Saturday, November 30, 2013

conjuring now while working through Mars in the solar 12th

I am driven by my thoughts
swishing thoughts
wavy ones
deeply painful ones
where I want more
it is so cleansing
the release, too many and death by swords
you can pour that  over a plate of "hey, thank you for helping me"
you can be the helper
and show who you are through all your words, your sparkly breath..light reflecting  off of  each particle..
this  making all your colors glimmer or you may be experiencing a dim glow
depending on how you use them, how you fan their fire
a dim glow lasts for etternity in some cases and big bold stars explode

xo :)

thank you

my wild friends and aquarians

the very gary show

Gary is so interesting, yes?
He makes me smile, I should give him a bar of soap!

today is a lucky scorpio day

We can't get away from Scorpio lately.
We have the Moon. Mercury, Saturn and the True Node.
That makes all Scorpios pretty, even if your moon is in Scorpio, it makes you prettier.
What? Don't believe me?
Look at any one of them and see how pretty they are and how they can feel and grieve and let go too..because of that, they are prettier.

The best things for this period
fixing it
working for it
getting it from others in a surprise
getting down with goodness
looking at the past
letting go of bad habits
or not
you could let it fester
be mad
be stupid
be glad of some one's suffering
that is not you
you do what needs done and get on with it

does it feel heavy, man?
yes, it does, some days too much, being that these periods sweep away debris..and that means people too. they must be set aside now, some of them do..You simply do not have time for too many new people in your day..
Look and see where you have Scorpio in your chart. there you will see where these energies are being propelled to and from really..
I have Scorpio in the tenth house..there is a whole lot going on with me and all the tenth house, parents, status, financial all tenth house..I can do it, I am well equipped to pursue clarity in these areas. is what it is..Que Serra Serra
or however you spell we all know my texting and spelling gets more wrong with the auto correct than I do all on my own!

Friday, November 29, 2013

let me be your ruler you can call me queen bee

the song is cute, I am sure you've heard it:)
see, I'm hip:)

What a bunch of emotional crap families can be! :)
You have the girls though, the they are  cute. nymphs so pretty with their hair tumbling down..they all take that time to fix the locks. me, tight pony tail, glorious as always! ha ha
I am like my mother in many ways but with all these women here, I see no reason to clean up after a big meal..I don't.. and they just do it, they clean up for yia yia and I get to eat little bites of greek thanksgiving food..there were many pitas, spinach and cheese, caramelized onion pita and feta for everyone!she also made delicious greek bread, blessed by her hands..I know how my mother is, she blesses her dough, just as I have always done with is a villager thing.
"mom, celery does not go in greek salad, seriously?"
"it doesn't"
lol, she is funny
The best desert bite was a cake with galatoburiko inside.. which seems to have been re baked in honey syrup and then you bite in to firm custard blew my mind.
I am like, "what is this a fried doughnut?"
I warmed them until they were tender and we ate them all...

galatoburiko is a firm cream custard often baked in fillo and honey lemon syrup..
what is my  problem with the custard lately?

what about raw cacao with vanilla right about now?
It is really big time with vanilla and winter isn't it?

Maybe I should have a black friday special..
you can see what is up with that there..
have a wonderful day:)
I will attend to my tasks with ease, focus, timely and smiling always..

Thursday, November 28, 2013

happiness on thanksgiving day 2013 because I love cranberry sauce

Doing a load of laundry as I prep the kitchen for a big day of eating. We'll go to my moms because she still insists on cooking her way so papou can can eat at the correct time..hahaha
I don't care, I'll eat at 12 and at 3 as I never really over eat on thanksgiving..I kind of eat what I want all the time and have been known to make such feast 4 times a month..
we love sweet potatoes here..
so I get to make salad, chat with my brother, laugh, be critiqued on my shoes, one of the boys looks like a hippie, the other one like a model..all of them and their mates and kids in one room.
I will be back by 2ish with all the food yia yia prepped for us to eat and then I'll languish on my sofa all the rest of the day..

that there is a fine way to spend a day with fams..say hello, love and hug them, talk about the brilliant "walking dead" with them or listen to their favorite well written show on telly..I still want to watch the dr who special..I haven't seen it yet..I am watching "star trek" goodness! Captain Kirk, an Aries, was intense...and Spock, dude, you want to come over, you sexy gorgeous man we can watch walking dead together..(spoiler) The governor is back!
He is still stunning! Nemoy is!
Life is good..
we do not put our anger (I don't feel any) on others
we let go of the past and that has nothing to do with these people who have always been mom, always compassionate and rich beyond measure and my dad, an Aries, still very sweet in a way, his favorite thing is give us money on such days..he is an Cancer Moon type..
I'll expect nothing less today...

I hope you also have a nice thanksgiving.
There are so many things to be thankful for (soap, money, job, faking smart kids, cute ones too, nice mom, nice dad, nice fakin nice bed, nice cotton sheets, nice lavender to spray on pillow, nice, lovely, you!):))
so many real raw emotions you may have  felt with someone..these things are connections from a gut level
release release
this is the way of human gut instinct and loyalty so that it isn't  not what someone else or some other social pattern  wants you to be, but what you really want, what you really know to be true..
accept that  and happiness thrives
push it to its limit and it dies
death hurts like a dirty..wait for it...Kali! And do you really at this moment want to walk on lava??
Go to the meadow, sit by some warm sunny spot where the ground is firm and holds you and you need nothing more than that. No more friends, no more lovers, no more money, because what you feel is real, this is real, your sadness and your happiness. It is who you are.

