Tuesday, July 30, 2013

fresh royal jelly facial

I table spoon borage oil
1 tablespoon royal jelly

gently whip and apply to face and neck
gently roll on your skin and then rinse with water and pat dry

I let mine stay on for twenty minutes. I feels good. The royal jelly drys a little on the surface of your skin and I can feel it pulling as if my skin is taking some of the vitamins and healthy nutrient from the bee.

 The Borage keeps it from getting too firm. I am about to rinse...

Next time I'll do it with some lavender drops..I just wanted nothing to start with. To see if I like it. Or maybe just rose..

I used Stakich Royal Jelly because he is local, but you can buy royal jelly at any nice health food store..

Have a wonderful day:)

people are massively crazy

Humans are so nuts. No, not the the artists and the dreamers and the well spoken, no, the masses.
they get an amazing gift like precious essential oils and what do they want to do?
Fine, ingest a drop oil. make a special dark chocolate with rose for your lover on a special day. In cooking however, you must remember that one geranium leaf , not oil, will  be all the flavor you'll ever need.
One drop of lemon is nice, peppermint, sure, but start a trend and I get worried. Isolate a ketone and eat it. Go ahead and eat it, I mean it might make your belly flat. Mostly hack squats will trim your core and  not the ketone.
I am like, in my mind yo, :) "I am like, why would you waste a perfectly amazing sensual experience of the mind, the brain, inside your nostrils, behind your eyes lies the madula, the pineal, areas of energy which are so profound?"
So you would rather have this amazing thing that is made to go through your brain in microscopic waves of light and you would rather have it go through your small intestine where the components have to fight to get to where they need to be?
Libra Balance in me says to be fair to the plants
I do not know why but I feel like it is crazy on the one hand, wasteful and overindulgent, and on the other hand, one drop lime in something wouldn't be too crazy.But start a factory bottling mastic gum or frankincense gum capsules, I get a little miffed!
Being in retail, I get to see what the masses will automatically buy or turn to.
I think to myself when they ask about krill oil,  which my company will not sell because they at least care about whales a little, but I wonder, how people can be so selfish, as to take all the krill from the whales because some dumb bearded doctor on tv, said  it was better than any other thing for joint pain and brain health. He didn't say go and eat a little red algae for astaxanthin because krill have more astaxanthin than you will even need in one lifetime.
 One lady, one of many Dr Oz fans, came every week and bought whatever that guy would say to buy and I was like, fine, she wants to try garcinia, I will  sell to her. Later, I found out she would return each thing to try another item. She is still overweight. Why?  Because she eats too much or takes too many capsules  of materials made to be gathered (work)not massively produced (stagnancy).
I always tell them, that we also have real tamarind fruit in produce, try one, it is tangy and makes you just as thin. I think you can go to any Asian area in any grocery and find tamarind paste.
 In Costa Rica, they take the fruit when ripe, it gets all gooey and think in its pod right on the tree, they peel the fruit,  pour hot water on the cleaned fruit and that separates the fruit  from the seed,  and then they take out the seeds and put the fruit in a blender with more water and cane sugar and the blend and drink that on a hot day. which is most days in the jungle.
We're too busy to peel our own tamarind! :)))

Sunday, July 28, 2013

friends for life

I make friends for life and sure I've had separations which have lasted lifetimes with some..
ok, one or two:)
Right! You cannot hang on to hurtin' types all your life. But..for the most part I would say that 99%  of my circle of lifetime friends are loyal loved ones no matter what. Even if years go by, we can call one another and talk as if it were yesterday.
I accept them all with their quirky ways and here is the best part, they accept me the way I am.
 I am intense, emotional, high energy and have a mouth..a big one sometimes! Maybe we are all like those plants in the picture, all super special but not all equal..take cilantro  already going to seed with its flowers so feathery and so very shallowly rooted that you can pluck it with very little effort. Take the calendulas, they are so sweet, they open during the day and then close themselves up at night to protect the beautiful flowers, oh so soft and fragrant. I just want to hold them to my face and smell. I can't remember smelling such a fine fragrance from a flower in a long time. The flowers of calendula make you shine from within, clear your mind, and help your eyes with you eat them. I should make a tincture in August!
I want to be the vine....

