for it."

Capricorn does intensify and Pluto is there
making things seem bare
and alone and way out there
in the middle of a mountain having climbed one footing at a time
longing for comfort there may not be this time
a few days turn in to years and all of a sudden
you remember why you are here
having made a mark with each step
passing that along to your beloved ones
your true friends who love you as you are
remembering that when things break down
you are the one standing
you are the one leading the way
transparent and clear
you are the one with broad wings made of stardust and ice

Sunday, October 19, 2014

how do you feel?

I am okay..yea... I just came from an awesome work meeting where they gave me accolades and money..I am buying olive oil and nice California green one and maybe a macadamia nut oil I have been looking at..
I wasn't expecting but that new Aries girl boss likes me and that is ok..I like her..she very smart! Today she pointed put some facts about healthy values and turns out  that recently there has been a new pesticide that is a good percentage like half, agent orange..the same things..
it turns out that will envelope every grain of gmo corn in the US..
Also, that nicotine has been linked to killing the bee population..not all together but it is linked.

Agent orange has killed a whole many men years ago, men, who were over there killing other men, women, children for powerful countries with men, and since it is all jungle, they thought they would spray everything to kill the vegetation and bugs...they didn't even touch that. they did not know how to work the jungle..
Agent orange has caused many carcinogenic illnesses for many American soldiers and those who survived in Vietnam..
Good thing we are saved though!
(lol, sarcasm, ok))

I feel that when we lie and cheat our planet, we really lie and cheat God, and how awesome we are we have this nice place to live and keep pouring refined chemicals in our water and our lands which are teeming with life right down to almost the core..who knows what is going on down there and what is yet to come from our earth's churning and another billion years we may or may not be here..I ask this question..

"if we breathe the same atoms of let's say (one of my favorites), Sheeba  and even further back, we are breathing the same atoms and drinking the same water as the dinosaurs, then of course, these components create an imprint, a memory..that trains itself to be better and better..
I do not think it was meant  to include us refining the planets recourse's to this extreme. We should take notice of these things and not be afraid to say what should be right??."

And by the way, as much as I respect and admire Neil DeGrass Tyson, he is wrong about GMO's!
As I have stated before, maybe the science is ok with you, but, it comes wrapped with bad things..they kind you do not want to do..not ever!

Okay, I will stop because all this reminding myself of this and that, is making me hungry..I made mashed potatoes with bechamel sauce and I made brussel sprouts with butter..Who am I a French Chef?

here to inspire

and share my thoughts with you...

I got in a debate yesterday and you know what? All people can do is worry if I am saved..not if..
I cared for my family
went to work and did a good job
was kind to every one
made awesome food
made awesome healthy skin care
wrote awesome thoughts to my beloved ones, you
and basically only thing most folks could do, is yell about me not being saved..
men are so soon to fetch their pitch forks instead of their open minds..

It is ridiculous to think that we allow such ultimatums with our souls..

"oh, god will only help you and save you if you are reverent enough.."
God the mind or a is the same..your inner thoughts are your parents...

A good parent will always prevent disaster for his child and that is basic kindness..yes, you have the bad parents who beat their kids have man eating dogs an lock their babies in a room with no bathroom,,
That is a bad parent or a bad god..why be dumb I say and at the same time  you call new ideas ignorant and are stuck in these fables where lambs and sheep are slaughtered as an offering..
It is ok, it was the past, people still thought god was some big guy in the sky choosing favorites..
based on how many lambs we cut up and bled for him..
I am not buying it!
When I was three, and my dad would teach me all the church stuff (I come from a family of priests) I would question everything and say how dumb it was..they would beat me..ha h ahaaaaa
It is dumb..we couldn't take Communion when on our period because you know, Jesus body and blood were in the wine and bleeding women were unworthy..
or they are afraid of the blood..
for years I pondered on the why and the what fors..
I like chanting vibrational words, they help my mind be secure and poised..singing nice songs about his feels nice..
but when the only thing people have to worry about is if I am saved while they sneak around and do human stupid things them silly.."save your self",  I  said to one of a good person now because it helps you..not because god might be watching..

it was so fun..:)
now for some work :)

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Hello Good Morning

Video of the day!
Lawrence M Krauss, my favorite teacher:)
reality is liberating
Watch it if you want..I loved it! It is three minutes or so..

It is getting harder and harder for me to talk about astrology, yet I am drawn daily by my magnetic body and mind to what is going on that triggers all the reasons that astrology mentions..surely my three pound brain isn't forming reality for the whole world!
We still do not know the unknown but we are capable of knowing  more and I will make adjustments as needed. I am seeing something more awe inspiring than I have ever been capable of doing ever before.
I guess when you get to be my age, you get to get smarter..who has time to waste on fighting and  dumb delays, not me!
I think I am pretty smart. Libra "types" are usually pretty keen. They can be super stubborn and willful as younger people..secretly scheming to have their way no matter what and sometimes they have lost their way, sometimes they found someone Else's way for them and then allowed some to injure their already delicate soul by lingering too long hoping they would love them enough..
sometimes they are super content with flow
other times they can't get enough
especially if it is something good..
like a good Libra woman
with Capricorn moon
driving her forces deeply in to your direction
Mercury in Scorpio in regions with Jupiter and Neptune
icy gasses swirling some violent
yet swimming with compounded ideas wrapped in sulfurous gas and ice
like ideas are..