I love you and and am very thankful today:)
Taking a rest because Mars in Libra is on the chariot needs polished, my horses fed..I want a horse!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

venus pluto stand out

in Capricorn

Capricorns have been illusive and busy,  yes..but the rest of us have had a taste of Capricorn's medicine these last few months..
We are having to take our licks and step aside a little to see what passes us is funny how we are climbing none the less! That is the Capricorn way..
 As far as attitude goes, we  have the fake smile and the just right smile.
Can people detect the difference?
Not right away, but, eventually our "true colors" show.

 Venus and Pluto in Capricorn have been with us all week.
For some of us, it has been heavy learning. For other's obsessive compulsive behaviors.
Capricorn and Pluto together bring staunch and rigid rules to the forefront. Ego, and competition being highlighted. It can be intense jealousy..intense, misguided and fierce..
I have seen it first hand.
Can you accept an other's "just" place on this earth? You will accept or not. But perhaps, your idea of happiness must change or you have to let others have it their way..
Capricorn is about aging and growing at the same time. So is Pluto really..but Pluto brings the question of sexuality and satisfaction  right now..
What do I know? I am but an observer, capturing glimpses of matching dispositions and measuring that against past experiences..

For Scorpio, the change is dramatic..
For Capricorn, there is no question of their abilities, none..cappy can take the long road and know every stone along the way..I love that..I am at this moment grateful for my Capricorn Moon.
Cappy moon  is considered to be one the most difficult in astrology. Usually these folks have a rough childhood followed by better later part of their life..
Like I said, step aside and see what passes you and realize you are still climbing..
Everyone deserves to climb with you or pass if they need is cool either way, some look back at you and want to stay a while and then they are gone again..
Nothing is forever and every thing is!

I love you and thank you for reading my drivel:)

Sunday, November 24, 2013

soap at the end of 2013

remember when I said that soap is a dirty business?
it still is because there are low fuks lurking trying to get the edge even if they might even have an inkling that you might  get in their way..

I say must be my mars in Gemini. I sometimes spew out things  and do not understand why but they are needed to be said. My mom has that ability too. My gut instincts always, 100% of the time, get it right.

There is a local soap maker here who wants to get in our shop..she called me and I kind of scolded her.."why do you use synthetic scents?"
"what's the point then of making home made soap?"
two days later...
a local gal who buys soap from me, calls me on the phone..
"so I met that local gal at the hair dresser's and she said she is in all the stores and why not you, anastasia, why not you?"
my blood pressure!!
"dude, she uses synthetics, I don't give a crap about nag champa and neither should you!"
"did you tell your buyers not to bring her in?"
'no, but I would  certainly give her and  you the facts and not care if it sliced through some one's well presented synthetic soap, we already have a boat load of soap with artificial scents, look at indigo wild, the are beautiful and half fake. I did even not tell her that I make soap!"
she got quiet, I didn't..
"I cannot control what the common shopper wants to buy..but if you ask me how to help your baby's skin because it is on fire, I will help you, you will be back because even in the retail setting I can find something to help you right now..and no, I do not want quit what I am doing right now to sell soap to stores. i'd have to invest about 25 thousand dollars to convert the garage in to a proper work environment for soap making because I,  for sure, do not want to go drive to a building to do my , dare I say, art? Craft?
I am a solitary artist and I like it.
My soap is special and not meant for the masses. Sure, I'd  like to touch 888 people next year and the year after that of course..My soap is for people who love lingering oils on their body, one here, one there, all over earth, I want to serve a nice perfectly made soap nugget and know it is from me to you. It has nothing to do with retail and all to do with self actualization..
am I an idealistic lotus eater?
lotus, sweet, deep earthy green..yum

Lotus Eater Potion
dab on the third eye
and then every where else
for amazing ideas to flow
capture the useful ones let the rest  go
remove yourself from strife
be quiet
instinctively knowing what is next
doing your best
do what you love and do not  concern yourself with anyone else
you are fine right now

you are safe and warm and clean because there is always a nice potion nearby:)

white lotus absolute
one drop ambrette seed co2
jasmine sambac
jasmine grandifolium
one drop sandalwood rare
1/4 ounce beeswax
1/2 cup sweet fruity olive oil (organic if you can)

Saturday, November 23, 2013

lip balms

I do not make them.
I will make some now. My daughter wants one because she reads so much and she bites her lip while reading. I find my self doing the same thing when studying something. When cold air hits already tender skin, bamm, irritation!
It is winter here in Michigan and our skin is dryer than ever.
No more moist air all hot and heat and more closed windows! One cracked window can make a whole room cold!

The lip balm will be in a pot..I am not  about to fill little tube
I am thinking
vanilla and coconut oil. Something I wouldn't mind eating if it gets in my mouth...lip embellishment eventually gets in your mouth and then your throat..

so vanilla:)
vanilla coconut to begin with..then, if I want to, I will make more:)
maybe in,

I am spinning a new web
to trap my best thoughts
I will extract the electric  juice out them
I will instinctively know what is best
I am a stealthy huntress with infinitely powerful  intent:)

Friday, November 22, 2013

tobacco and patchouli

made this soap with  tobacco and patchouli
I added oakmoss, orange blossom and more patchouli on top of that..
If you were lucky enough to get one, nice one!!
There are only two left..they are so deeply wonderful!

the queen of swords and we are all a little curtailed aren't we

there is a bob dylan song that goes through a list of bad things that happened to a man and in the end he said, "lucky to be alive though"
being grateful isn't all its cracked out to be for some when they aren't in happiness mode..
every day life can be tedious
people in your face
waiting at the light
waiting behind a yia yia at the light
driving here
waiting in yet another line, to pay for food, to take home to your cave to finally not be in a line..

sometimes you get to where that every day routine makes you mean and grumpy..stop it!
who are you the queen of swords?
not getting her way and then lashing out as much as she can in order to prove that she is indeed worthy of goodness..?
We've all been there I am sure.
I look at the queen of swords as someone that can get angry and someone who may lack control of what she says in anger..words can hurt as much as a sword, do not forget that. Course you do..when you are in a  rage, anything can come out at that point..point is how are you going to control that pre-point phase?
I have learned to put up an easy defense point, lol,  by saying nothing time is now to say less, curtail your instincts to react..not everything needs to be justified by you or him, her or me..I mean mean really, isn't "let go" the epitome of that concept?

