Tuesday, March 31, 2015

What is art and Walking Dead, "Conquer" review and Spoilers

it has to be pretty
invoke a feeling
make  you feel good not bad but hurt a little
and push you a bit


All  talk of hell and damnation is silliness to justify what they can keep and how many people they enslave. It is what is its, you know, slavery. A bunch of zombies walking in to a truck or building to produce something for greedy boredom.

It seems to me, we should all strive to be artists and never forget who we are. Pagan, my ass, yes we are though. Spring and Easter together in one one myth??    
It is the same idea.we know that, we are drawn to it by our body's  blood, filled with just enough  iron. Breathing and pulsating through our skin attracting forces beyond our knowledge..at this moment..but the next generation of cells will have an imprint and carry it forward with each season as the sun warms us..we become brighter.
who am I a philosopher?
 I want to work with them. I would make soap for Andrew and massage Norman on the feet. and just work on the set..

I want to talk about Conquer..how Rick is so awesome and how he has inspired such loyalty in his group that they protect him while he is sleeping.
Michonne, waiting for him to wake up and when he did , he was like.."ah  I lost my shit"
"I am not sorry about what I said." and then in the end  he had to.. he shot  in the crazy drunk Pete in the head. It is what Rick does and, what we are going to get between him and the Ninja, Morgan?
I got so excited when the beginning ..dude!! It was was best thing you hear me!
A staff is all that guy needs. he was all kung fu. I loved it. I suppose he is a vegetarian too?:)
"hail to martial arts"
So,  I am pretty happy about "Conquer". I am not happy that they made me wait so long for the next thing.
Season Six..
 Rick has the ability to attract  what he needs in the group. each one of them a part of the whole fitting in to a proper group of archetypes.
The vile priest who lives breaths the word and in his acts he follows cowardice and selfishness.
He cannot accept himself..who cares..he is fear.
Carol the schemer and real slinky.Ricks protector to the finish.
I feel like she could make a few more friends than Rick and a little boy.
Daryl and Aaron, great scouts. can we get Aaron some new clothes?

Pete is dead,by Rick's hand.
the town all got to see why and Morgan shows up with Daryl and Aaron.
It doesn't seem like much on paper but it is.
I love the path the writers took. Also that zombies are dangerous and you have to kill them. But what is this virus that has humans dying this way?
clearly it cannot happen.. the brain being  capable of accepting an organism which uses the host to feed on other living creatures?
The most odd danger that crops up in this new version of humanity, is the out cropping of dangerous Villains who would kill you and take your things. They make more zombies??
Who does that?
Fucking skunk asses!
I mean with that face and such skills, why? I am talking about that guy in the beginning..:)
Greedy much?
ok..what happens when Rick and Morgan get to work together?
I am excited.

Deanna, her son, last minute telling the priest to shut the zombie door..and he just slides it just half ass like an 11 year old would! Then Rick is like,  "what the hell and yea, zombies, dummies!!
"hey, who left the door unlocked?"
Sasha could have been handy for that but she was too busy wanting to die..oye and praying with the priest over both of them wanting to die.
The son, he is like,
"oh, yea, sorry, I had to come back to the house to play video games, ma"
In Rick's world, there are no in betweens. We saw the way he ran down the police man back in Atlanta. He is that man, Rick is! He knows if you are good or bad more than most folks. I rather like that.
 Morgan will and can be there to offer alternatives. They have already shown us that he says life is precious and he is not a killer of humans, he just knocks them out and teaches them a lesson... And yes, I would love to see Morgan and Michonne spar, with wooden swords.
I would. I am so excited about next season!
"hail to martial arts"

Sasha is going to come back strong, I feel it, plus (the actress) she will be having or have had a baby by next season.
I want her to get over the agony and be swell, I do. I mean yes she lost everything. Okay, they all did. Now stay alert dammit and quit wasting ammo.
Then again, she isn't. she has been cleaning up.
This will be a great help when they face these bad wolves..damm gangs!
I think they have met their doom which will open a new door towards and new villain??
Keep writing.
Rick  he is like, "sasha, show them"
and she aims and shoots at maximum precision..
I love it! Remember that, when that happened?
Glen, my Glen. I almost thought he was dead, but I knew since I did not see him die, he would not be dead..How?
I don't care, I am glad he is still with us.
Glen is all about reaching an understanding with Nickolas about motives and lies and schemes get people killed needlessly!
Rick and Michonne and Daryl hiding guns, Rick and Michonne being open with each other.
I hope next season, they pass those babies out.
No secrets no lies..we always work together to protect through harmony and strength through mind invoking, inventing, and always getting smarter not the other way..always better.

Here is what you need during a zombie outbreak on earth.
a knife
a machette
a bat would do
a staff and daily practice..
a gun near by
constant diligence on your kin
constant mindful
learning skills
lighting a fire..a must

What else? Build tree houses?
of course..a tree house but like a 100 square foot one, like they have on tv. You's have to travel to a solar store to get supplies

I was wondering about Judith, it turns out she is fine with Carl...Carl in the tree trunk
That was so dumb..sheesh,.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

spring dream

It is still cold here..it is about to break big time though...Maybe today, I will plant wild flowers if it gets above 40*

how did everything happen yesterday? Crazy days, yes? Money suddenly, gone for accidents, insurance and other ways to pay Cesar for what is his..his road, his electric factory..