A good Libra woman is always ready to smile and sing a song for you and also say thank you because you love her so well  she is never sad about you..not ever!

Friday, October 17, 2014

skin care

tetrahydroxyldecyl ascorbate
Vitamin C

This form of vitamin c is made when we take plain old ascorbic acid and add four molecules of hydrogen peroxide..
it forms a completely stable skin treatment when diluted of course.
I have it here at 3% in carrier.

Does it feel raw or natural?
3% tetrahydroxyldecyl ascorbate (because a little more often is better than a whole lot at once here))
(able to get right inder the skin's layers to where collagen is made)
chia oil (omegas, anthocyanadins)
carrot oil (anti oxidant)
red raspberry seed ( all sorts of omegas and rich in natural ketones)
Anastasia's healthy aging blend with organic cranberry seed oil a powerful and super penetrative power player in this serum.
apply after every washing, just a little bit. 

We have plenty of balms and when we realize how useful this ingredient is in modern times, it is foolish to deny its potential..
When I was a younger woman soap maker, I refused to buy an electronic soap mixer, thinking that by stirring my cauldron I was making making magic..that idea worked  for that moment and I was making I want to take it further, always better, never not. Always adjusting to the mood of  my soapies and what they want..there is balance always!

So, I have been reading about this form of vitamin c which can mix with stable fatty acids and enter the skin's mitochondria and allow collagen to form along with hyleronic acid.
Both big players on how well your skin hangs on your face.
The older you get, you must deal with the skin..your beautiful glowing skin!

**I have customers locally who use my soap and various creams and they will come to me close and say, how happy they are with their face and butts!
I love your angel  butt!

The idea of using vitamin c may seem too far fetched only because we want to remain pure.
There have been studies on this material and it really does do something good.
It has taken me a long time to explore vitamin c and what it can do on the skin as well as internally.
Vitamin c has been noted in health health, brain and various stress related injuries include vitamin c as a healthy and useful nutrient.

This serum will come to you  in a 15 ml vial. use it sparingly  because it is expensive.:)
skin body mind shop

Thursday, October 16, 2014

love note to a wife

hufington post

Getting ready for the dark moon

it is a doozy
you have been planning
being in hiding
thinking about  what is best

 how do you treat people you say you love
do you cheat them somehow
do you even think about what they may be going through or is it all about you you you
do you serve your soul by always thinking things through
do you smile a least one time ten seconds after you wake up
just be okay with it

last week was rough for many
rougher for the small bald guy who would steal a vitamin and then return it for money so he can eat food at my store..already made food.
lost his house
got fired
and then got caught(finally) stealing the goods and then he did not even go outside this time, He just went right to the desk for his refund..he did it for weeks maybe even years.
How do I know he got fired?
" I got fired, lost my job.."
people tell me everything, I listen.
"why did you get fired?"
"I was convinced by my supervisor to take pay cut and she embezzled the extra money and we both got canned!"
"oh, so now you know that was the wrong thing."
"yea, but she tricked me?"
I was busy so I showed him an item and walked away.. "dumb ass", I thought to myself..
You know, because that always works so well for everyone who embezles!
thinking how low I saw him right then..poor guy!
And then he gets caught doing wrong again!
What I should have said was, "don't talk to me with your dumb ass dishonest reasons"
I didn't have to..the laws of cause and effect never make a mistake.
It is about numbers and patterns and one must know that when one is doing wrong, one gets caught eventually.

Regression to the means..raise your means and you do not have to lie and cheat to get a meal...
That is what the new moon shows me. I knew the lunar eclipse would be intense and it was. I know that the dark moon now, is strong in me and makes me see things..
If my stomach hurts and I feel  something in my gut, I do not deny that feeling!
I am always right about it too..yet..doubts may creep in..

Mercury in retrograde in Libra makes things vaguely challenging.

We are super fine honeys mine, we really are!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

a map of us

when you watch this you will be so so amazed!  Please watch!

blend of the day


lets us start with vetiver  and add labdanum
consider the duo and the add vanilla co2 and a drop benzoin

leave it be..go ahead in a few minutes and test the dark cloud of sweet goodness..see it driven before you
see you inside parts start to squirm and breathe heavily to accommodate the extra large molecules..