The queen of swords when paired with the tens or the tower, is about a woman who has shocking events surrounding her in her domain.
She may feel burdened and cold
the good thing is, she is correct and steady and can slice through some one elses changes in life on her grand ice sleigh of a throne..
 I see a lady
and a cold hearted killer if need be
I see a woman, light hair
who must curtail her drive to slice or wound
but to  find a way to glide over her life..using her sword as an anchor, leading her during hard turns..

what do you think of pearl powder? It is 80% calcium, you know from pearl?
poor little pearly creature!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

back in the day

I worked at whole foods market way back in the day on Stadium, in Ann Arbor.
We had what the store still considers the code or values..
We loved good food, an alternative life style, smoked weed and ate veggie burgers.
I worked prep foods and I had my eye on one of the fish guys..he was so fucking thick I wanted to grab him,  jump on him and take him down...but I always kept my distance. he would say things and smile at me, " hi, Ana";)
I'd be like, "hi Hank"))
Hank, was his name..Hank from the fish tank, moohaaaa:)
The direction he was in was towards the left of me in the store..I looked at that guy like a quincux..of some sort..which leads to my point about Aquarius and their squares and

Which makes me think that Aquarius is being lead in many directions..
grow up face the music live a life of drudgery and too much food, no sex or still have that, take a lover and feed your spirit, or move on and be on your own again..
Do not throw away your future because you are aching for something..and familiarity leads to contempt especially when there isn't much to share as far as mental  stimulation of any sort really..that can be said about anyone, even the great exciting new people you are surrounded by now..may become too boring and perhaps not worthy of you..sorry, but that may be true..or perhaps you are there now with your mate and he is cold and uncaring..
he will face the day too
when there is more to him and you
you who energizes the room and throws ideas like a space surfer..making space dust.

There is this to consider, do what is right, not what you want... for some..but what is right is not measured by social standards!  Not for Aquarius! There is a code, Aquarius has a strong moral fiber!
You must look at what you are willing to give up in order to move on. Is it too much to carry in the long run?
Get rid of it then.
Do you want another chance to find that perfect long term companion?
That means letting go of everything you've built to this moment.
You love nice things, the best things so I say look deeper for the deeper meaning of your happiness. It won't be anything you can talk about. You will find that everything you've built until now is who you are and you are creating an imprint at each moment..don't waste energy on hurts or jealousies..they are a form of self loathing and lead you away from real goodness and..if you move too fast today, you might regret the events after November..when  certain enthusiasms will fade dramatically..


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Jupiter in Cancer

i only mention it because i thought you should know Jupiter is in Cancer and yes it is great for loving your momma, your home and your bed..but it is also going to and has made some very significant connections with Pluto and Uranus..
It has been all or nothing for a while now..
Mercury being retrograde has sort of put us all in a lull after a big row with  someone or other..but that should not make us forget the next wave of energy.
it is innovative and honest for sure and if some of you have been waiting for a chance to shine and it has seemed like you are in a cocoon still transforming, well there is big change, big..
For sure you will have to act some how. you will be changing or someone you are near all the time is changing..maybe both of you.
Aries moon peeps, your emotions might propel you in to making bad decisions or should I say rash?
It is ok and it is what it is with Aries..I have to say, they are loyal when it counts!
Jupiter in Cancer makes us want to fix our home and make a home. For women the urges to make a nice home are strong during Jupiter in Cancer..I say women, it might be men too..I am a woman so I relate to what women want and need.
Ask, for what you want and say the truth..I know it may hurt someones feelings but if you say it nicely, they will get it..if you are mean and nasty, people will see it on your face..
there are genuine chemicals released during happiness which triggers eye can't fake that..people react to your my line of work, that is important..
And Jupiter in Cancer is also about work, and taking on more, proving your are worthy and enthusiastic about what you do..
It is a refection of who you are..everything you touch becomes energized with invisible electrons and whatnot!
I'll stop for now, for now...have a wonderful day:)

Monday, November 18, 2013

Mars In Virgo

It depends on where Mars is transiting in your chart..but think about key words for Mars and key words for Virgo

Well for Libra anything it is a challenge and a blessing.
There is the  thing that  you get to be in your head and away from the world.
you get to think of things that help people and your service to that is astounding.
You get to laugh at them too..Virgo vibes are  a bit impish!
You get to be a lotus who sits and day dreams things up
you get to clean and clean and clean..
you had better..
The Libra Mars transit is almost upon us and all through the spring and summer..back and forth it'll go..You'll be busy!
I want to really hone in one some good learning and growth opportunities with this Mars transit in Libra a commin'
Mars makes us bossy so we should watch our anger and our impatient air of self importance and Virgo men at this moment may be kind of mean and impatient..people do not dig it!
You aren't the only one suffering and they see your disdain on your face..that is some Virgo men..Virgo women, totally different, but do not even try to debate with one, she'll blow you out of the water with facts and it!
I love Virgo, what can I say!
I love their naughty side too. Virgo can wait forever for sex and then blow your mind! They are earthy and giving..Mix in a Leo type with Virgo and you have a creative idealist, perhaps obsessing on that one thing they cannot even go back and change! Stop!
Mars in Virgo is about hiding your anger..especially if you are Libra!
 For Virgo mixed with Aries, I think it may be quite interesting..big big changes and most of them easy and the man or woman you always wanted to be, is what I say!
Suppressing your arguments helps nothing..but it is sometimes better to say nothing and let things work themselves out..sometimes!