Three Days 

I made some soap:) Here is the dirty truth before labels. I can't hardly wait to cut the one in the middle, just like a good Libra woman would!
at the top we have a soap with coconut milk and fresh lime oil.  Very nice, a gorgeous citrus coming through and the coconut milk, makes for a dense long lasting bar..I should make that one more often.

In the middle,
an interesting sweet orange ylang ylang with some other heady helpers to hold the volatility of the organic orange oil down... such as,  peru balsam, tonka, patchouli and yummy labdanum.

 Lemony Lemon Balm Soap with organic rose hydrosol

Saturday, July 27, 2013

during the crusades

When rich warriors went over seas to the east to kill  people for "the cross" and then burn steel and pillage and for sure rape the women, those guys were there for years with thousands of soldiers, you don't think in four years they would have picked up customs and ideas and brought them home?
I'm sure that it felt like witchcraft to the peasants to see acid melting metal and creating vapors. Funny thing is,  even the most simplest man liked and accepted  cinnamon and the amazing scent of oranges or bananas. Foods, before they were genetically modified, oh, and spices and resins before pollution from airplanes and bombs having settled on everything. Even in my time as a child in Northern Greece, an orange was a really special treat...
I love to eat an orange and a banana together..you get juicy wet volatile perfume from the orange and then the creamy "smoother over" by the banana... like the banana just wants to take the edge out of the orange's volatile oils.. like a sweet couple of fruit being harmonious together:)

You know in Costa Rica, they pay The Nicaraguans to come spray the banana fields..buy organic bananas if you want to..

Friday, July 26, 2013

butters creams and lotions

There was a time when I made lotions with the oil and the water and the wee bit of boric acid. It was nice because even then I loved cold pressed and unrefined oils of the highest quality and this technique makes for a very light lotion consistency.
I don't know if you have ever had real cold pressed avocado oil. It is nothing like that clear stuff you find on the grocery shelf these days.
In  shea butter, there must always be refining. How do you think it looks when it is first smashed and boiled..it is not really raw then, is it? There is a whole lot of hype about shea, that is for sure.
I don't know about you, but I am not a fan of the "raw" shea. It stinks and makes every nice smelling soft oil all wrong. On the other hand, the results with shea on the skin can be extraordinary and if you like raw and don't care about its odor, try it with just vanilla, it is fine..and yes, eventually shea butter's odor disappears..

I do enjoy a refined (with hot water) shea. The process of  rinsing the material with hot water, allowing it to cool, draining that water and repeating  OR they just do some weird thing at a chemical refinery to whiten it.
You can ask for the specs from your vendor. They have to tell you if it is chemically refined. Hexane and other alcohols are commonly used. They must be able to answer questions like, "how is this batch refined, when and where?"
If they say Indiana or Cleaveland, they will have a spec sheet of the materials involved.

Why? Why would I choose to use shea butter instead of a lotion ~ lotion with the steric acid , alcohols, refined palm dirivatives, or borric acid?
Did you notice all the acid references?  No added emulsifiers means no complicated harmful particles on my face. I get enough heavy metals just breathing the air, thank you!
I decided that shea butter was a better option than the fussy lotion product I made long ago.
Plus, shea butter has a ton of healing benefits!
Its viscosity is one which offers protection naturally from the sun (spf 4) and its nutrient density is admirable to say the least, what with vitamin A,way up at the top.
 I have learned to work with shea through the years in such a way as to mold and control its direction. My favorite pairing lately is shea butter with organic green tea oil.
Talk about a powerhouse of protection!
Maybe in the fall I'll combine shea butter with borrage oil and a smidgen of pumpkin seed oil and maybe I'll make it so beautiful smelling, that you will want it all day on your skin.

The other day I made some sandalwood neroli with shea butter. Do you know what I do at the end of a batch?
  I put the cream in jars and leave a couple of tablespoons for me and then I add a couple of tablespoons of essential oil to the cream base, just for me. (do you see how greedy I am?  I'm greedy for sandalwood:))) After I added the cream to the jars that I sold,  I left a little more behind this time, to which I added  one tablespoon highland lavender and four fat drops of vanilla co2 (Madagascar)
I haven't tried it yet but when  I say powdery, highland lavender, soft, neroli there, calming, sandalwood as a anchor to finish anything you can go after with boundless grace..vanilla as always to sweeten the mind.