""I always have enough where ever I live.""

I want to explore why this sudden fire aspect of the day which brought forth a clash in spirits like dust gently or not so, collides with other dust in space and we're even smaller than that. right? :)

ok,  so, I have to say all this energy and scary stuff has brought me to the edge of how much I am able to control.. Also, with this sort of aspect there may be more. More magnetic forces such  as Mars and Jupiter and Uranus which can bring a joker in to the picture. Jokers will scheme against you. Sound like someone you know?
If so, blame Mythology for making up a story a bout a guy that lives on a gaseous,  wonky planet..otherwise, it is telepathy and magnetism which is making our planet wobble..wobble wobble..
If I seem more somber, it is because my brain is still growing and it hurts.
Why do you think I love Miss Fisher so much? I am watching it again:). It is so good. I love it and I love her! More please and soon..
Yes, Miss Fisher and zombies..what could be better?

So, I got the magnolia and I  mixed what little there was with sandalwood ( a freeking amazing one from, sunrose..dude,!!) and delicious spring time oak moss.
A drop, one,  patchouli and one drop fine lavender. Green and heady at the same time with an intriguing attracting of the magnolia flower scent.
Do not even ask me to tell of magnolia  scent. I can not..sweet, yes..almost fruity but no, not fruity.

I do think I will make a balmy elixir with this..like a loose jelly one with rose hip oil and marula..
I thought about buying little tiny vials again, maybe later this year..for now the heavenly spring balms await!
I hope you have a good day.

Friday, March 27, 2015

I get to cut a tree

I don't, the tree cutters will.

The tree guy gets so excited to show his fine work.
I have a tree which hangs over my house. One bad storm and we're through.
I will have plenty of mulch. In that area will go the birch trees and near by linden. They are all still babies and take years and years to settle in. I love birch trees. They grow fast and are super pretty and do not get too big.

I meant to make a cream today. I still might. that means cleaning all the areas and making. I have marula, rose hip, camellia and organic jojoba and organic coconut oil and shea butter.
I am thinking a facial cleansing cold cream with bees wax again.
I wash with butters all the time. Shea butter concoctions are great to remove make up on the face and around eyes.
What is best, is after a hot shower, you just get a whole little dip in there and slather it on your face..now you can dry off the rest of you and tie your hair back and pat dry your face.
Nice one, right?

I like oil on top of that in winter...rose a little vanilla mixed in there.

I am telling you this because I want to talk about the woman with the lips who came in.
She always comes all glammed up in a suit in some garish color with "good morning today" hair, and she is always returning skin care she bought years ago! lol
I see her and breath in deeply bracing myself  for an always too  long interlude with her..
So, yesterday, she wants to buy a very pricey serum with 17% vitamin c..
"what is your guarantee on this?'
Does she think I just fell off the turnip truck or is she dumb and forgets how many times she lied today? I don't know..I had already thought this in the time she was babbling on about she does this for her self..
I don't hate her..it is just exhausting to deal with gypsies, tramps and thieves..
"we do not guarantee  manufactures products." I looked her in the face.
The brand itself stands very well in fancy skin care lines and she should know that and learn something instead of wasting money on fat fillers and then desperately returning things for the extra 20 bucks.
So she is looking at me and always asks what I use. I explain and explain and she must doze off or something.
"oh yes, you like the oils" "How old are you?"
I told her.
"oh, your skin, what do you use?"
"I just told you lady" I thought to myself! Also, I thought, "wow, you suck!"
I mean..it is better than a bunch of acid on your skin. Unless of course it is fatty acids like omegas and so many others to name..and I know you stopped listening at mid sentence..I thought this as she decided not to buy the thing.
You might say I missed a sale. Not really..she would have emptied that thing and brought it back.
I want you to want me..not play with my head..as if, first off and second, ewe..the lips, they scare me.
Purple violet plum liner over ginormous upper lip ratio to the ginormous lower lip..quit, just quit.


Thursday, March 26, 2015

90 minutes finale "Conquer" ideas and musing spoilers too

Rick is going to stand up and be the man he is. Look, I think there are dangers everywhere and everyone looses it. Still, Rick lost it. He failed in shame like Jesus..I mean it is sad he lost it over a woman but real in that way. Let me tell you, men, they will have sex with many..:) women less so..
sorry it is true in our make up. He will rise again friends! Rick!

Pete will die, Jessie, oye..please, why?

Why bring a married woman to taint his deeds is the question?
Carol, whatever man. She knows the ropes, I get it, but I feel like she is vicious to the point of cold hearted!
It is like there are too many people and shit hits the fan in crowds  during an outbreak.
Why invite more people over to live with you unless you are already scared of being along with them, the zombies, I mean?
They were invited to live there and protect the place because there had been problems all along at this "safe zone" You can tell by the way all the people who were scouts acted.