the not so sweet sweet roll and mars in Virgo, trasiting the solar 12 th house..libra sun libra rising

I got sick at work:)
They called the emergency guys for me and they wouldn't take me to the hospital because they said there was nothing vitals, were perfect he said..a bug
the flu
nux vomika
a digestive aid
Over a sweet roll and coffee and then toast with butter and about a mess of health!
I know, I ate a bunch of gluten a whole bunch, then I cam home and ate some toast with lingonberry jam I had bought while browsing at ikea..I shouldn't have gone, I had a bug up my ass about curtains! It made the day  rushed but it was ok and then the storms came..I ate the roll cold and as I recalled the package was way easy to open..
the thing is, the sugar, the coffee, the menopause, hot flashes make me nauseous..but this time I couldn't get up. The guy said, I am having an anxiety attack..ass hole, I was poisoned, I snapped at him..I thought he was a dick..I wanted them to carry me out..I am like planning for him..he probably thought, I was too bossy to be really sick!
"now, this is what we are going to do"
I walked out on my own...I thought someone should have carried me! :)
I am a very strong woman it would appear..I hadn't had my blood sugar checked in like ever..or my blood pressure..110/62
he said I had the flu or something..
I think I took something that was bad and my perfect stomach, wouldn't accept it..
That is a good thing in many ways and one reason I do not often take alcohol..a glass of wine is enough for a month for me..
I wish I could have a glass here and there!
I know now what happened and I will tell it!
I consumed lavender oil..not even a whole drop but when I poured two ounces in the container for soap, I splashed some on my mouth..I rinsed and thought nothing of it.It is lavender, and don't worry, I wear glasses when I make soap:)
It was the last thing that came out..a drop of lavender which refused to stay in my body, mixed with digestive made every cell in my body feel numb and electrified. I feel like I was tripping or that might be what tripping would be like..I was ready to give up..I am like what if I die at work?
My sweet Aries girl laughed, "you're not going to die"

Mars in Virgo

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Happy Full Moon Goodness!

Say it..say my
orange blossom
rose leaf
bitter orange
ground vanilla

Lustrous Gleaming


Saturday, November 16, 2013

the full moon in Taurus

 Full Moon is in Taurus..Sun in Scorpio

It is a time of repairing breaches which have left something of a gash in the structure.
Focus on your money, your love (r), yes, but not because you do not have enough. You always have enough.
Focus on yourself, become more stunning, eat better, do something for yourself..
If you get joy from cleaning up your place, like me, then stay home and do that..get rid of things that do not serve..they only sit there and collect dust and we all know that The Scorpio Taurus polarity love beauty, is very beautiful!

key words this next few days:
Who fixes what
who owns what
who owes what

good food
good focus with Mercury in Scorpio
beginnings of a long term relationship
the mind cutting through non essentials, Mercury in Scorpio
recognizing powers beyond our control, Saturn in Scorpio
taking care of yourself and all that is yours, Jupiter in Cancer
a passion for details, Mars in Virgo
what is the reality that gives rise to the world of appearances, Neptune in Pisces..I want that one!

buisness and pleasure

you know, I work for a store that already sells soap. I have to always separate my business of making money so I  can work with oils and also being out there in  retail, working, selling. talking about ingredients.
That there is the wonderful thing, ingredients. I will help people in so many ways today. I will show them the butter, the cheese, the cookies the ranch, the bullion and the tea and I will take them to bakery..and then I will do again some other way.
If  someone likes handmade or more  natural than shiny packages on a shelf, I will encourage them to melt some shea butter and simply mix it with jojoba, why not! Make a cream or scrub with that fine avocado oil  in your cart!

I love reading about other's compositions, be it food  or sweet stuff, or cheese and why wine has cherry notes or cacao tastes differently from Peru..
The Peruvians, btw, are giving us some fine coffee next year and what about maca, the best thing ever!!
If you aren't using maca yet, you should try a little.
If you are very active like me and need a mental lift, try maca and if you are over 40..especially, you, just go get a small bottle of maca  from Gaia, and take one a day for a week or two and then can also buy powder and make a tea with it...
plus it is wonderful for men and women..

How I wouldn't love to stay here and organize and clean this place up some more. I feel like the season is upon us and I am very very happy at this point and time in my life.
I have prepped for some fine soap making with what looks  to be the best time lord ever and also one of my favorites, lavender oakmoss..
How wonderful is lavender and oakmoss together!
How refreshing and mossy!
Should I add a drop violet? I have some.
Or a little bit clover? Some broom?
The moon is almost full, I have been gazing at her and I know, that I am more serene now than ever before. I do not know all the reasons. I am sure they  extend far beyond my earthly measurement, beyond my dreams of what I am and who god is and why, or what..
Some saints saw glimpses, creating ideas such as "free will" and looked for answers for human suffering..why suffer..but if you think about it, it is true, free will, self control, self awareness, mind control are all religions.
Isn't the an awesome Dr Who special coming up? DT will be there and so will Rose..I am so excited all of a sudden!