I only have two jars with these oils...I will post them in a few:)

have a wonderful day and send some good thoughts my way and I'll rebound them back to you  and as they travel and pick up all the high energy mass, they just take a life of their own and we both have a study anchor of  common friendship as we travel though space and time..

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Chiron Neptune and the Moon in Pisces

If this is the zap zone, then we are getting on with it just fine. Yes there are some out there who are not becoming what they need to be and are perhaps suffering. I cannot think too much  about that. I have been there though and it sucked. Even through all that tragedy, I learned. I learned to stand up for who I am and be happy. And I learned to know exactly what  being happy for me, means. It means being honest with my self and not being scattered all over the place. I am doing one thing or two, which I love and then listening, thinking, and working on my mind some more.

How about you? Today is a good day to get in your vague foggy area in your life and really look through all the smog and be real. Be fucking real and stop complaining all fucking day! You don't think we all feel the same sorrows?  Or, have been hurt, suffered, known loved ones dying a slow agonizing death, fucking people burning their houses down in Detroit?
It sucks, I know. Do not think for one second that people will ever care as much for your agony as you do, because mostly, they may create the same emotions and make their own hate fucking arrows to throw at you one day.
"Smile and the whole world will smile with you, cry and you cry alone"
Cry then, I do...but be real, don't grope and reach aimlessly at any seemingly seductive crap...you know better than that!

That there "rant"was a Pisces Moon conjunct Neptune and Chiron..what you thought that all that Pisces energy was about spirituality and getting a buzz?? Non..well, yea but Pisces doesn't waste time. They will tell it like it is and not feel bad once about that!

may we all just get to the point and then take a lunge for it like an electric eel would in  great depths, knowing instinctively what is best and trusting God within for the best things to always automatically come

YE ii YA!!!
i'm a geek

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


"sup boy?"
"Nothing, I am sad."
"how come, everything is fine, we're living our life, it is another sunny day, here, have a spinach and cheese triangle"
20 minutes later..
"wow, that was amazing, I feel better"
He was hungry and if he is anything like me, he needs some carby  delight to  make it through the day.
Don't get me wrong, I love vegetables and fruit. Yesterday, I practically ate a whole watermelon, but, I still ate some bread later.
I know, I know, the gluten..there is a whole lot of gluten in wheat but, I somehow can eat some and I do not swell up. Now I am not talking about eating bread all day, and I do enjoy all the grainy ones too. But you make a Tuscan salad with black olives and boiled eggs and olive oil and fresh tomato, well, you are gonna want a crusty Italian or French bread with that because the salt and the olive oil and the juice from your tomato and basil make a sauce you have to dip..I am dipping!

I know I have given you this recipe before, I  know,  it is sooo delicious. When you add the fresh basil to this recipe, it goes through the house and it brings everyone in so they can hear and  understand you and your food becomes a spell which binds and attracts compasion, healing, comfort and joy. 

Herbally Yours Spinach and Cheese Triangles

get one container of each item at your best grocer
filo in the freezer section
baby spinach
rinsed and dried on a clean towel
ricotta /cottage cheese mix
drained in a strainer till the whey drips out 
add your spices and herbs
 I like basil and cilantro oregano thyme dill lemon salt pepper
and one very good egg beaten but good
olive oil for brushing
bake at 350 for 25 minutes more or less

one sheet of filo holds about a tablespoon of mix brush lightly with olive oil, put a dollop of mix at the top edge
fold in triangle ( you'll figure it out)
and as far as folding, some of us are better than others.
My mother's triangles are perfect, me not so much!
I made 12, they were eaten in 12 minutes:)
yes, mommies are about that kind of comfort. something warm in your tummy and no upheaval:)

Summer Salad to go with your cheese thing
one red tomato, sliced
feta cheese or your favorite sharp cheese
sweet garden chilies, sliced
super fine olive oil
fresh basil
one or two boiled and cooled eggs (optional)
olives, brined, not out of a jar

I do not add anything out of a jar to this salad like artichokes or sweet roasted peppers, I just want the simple freshness of the summer fruit to shine..because everything is fine:)

have a wonderful day:)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

morphing into transits transforming and soap shop talkin

I have fallen in love with borage oil.
(for now, nothing long term)
Borage oil comes from the seeds of a little tiny purple flower with fuzzy leaves. Borago officinalis.

