Monday, July 27, 2015

Witches Of East End

My kids are making fun of me because I'm watching that thing on Netflix!
Okay, yes it is  a silly little soap opera, i'm watching.

 Models, witches are models!

Well, then I'm a pagan soap making  astrologer atheist witch;)

I made green tea absolute soap with balsam fir, this afternoon. 
It looks like dark brew green tea and smells like yeast right now, like raw beer brewing...wonderful sweet, pointy,  but floral. I made it so rich that there might be a chance it's overdone. No, let us wait.

I passed by and tried to go beyond the gourmand ( if you want to call it that) to find the perfume here.
I want the balsam fir to remind me if a past memory.. A past life?
No, a future memory!

the ending of summer

It is almost August and that means four  weeks before the kids start school and  everyone is busy making money and spending and summer is almost over.
July is always a transition time but this year, I have felt it more than ever. Perhaps it is because I am more aware of time as I get older.

There are many projects that I have started that are going well and in aromatherapy, I feel that I am as always honoring this art form and allowing my mind to expand with ideas.

Soap made recently is a gorgeous coconut milk based soap with lime geranium and patchouli oils. Vetiver is in there and also frankincense in a few small drops..okay, more than few drops.
I typically do not love geranium oil but in July, I crave this wonderful healer.
lime geranium soap with vetiver and coconut milk

I am also in the middle of brewing some comfrey salve for an older man, whose wife loves me and always comes to me for potions. I love that about her.
I have given her sage and also wormwood.
I do have comfrey in the garden so I cut a few leaves and cleaned them and made sure they were dry before chopping them up and simmering them in unfiltered olive good and so fruity that you can almost spoon it...
I put wintergreen in the salve for myself and tested it. Nice. and I do think that little bit of salacilic acid helped some of the inflammation in my joints.
I know one has to use the root of comfrey in a proper salve, but right now leaves. I am going to leave that plant to flourish and use the root next year.
 I also have blood root that a friend gave me. People get excited to know about blood root but I do not feel like I know this ingredient too well at this time.
I will study up on blood root..
these salves I make privately are so satisfying to me. It feels like real healing on such a simple level.

I did make a pretty cool little soap bar with lavender though..kind of lavender, lime, kind of earthy, ocean breezes and midnight talks under a starry sky..

These will be very nicely priced and wonderfully bubbly in lather.
ocean breezes

Thursday, July 23, 2015

venus retrograde

Astrology is so weird.
Are we making this happen or is there a magnetic spiritual influence of our planets on us?
Yes and yes! I think...
I still study a little, look at Mystic's writing and Kim Falconer, she is pretty cool..Mystic is a philosopher witch if I ever saw one and as I was reading about Venus retrograde, all this stuff happened around me. Sure hurt feelings, sure.
People broke up suddenly or became closer. I do not know which. Some harnessed other's sadness for their own self absorbed aggrandizement.
"look at me, I am here for you because you are pretty and will bring me many friends and money"

Feelings got hurt and lies must have been exposed again to the one who can't stop living in their fantasy world of witches and dragons and rituals in church, temple and masque and our lady of sorrows.
Child of most parents would ask,
"Why is she crying momma?"

"She is crying because the world is bad and we are just here for a short time to be tested?"
"tested for what, ma, we fast and eat when we are supposed to and go to church for four hours on Sunday.."
She is actually crying because she watched as the priests burned women alive, it could have been her just as easily...Mary, I mean.
How about, "this world is only temporary, we are saved. for what happens after"?
I heard that one too many times.
God and Jesus say "Love one another while we sit back and watch everyone else be tortured in eternity." Wow, and half the world likes this? How are we not seeing this picture?
 I still get so appalled, and also remain focused on what is happening in my personal bubble and that maybe is is the same with our planets..our solar bubble must respond to this energy of a bunch of minds being rumbled and all that matter traveling through space sound but not..