Oh my God  I don't have a clue
These paradoxes are hard to construe
My mind is blown I bet yours is too
Well I guess this is Doctor Who

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

I met a girl

No, I didn't kiss her, but I made her cry.
She was already on the brink and I said something..I forget what.
When she started to cry, I asked her what was the reason for her sadness? She said her asshole lawyer husband has been really mean to her these last few months..
"what is he an aries man"
She pulled her self together and as pulled away from me,
"I'm catholic"
I said, "so what? It is all sun worship anyhow, that is all religion is!"
"ok, his birthday on April 17th"
hah ha hahaaa
I was right!
She moved in a little closer again.
She stayed and listen to me and my ideas on how to pull herself together and not be a victim just because her man is freaking out inside and she can't see it. He thinks she isn't smart enough of course, she just wants to have money and stuff  and not work..hahahaa
What did I say to her to set her in tears?
I said that pain and agony are based on desire and not getting what we want..
desire leads to sadness, then low immune system and then too much cortisol in ones bod and then they are constantly looking of that pill, (natural) or potion, or feel calm and happy..
the drugs only work for some and they realized they literally change ones chemical we search for that perfect herbal tonic which uplifts and heals our shattered thoughts..
shattered, I said!
I also told her that the divine hand of God or whatever we are is beyond catholic rules on earth..
I am sick of it, yo!
How many people did they torture in the name of Jesus? How many people did they kill during the crusades?
If Jesus allowed himself to be tortured on a cross, how was he going to care about salvaging any piece of land on earth..I am absolutely certain that he would never ever have aprooved of killing other humans for him..I am certain, 100%!
Don't tell me he did it for our sins!
Because it didn't work!
Man is still in his very early stages of evolution..don't believe me?
Look at us 100 years ago..had we any idea we would be looking at each other on our phone while we talked and chatted up?
here we are..
She will come back, because I made her feel better, and she likes that better than drugs. I gave her theanine for her low self esteem, she already had rescue remedy in her cart..
You can look at someones cart and know them..all her stuff was for her and her least she had essential oils in her basket..even though she read on some Young Living website that she should take the clove oil internally!
Oye, with the food grade business!
One drop clove oil in tea?
I do not know if I like that..but I can be stubborn..still, I am not swallowing chamomile steeped in tea, yes..oil no..same with lavender!
Like I said, I am stubborn.

have a wonderful day..where everything is going your way
because you want less and do more for others and you smile and remain calm and serene at all times..I want that for me and I hope that for you :)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

the quiet

it has been quiet. It is like we are all getting ready for the long winter here in Michigan. It got cold, very very cold, hey, to me 22 degrees is faking cold, but, I have a really good coat this year.
I have been quiet, a little bit quiet, but that doesn't mean I am not conjuring up some glorious thing or two. My plan is this for yule, I offer my gift to the gods, the heavens, the cosmos, the ouranos of life, and the actual ouranos, the sky, the star, the cluster, the so, so far away...the speed at which dark matter propels me..I am but a spec on a spec of dust!

(soap I would make)

Blue Dust

Blue spruce
Black spruce
white spruce absolute
fir absolute
templin fir
german chamomile ( a drop or two)
vetiver for me and you:)

I would have our planets in mind of course..
How can I not make things which help me to understand Uranus square Pluto? Think about them as magnets or elastic magnets changing their speed and we are a part of the same force..of course if will effect us both physically and then emotionally..Ever get shaken up for no reason at no particular time? How do you know that Mercury hasn't just decided go go a little  slower?
How can I not make something influenced my Mercury retrograde or a quick little aspect from Venus when there is already  our  intense Pluto Uranus angle/vibe?
It is basic mythology but we are making is weird, and what do I  know but to reflect t his though fats and oils...I am a fatty!
Of course, I will meet others like me, others who love the profound meaning of oils, plants, rocks, gems and every other thing that can only be made in a star, like, gold, like silver, and Uranium too!

Uranus is a planet of extremes brings new ideas that jolt us in to action. sometimes it is better to let go than to fight, Uranus makes that happen. The truth is the truth but we humans cry and carry on about our extreme needs and desires..we want more than we need, that is for sure!
Take time for sanctuary, your second sanctuary!
Let's talk about palmaroa. she has been mostly set aside for fancy oils, or for lavender instead..but as in everything, now is her time to shine. She is calm and sweet and caring and she lets you be you, like when you take her to meet vetiver and lavender topped off with a little citrusy yuzu and pink grapefruit..

I made this blend for someone, a wonderful girl from Canada where the snows are deep:)xo
Course it had aged but when I opened the bottle I had mixed a couple of weeks ago, it blew me away! I had to add a little more vetiver because I wanted  to, and it made this palmarosa vetiver essential oil blend  even smoother than before.

Did you know vetiver is anti inflammatory and relaxes lower back beautifully. The truth is that  most muggles don't like it unless it is hidden. Then. they are like, "oh, you smell so good"

 I would say that second sanctuary soap and butter are like a fine perfume, with a fine fine tenacity and a crspy palmaroa dash of scent! Plamarosa is ruled by Venus so it is a healer in all matters of the heart. Magically, palmarosa can help to over come negative emotions and  attachments that prevent one from moving on..

second sanctuary

Monday, November 11, 2013

a bunch of women

I went to a baby shower yesterday. Me, in a room with 30 women and I didn't even offend anyone..I don't think so anyway:)
ha ha ha
I am like a big peasant woman sticking out everywhere I go..
I have gone through this phase before when I was a body builder and I had lost so much weight that I lost my breasts and my face started to look like I was a mix between Frankenstein and Dracula's wife..I didn't color my hair then because it was a rich red blond on its own but I had this white streak of hair through the back that stood of my boys inherited that. people would look at me oddly. My friends said it was all in my mind..:)
Sometimes people tell me I am pretty..I always feel shocked, like maybe they are lying to me to make me feel better about my witchy face.
The other day, an old friend stopped by and because she is shorter than I , she looked up at me and said, "you're so pretty"..
It must be because this is the best time in my whole life. It must be because I sleep with a clear conscience. I must be because I always have money for oils and it must be because I have satisfaction in my work. I love to cook..soap, pancakes and ideas..that makes me pretty dang happy and maybe that shows on my face because I smile a whole lot! (om trayam backum ya jamma he)"