In nature, there are only a few plants that can make GLA, evening primrose, borage and a some fungi. GLA is super involved in cell regeneration in your body and your skin and hair. Borage leaves are high in calcium and other minerals and in olden times, humans ate borage leaves and flowers  in salads and made cakes with borage leaves steeped in sugar. The flavor of Borage is lemony and peppery, bright.

Doesn't that sound lovely  now, borage rose geranium upside down cake,mmm! Somebody should make something like that.

I'll be making some high intensity oils for the skin in the next few weeks using borage oil and organic sunflower, cold pressed.
I will not bore you with details of how this GLA from borage is glorious in every way. How has been studied in alternative medicine as an anti inflammatory and to help in hormone balance support and skin ailments of all sorts. Borage is over 20% GLA!
I will say  that a few little drops of an oil on your freshly bathed bod babe,  such as borage oil, babe,  is very nice for you. It is cooling and wonderfully healing, let's say that!

frankincense neroli vanilla (older skin, hurt, itchy)
neroli lavender roman chamomile (calming, cooling, refreshing)
rose (everyone, heart, attraction, admiration)

It'll come as a two ounce bath oil that you should keep in the cooler and just take a little out at a time, or if you are like me, two ounces of body oil lasts me about a month and then I switch. Sometimes, I  will go to the last drop because I loved the way it felt and smelled, and then other times, I just toss it even if there is a tablespoon left. "Time to move on and try something new", I will think to myself.
Lately, all I want is rose on me.
I do like to put a drop jasmine on my second chakra, for shakti for lakshmi for durga for  saraswati and for inspiration and joyous creativity. No one can smell that unless they are real close. It is my secret place of desires and fulfilment. Up above all that energy, I wear rose, for an open heart and sweetness in heart, to accept all the good and shine on from within.

That is transformation of the ultimate wondrous kind...like, morphing. I have seen this day come!

Happiness ~Joy~Sunny Leon ~in 2013~ It was an awesome year!

Sunday, July 21, 2013


You know, I am working and doing my thing at work when I see and hear an old client chatting about essential oils  with one of my vendors.
They start talking about young living and how this new company is a step above them..I won't say who they are, but I got a little more curious and asked, how are they better? ( They aren't! not young living, not anybody, but more on that later)
The sales girl goes, 'I don't know, they use lower temperatures for their oils"
me, "how can that be, distillation is distillation, do they co2 their materials?"
"er, ah..I do not know, but they are better than "therapeutic"
I had to walk away before I scolded them both. The client who was talking sheit while reeking of stale cigarettes and the enthusiastic demo girl, both!
 I did talk to  the demo girl though..I wanted her to know the facts before she got into her sales pitch. I told her  to read the facts and smell  each oil and then compare that to another one. You may have and make decisions on your own brains chemistry. Sure, most lime peel oil all smells the same, but you get a green lemon and a yellow lemon oil and there will be differences, every time. Oils are like wine, they reflect a time, a season,  as well as a smell composition..but you know all that..

Hey man, we all make mistakes. In the 80's I was using honeysuckle soap and thought it was the best thing.
Remember Aubrey, we loved that brand!
Well it turns out that this new super more something  brand uses their own data to proclaim how amazing they are and I do understand that.
On the one hand, I am super glad people are using essential oils to heal their mind, on the other, I get impatient with blanket statements of what is "the best". Not any one company can claim to  have the most amazing oils..they can not.
Not unless you have your connoisseurs like, Tonie, Michelle, Justine, Patti, Trudy, Lisa, Martha, Barbara, Tianna, me, you,  Marge from Natures Gift, or Roseann from Sunrose or even Christopher at White Lotus Aromatics..Even the connoisseurs can't control a not so great oil. Every year a rose oil I buy smells like nothing I've had before. Not one patchouli and not one vetiver. If you get the vetiver from India, it smells smokey, and the one from Hattie makes your mouth water a little, I had one from Madagascar once, it was heavenly! I wish I had bought  a few pounds of that vetiver!

Europeans have been distilling since the 11th century and before that  and for about the 40 thousand years and much more,  humans have been working with  plants to smell good and heal wounds.
 Look at birch tar and resins of all sorts.
You're walking on the hill, flowers everywhere, you pluck one, smell it and rub it in your hair, you just do!
You are a cave woman and your caveman man brings you a nugget of frankincense from a tree where he slept under while hunting for your little clan..you melt it and put on a wound and it smells up your hut..
I know that is how it works.