Oh yes, Venus retrograde. On my behalf, of this scenario, I felt it in my stomach for days now
My adrenals are shaken and my last boy is going through his almost 16 jerk phase and being on my own, well, that makes it hard to push him where I want him...I mean physically, yes, I could take all my kids until recently! We all did martial arts.
That there is a whole other story but also related to Venus and what makes us feel secure, loved, taken care, thought of ..considered.
I guess it is a certain connection  with Venus and Saturn, I do not have the same desire to jump up and side kick my boy outside so he can cut the grass, I mean, he is a lazy one, that boy is! lol

I know when I get like this, I must respond with poise and grace..I do not..not always.:)
What am I a saint now?

Venus retrograde..
Let it go, you can not worry about other's idea of you. Now, with the internet, the web and being connected, we are more susceptible to many violations of our emotions.
I call them violations because it is like a lure which drives you and then once there, you find your self in the cage of un-satisfactions.
There are real things to consider.
Like tomorrow, real tomorrow and holding your head high because you rock the real way.
Which way?
That is all on you.
Calm, thoughtful and really focused.
Venus does what Venus does just as Earth is driven through space and  along with billions of other rocks..
are we special?

I think we are. There is an electrical force in us that cannot be destroyed, yes, but still, is that enough to conclude that there is a higher being directing all of this?
I cannot say yes. I lean towards something, but not a king who cares which meat is good and which one is bad..unless you consider that (is is said) humans taste a lot like pork..ohhhhh....

Sunday, July 19, 2015

let us begin to think now about geranium

yes, geranium is beautiful. When paired with a little lime and bergamot, it is heavenly!
I will pair with lime for sure in a refreshing new soap.
I will add some nice oils to this next batch because I want the finish to be extra soothing and actually do something for condition and soften.
I have also been craving a cocoa butter based cream but with a lotion like effect and I will add some of my best things like astaxanthin and green propolis which is red because of the astaxanthin.
This cream will be gentle and vanilla based because cocoa butter must be vanilla laden. Every other oil interferes with its chocolate like scent.

I also have conditioning oils to add to that and I must say..this..."Mr. Kiel, my version will be cleaner since we cannot get a clear idea of what you put in yours except for a vague reference to beta carotene!"
I am always super surprised when I see prices for some of these items at the store. $80.00? Really?

ingredients in Anastasia's cream:
cocoa butter
shea butter
rose hip seed oil
sesame oil
avocado oil
a wee bit of beeswax
natural tocopherols from sunflower seed oil
vanilla co2
my excellent hand at making creams!

I hope that if you have dry skin and really like a nice thick over the top emolient cream, this is for you!

Friday, July 17, 2015

My Mom

She likes to crush me.:)lol

My yard is too wild and I still have not burned the shrubbery from the tree cutting.
It is too hot to make a fire and a pile of twigs can wait. That  is my reason and I told her that.
"why don't you throw away all that junk in there?" as she glanced in the garage.
"it is all there for a reason mamma" I did not know what junk she was revering to because she is the kind of woman when last week she painted her garage floor! She is so powerful that she gets minions to do it for her! Everything is wiped down or covered.
My feelings were already crushed. She did not praise me one again!
Just that I am too concerned about saving things.
It is not true. I am saving the wood to burn because I need it for the compost pile and we are not just going to throw away all the shelves she thinks are not white enough because they are holding things like tools and such. No, we are not going to Sears to get a fancy red tool rack for 500 dollars..
Then, I had a visitor who wanted to see my garden! I was already feeling kind of lazy and unkempt (as if) and he is talking about painting his trellises and building things!
I was so glad to see them all go home. :)
Me? Lazy?
A little bit. I like a nice Netflix hour or two. I work hard hard and my kids all go to school or work. We are busy.  Yia yia and Papou like to paint garage floors!
I have a half mind to go clear out the bad weed trees right now and replace them with hostas and day lilies which  would have a plastic liner under them and fake pebbles around them..LOL
I need me some minions!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Good Day Sunshine

I hope you are well and happy as you read this.