So, if you do not watch the walking dead, I am sorry but you are missing an excellent story about human behavior during stress and war.
"This is the ultimate law for yourself and you all need a gun in this new dangerous world!
"You should have one, hidden during an apocalypse.
Wow! I am still freaked out about this episode and it is Thursday!
We want our heroes to remain poised at all times. We know that some of them had to just change their mind like Daryl, but Rick had been through some sort of injury where no one had eaten him yet in some hospital in Georgia,  and finds his wife shaking up with his best friend..blah blah, he forgave her and then she died.she sucked, right? I mean her man was dead, she thought and here is a protector. Shane, who everyone wants to compare Ricks behavior to.

If you look back as to when Rick changed..it was when he bit that fuckers neck right off because his criminal troupe were going to kill him and rape his son..Rick totally changed then and now he is that man.
His senses are keen and he knows danger is always lurking..always..because there is no safe zone for too long..crowds are no good..only a few will survive again.
I am excited..
things I have noted

* kid, get out of the tree and please no teen sex..

I love this story.

So, who is going to come knocking on the gates?

Also I think Sasha will be really handy in that tower. She is also on keen alert mode..look, there are killers at every turn and now you are telling me this wife beating surgeon gets to continue beating her for the sake of humanity?
Rick says, " no". And, he is a Virgo, my favorite!
His sense of protecting this woman due to his strong attraction has already distracted him too much. But he is right, I feel like he is right. and then he carried on and went past the control zone we should all have.
Now they are are all likely to discover what he has been railing about is true and oh, so serious.
Now, should Michonne have punched him like that?
I say yes, although in real life, she would not have had time to. Rick was pretty worked up, he would have shot Pete in a heart beat! TV and all that..

Do you think Pete should be banished from Alexandria? The priest? It looks like he is leaving..I keep thinking he will get involved with a new group..he is so wily, the priest is.

Where is Judith?
How will this play out and will we get experience any sort of conclusion this season without having to wait and wait for months for the confrontations?
I hope so, because, Sasha is right!
There are people eating creature and the humans ones are meaner than they are and you are worried if I will like you dish of food? She sounds ungrateful, huh? She is simply stating taht any dish would do when one is hungry..she ate dog meat..any dish!
I know but, she is pissed.
Tyrese, was bored with life, Bob, was..who cares..not a saint, for sure!
Andrea had fine fuzzy facial hair and was arrogant and she bedded the governor, the evilest man in the world. I mean, yes, there are some things you cannot go back from. Evil is as evil does. she died.
Unless, you are Rick...
Drunk Pete should have been easier to take down than that! Wow!
One more,
Do you think Michonne and Rick will form a tighter friendship or will he be mad when he wakes up?

Have a good day!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

new soap ideas in brain mode

I got a sample of magnolia absolute and it is heaven on wheels man!
So I will mix this in an oil with sandalwood and a drop oakmoss. It will be small, small, small but I will make it up to you with a nice bar of soap to go with it.
Doesn't that sound nice.
Also I just bought a resinous pine absolute that is glorious, cleansing and super confident in itself!
I love it!
I might just see what we will do with that. I want a whole lot but it was expensive.
The particles like picnogenol and rosin are but a small window to what pine is composed of. Plus they grow together and can withstand cold winters and super hot short summers. Plus, pine is number one to make smokey tar beside birch, a long time favorite.
I wonder how it would mix with a little birch oil?

When I think of pine, I think, spa, skin treatment or total break from life in a hot hot bath.
I rarely take baths anymore.
Like that woman in the tub which is in a forest, a blond woman from the north countries, there...")

Planting is going well. I trimmed grape vines and cleared the old growth of clover and turned over the soil and then planted calendula there. I would say, they are my very favorite flower, beside the rose.
I feel like this year will be awesome in gardening. I can add more herbs of course.
Right now it is raining and that is good.
Next week, I will start tomatoes and some other vegetables..not too many. Like no corn this year. Just the food we can eat often, such as  all sorts of greens and tomatoes, oh yum!

I would put a magnolia tree here but it is too far north for them to thrive. So, instead, I will put elder in the far side of the place. I kind of want the whole yard to be a garden and the front to be more trees. Like birch or aspen. There is a whole lot of work to be done out there, I  can't wait!

What else?
The Walking Dead
( I have to say, it is well done and keeps me edgy)
Oh man, wait till the new guy shows up and scares us!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The new moon residue and my walking dead review "Try" spoilers

I would too. I have tried and still been beat up by men..I was a fighter in a dojo where we practiced..
I have been hit by a man in my day! The fuks! I hit back then a whole lot. But when your man is drunk and beating you, that is a new level of a living breathing zombie.
I thought Rick would really think this out and talk to his crew.
He did try to tell Deanna about what is real now. He told her how it is.
Her mind was poisoned by that Gabriel.
Now why didn't Maggie just go and tell Rick what she heard the day before?
Seriously, communication here would been  very helpful.