I smelled some vetiver a few years ago from David Crow at Floracopea and OMG, it was so friking lovely, unforgettable really.


Saturday, July 20, 2013

hot hot hot

It is so hot out there the plants are wilting. I refresh them when that happens, that is why they love me like they do:)
And, this is why we stay indoors during hot days like this. The air feels like an oven. Now we can get a wee glimpse of the sun's potential. Here in Michigan it made storms. Big glorious storms with the tallest clouds hovering and then unleashing their engorged release on us.
I have to say, it has been a kind of  July, the likes of which I have never experienced!
The heat forces  us to rest and not be doing something all the time.
People ask me, why I can't just sit down? I can and do, but as a momma, full time worker and devoted master soap maker, there are always missions to be accomplished!
I do my best:)
coconut cream soap with lime and shea butter

The gardens are amazing and at the moment, there is rose of sharon, aka, hibiscus, totally in bloom out there. It is awesome and, the blessing with all this rain, my water bill be will be very low this year..

I feel free from worry and have no fear of living..
We get all caught up, don't we?
We get all too overworked and cry or one of the kids gets sick and our whole day is made to be adjusted to that scenario..clean up and then laundry...(I like cleaning, I do)))

I am free from fear of success
I can grow in my business easily and happily
My soap is stunning and beautifully made:)
These are things that have been going through my mind:)

have a wonderful day

This corn was planted so that the cucumbers could climb on something, but, since its organic from organic seeds, we are gonna eat it. I saw some babies in there the other day.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

just because you are greateful doesn't mean you are smiling all the time

We are having a Uranus transit and this crazy sideways planet is  retrograde too.
Think the trickster, the fool or both and don't be vague and then blame others for your misunderstandings.
Uranus brings a little quirky, a little crazy.
Think self serving and think foolish choices, maybe, but also think about your wishes coming through. Focus on speaking your mind and focus on what you really want..your secret wishes suddenly in a flashes of awareness and movement. Like, "oh, yea"
No not all of your wishes, but one or two you had forgotten about. Maybe you have been scared of some money thing, or your face or your hair or you can't sleep..your lover becomes real and  not some dreamy fantasy..
There may be a  few random accidents..violent and destructive.
It can be a death of a favorite wall screen that  someone has had for years and then kitty in all her innocent happiness and joy, knocks over, and breaks the fakin thing!
She didn't mean it and that someone could be inconsolable for a few minutes when the shock of the whole tragedy came  clearly to light.
I forgive my kitty. She is so sweet. She didn't mean to break my antique funky screen...one of my boys took it as a treasure for their room. Still, I am not above sending kitty to the garage for the rest of her days with me..too harsh?

As Uranus travels through Aries, we should all take a minute or two to thank our inner mind's eye for looking out for us and we should remember to say what we want..say it and not resort to lower type behaviors..drugs, weird sex, obsessive control, jealousy and rage..get rid of that..do what needs done and everything will take care of itself.


Have a wonderful day:)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I am listening to a book on tape. :)
I drive a whole lot so it makes me very content to be able to listen to a re telling of times and events. 
Plus it is like driving with a friend and in ten years I might even become a respectable history buff.. heh!
 At this time, I am listen to a best seller called The Plantagenets..The reader actually reads the whole book for me while I drive and at first when going through the preface and how he has the book in specific  sections, I was like, "oh sheit, boring.."
"No" I said to myself, " It is not a best seller for nothing"

Matilda of England (also called Maud 1156 – 28 June 1189) was the eldest daughter of Henry II of England and Eleanor of Aquitaine

More on Matilda

There it was, her dad the rich and powerful leader of many made all of his managers promise to be loyal to his daughter, because  all of his other "sons" were not from a marriage and were considered bastards..