Some of you may have already tried the salty tea tree soap I made and right, it is a respectable hand wash, remains firm and doesn't melt real quick. I'll wash my face with it any time.

It is salt of course!
In that one, the pink Himalayan, although I do like all the salts.
Right now I'm using a Sicilian crunch salt in my cooking! Excellent taste! 

For body, I love a nice patchouli soap.
I have been vehemently working on this old whore batch already having invested in  very nice oils for her.
And now with one drop oppanax, she stays on you a little longer.
I have enough to make one more really nice batch of soap with her and then a bunch of creams.
She'll be like old shalamar or something old from the past when they used real oils fromfar away places.
I love oils. I love a base of patchouli and vetiver.
What is it about chypre? 
Is it oakmoss? Is it labdanum?
( that is what Greece should look at and maybe grow it on other islands besides Cyprus.)) labdanum is wonderful.

I don't know.
 I do know, I love perfume ( the real thing) and I feel I am invested in a life long explosion of knowledge.

What do you think of that logo look?
I kind of like it even though it is a big change from my more feminine side.
Don't worry, I still like girls on the soap lable  because images invoke vibrations and I want you to remember me and love me:)
New soap this week?
I am almost out of the she wolf soap with  old whore plus geranium palmarosa and frankincense and propolis which is soothing and quite healing on damaged skin.
(We're all a little damaged)

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

our solar system is a vortex

Pluto is so too a planet:)

Just wow!

We should all rejoice at how smart we are as humans not cavemen who practice human sacrifice to appease the gods.

Look at us, we have gone to Pluto. It took 9 years and the space craft arrived!
Tomorrow there will be more pictures which will stream data to us so that we can see our dear friend from far away. Look how he sees Jupiter and Saturn from where he is at in the first video!

Soon, New Horizons will leave our solar system and go out in outer space. Humans are explorers! Remember about 10 thousand years ago when they thought the Earth was flat and the turtle held her and Persephone had to die for half the year and Jesus suffered and redeems...because of a mystical place in a mystical dimension..where we might be mystically saved from a mystical dragon only if we eat the right foods and wear special clothing so the mystical leader can notice us as one of the mystically chosen?

No..I mean, yes!

It is really mathematics and our understanding of our place in the real universe which is real babies., and if you tell me Evolution is not real and it is all fake this space stuff,
 Your phone, computer, even your GPS in the car is run through a space object outside of earth out in space..there, Evolution!
And now, here's Pluto!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Summertime Old Whore Smaller Cuts

As always, so easy to love.

Neem Soaps

Calendula Jewelweed Neem Soap
 That sweet  lovely right there? Nice one, right?

 Great after a dirty work out. I'm talking hot day, you've worked so hard. Now a shower!

Fresh and dried organic calendula petals, organic jewelweed extract in olive oil,  loads of neem,  argan oil, og coconut oil, organic lemon grass and litsea cubeba.
"Lemongrass", you might ask?
Well, it isn't always about me is it?
Lemon grass is very strong as a killer of all sorts of baddies and at the same time, refreshing, piquant, clean!
I ground the dried flowers extra powdery so that they will not float in specs all over the place!
On sale at eleneetha's.

Neem Dream with Himalayan Pink Salt, loads of neem oil, guess what?
Tea tree oil and more pink salt with a splash  of organic spearmint oil and organic argan oil.  
Cooling, great on oily skin and men will love it!

Don't worry,I did make something for me and you if you like babe.. I will also offer a smaller more reasonable cut of the block...  
A new 2015 Summertime Whore:)
I put my ideas to the test and the experiments with oakmoss and labdanum, patchouli  and more, continue to inspire me.