New moon stuff..
Do not be an emotional vampire to others because you are still a  little stressed in your brain about your rash decisions Aries girl..and Gem, aging sucks for you because you are the prettiest in that area of attention..when you see flaws you see flaws and fix them.
again teeth and bones are what is trending in astrological sort of ways.
Like Saturn making any sort of connection is always about the dark angry and reality..dark energy is a driving force in space and we are part of that..yes?
We each have one. He is the sri yukteswar or Yogananda or darma and shreem..sometimes stern
some times open that it is rich and clean and good.
It is an energy..but as we learn about energy we know it travels.
It is our brain, yo! Telepathy is real. We can prove it.
You know all last week, who ever I thought of called me or wrote or bought something?
It was kind of magical for me.
I was a bit stressed about life and one then one day, again as always, I remembered who I am and how to do life easily.
Being transparent is the best part of living in my opinion.
dark secrets are for the birds.
Unless you are Rick. He tried to tell Deanna what is up with that guy. Pete! Fucking arrogant surgeon beating his beautiful skinned wife who m he is jealous of because she has attractions to new men with out shirts.

So much to say here. I am glad we can get away from the soap opera of Rick and Pete to follow Daryl in the woods with Aron..also my gut tells me Sasha is gonna come through in a big way here because she is out in the field. I feel like finally the story will break a little bit and we get to see what is up with the new group of human killers or one? They leave body parts everywhere! ewe! Sick, right? Morgan? Is he Good? I wonder how he gets around the place all alone?

Here is what I want to happen.
There will be a major threat to Alexandria because it has been brewing for a while. Rick is locked up for now, but Michonne is gonna step up and release him or when they need real fighters and real survivors to protect this safe zone. She had to knock him out because it is a way for her loyalty to him. They will talk and she will be his voice of reason. I hope..dude! Pete will die and maybe Jessie too. We will see.  I think Rick is awesome! Glen is awesome! That Nickolas is a weasel!
I kind of thought being there would be boring because this team is better in the field. There is no reason  that this safe zone  would fail unless...that hoard they saw way back when lands right on them and breaks the walls down!
did I just say that?
yea..it will be a possible thing..for now, the real threat  is the zombies with "w" on their head..
some say Morgan. I say, no.
He will be a good guy..no, there is another one..a group of them.
This is the time we get to see who and what kind of humans will be the ones standing.
It is Rick and our guys. Deanna sucks as a leader. Her family is slowly getting smaller and she is left crying on the couch while Sasha is out there killing zombies, while Pete beats his wife, while Daryl watches as a horse gets eaten.

One more episode and it will leave us wondering more of  all sorts of things..
Carl? The tree thing was not a good idea. Trapped and trapped!

Monday, March 23, 2015

historocity tid bits

everything is good

People ask and you say to them, "I am fine"

Being blond though? I don't know.
It is looked at as more attractive?  I am seeing a lot of blond. I feel like it is a trend. I am dark haired.
I do not think, being blond is the only thing. That is what I love about the Tinkerbell cartoons, all the little fairies are happy being who they are and are told about their boundaries first off.
We all should just be nice and kind...

 I just finished this awesome course on line about the first 400 hundred years after Jesus. I learned so much about ancient texts and who wrote what and when that it blows my mind how we have evolved from that beginning. I see it in the way my dad raised me. The Orthodox Greeks and all that.
A little while after Jesus, Paul..he had this experience in the desert about his actions..he was a Jew working for Rome at that time. and he was actually a part of a stoning of a man and one of the first martyrs..my goodness, right??
So he breaks down after that and starts over..his life, I mean..yea, you just killed a good guy dummy.." His name was Stephen of something..
Mostly it was Paul who went around and started churches of people in each town and he would educate them on the story and what the rules were.
Man was he pissed the Corinthians for partying  instead of doing good!
He wrote them letters..
In the early times there was talk about human sacrifice because of the ritual  of "take my body" "drink my blood"
They cleared the air and told everyone that it was all symbolic and not to worry.
It seems like a sacrifice to me.
I get it..but this feeling of getting outside your body can be reached by other means now in modern times yet on earth we all still fight over our gods.

Pagans wanted to worship everything. If you were a pagan from the south side of town, it was fine..The North side too, they did not care .
They sacrificed animals to their god and then ate  in thankfulness. At around the year 200 (hundred), the new Christians were saying things all the time like, "no,  were not going to sacrifice animals to your god and emperor,
"we' ll die"
And then  a bunch of people died for not wanting to pay homage to the kings demands.."No we cannot, it has to be  in this one way, only!"  Everyone cried.
One girl even left behind her toddler to die in front a bunch of people.
It was awful because her pagan father begged her to please reconsider and come home, she is like , "No daddy, I gotta die for him"
So they killed her, the end..

I digress..she was one of many..the mobs of people would get together all the time and go after them. It was awful. They had to have secret meetings where they would worship in secret groups.
In one thousand years, pagans would  have secret meetings due to the mob being way bigger now and changed so much..hummmm

The first Christians were Jews because they already followed the Jewish laws.
Then, as groups of people became Christian the rules started changing when the idea of circumcision came up..
some towns were like, "no, dude, we do not cut our babies for god"
Paul is like.."Okay, you do not have to as long as we follow these, rules, "God is a sprite and he made Jesus divine..so they are the same."
"be good to your slaves and be kind to your women. They should, of course, remain quiet in church with their head covered..."

By this time the Christians developed an exclusivity to heaven and soon after there some appeared documents  saying questions like," why did you kill our lord?" to the Jews.