(how ridiculous, yea?)
So he dies and they are all like, "we're not following a woman" and went and got her bastard half brother to become their king.
I like her because she tried. She had to marry a 15 year old just to keep her fathers money. They made her, it was not her choice. 
This period of time on Earth intrigues me. It is a point of transition in our consciousness as a human race. That women are not fit to lead. Why couldn't they be a whole loving family and lead together? Surely her dad had enough gold for everyone to be happy, no?
One writer of that time was quoted as saying, "it is as if Jesus and all his saints were asleep"
I always wonder how men can go and just burn everything down and kill a bunch of people for something imaginary, like patriotism, or, any ism, really. They did and still do. We haven't changed much as a human race..

All is well in at Crabtree Manor
We are in the midst of a Uranus retrograde and a Saturn going direct and a wet Mercury retrograde doing his thing.
It has rained and rained and then we get a few hot days, like the tropics almost!
 I like it and my  garden is flourishing.
I am harvesting;
lemon balm
wormwood (which will be distilled)
sweet chilies
basil galore
black raspberries
and I am anxiously waiting for the tomatoes to get red, yea red!

I hope that you are doing well and I hope that happiness comes to you in many surprising ways.
 I hope that we're  both are presented with a few words of gratitude coming from our own heart's mind and waving across to each other's.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

More Merc and Saturn

We are actually getting it done it just seems like there is a push to change and communicate about it.
Mercury is about to go direct soon, and Saturn is going to push through Scorpio in the heavens for the next few years.
As Saturn goes through my tenth house I will focus on my work and how I'll make it special.
also with Saturn,  to look out for some bone and teeth fix ups. it true, Saturn brings bones to light. How your bones hold you up so elegantly, or crooked depending..For some who have Saturn prominent, there are definitely issues with the bones. maybe it means you look very angular, or serious all the time. At work I have gotten more serious. I am focused and can hone in on my purchases and how it effects my clients there.
At home, I can rest my weary bones on my awesome sofa and think about all the goodness.
most days..hey, I am not a saint, if I am working with a uber air type, I get frazzled. Too much! Saturn in the tenth is structure and leading authorities, weather it is me or the other guy, there is an hierarchy and it is clear how it is practiced...and it is very serious.
I am talking about Saturn because I think we all feel a little shift.
head achy
super sad all of a sudden for no reason or a small one
teeth hurt
knees hurt
heart..eh..it's ok.
Saturn can deal with heart ache and understands the mundane aspect of it and can move on with ease. Forget? No...
Saturn types can remember conversations word for word if you want them to:)

Our solar system is a whole working and osculating organism, if one of our huge planets whose light can touch us goes through a rumbly change, we get rumbly and shaken, we're going to feel it.
Where is Saturn transiting in your chart?
Does Saturn rule any planets in your horoscope?
so look at the planets and how they are placed...look at the tenth house and what you have there. saturn rules the tenth.
Maybe you are a Capricorn person or have planets in Capricorn, you would locate the house they are in and get a pretty clear idea of what is going on..
It sounds complicated but it isn't, just like everything in life..

have a wonderful day and think of me in a good light:)

Friday, July 12, 2013

Mercury Retrograde

Sometimes I can understand why folks dislike Mercury..everything is going fine and he goes retrograde like three times a year and makes you waste time, energy, focus, and money..
not waste really, but if anything would go wrong and break, it would be under a retrograde..and then money flows out..it does..even when you think you are paying attention, you are presented with new awareness under this influence. Like finally paying the piper and finally getting all your paperwork in order and finally cleaning your bedroom or sun room or patio. Everything needs your attention and all of a sudden you have to make more short trips everywhere and then you run out of gas for the lawnmower and yet another little trip down the road for gas..
luckily, it is all a dream and we are fine.
Money is here for us to use not stress us out because we don't have a new purse or new lipstick or new shoes, or in my case frinkin 16 ounces of neroli and make it the good one, from Tunisia..:)
Whatever it is that beckons you, think and do not act as if it is your last chance. Wait a day or two, don't speak about it, after a week, if you still have the same desire for your thing, go get it. I will say this, after two weeks, you forget your original reasons for "needing" it..
That there is all Mercury..Retrograde
have a wonderful day

Thursday, July 11, 2013

my awesome day in soap making

I had taken a week off of making anything due to some time devouring situations at my job which i love.
So as it goes, I have made some mighty fine plans for an awesome batch of soap, maybe two..

Here are some ideas for the next few soap bars

Organic Lemony Lemon Soap
Bergamot soap with oolong and lapsang su shong

The bergamot soap will be loaded with oil. not a few drops. I  want it to radiate its scent. I will hold her down with black pepper and frankincense, one drop patchouli and I will serve her in brown handmade paper. she will be kind of smokey like Earl Gray and bold like you and me.