So yea, I went and chatted and laughed. They were nice, all of them..I got to hold a wee baby (6 pounds) and he rolled over on me and looked up, he just starred at me and then he noticed me and smiled..
My whole body went warm and I was taken away by his stunning soul which I may have gotten a glimpse of during that split second of smile from him.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

let's talk mars in libra till august


That much fire in my sign Libra,  or maybe your Sun, Venus and Mercury and perhaps you might even have Jupiter or saturn in Libra! Take care now so that later you can chill out..
When Mars transits your Sun or Venus, the every day just became more intense.
I think the retrogrades will show where one should adjust one's trajectory and also I think it'll be awesome for so many reasons!
You have Pluto in Capricorn Square Uranus and it has been back and forth with extremes, now I must admit mars in Libra will come in a sweep things up! Libra can be cold and pretty much gets to the point..
Oh, you're tired and your mad or your hurt..let's sort through it!
If you are expecting for people to greet you with compassion and enthusiasm, they will but nothing is as it seems.
Virgo, next year you are going to become free of chains that have bound you for the last five years and more..I know you've been working at it and I hope that you continue with great achievements and more soap!
Libra, honey..too much honesty, yea? Focus on clarity and kindness. Others may see you as too aggressive at times.all charged up on electric life currents! Great time to work out and get your bod in better always look better naked anyhow..that there is true about every libra woman or man..
Scorpio, I am so sorry about a certain sadness in your  life.  It will teach you to make new adjustments as what  what you need and not just what you want. Making time for others may be more common next year with this Mars in Libra thing. Still, every disappointment leads to something better, especially for Scorpio, they are masters at precision..surgeons of life!
Aries, honey, this is a time to get it together and open your eyes as to what you really need and what you are really doing with your life. I know you are secretly winning and soon the world will see who you are, a major player with  excellent motor skills.
People want to follow you.
Taurus, good, you are alone for a minute..not for long..I think you will move closer to waht you love next year. You do not want to go, but you want
Cancer, your sex apeal is out of this too. I feel like you will change locations in your work.. nice one!
Gemini, your attention to detail and ability to make people feel comfy is what I love about you! Plus you are so pretty, so dang pretty!
Leo, finally, a wonderful opening, a meadow, where you can enjoy the warmth of the Sun on your back and glance at the statue of yourself in your mind. The mundane bores you, and even now, you quietly wait for the best opportunity to pounce on exactly what you want..
Sag, be sincere and everything is finally get to see how libra feels will show you that you are just as vulnerable as the rest of us..hard to believe and also true:)
Cappy, what are you a kid agian, learning new things being a child, open, like a sponge for the best things? Loving your family, doing noble things in your mind and in you physical life? Being a cook, a caretaker and a servant has many rewards when given with true awareness of is out of this world good!
What do I know, who am I a libra soapmaker woman with witchy cappy moon vibes?
Aquarius, new friends, new lovers,'ve changed! For the good. Some say aquarius gives too much to others rather than those they love..some say they are most kind and generous friends with an ability to go outside the lines.
Pisces, It is always hard to tell you about astrology. You know more than I could ever say, so I will let you tell me, show me and calm me down when I get all fired up, ready to swat someone with the end of my broom..or is that your awesome tail swating with a force that could only come from a deep swimmer of vast oceans..

Saturday, November 9, 2013

gays can't get married

but you take away someones gun, it all goes to hell in a jet plane, if there were a hell and a way to get there...

Let me tell you that I hate politics but the facts are the facts..they all suck!
If you want to treat your family with natural food and hunt for food which fewer and fewer Americans ever do, fine, put it away and why do you need an AK47?  
No no , now they want a gun for "protection" and then their 4 year old kid finds it, and tragic things happen!
Obama Care..dude! Leave us alone! WTF?
That is what I, an immigrant soap maker who has no say on paper.
I do not vote or take part in rallies.
They are "them" and I  am me!
I would rather go unnoticed than have the government inoculate me and my kids according to "the law"..but it is not that way, is it?
Who makes these rules? How come gays can't get married? Why is goodness and truth so confused?

Did you know which country hate Americas most?
Pakistan..something like 80% disapproval!
Why would those misguided humans, who have dancing boys for entertainment and probably abuse them to some degree, why would those humans opinion matter to us?
I do not know.
Maybe it is isn't about allies and hated enemies so much that it is we are not friends..why do we have to be enemies?
Because without the rare minerals which we mine from that country, and many other countries, China being the one which holds most control.. our i phones would not be possible..we need to be there and make friends and set ourselves up to take more.. Nearly every item with an on-off switch contains rare earths.
Europium is a phosphor that creates a bright red on an iPhone screen. Lanthanum is used in the new hybrid batteries..There are ten pounds of lanthanum in every new Prius..
( I love the I phone, by the way)
Do you still think we fight for freedom?
Why, if we cared so much did our government not get involved in Uganda when over 300, 000 people were hacked to death, did not really much happen? That was only 20 years or so ago..
I know right!

You want to provide people with health care and then charge them $1000 a month? seriously, that sucks..
Here, let the soapie tell it..

You take half the money you make bombs with, set up clinics where well educated people go to work and train, and make it free! Pay the doctors well, very well, but make it free!!! Make University, free, make smart humans who understand science and art and logic and physics, get books back, stop controlling women!
Stop arguing and spending money on whether gays can get married and stop jailing people who grow pot, when city mayors are smoking crack and drinking beyond control..stop spending money on stupid shit! Make health care free, pay the doctors and teachers the most money and Governors less..
So, if your beloved citizens want medical health care because they have cancer from your genetically modified food, or some other poison (think about all the lawn spraying every sumer) you spewed for whatever reason, if they want to get treatment, they should walk in and get the best..
Not some fat chick behind a desk being rude because she has to type something with her long pink nails and miffed because  she missed dr oz that day..ha ha ha..
I know you have dealt with someone like that..