*it was a really bad one, this letter a certain cleric wrote..before that, there was no story ever mentioned regarding whose fault a human sacrifice was...it just was.

So by the time Constantine came in to the picture..there had grouped together, a religion all on its own. Having taken (over) and revised Jewish Texts to form the orthodox (right way) doctrines..
Rome fell due to lead poisoning and the rest continues today....

My next course will be on Constantine who was said to not even become a christian until he died..
wow..he is considered a saint in the Greek historicity.

We will see about that, I will say!

speaking of paying homage to some one I think about and you appear to me in a telepathic vision of loveliness and grace...

Saturday, March 21, 2015

super moon eclipse

noted in the health business were,
ear aches and pressure in the head
muscle tension and headache
migraine head aches
feet hurting
teeth aching
but right now with the teeth you will do something about it and shed your fear about that shot and all the stuff that they do to you while there.
Two days later you've realized that you have a sore cut on the inside of your mouth which you accidentally bit because you could not feel you face for a couple of hours.
It will be worth it.

Can you imagine how early man endured tooth pain from aging.

Speaking of aging, may I address aging old men who are mean and mad at Obama?
Like they can even do anything about the world and yet they rant and rave about it because they are avid Republicans, Obama is pure evil and all that nonsense! Obama is a player in a big game people, and he is not the one we should look at when we are 85 and wealthy in a home in west bloomfield,   with your over addicted to health wife and four children who live near by but never come to see you because you are mad all the time at something or some one..
Sound like anyone you know? Are they old?
I have customers like that. I will get to know the wife and then one day I get the husband with her and she introduces me and I look at the ogre and I see a little old man. Yes, there are shadows of what he once was. Strapping, energy and smarts galore in mathematics..Now, at 85ish,  facing the end. It will happen. Obama can do nothing about it! It will not matter weather Michelle is wearing silk or the Duchess of Windsor gives birth and that it is an outdated greedy system to own so much gold..but apparently we are a greedy sort of life creature able to count to far that we cannot finish counting.
She did come to surprise me and tell of what she ate. She does not know what to eat, poor thing, Having starved as a child in Germany where they had to eat leather..really, that is hungry!
I think it did something to her. They must have had to really ration stuff because she cannot eat anything she likes. Now she lives in her mind where candida rules her thoughts. If I had to live with such rigidness, I would be a little mad all the time too.
Eat some toast for gosh sake..don't be scared of gluten. Be scared that they will weigh your children before school because even our babies seem to be too fat.
Maybe read some books on the best foods for your health and make your kids cook real recipes so that they can measure and observe they way real food is cooked.
I am militant about the microwave. You do not need that thing..

You can take a little magnesium   for the head and a little more water and the pressure from this eclipse will soon fade, and  the results of all your actions will shape who and what you are. Your mind will choose what  you can dwell on and learn about and act on..


Friday, March 20, 2015

new moon and why pisces

Because that is who is in control here? Pisces?
It is all the stuff before.We are looking at the ending degrees too and the transition to new Aries glory.
When I talk  about astrology and myths and all that..I am talking in a symbolic sense and not degrees of what is where.
I will leave that to the experts on all the charts which can never remain the same because we are constantly moving. To assign rigid meaning to us is really not enough. Is Pluto a planet or is he not? Is he the ruler of the underground? Is Pisces a fish swimming both ways in deep water?
Are Aries types always moving with their heads forward just slightly?

So, yes I remain in awe of Pisces and the  degrees are close. I feel them close. maybe I am wrong.
I observe my fellows and see who is in charge and who has utterly lost..
Ok, so, it is not a war, Aries person..you forget where your talents lie because of all of the delays, yea?
You broke up or broke a car or two during the last few years. It has been rough. You have high standards and high energy..
Now, you can begin a new phase of calm and skill being stellar for your self.

Happy Spring Equinox

solar eternal

As we are the resulting  fragment of an earlier explosion of our mother sister star, a perfectly burning little place in space, our glorious star full of life giving materials that had to form billions of years ago so that we can be here to observe ourselves,  so this eclipse illustrates how we can cherish and repair daily and use our collective wisdom to do what we want to do..and for sure to
cherish the ones we love
always uniting our thoughts for their best results for all
not just you so that you can shine above others even though you really do shine above most:)
take a moment to offer something to yourself and thank your lucky stars that you are who you are..
(I think they write songs about that)

child of mine,
"what are you making?"
"I am making a  Spring Bread to offer for the Solar Eclipse."
"who are you offering it to?"
"us, I am offering it to ourselves?"
She does not like anything strange so  am almost sure she will not even taste a mastic gum bread with raisins and oranges.

I should have added more butter otherwise it is a nice sort of sweet bread with mastixa from xios!

Also, one could add way more eggs. I  had to use 6 and still, to me it could be more custard like in flavor.
If this wonderful bread is just a small part of the coming months, I say bring it and make something good with amazing ingredients. This is the sort of bread that ages beautifully because the mastic gum really does something to it. I am going to have some now with coffee and pack some orders.
Next I will make a 1970's style whole wheat bread with honey.