I am so excited about it because I accidentally bought 32 ounces of bergamot instead of  16..so it is time to be generous with myself and you.

It is almost time for cucumber soap from the garden. This year I aim to distill cucumbers from my garden and then add that material to soap..I  get so excited!
Have a wonderful day..

Monday, July 8, 2013

the dark moon

I've not paid too much attention to the new moon. I have always enjoyed the effects and took it all for granted...but then I read something by Kim Falconer (astrologer, writer) about looking at the new moon  in a new way.
Like hidden treasure or hidden knowledge.
I thought about that and  being the kind of woman who will utilize what she needs, I decided to pay some mind to what she says.
Train my brain cells to respond to my direction and choices..
It is crazy how the brain works!

Ten wishes for my new moon recognition

love my life
love my kids
love soap making
love my job
speak beautifully
always clearly
magical days
restful nights
 high thinking comrades

morning glory  at crabtree manor 2013

Saturday, July 6, 2013

hello new moon

That there is the one lavender plant which bloomed this year. next year I'll have eight lavender plants flowering.
Can you imagine fields like this..no wonder France is so nice in so many ways, there is cheese, bread and lavender!
I would get rid of grass and only have rows of lavender and sunflowers..Michigan is nice for growing lavender and apples and sunflowers, I love it here for this. There is nothing like a cherry or plum from the tree. in Summer, here in Michigan. That is how I want to  live, simply and a little off the grid. Sure, I don't have to. I can get the highest quality food available at my job, but when you pick a tomato off of your vine and eat it with one of your sweet chilies and a little salt, maybe some goat cheese and a baguette..that there is living. You drink some nice tea in the sunshine and listen to the birds.

The new moon has had me in a bit of a resting, thinking, imagining mode..I am thinking bergamot and chamomile and lavender and ylang
I am thinking lemon with lemongrass, both organic, in soap..I want to get in the shower and lemon up the place
I am thinking of new creams
sandalwood jasmine
sandalwood rose
lemongrass lemon og
patchouli vanilla
patchouli sandalwood
vanilla lavender

Don't you ever just want one bar of bergamot soap that reeks? I do! I want to get in a hot tub and be surrounded by the scent of bergamot. Not everyday, but now and again, yes!!
I bought a pound of this oil. I am pouring a bunch in a small batch of creamy shea butter soap..just bergamot, Italian. I will hold this scent down with a little black pepper and frankincense..just a few drops and one drop of lapsang sou shong :) that sounds about right.

The next two days are amazing. Be steady and be kind to your own mind. make a wish, be grateful, very glad to have what you have, be accepting, be glorious..be graceful, be clean, smell nice, be natural..ask for what you want, receive with open arms, forgive, move on, get on, be thoughtful, be observant and thorough.

have a wonderful day:)

Friday, July 5, 2013

My Lady Wormwood

I have two wormwood plants. I started them from seed last year and they have taken their place in my herbal patch. Beneath her is Ztravets and another geranium who's color I loved..so vibrant red!
I will wait for her to flower and distill her for a hydrosol.

Wormwoods is pretty awesome to have around. She offers protection and repels lower types from her area. Nothing wants to eat her. I will save some seeds back and surround my circle garden with wormwood and tall marigolds. Nothing wants to eat those either..
Artemisia Absinthium
Pungent bitter in taste and makes you  high..mix it with opium and a bit of sugar..humm
no opium here, but plenty of wormwood..
maybe I should make a tonic??

is a distilled tonic including the thujone material coming from wormwood. it is the thujone which gives wormwood its kick and druggie effects and also it is the thujone which makes wormwood so incredible. It'll wipe out any creeper in your intestines..or so they say..I would try it if I thought I should.
The tonic "absinthe" is a mixture of more than just wormwood but,  they called it Absinthe, The Green Fairy, Green Goddess or La Fee Vert..In the arly part of the 19th century, many artists and writers of the day would consume absinthe..I think some may have  lost their minds..

I like Erwid's Info on wormwood..