Now, we add some myrrh from Somalia where the air is dry and clean with tiny, tiny particles of silica from all the sand..the tiniest things many, so small..
make it stay but good
add Virginia cedarwood..and Australian is lovely, yea? They do a great job and have enough space and proper weather to allow a sandalwood tree or millions of them to thrive and flourish for years in peace..they take at least 20 years to produce usable trees.

let it be again while you mix your top notes

tangerine is nice
just a few drops and then of course, our beloved must..when there is this much labdanum, bergamot is a wonderful fit..I bought a really fresh one from eden and sunrose has beautiful citrus.

what about middle notes..and flowers? Yes! Any flower would be nice, not frangipani, not davana..davana goes with frankincense..oh man, that was a good one last year!

I will add this blend to an oil and a shea whip.
It is almost winter and whipped creams do best here.
I can't hardly wait to do that but today is still loaded with missions before any new whipping.
I have a very orderly way of making things.
Mercury is still retrograde and I love scheming about my life in oils!

Shea butter is so cool! I love it and love working it. For best results with shea butter, you should always temper the fat otherwise it will bead up. Same goes for cocoa butter cream, with vanilla and chocolate absolute..omg..I shall make that fresh to go!

Melt your cocoa butter
with your shea butter
low and slow, the clean vessel in hot water
let it stay that way for a few minutes
now put it in the freezer for about 15 minutes, depending, you have to keep checking otherwise it will cool too much and then you can't beat it.
Keep and eye on it..pull it right before it goes solid.

beat it until it is smooth and fluffy but not like should be thick..
add your carriers equaling to the amount of solid fats..
it will seem like it is a whole lot, but it isn't, plus, consider the hardness of cocoa butter..

I will add what I have here..sea buckthorn oil, og and og jojoba, organic olive oil, organic marula oil, organic baobab oil, organic pomegranate co2, carrot seed, red raspberry seed oil, organic cranberry seed oil and a drop organic black seed oil for protection against the winds.

have a good day

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

working on new blend for a goddess

red mandarin
black pepper
jasmine grand
jasmine sambac
rose de mai
white rose
sandalwood cedarwood
myrrh benzoin
Add this to organic jojoba and it is perfume!

What is it about black pepper that makes us so happy?
I want you to know how special this blend is and how I have been nurturing its glorius expression for months now.
This will be served in a simple one ounce amber vial. This will be a body tonic made with my totally awasome new healthy againg blend of oils..
including pomagranate co2 and carrot seed oil.

You see, I am not simply interested in perfume. I want each oil, each fatty acid to serve me and make it good!

It is expensive and worth every dollar, I know you are!
You can apply this all over and smell so so good.
Let us raise our disire up a notch..
Let us not be afraid to ask for more
Let us always know what we want

kings and peasants and the dead walkers

Most of the time kings stayed away from the masses which is why they rarely get plague.
Some of them did, but mostly the masses get hit with all sorts of little and big bugs..this makes you stronger in winter but this year with a bunch of pretty bad little whatever they are..maybe it is a good time to think about tonics and remedies.

black elderberry, take it
wellness formula
good fresh food untouched by other people
(this is important)
sex with strangers is bad and always has it is most important.
Do not soil your mind with Internet sexual thrills, it is also unhealthy..who are you Logan's Run?

So kings..heh!
They had all those things. Tonics, herbal unguents. They breathed in clean air and separated themselves as much as they could from the crowds..
The servants lived there..still though, it creeps in. One person at a time..then 40..then a million..and we are talking a big clean up here.
Should we be scared..of course, there is danger, you cannot bury your head or star gaze away a virus. You must be scared and smart..also, these TV doctors who say, "don't worry, you are just in panic."

"I am not in panic, I do  however, having read every Max Brooks book on zombies and of course my Walking Dead, on AMC, I understand how zombies get made and killed off and that is a virus..and that can spread like lightening while you accuse me of panic"
**sheepishly grinning**
I haven't had to say that. So far I am able to see both sides. A few years ago, a bunch of people died of cousin, Zhis,  who was a drug user, who knew? How long was that?
What was it, 10, 20  years? We watched as people died before us. Well, it was 30 years in the making..before any of it and then, bamm, spread like lightening.

Make your sword of knowledge sharp and ready.
Arm yourself with good health
know the response time of your activities

for gosh sakes do not skilled and smart.

(Rick, wanted to go back and kill them cannibals, he gets so pissed, I love that..**reference to walking dead*, he does! I love that, He is like a snake, striking..a scruffy deep set eyed snake.))
He was convinced by his crew that it was not a good idea, he listened.
He wants to make sure the world is safe for others.
I will review the first episode of the 5th season next time..They are all scruffy..except the baby. She is always clean.
I love you:)

Monday, October 13, 2014

the morning with papou

I spent the morning with my dad..we had to go pick up a rotor tiller from my brother's and it had to be today because it had to be tomorrow that he must till his little I went and drove him because my car is big in the back for such things.
I knew he would start talking about family matters so I directed him to his favorite subject and mine, is the best thing!
He begins with how much he enjoyed his latest novel on MacArthur..