I hope that you cherish yourself today:)

Thursday, March 19, 2015

super awesome solar eclipse

New frikin Moon in Pisces..what could be better than that? It is the highest form module you can go to in astrology. It means being strong and setting great boudries for yourself in order to gain footing. Does it mean pain and loneliness because people and all that stuff?
You know what else it means? It means make a new moon offering to yourself and make it spread like wildflowers do on hill tops.

It hurts to let go and then you realize that you must carry on and do your best. Hold your head high and take a shower if you've been too lazy to do even that. I say that because Leos can get a little scruffy with the dirty hair. Boys especially. They have really been growing up and it hurts them. They love to be cubs forever where everyone adores themselves. Such confidence and then reality...:) put through a ringer of life. Leos I mean.
 I get to understand astrology as I get older and realize also that we are who we are based on all of our experiences. I am here to say, that if you feel any shame, you had better stop it!
Shame makes one compose fear.
You must always do well and then not have to explain yourself. Everything you do is because you choose. isn't that real freedom anyhow?

You know as I have been watching period programs, I see how far we have come as women and men in our civilization. I also see clearly now what being metaphysical mean..beyond, It means beyond like Pi..freeking pi, what do you mean it doesn't end, ever? Clearly there is a horizon of it's ending? "no, so far the math goes in the trillions..with pi..I do not know..it is big to me!
Also,  I was reading about how we now know the basic formula for life on earth and the math leads to multiple dimensions.
Huh..well isn't that more like us making the telepathic connection to a greater beginning or eternal life in space  and time. Do we live forever or just this one time?
In a way that cells disperse though time, it seems that we carry on with the cells  made by our ancestors. Somehow the memory manages to duplicate in each cell. Nucleic acid doing the life thing right now in us..
cells are living things with memory it seems to me, that I have always known this.

I want to say good morning. I am right now cleaning a melting vessel where I had attempted to melt mastic gum and it has been 6 months and I cannot get that stuff off of it. I put some grape seed oil in there and plan to steep it out if I can.
melt mastic gum is only for food from now on.
This material was eaten by the Greeks on festive occasions.They mostly include it in the Easter sweet bread they make this time of year. It is like a sweet orange and mastic filled buttery egg bread with golden raisins.

I am so excited about that.
Have you ever made a beautiful egg bread?

Offering to the new moon..the dark moon, an eclipse in the last degrees of a period..it is about making things from the ground, the soft moist earth, the oceans deep treasures, Where nutrients are formed,  fertile, growing, sexy, rare attraction..
always having
deep pockets of gold forming
thoughts creating reality
wonderful achievement

"my feet carry me easily and swiftly as I glide though my day harnessing the powers of water and magnetic  ability to  freely express new  ideas."

Eternal Love Bread

4 cups organic unbleached flour and 1/2 teaspoon good salt ground fine
(you will need more flour later)

1 tablespoon dry yeast mixed with 2 warm cups of water and 2 tablespoon organic sugar
let this rest 10 minutes
meanwhile, beat 3 eggs really good and in them beat in 2 more spoons sugar
14 cup melted sweet butter, not too hot though.
1//8 teaspoon organic blood orange oil
vanilla, about a spoon full, if you have a good one
1/4 spoonful ground mastic super fine and hand ground only
(some things are magic and a machine will not do)
beat this well and put all the ingredients together. It should be a thick but wet batter. You can add cream or water to loosen it, but not too much. Add the raisins now too. a handful, not too many.
Once it is nice and smooth, you should leave it be to allow the fermentation to take place. keep it all warm.
20 minutes later..
take your big bubbly friend to the working space where you will begin by adding spoon fulls of flour and mixing until you have a nice firm and stretchy dough.
Let that rise for up to 45 minutes and bring it out to make nice  braids and spirals. Allow them rise again while you heat your oven to 350
bake till golden brown.
This is a delicious tea bread that you will love. and I hope this powerful new Moon in Pisces brings you the best things you've been dreaming of. Something good, I hope!

You are smart and a a fine person to me and also thank you for using my soap. :)

New Moon of Eternal Love is what we should call this!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

dark moon seed

it is so good
you get to wake up with vigor
yes I did say, vigor..ha ha

mornings are always best for me because there is no one here to tell me of the next thing in their life. I get to be alone and ponder my day. It will be all Zen, man! I still need to plant some sweet snap peas but I think they should be in pots first. You would be surprised at how many pots it takes to manage one packet of seeds. 25! :)
I saved a bunch from last year. It is time and I can feel it. I went out there yesterday and cleaned up the grape vines and uncovered the fig tree. It is still with me..What if I have figs this year?? That will be very cool to make a new fig soap. This time I would really change the formula. Not as much tang. I will consider some ideas I see that other perfumes use. They always say, "fig", which means lie and synthetic.
Leather my ass!
When you smell the intense fruit of fig, it is nothing like anything anyone has made. Famous or no.
How? You have to taste it and smell it when you snap it of its long slim stem. You have to allow the milky sticky juice at the tip to get on your fingers as you pull it apart to reveal its incredible inside.
I know many have tried. I have tried and in my opinion, failed a little. For me, good thing it is soap and a one timer.
Should fig soap have to smell like figs exactly?
Again, I ask myself, "how"?