So far, que no me gusta Afordable Care Act!

Friday, November 8, 2013

good morning and happy friday

Hello there:)
Everything is fine and we are getting through Mercury retrograde just fine..
yes, the overspending, the constant rush of human life filled with disappointments and sadness..for some...
yes, I know, I get it too sometimes!
I bust my ass and people drain my cup too.
Well, there is plenty in my cup, isn't there!
Maybe you have plenty in yours too. You just forgot, you panicked and you got your feelings hurt..

Who cares! I know I am already amazing! You are too and that is just the is the thing that Jesus talked about when he said to leave the things of the world out  in the world..
Now the magical life..the one where we share ideas  about awesome life and awesome living..that is here, in aromatherapy, with us!

We know that jasmine wakes something profound in us and we know that vetiver makes us think of earth and we know, that lavender heals us..there are a million reasons to use frankincense and myrrh and not just for christmas cheer, but for real medicine that heals our pain..emotional pain, get myrrh, get rose, get jasmine, body pain, get frankincense, get spike lavender, get tumeric:)eat the tumeric..
I love oils, I use them in my everyday anointing and scenting of my body.
You mix an essential oil with simple olive oil, and you are ready. That is all you need really,  but we love to go further and use more varieties of oils, like grapeseed and sesame, coconut..the list is long, I want them all organic and cold pressed.
Olive oil has been used since 800 is also rich enough in stearic acid that it absorbs essential oils beautifully.
When mixed with resinous oils, it takes on a thicker more velvety texture and when mixed with citrus, lighter, more lotion like..I do use beeswax which I buy from a local vendor..
I hope you get one of the new ones:)

art by

Monday, November 4, 2013

plump forgiveness

plump like when you press on your thighs and the spot springs back into place all smooth and plump like a fine round rump,:)

plump forgives
in my sight
plump having satisfying delights
like jasmine sambac on my arm
and a little boswella on my knees, both seratta and the other one..
they help me to bend and navigate..I can almost glide across vast places weather in my mind or a high tower..
It takes me a minute, but I get to it..can I say that I feel my own power?
I want the best things, and where my physical strength is at a slower pace now, I can use my will as my guide.
and I want that for you
thank you for coming and reading this:)

Sunday, November 3, 2013

vita mix

At 550.00, it is a little steep for one of these beauties. I want one or three! 
I like the fine grind that  I get in grains with this machine and certain difficult items like blending lemon balm with coconut oil until it becomes a sauce, a smooth cream with out any particulates. 
The girl that does demos for Vita Mix is so awesome. She is from Georgia and lives here with her two older kids, and they do her bidding. they are all so pretty! I mean her voice! Like a black swan, gliding effortlessly on water on a sunny day..
I only drink her samples..not that other dude's that came the last time....he looked like 70's porn star with his dyed black hair.. I wouldn't touch that guy's tortilla soup, like ever!  ha!:)
Every demo is the same..same recipe, same drink so that people can learn to do it fast and easy and it is good for you..I would want it for the grind on grains.
I like the lime, spinach kale thing and the frozen thing, which always hurts my nose. 
They have Vita Mix demos everywhere now. You could check it out. It is a nice way to get your body refreshed when you are achy. It perks you up.. mostly we should always eat good fresh raw food as snacks. If you need to eat cake so bad after a whole apple, go ahead. I love whole fruit, usually, but we are in modern times, if kale is something that I can use as a supplement  for good health and it tastes like nothing in a  drink, then why not?
I can eat 4 organic bananas in one day and an apple and an orange and then pass on heavy cakes for days! If there is a fried bread thing around, I will eat it and be ok with that! 

what should I eat?
eat an apple
but it has sugar
but an apple  has so much more
like pectin
like malic acid and 
like crisp juicy wetness in your mouth
eat two apples from here in Michigan, they are so good this year, you bite in to one  and it explodes flavor inwardly!

apple doughnuts

3 cups flour
2 fresh eggs
1 teaspoon butter
dash salt
2 table spoons raw sugar
1 teaspoon yeast
2 cups water, warmish..
1 golden apple, chopped finely
mix until it is a loose paste
add chai spice mix
or if you have only cinnamon, put that in
some vanilla if you like

now let that sit for an hour until it doubles in size
after that take a spoon and bring it back down and start adding flour (about a cup or so) and mix until you get a firm light dough
roll that out and make a square
cut in manageable nuggets which you will deep fry and dust with powdered sugar or nothing.. they are so good!
You can also bake this slowly and have it as a bread and butter snack! 
Doesn't that sound wonderful right now?

Saturday, November 2, 2013

13 followers and the original coven of ours lol

There are 13 followers at anastasia's ideas. There have been 13 followers for two years now.. but there are many, many visitors, not every day but more and more show up and read my
I love myth in astrology, what? lol And  I spell things wrong because my spell checker thinks for me and I spell wrongly because my fingers are too rough and fat for these gadgets!:0))
We are a coven, those of us here..I don't even know who you are but I want to tell you that, I know who you are. You love astrology love the emotional aspects of loving for real. You're hurting at times at the fuckers of the world who hurt and scheme and lie to satisfy their greed and in noble actions, their heinous jealousy, their hatred of each other and their compassion for human kind lost somewhere on a computer screen..
The modern world has its creation a hundred years, humans will travel to Enceledus( there is warm water under all the rock and ice on Enceledus) or see Titan up close, or like when The Doctor, my time lord, went to see the sapphire waterfalls and that creature got in the space shuttle and took peoples mind over by mimicking their thoughts and making them was invisible to the eye..some sort of parasite..but super fast and smart..
What? You think it is a crazy notion? Look at Candida..a bacteria living in us right now!
Maybe we should stay here and be agrarian again and stop trying to know space, we are so young in our evolution when you think about billions of years of continual  change and constant expansion..who knows what we will turn into in a million years? Humans have really been here only a million and half years, out of the 5 billion years that earth has been here..I know, it is so big!
One idea I have is when humans start to go to a star like a white dwarf and harness diamond energy from that deeply compressed carbon, and what ever else is in there we have yet to understand, then there will be an accelerated growth period of technology and new awareness of our species..what are we, who are and is something out there making all this happen or are some  just hoping there is?