"dad, I do not want to talk about MacArthur, I want to talk about the village in 1940..he was six then, my pa, was.
"I remember everything", he said..he always says that! Each time I get more details of his memories.
So the Italians arrived first and the the German soldiers..they had posted signs all over town saying that if you kill a soldier, they will kill 25 Greeks..They were posted everywhere so that there was no  doubt.
Four years of this, there came to be gorillas with guns in the hills and they would kill a soldier now and again and then they come through and they would kill anyone..My dad said that one time they killed three children and a young girl and my mom's dad. he was 32 years old and had nothing to do with any of it.
It was their rule and they could.

I  said, "dad that must have been so hard, where did you go, where did yia yia aspasia hide you?"
"she rushed us to the field and hid us in the hay stack..they also burned many houses when this happened. We ran away."

papou said that they came to the house after they killed those people and asked if her husband was here..
"no, he is in the fields working.", she said as she held on to her children, four of them.
When they searched the house and  found a book shelf and saw that my grandfather was indeed a soldier before their occupation, they torched the whole house. After that my grandfather took his family to Florina and hid them there. Papou said that villagers were the most to suffer..When they began to retreat, and as they left, they would take horses and anything which would help their journey home to their own broken country..right!


My father said that it was after that the political parties began their fight to see who would run Greece. The Right or the Left... the Communists took eighteen thousand children away from their mommas..some came back after ten years having learned skills. Their parents waited for them all that time and some came back ten years later having been taken at age 8. I asked papou, if they were able to fit in again..
"of course, we were so glad to see them!"


I wonder about where we are now and have to say how we have gotten way better. We do think more for ourselves now. We are way more sceptical and understand more about what we can have in life..
My parents, wanted a peaceful rich life..there is nothing wrong with that. I feel  that every time I walk in to my mom's home. It always smells like bread backing and today we shared home made sour kraut, a seasonal dish she always makes this time of year with fresh cabbage..

I kind of love that simplicity about my ma!

the next six months in astrology

Telepathy or what ever you call this mythology..all I know is, when you get past the typical personality types of astrology, you get to the math and the angles in space and it is mind boggling.
having had to learn the formulas years ago as I studied progressions and things which interested me, I can see that astrology teaches us, us! It is something to behold, really..and don't tell me about the logical factors..not everything is know that because you still have to live your life in the real coping with every detail of your it force and giving it attention in time. perhaps, you too, should change your mind.

Now for the next six months..
the zap zone, the crumbling, the real changes which must happen, you must change your mind and survive and be strong and good and not fuck people's lives with greed'and selfishness..
We all have them believe me. creepy greedy selfish motives..
I am not saying you should give up and hide somewhere..but at least take some elderberry extract daily from now until April..I am serial..okay?::))

Now for the next six months..
now is the next six months..
look either you relax a little and let things be what they are, begin every day with, " i am really good right here, right now"
 or freak out every time you have a little glitch in your life..and for goodness sakes, if Mercury in Retrograde teaches us anything is that we should not over spend during this time. Mercury in Libra Scorpio is just odd to begin with..beware of secret dealings and secret words against you especially since you might be being a twat right girls and specially religious fire girls are noted here..
I feel like it is a good time to lean on a Cancerain friend. they always have a lovely moment to share about your life. They listen, Cancerians do! I loves' them.

I could say a few brief words about each sign, yea?
Okay..Aries girls can do no wrong..
A Libra could fan that fire and glow light as a fluorescent gas
It is an amazing ... if the Libra can submit a bit..if not..oh man

Taurus is in a bit of an art cocoon..wait till they get to have a big are so lovely and so smart.
Scorpio, why let someone ride you so hard, honey. I think sometimes you should be told how amazing you are and always right too..ha ha ha. I love me a good Scorpio woman..

Gemini my are my heart, my gentle friend
your sweet smile to me
makes my day
always lovely
 I hold you dearly in my heart

My Sagittarius, you are far away from me..we always bow our heads to one another..
Sagittarius, have you been told once too often not to be so outspoken? It can lead to anger in others I suppose. also, think for yourself but be gentle about isn't a war.

Cancer  is quietly and stealthily gaining in on their  dreams by having more dreams than we ever thought.
I love them so much, my gentle sweet beings, always doing good, for every ones good. They make their own food..
dude..look how far you've come this year..if you have ever realized your potential , it is now. Review what you covet and remain true to
Yea, well, Pluto square Uranus and frikin square (a little bit square) in that Mercury retrograde business we are in the thick of it,
Get out of the muck and be clean..the things you desire may  need review. I am glad, you are so evolved and willing to change for your good and your loved is what we do as Cappy moons too..