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mars at 23 Gemini


We always look at Mercury retrograde like it is the only thing, course it isn't..Mars is about to move hard and fast and show us some stuff.
What stuff?
Look at what and where  you have in Sagittarius in your chart  and look at yourself and then look at the other side of that.
Or if you are Gemini and Pisces.
I happen to have Saturn in Sagittarius in the 12th  and rising..so many6th and  7th house  stuff for me..coming from a place of duties, work, hidden secrets(come to me mighty ISIS, om)))
hidden lies
12th house is knowing people who have done wrong
who need you to hear them
and still love them
look back inside your mind
inside your true self's mind
hide and be outside the fray
work related
 The nice thing about Mars transits for me is that Mars transits last a short time, long  enough to where you must react and change but quick enough that you can move on.
Life is heartache and discomfort to some and to others not so much. The other nice thing about this transit is that when Sagittarius is involved, there is learning.

Aries..about love and sex
Taurus about diet and lifestyle changes
Gemini, reality and losing and old way, drop it honey..you are fine.
Cancer, gently saying, giving comfort feeling like like you want some now..awe
Leo, you are delicious now, best time to get some work done through help from others
Virgo, finish your business and be what you want to be
Libra, do your job and smile..this is where you shine through your words..
Om to Lakshmi and Durga and Saraswati, om..
Scorpio, show your loyalty and your and other's hearts heart will expand and love you more..
Sagittarius, don't be a know it all, it is annoying..even through we know that you know:)
Capricorn, rest my sweet one and think and be well, and eat something good and speak a kind tale
Aquarius, your life must change even just a little, make the adjustments that are necessary and all will be right again, that injury will not go away unless you address this now..
Pisces, time to get everyone back in line with what you want done. thank you..

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

when Jupiter and saturn are in a happy place

When you get a Jupiter Saturn transit, you are on the look out for just about anything.
Things get crushed and spun around so fast that, well, the bullah hits the fan.
And even though Jupiter is now in Cancer and Saturn is now in Scorpio, there was still an adjustment period in there. We're good..it is a trine and all for our best results.

Ok, so, now lets talk about the Mercury retrograde!
Let's take July to get caught up on stuff we let go to rot and people we may have disappointed. It is a fixing time..clean up time and pay the piper time..don't be scared.
There is no hiding who you are so just remember that. Be the woman and man you always  thought you were.

Meanwhile, thank you for buying soap from the shop. It allows me to continue making wonderful soaps and aromatic creations for all of us to enjoy. 
When I choose an essential oil combination and weeks later it unfolds itself before me, I shudder with awe..every time!
After all these years, working with essential oils, and never have I been bored or uninspired..the array of choices is endless.

have a wonderful day

Monday, July 1, 2013

it has been raining for days

It is at least four hours now of constant rain. I am starting to feel like Winnie The Poo in that one with all the rain. I guess it made an impression on me.
the other day it rained so hard people were kayaking in Ann Arbor in like 4 feet of water down the main road..ha!

I really like it for doing nothing, and reading or watching a thing..I like Weeds at the moment on Netflix..racy...

So the moon is dark, make a wish, think about it thoroughly and read, learn, be who you want to be and feel good:)



For years I have tried to understand the goddess Lilith..you know her, she is the bitch, and doesn't fuck around.
The snake thing always makes me oozy and I say to myself that during my Lilith experiences, I don't have to abide by the snake rules. I am not a snake person. they make me very scared.
Then again, most don't fuck with me goddesses are kind of scary..look at Kali, Hecate and even Isis has wings..and they can all destroy anything they wish.
Why was she created, who thought of a woman in such a way as to present it in words?

Lililth is the darker things in us that we wish to be closer to. She is our darker mistress, our addictions our needs...she the mother the mistress and the daughter in us.

 Lilith In Me
if I were able to see her will in me
a woman
learning to control all forces
softly speaking to my mind's eye
willing  goodness which has now wound itself around me like a  commitment
understanding the undercurrents and communications in all realms

Lilith is the Moon and to me, she taps into Plutonian vibe. She knows her femininity, being magnetically attractive and alluring

 overflow and greed, addiction and fear need not appear

There will be soap and I will add ground lotus root and ylang ylang and then I will add frankincense and vanilla and then I will pour in some bergamot.

I have made some perfumed bath oil with Lilith in mind..
check it out at;
eleneetha aromatics

lilith by, kenyon cox, 1891