I shall go ahead and slice a few bars.
See you soon

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Om mani pad me hum

"Do you believe in fate?",
Asked girl in the produce area.
"No, Ibelieve in   the law of the universe,
The law of attraction that whatever you do say or think makes for your destiny and fate."
That for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction."
"Ah, I asked your daughter the same thing."
"And what did she say?"
"The same thing :))

Is it some thing mystical or something we constantly change?
"Are we actually destined to be with someone because of a cosmic influence?
And everything that happens to us is meant to be?
Why suffer because someone gets to have fate with you? If a person always says to you, " I don't know, I must be a bad person"
Believe is their mantra.their brain is electrified by those thoughts.
You shouldn't think your love can save them. Save yourself!
You will think!
You will rely on your intuition. You will be kind and friend to all.
You will say words that help you grow and not some bullshit! Read books and have thoughts..real ones like, I will do this now and be tidy.
And yes, there is a blessing in not saying a word about some random good thing you may have day at least...
If not, you could find yourself at a loss on some level... 

Maha deva shambo

Saturday, July 4, 2015

what is next in soap

I am thinking a balsamic basil soap? Like basil from the garden ground up and then mixed in a soap bar with balsamic vinegar and honey.
Too Gourmand?

I wonder how it would be. I have used vinegar in a soap bar and the fumes are not so wonderful. But, I had great reviews on that shampoo bar. I am about to harvest calendula flowers for a vibrant lemongrass jasmine soap coming up. We will see what  other wondrous things arise from my creative soap mind.
I hope you are well and happy as you read this and enjoy this day!

Friday, July 3, 2015

good writing bad writing laudanum vs labdanum mhooahhhhhahhhh

I am a nerd. I always thought I wasn't, but it turns out that I am.
Why, am I a nerd and you're not and we get along so well, is beyond my reasoning.
I like art and scent and yes, I still like astrology and the minds idea of inner vs. outer light, continually traveling through space and never going backwards..

I will never wear a bathing suit again and I haven't worn shorts since 1991. :) Only and I say only, if I were on a cruse with Daryl that I would have to wear swimming trunks and they would sexy and express my fitness at my age and also demure style.
That is just it. I see women all day who have had work done. I can always tell, always.
"what did you do to your lips, that Kylee thing where you suck them plump?"
Chubby 40ish;
", it is a new lip liner and a plumping lipstick..:))"

deep in my thoughts, I say to myself..

"Oye, really?"
 Just say, "yea, I had my lips injected, what do you think?" "I think it looks like you have been sucking dicks all day and one of them had cayenne pepper massage oil on it, because them lips is swollen."

What I actually said was,
 "oh, wow."

It looks like like skin pulled or stretched every time.
 I will get old and feel it the right way, before our humanity forgets all the simple things like a real tomato and a real musky man grabbing you and saying things. That is why some ladies have it done so that that sexiness remains like it was when you were thirty. You are not  thirty.
The things you find precious are all that you are. You carry who you are and have been.

All the rest seems a waste of my precious time and money. All those procedures cost thousands. Seems like some yoga and a back rub would make one feel pretty good about themselves. Also, I understand that a woman should look good and if that is her way then who am I?
I am someone who isn't afraid to get old.
I love to get my hands in the dirt.
I love to make excellent food, well prepared and thought out, according to their nutritive value..
( Nerd)
I love a smart person.
I love to laugh and I laugh all day.
I make excellent soap.
 I make beautiful body creams.
I like a clean place.
I love you!

Now, about the lauanum..omg, freeking google and my ability  to overlook details on a screen leads to some really entertaining mistakes..why????


Thursday, July 2, 2015

labdanum and harnessing happiness

Three things as I honor the full Moon's  reflection with our mother Star. I loves her!