Myself, and my two girls, we all have Moon in Capricorn ... Libra, me, and  my Aries-zilla and Cancer-tanker of about a dynamic trio!

Leo, take a break but make sure you are still actively working towards your perfection..what ever you love..make it you best thing always. Sleeping all day like a big cat, might just one day be your life passing by you..a year here, a month or two there..."oye, 50, sneaks up on you!"

Aquarius, these next six months wil be a reality check and a little relief...maybe you over reacted a little. Maybe it was time to move will be fine..make what you know best work for you.

Pisces, do I ever worry about you? Thank you for all the wisdom and telepathic flashes of insight. I know you are always there..for me and others like me. I bow at you feet.

Virgoan creature, sexy mind blowing hunkin smarty butt!
(Rick Grimes is a Virgoan!! "Rick!!")

Saturday, October 11, 2014

interesting times and wonderful friends neptune sqaure mars

I cried yesterday, the day before was a combination of Walking Dead intensity and the world..with their fucking burnings of "witches" in Tanzania the other day, yes 2014 and the burn people and also at the same time suffering from such ignorance that they harbor Ebola..
It makes me sad when we, the good ones, :) who want to live on this earth with out their poisons and their gods, we the good, want to live a long time with fruits every day and awesome learning..
Just very OM to all of it!
I gathered my wits around 9pm..I could still cry but I have things in perspective now. I realize that I have Neptune transiting my third house and of course, that is is Mars in Sagittarius and it is me me, being uber sensitive!
The ideas of third house opposite ninth house polarities being hit by a doozy of a square by Mars..
Mars square Neptune for everyone means art, yes, like fog on stone, beauty, poetry, a good story and a fine honest family..
Not what they are doing in many centuries must go by before they realize  their god doesn't care..not about the witches or the witch doctors that you can find in every village..
Leave them alone! They never bother anyone...or maybe they do, who cares, who knows?
I get sad..that is all..I cry because sometimes I feel every one's sorrow in the world. They hurt from so much and some have so little to begin with and others have so much..they stroll by with so much gold on them and so many fine linens and they likely spend thousands on fine perfumes..what ever that is..
phenoxy fuckers!
I should also cry about that! I won't.

I have been studying many wonderful things and I am half way through my mineral course on the evolution of is a recipe! I bet we are more nothing than we think and there are other big bubbles of time, but in what?
I do not know, but those dummies in Africa, at this moment, are suffering and still their god, isn't there..
One would think about this and ask, 'why"
ah, it is "a lesson"! You mean it is you are too scared of hell to say what you really think..:)
how can a soul burn? Your body, yes, but some  entity that exists outside of our laws of our physical realm, cannot be on the same terms that we isn't the is the known unknowns and its goal is  to do something to survive not make things, us, suffer..

Besides, think about your cells..each one, a group of atoms, choosing to form whatever they want, like an ear, a liver and your eyes.
Did you know that cells choose to be left handed or right handed? They choose the option! It is chemical and has everything to do what what happens from the beginning. The blast, the radiation background, the hydrogen, helium, lithium,, the stars, the minerals rocks made in stars, the volcanoes, the cooling, basalt, heat water from comets and whatnot crashing in to earth, the mineral spark of life with protein enzymes....when we break apart our cells, there are three tiny grains of sulfur, nickel and iron..interesting!!

If I cry today, it isn't because I am depressed. if I cry, it is because I love, I cry for other's suffering and ignorance, I  wish they can be better soon..
If I cry, it is because I have compassion and sympathy..and then my heart swells and water pours out of me and I am tired from it..awe..I am ok..

Neptune in Pisces square Mars in Sagittarius..
hidden enemy words

dirty filthy trollop off of craigs list
Sex with strangers at these times? Yuk, again, babe! Sorry!

vague money issues

evolving art
exploring the possibilities
learning the facts easily
allowing for dreamy yummy moments

crying for others

mystic musty maleness
sweet sassy mommas
delicious smelling lovers
illusive angst
delectable old whores

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Rose serum??

The Next Six Weeks The Aries Leap The Libra Sweep

In astrology, which by all accounts should not work but it does, which leads me to think about telepathy and what that is astrology, the next six weeks is crucial for a few very important tasks in our lives.

Obviously, the world needs to deal with the coming plague..
Obviously heads will roll what with the Capricorn influences and Saturn deep in Scorpio compelling us to  obviously and  always question every thing! Change what needs done!

When there is a lunar  eclipse like the power one we just had and are still having, one must review the next six week as a continuum of what the last six weeks produced.

Calm down and quit fighting all day for one thing..(I say that to my teens all the time.:)

Fight for the good life not strife and misjudgement. you lie to yourself and still you think people don't know..well they do know!