The milky stuff that drips from the cut is mostly sugar and water but it is so sticky and contains other components.
I think the deep ambery scent is not animal. You could add labdanum and sandalwood and then the citrus accord on top of that. But then, I think that it needs more floral in that regard..and still it is not fig to me.
 I can practice until the next opposition of this day (it'll be a sun in virgo then) maybe I should review my notes then and see what I have loved and lost.
The winter rose blend is growing on me. It is so powerful... to go that deep with angelica in there.

I am making these treats today.
more creams with shea and camellia oil and they will only be a few because of the cost of sandalwood and how you actually want to smell it in a cream and that means using all of it.

Patchouli Cream

sandalwood vanilla cream

sandalwood rose cream

vetiver rose cream

Black Currant Rose Bindi


A little french song with a baby and a little bit telly with some bbc anything.The Paradise, lovely!
Even sweet little soap operas are most charming and well put together with period costumes. It is called The Paradise and it is on Netflix..Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries is the best and we should all look like her!
I love Miss Fisher..what a woman this Essie Davis.

Monday, March 16, 2015

time to plant some seeds

I think the snow has melted completely here. It will have by the end of today for sure!

Time to get ready for spring, plant some seeds and make soap. A mandarin lime soap is nice about now.
It is still cold, but it feels like the tropics after the frigid temps of last month..and yes, we could get more snow. It will not last or count for anything..just like the safety pin woman from my last post.
Fleeting moments. interludes and whatnot.
The thief in the night..the porn star in his dreams who thinks his sexual thoughts all day make him a man. All the while he is sneaking behind a wife or girlfriends back have internet sex with strangers. He is de sensitized to real love and therefore  cannot express it in a real raw way..always he is searching for the experience which will titillate him..I say him..her, him..what is the difference?
I love the old whore but I am not a porn person..I am like a thicker Greek Miss Fisher..in my dreams!

The darkness of any moment is only energy concentrated and sucked in so deep you feel like there is no escape..relax and go to the other side. Sometimes you do not have a choice. You must go with the flow or  you can fight and rip your soul apart in the process. (Hamlet? Okay not really)

 Be noble my dear and no harm will come.
Having to rip anything apart from one's self is nothing less than traumatic, all true! But instead, you could have lingered too long in the filth and deceit and shill have to face this real thing about yourself and why you attract such an emergency filled life. Who needs it! It is because if you stop and face the mirror, you see that you have so much to work on yourself. I hope so, I know that I  do.

Improve anything you want in spring. Plant some seeds with your vibe, your intentions and reverence for the sunshine and water which makes life emerge from a small granule. Our DNA is so super close to mushrooms! Did you know that?
So, we are the earth, a living breathing place! Kind of like those moss balls you see on etsy but on a much larger scale:)
Do we have a soul? I do not know what that means, really. Our mind lives on? Is that what it means?
I do not think we get to sit with Jesus that is for sure. I do not think there is everlasting hell for stealing a mans cow or wife..as far a karmic debt..yes the pull and push of life gets you no matter how rich or poor or sweet or sour faced or fat or trim and fit for the telly.

You get to think for yourself. You make friends that are like you and you cry when you loose a dear friend.
You admit and say I love you and I am sorry and you do a goodness to some one..yes, even safety pin girl should have  a glorious day in the sun. Every living thing deserves that, even the one that stole your man. It has to be fair across the board..hate brings hate and love brings love..control brings hate and sneaking around.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

why women are mean to women

Because they are mad at someone else who hates them as much as as they hate themselves, each other right now that they strike out  at the first person they see..
In one such case, at the end of the day, it was me.

me.."la la la I am going home soon, I am gonna eat food and and watch telly and celebrate by eating pie whilst watching explanations of "pi" it was pi day:)  Pi! How weird is Pi?

Her, the cunt ass bitch who had to say my name two times because I wasn't sweet enough that one time...because we do not have safety pins at my store and no "hello" there miss",or even and nod..it was,"if you had safety pins where would they be?
It took me for a second, "I am sorry miss, we do not sell safety pins."
 I get the dirtiest ugly look..really, it took me aback, I must say. For that quick millisecond she turned in to a zombie and it wasn't just the DHA I had taken earlier. ( I was like, wtf?)
"we do not sell them miss, I think walgreens"
I looked her square in the eye. Thirty Nine-ish, skin hair and lines on her mouth from frowning.
She said I was rude and she was only asking me a  question..oye!
"anastahsha or anastaysia"
I looked at her as she walked away in a huff.
I was a little bit shocked at the encounter..it leaves me with thought for a while..it is like I am all shaken!
It hurts one's  feelings when confronted by a dirty whore in life.

I put my head down a little so I could look in my minds heart.  It was certainly, to say the least, intimidating to think a person like that could get you fired for telling them the truth. Can you imagine when really bad things happen to her and by really bad, I mean like loosing her house, her man cheating,  It happens all the time. Humans  being a drunk or whatever vice they choose to escape their   dismal and otherwise boring reality, art and soapmaking if you want a peaceful life..in my case, being stuck in the jungle around really bad people who's ways were not natural for me...hey, life can be a drag if you act like a jerk..or..live with one all the time. A bully is a bully! You remove yourself from all the bad and always rise to the better.
Logically, the safety pins would be more walgreens not whole foods, but, hey, the customer knows best.
I cannot always be a fairy queen, sometimes I am a witch taking a step back as to preserve a peaceful resolve where I serve something much bigger than myself..
my hurt ego must suffer this one trim..