Labdanum, a french guy's and so fine, I have been using it for years.
Excellent skin care and excellent immune builder labdanum is.
Ancient Cyprians ate it and mashed it with honey for all sorts of ailments.
I love it and have loved it for years. I should say her! She is like a good Scorpio woman and something that sinks in to your heart. Each atom simply knowing how to form in to molecules and all of them grouping together in such a simple way, in a plant to form complex vibrational activity.
I mean wow! Why not harness that?
Why not reflect and forgive your past unfortunates?
Why not do something else mind expanding  and be happy?
Why not think big numbers in happiness?
How about let us attend my little brain cells, mouths open and fervent, all vibrant and energetic..:)

I will say to my hearts goddess that you will be clean and strong like Freya
You will be fit and core ready like Athena.
You will be soft and open to choices and best results for a higher happiness like Shreem...
Om Hreem sur suriaya namaha...

Labdanum Patchouli

Labdanum Tunisian Neroli

Labdanum Frankincense
It is happening right now, at my shop.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

I cut a tree

What a mess! I will take each branch and make sure it is relatively straight and I will continue to make my home made trellis for a wisteria vine. I hope that she gets nice and comfy in that corner. It is such a pretty flower. I have been working my behind out there and afterwards I have been sitting down and resting and listening to people around me, my kids, my mom, my we sweet grandchildren..oh yes, I have them, it changes you! That there is what we are made for. To touch our young one's hearts and make them know we love them.
One of my boys wrote a book. What a sweetheart! He came in to our home at age 15 and hasn't left. I say he is mine.
By, John Peponis
It is a book about the meaning of living and fonts and how we perceive our world.
What else would a young genius think about?

The birds started singing at 4:30 and some of us wake up with nature. It was like that in Costa Rica for me. The wild life starts early. I am a little wild.:)
The hippie girl whose house I lived in there said the monkeys were like saints and we must serve them. She always had bananas for them. Poor things, so much development that they have less and less space to live. Oh they will come over and visit, eat and allow the exchange of a glance or two but they don't stay long.
Monkeys, birds, us!
Oh, speaking of development..if you didn't know what is up with that in Costa Rica..
see, a bunch of really wealthy people went there and bought thousands of acres to build on. Beautiful homes with Viking stoves and everything awesome..
Oh, wait! Not enough water. There is  not enough water to house that many homes using so much.
Then they all fight over the spring.
The farmer who owns the land which the spring is on,  is in a dangerous position but she, he ( I saw both there) will hold firm because there is "not" enough water. So then, the homes, they stay empty, the first few and for years on and on.
They will have talks about desalinization and I say, what does that do to our oceans? I mean yes you put the salt back but then it is more concentrated in the ocean since you too the volume of water out for your self and just put the salt back..
back and forth the go at it..

Just stop and live clean.
At least try. what do we need lawn carpets for and why can they be wild grass so that we don't dump chemicals in the same water we drink?
Because people are dumb, that is why!LOL
No, we like things to be orderly and easy.
Yesterday,  I saw my dad with a bucket and some tool to pull out dandelions.:)))
who cares, Papou!"
Papou cares for that lawn so much. He has one breed of grass and just down the road a few miles where Livonia is still a little more woodsy, there is my lawn, with many many types of grass.
I love the clovers! Most of my neighbors do not spray their lawns. It is nice to smell flowers and trees and not some chemical.

Oh, the tree shrub I am still cutting down, that is where the earth oven will go. It will look nice and not some dumpy mud thing. I am going to do this one thing at a time and love every second. I bet I can get the Raw Food guy from Detroit to take me to places where I can find bricks..
I am so excited!
I have to hold my self back and do one thing at a time..first clear the area, then get the cinder blocks and sand..then make the dome and let it dry and then the bricks over that!

In Soapmaking, I will now make the jewelweed soap with lavender frankincense and tea tree oil for itching. Also a plain lavender soap and not too many because as you know, my thing is deep base kind of oils and that is what my customers love. Still, though, I must serve some citrus so I will make a lime geranium soap as well. We will see.
I am thinking it through before I prep for that. There is enough jewelweed for one more extraction in  olive oil for my vegan friends..dude, beeswax is nice.
Finally, I am down to one proper old whore bar and the wormwood and I are patiently waiting for my patchouli to arrive from Sunrose. it is one of the finest I have ever had!
Have a wonderful day.