I know by now in this note, you are thinking I am talking about you, I am not. and yes, I am..and Myself.
When presenting yourself to others, do you automatically get competitive, like, "look what I can do and it is better that you.." It puts the other person that you attracted in the first place, it puts them in defense mode and then you get a stupid mob of silly thoughts in your brain making fizzy worthless stories...
Who cares what is better! I do cannot create magic if you are looking over some one Else's cauldron, you might burn your delicate potion..jeez.

If the Libra Aries polarity teaches us anything, it is patience and always transparency so you do not have to make shit up...
Aries is leading like a surgeon, Libra is willing here to submit to a better cleaner way by being cleaner, more directive, more assertive and certainly most adoring of Aries' skills! They have many!
Skill Zilla is what the are!

For all of us, this aspect plus the Uranus in Aries thing means many things, but one striking factor in my mind, is how many women who are Skill Zillas (Arian Fire Walkers) are showing up.
There is a turning point in work and the economy when for the next few years, women will take the lead in many areas of commerce and we will thrive..
Okay, now I want to sing, "when the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars...this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius..meow, meow, meow...
One thing we forget about them (Arian Fire Walkers,  is they need more love than most folks. Therefore they can be easy to manipulate based on this need..Libra too..
Also do not forget that this means for all of us because as we see this from our spot on earth, it effects all of us..

miss trust based on the past
sneaking around
being depressed over your desires not being met because all you do is play video games or watch TV when you get home..
spending your well earned money on carry out food
none of that now..

Issues to connect with would be;
your money
your leadership style
your abilities to attract goodness
your clean well lit home
forgiving the ones you keep close
making time to enrich your mind and body

I will always consider all my goodness and I attract all my best things. I attracted you right?


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

blood moon?

Because it is so big and lasts all night..can you imagine the force?
Yes, it is us, we are that force..right now we are in between some mighty huge magnets and we are also a magnet..dude!!

I want to tell you how much I love my earth and the reasons why I am here. Maybe not all the reasons but I am willing to submit to my best things..of course..
This is an intense time for some..words, spoken, manipulations, anger over god, always, the whole business may have you embroiled in some bad moods..

You will not get mad at God, you will not get mad at others for not being you..
you will question everything and do it with mild tones..
that is the secret..
Your tones mean so much!

"hey, are you working this egg here?"
"yea, thank you for asking."

"Why the ----ck is this egg here?"
"what do you mean, I am working it!!"

That was just one example of how we can create drama when it is unnecessary.
Still, it happens and you must know that by Saturday, you'll be all chill again and people's mood won't be as in your face..
They go through things..they manipulate, have too much pride and disdain for others, and maybe love you too much..more than you can bear..ha ha ha
They love you so much, they ask how long you'll be in the bath..or store..I have been there and maybe you are there now..
Focus on you and  how you can shine to others now. If you are doing wrong, a good lot will be exposed..Capricorn, Aries, Libra and Cancer..going on a big giant wave of good fortune and maybe some sorrow..
We all  want and are attracted to clean dynamic scenes with structure and good money coming in.
 Good money!!
The kind that propels the pulse of the world..good changes everything..
It allowed you to sit on a mountain while eating vegan delights that are served to you by a barefooted silky skinned  man or woman..the scent of the spices in you tea bringing peace and joy..
good money...
you have all the foods and oils you love
with clean tidy home and wonderful words from each person in your home..everyday showing you something new...

Have your own dream now..have one on me, will you?

Think of your future self in five years and what you  want then..
In the now of four years..
good money flowing to you
because the things you do make people happy and they want what you give
you always have more to give
your heart is open to forgive
forgive yourself
forgive me too
because baby, I love you..ahhhwooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Monday, October 6, 2014

soap menu for the full moon

It is upon us big time and when the moon is full we howl!

The shop is doing great, I took a little inventory and realize that I am so smart and so good that I like to start from less and build rather than always obsess about what I am needing to make based on my obsessions with sandalwood for example..

What oils do I have today and how can I explain them in a perfume..
I dare say it! perfume..all kinds of it.
I love aromatherapy and although I am just now exploring really layering( whatever that means), it is not limited to soapmaking.
I tend to drop things if they don't work, eventually, but soap making will never be one of those things..
Or having a need for a nice cream after my bath. Everyone says I have lovely skin. I know you do!

New Full Moon Made Old Whore will be made and her sultry goodness is brewing up as we read this. I do always have enough for the old whore!

 Oganic dried wormwood
sweet dark patchouli
organic vetiver. sri lanka
oakmoss absolute
rose de mai
petitgrain sur fluer
boogety boogety this and that

Take one, It is so Delicious!!

I am having a time of my life with coconut pulp co2 and chocolate!

Pumpkin Soap?

Harvert Moon
I love you
love what I do
missing you and your words to me
your true friendship from respect
fresh starts
becoming aware of attracting who you are
don't be is you
it has always been you

which chariot do you ride
the one that is you thinking for yourself
being proud and glorious yet always showing affection with your rich smile
your friend to all mentality
your wonderful creamy
languishing telepathic projections of joy

with cinnamon bark
pumpkin organic
harvest moon blend
for you and for me
a rich harvest soap cake

stand by....and for sure have a wonderful day!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Palaeos Life Through Deep Time

This is a picture of who are..and..what I get so excited about these days..