The great saints and yogis knew of something greater, but couldn't describe it..hell being probably an exploding star somewhere which they dreamed of as the devil and bad suffering..if god were really what we wanted him to be, he would fix it so we didn't have adrenalin and testosterone coursing though our juicy meat suit, because that makes humans aggressive and the need to kill is modern times it gets illustrated in video games, and movies..
look at breaking bad and walking dead..survival is survival!

Speaking of which, I just saw the ending of Breaking show was so so good, so emotional and so on the spot when a family is living with a psychopath who "loves" is family..I have been there..some of you have too. Life is not sweet and perfect when your family or friend  is gone to the dark side. Me, I like things sweet and dandy. For others, a deeply intense growth period is underway as you read this...Pluto in Capricorn and all that, we speak of Mercury and then we forget that there is a deeper cause for misfortune and sadness) and a deeper root to success as a human because you are harnessing nobility, education and objective kindness toward people..
At my home right now, everything is quiet and yesterday we studied, and I got to learn about how diabetes was developed because of the ice age..which was beautifully illustrated by using ice wine as an example..
if a grape goes to freezing in it makes sugar and releases water weight..
the cold makes us  want to pee more and brings our sugars up..
eat more salad,  eat an apple and eat another one..they are so good right now!

Breaking Bad, yo! They all thought they could mess around with Walter but, he is too smart, and backed against a wall.. brilliant, Pisces, deep voiced, smart and dying already so he chose the dark side.
The myth is the same as in any other myth..
the fool
call to action
belly of the whale

or something like Joseph Campbell, he can tell better than me!

have a wonderful day, I love you, smile at me right now!!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Let's talk Mercury

Mercury goes retrograde three times a year. Are we going to freak out every time?
Live our life in an emergency and carry on as of we are falling apart, unhinging at any moment?
I know that Uranus in  Aries can bring extremes as well.  Extreme highs and lows and extreme body emotions.
It is too much some days, yes?
Not me!
Not you!
Look, there are many reasons to review your life and say you deserve better but when you cannot  be content, how are you going to feel like you have gotten what you deserve?

Mercury retrograde may cause intense jealousy ( a form of hate), intense greed and intense sexual does not mean this is good for you though.

What is good for you during a Mercury transit is, being logical, doing one thing at  a time like all the stuff you must do..
At my house that means a mountain of folding and much dusting and also sorting though bills and paperwork..
Soapmaking? Always a pleasure. Always!
Mercury gets our creative juices flowing beautifully so if you like to write to paint of dance, this is a grand time to scheme for aromatically artistic ventures for me and something nice for you:)

Mercury makes you repeat as needed.
learn now, and learn later but you will learn..
Hopefully you have set up a nice support system for your self..if not, if you are regretting every moment and hating every night..dude, maybe it is time to take something..not prosac, a lecture on mindfullness and right living.
You will never be happy expecting others to change for you and you will never be happy placing all your emotions on that person loving you the way you like  or that job being yours..I know this..every time I have wanted something too much, I failed and every time I love what I have now, I get more..
it is an easy format to now, be happy now..
Being mindful means you are aware of reality and love yourself. You really deserve to love yourself more..but if you have found yourself in a state where it is not enough, so  much so that you cannot be sated and you should take something for a stroll through a bookshop where you glance at titles on other humans ideas.. of how they  found happiness..through suffering and letting go of the past and filling their life with amazing development..

It seems like a nice concept, letting go of the past..but it is easier said than done! people have done shitty things to us..the faks, look we all make bad mistakes..I know I have:) more than my arrogant mind would admit to!
Time makes you forget so there is always that. Time makes you remember images of that time and then you might reconcile with  yourself that you did the right thing at that moment and that you must have had your reasons for making the  mistakes you've you feel guilt and shame and need some sort of justification for freaking out ..for women, it may be about "our" man cheating, or some gal taking our job because she is prettier or younger or has a nice ass..better vigina (lol):)..for men, it becomes more complex.
Not every guy is a high, noble thinker, some still function on instinct..and the male instinct is to have as many women as possible and spread his seed..
In modern times, it is relevant in every advertisement and selling point..young sexy woman, goes with everything..rugged big thigh ed man, goes with everything woman want..
big thighs mean and the ability to satisfy woman:)

What is needed to return to our innate freedom devoid of self is a spirit and willingness not to ‘do’ something but instead to surrender the doer and all that he or she is made of and possesses back into this unknown: the Buddha within and our true nature. This surrender or giving away requires a special human quality that makes surrender possible, called humility. The cultivation of humility allows us to slowly develop the ability to hand over this conceit of self in favour of something within that is greater than "me". That ‘something’ which is mysterious, great and unknowable that can never be dragged into the dualistic world to become a possession of the self, is the challenge we face and the essence of the spiritual dimension of our practice that unites the other pillars.

have a wonderous day you glorious creatures! It is windy here and very beatuful and windy..:)lol
I love you

You think this blog is about you, don't you, don't you?

99% of the time it is about should know that..who else is there, yo?