God is Dark Energy and Dark  Matter.

God is every cell in your mind having begun in  hydrogen.
time  continual
god is us
having been formed by real materials conjured up some hot hot hot way

water and heat hydrogen in a soup of dark matter and the pushing force, dark energy, we know nothing about..the original force that pushed it, continuing to propel itself even faster

It is just our beginning or will we collapse back in to ourselves and the whole thing squeezes all the stuff it made, all us us with that, boils it but good and bang...I starts everything again...

We do not know. I think this is the truth..

Which ever we we find our demise, blow up and whatever violent thing..I know it will be all of us..all..not the lamb sacrifices and long dresses and vestments..none of them are really right are they?
Here we are and come so far..we are on a blessed beautifully composed rock with life giving forces(real stuff, magnesium, calsium, silicon) perfectly made (another rant),

And they fill their lawn carpets with harmful chemicals so they can have grass.. perfect manicured gardens, thank you Round Up!
All of these substances are harmful to all living creatures, yet we continue to live by the law of some corporation which wants to control everything with their Round Up..(btw, one of the fastest selling products in Pakistan))..
They will argue that the science of genetically modified food is sound and has no danger what ever!
That might be true. Do not forget however, that every seed they modify comes inoculated with toxic heavy metals our bodies were not made to consume.
Every seed comes with Round Up! Born in it and do what they want it to fight some hungry bugs and control weeds. We used to eat dandilions! Go try eating them now! You won't!
Is the science still sound? Maybe..remember all the chemicals, heavy metals and harmful drugs go in to the same water you drink..the same water that has been here along with the dark energy and matter. We think it was here pretty early on..(so cool))

Will all of their harmful dumping in harm the universe? No,
Will it harm the delicate planet's life forms here? Oh yes..

depression has never been more talked about, sadness, people cheating and leaving their families for sexual happens more and more..


~~what ever it is, Maybe, you can change your mind..try it..what ever it is that bothering you..

can you say.."it is not my problem"

say it,
"it is not my problem"

Why immerse yourself in such small distress when you can say..

" I have my duties and that there, is not my problem"

Think about our creation..and our lives through deep time and what we old that trillions of years cannot be enough and  never explain it.

now say it..

"it is not my problem"

I have my wonderful duties
I do what I want
I do a great job, now
and I am always content with my decisions"

"it is not my problem"

Does it seem cold to you? Hurt your belly a little cuz you do not want to let go of that activity or person?
If something is making you sad, you still have to analyse the reasons. We are mostly sad because our desires are not fully met..

It is ok..sometimes you need to put things in to a clear doesn't mean you are cold and do not show affection, it means yo do not slobber over everything..ha ha ha
That is how plagues start!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Mercury Retrograde

It is randy and it is undercurrents of anger coming out.

 Us smart ones, had already changed what needed changed in order to survive and cope better with our humanity..
some did not, do not.. and, become crazy mad when you confront them.

What is working for you?

Too many words or hurt feelings, or a focused outlook with all the right intentions?


This morning, I woke up to a thick musty smell that was odd as I do not have anything made that is new in the shop and it smells like flowers..
Ha! I followed the scent trail...
The night blooming jasmine opened up its flowers and is scenting the whole house with is natural perfume. My lovely friend gave me a plant when summer stated. It is one of the simple  things in our life that we can just admire and be content for..
The flowers smell like an old book store which has energy on each book from each reader,
It has a scent of  fragrant jungle landscape and a little bit like India  and its wide array of stinky vibrant flowers..
Every time I inhale, I can almost feel each particle and its weight in my brain...

Mercury retrograde..when the anxious lies and the overwhelming emotion may get the best of lower types..they wait for a chance to make waves..

here is how you cope...
say nothing much
be always handy and clean
eat right
do not be a jealous, angry psycho obsessive sneaky fool..your true colors show.
remember that during mercury retrograde, less is best..less words mostly..less
you do not have to share every thought or every pain..some pains in the ass, gross others just takes a word and I am done!

Today, I will focus on my every task with attentive loving care..all my goodness and success unfolds easily and fulfillingly...

Friday, October 3, 2014

wrapping the head for god

So.. they would not hire a girl, a really pretty one  (Samantha Elauf) at Abercrombe and Fitch, because of her head wrap thing. She is taking them to the Supreme Court because of this..
It is a matter of principle that she gets to wear vestments  at work?
I call them  vestments because they are symbolic. At home they take that shit off.
Can you imagine some of those long black polyester coat things and how hot they must be when a woman is having a hot flash at the whole foods because she still has good taste in unguents and must get out of the house sometimes? They always have some dark  swarthy thin lipped fellow right behind them, lest they get seduced by someone or may hep, have a gaze at another man..or, object that might insult god..who watches that guy? That is the question, isn't it?

I would freak out! I run so hot anyhow.

Who is right?
Abercrombe, of course! Hey, you get freedom of your religion, one that hates infidels no worse than catholics , jews, different..sorry though, you cannot wear vestments at work..
Oh, so now, the indignation, the holy rights, the whatever really special rule that only applies to you and your god..
If it is my business, and I say, wear whatever you want, but these guys have a dress
Go work somewhere else! Take that thing off and be a woman..oh, wait, you can't because they will stone you, cut your head off and throw you in a ditch..and no amount of rhine stone on a shirt can make up for that..
Yea, so no, I don't like it!
And Samantha, go look for another job, not everything is about you..why the long fight?

Most likely they will settle out of court and give her what she wants..I hope she can be happy after that..but you know a long fight over something, really changes takes your joy away..
I know when I feel manipulated and lied to, I am not happy. Force brings hate..every time, it does!

When I think for myself, I am most happy. This way, all the goodness my mind can comprehend is at my disposal.

By the way, if you wrap your head all the time, you'll get dandruff and the you are back at the whole foods, looking for natural remedies and tea tree that what god wants?

I want riches for all
and great mind songs

Thursday, October 2, 2014

I love this blog

I am zirconium
through time and space
resilient and sturdy
until eternity

I am honestly rare and so obviously potent
please allow me a reprieve
by indulging  my display
 my conjuring of potions
always likelihood of goodness
like cake filled with creamy custard
a morsel of delicious bite of something
a smell of a bitter fruit flower so much so that it is sweetness envelopes
so much so that it makes you cry for it
so much so that you get it in your hands and it goes to your brain's control center
ah..a lovely wonderful day

a zirconian awareness

The Moon's in Capricorn and Mercury is conjunct Saturn

Seriously, could things get more serious?
It is cool. Some of us have to make adjustments in our lives at this moment, but making yourself clear is what it is all about..Mercury in Scorpio does not dick around, yo! It tells it like it is especially when Saturn is right on him with all his might.

I say, do not make waves with leadership but listen to them! Listen to them and help them to help you..
What is the best way to make someone love you more? Make him want to help you and he will love you..or she!

'anastasia, maybe you know, I had some cranial therapy and I still  feel awful!"
I looked at her and knew she was holding on to some thing from her past..
"I said, it is cool, but I am sensing gall bladder and adrenals..also your neck" I touched the spot right away of course, because I am awesome, she jumped and flinched. It made my stomach hurt..she is so angry and mistrusting of everything..I amaze myself some days!
I looked in deeply in the eyes, because I will not let her dictate bad feelings!
"you are fine, something was released and your scull will be need to let go of it"
She nodded..she knows, her own bitterness is draining her chi..chi not chia..ha ha haaaaa!

I am not touching her again..nothing personal.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

wildest india

it is on netflix

It is not anything like the meditative books we've read. To be at peace in such a violent and wild place seems like a nightmare to me, but, I am not exactly easy going, I know this!

Check it out, it is very good. I watched all five episodes..The last two are awesome!!
Here is what I got out of it..

All those people surviving like they always have and learned to by their parents, they do not worry about being depressed and getting to work on time and hating this or that. Fox News, CN fakin N and that doctor guy. They are always bringing things to our attention aren't they. things that do not matter!
Do you really think chia seeds will save you? You will eat them for a week and then have a fried egg on buttered toast. Why? Because it is going to be winter and your body instinctively goes for a little more fat.
I like a little fat on me. it holds my skin up..seriously, it does, otherwise I look like I am gaunt and tired..I know my body! I always have.

So, this shepard boy, all he does is go to hills and attends to the sheep, or goats, I think they were sheep. he has to sleep in bitter cold freezing outside for them because the snow leopard follows the sheep where ever they go.
It is crazy..I bet that boy is so tired by the end of the day, that he sleeps hard!
Give that boy a microwave now, and thank you for the infrastructure!
It will take a long time for the modern conveniences to reach some of the wild people of earth. Still in cave man times they are. It is so fascinating to watch these young and older men run through the jungle, barefooted and leaping around and on trees..I thought it was amazing..It made me think about how nice it is for me to just put on the gas and have a fire and how I do not have to work on the floor..and even making your own butter from goat's milk would be just so incomplete for me. I already know, that I don't know..
Does the cheese and butter making grandmother know what she does not know? Does she care?
They use these bags made of goat stomach..
That there takes time to clean and cure..
All day, they work with the seasons. They hunt pig when someone spotted one, they milk the goats, they take their wool..that is 10 sheep times 2 hours brush it out of each sheep with a device of some sort, like a brush.
How do they have time to watch Telly at the end of the day?
ha ha