Who do you serve? What do you serve?
For myself deeply inside, it is me, for sure  and  people who have been with me for years and years and have forgiven me for being a "cunt" some days..In soapmaking I have served many all over the world..glorious beings like myself who love essential oil arts and beautiful music and higher thinking and rose..
"does the word bother you?
"yes, a little"
It is a mean word, yea?
Luis CK made it feel more normal to say it..let us take it in that sense and not some vulgarity..that lady's vagina.. was likely so dry from all dieting or running 10 miles a day. I do not know..she looked like a runner.
Safety pins..I wonder if it is a little  ironic that she needs them so bad because her life is in a state of imbalance? Does she speak to everyone else like that? Wow, she must be fun to sit with!
I wonder if this symbolizes in her,  a deeper yearning  for safety?
I will say that one thing I must always remember is, I cannot be a sweet fairy to everyone and must keep my guard even to the last second of the day. After all, Uranus is about to make an angle to Pluto and all I know is this..it is intense and we should all remain calm and keep our guard.
In this way, this encounter symbolizes the rise in temperature and friction..I will take it as a tool and not a terribly bad event.

One out of a thousand, and I get cut so bad that I take note to always always be kind. Sometimes, for some it is not enough. Disappointments and some what of a starvation life where they are take too much coffee and it makes them mean. I could have been one of many during her day of anger.
If she would have asked for peppermint, I would have given her a sample, she wanted the safety pins!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Saturday Special

Our special this week will be a two little nugget of soap and a bath oil to go with either of the soaps I am going to give you..

So cute it is too!

You get a lovely 2.5 ounce bar of my new violet springtime soap..with beautiful violet leaf and labdanum oakmoss base.
(I named this initially two timin goat)
it is because it is the year of the sheep and all that jazz)
Audatiously Keen Queen
Floral Chypre Old Whore With Rose patchouli drizzle...
step one
combine organic cold press coconut oil and your very finest olive oil 
This time I used a small farm pomace oil from Greece..so thick with olives and their skin and leaves, that is it almost purple. I am so happy as I combine the fats with the activator..as I had my labdanum and oakmoss in a hot water bath to keep them syrupy. I first poured the labdanum and mixed that thoroughly. It was then, that I inhaled a huge cloud of its glorious sharp sweet scent. I mixed this well and add the oak moss the same way.When I added the oakmoss I allowed myself to understand the difference as it mixed with labdanum. Light all the way. Sharp, green, grass..moist ideas and settling in. Moss is so abundant because it settles in..low and slow..moss is the earth and the love of real juicy life things.  Now the vetiver..a beautiful smokey, Sri Lanka vetiver. Vetiver is thank you, mon ami..thank you for money and things and thank you for strong back bone to carry..one finds that, always overflowing goodness comes.
Finally the main ingredient..old whore perfume accord, inevitable three rose perfume accord.
I cut this special one when she was still slightly tepid. The particles of oakmoss you see now are simply hadn't even formed yet. An invisible accretion of energy and magnetic particle weaving through time and space to create a rare and beautiful thing. That is why the old whore. The audacity to even say it may push the buttons of your kin and who ever wants to mold you, it pushes their brain to think new things. You linger on their mind a little longer. They smell your musky pepper spice with somewhat of an uncontrollable thirst. The feel connected somehow. That is why the vetiver. You must not overreact says she.

The bath oil will be small and strong. I think if you like vetiver with lime, you'll be super happy.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

It stays

I want the balance and all of it wrapped in joy
I surrender to beauty in so many ways
Each day I ponder on what is best for us all
And also compel myself to love me.

I turn here and I turn there
Sometimes I feel as if I'm nowhere
And everywhere?
Why do I crave the powers of all flowers
How do they allow my mind to feel so much?
My eyes keen
My mind an open door 
Each thought dripping and becoming real..up on my decision.

I can really tell a difference when I wear rose and sandalwood.. Both attractors of loving kind creatures in our realm...us, each other ,drawn like magnets in space. I made one with a patchouli drizzle instead of a dollop. I will send you a sample when you buy this..so that you can enjoy the differences.
You, so rugged and hard faced
With deepest thoughts and abilities to make it real
Me with feeling absorbing transforming energy being spread out like stardust and pulled towards your magnetism.
And all this regenerative churning having become a new living attractor pulling more and more to us and with magnetic energy from us, also protecting through 
Unified understanding!!

This is how stars are born.

Today's soap was a superb example of how magical oils are and as I layered the oak moss over the labdanum enriched soap base, all I could do is allow the pure pleasure to take me. I used all of the labdanum as I am convinced it is the key to a superb chypre blend.

I'll show you how it turned out tomorrow:))

hello it's me

In soap making there are many exciting developments and in life as well. I know it!
I just made the most divine old whore ever, I think. You see, I had to make kukui neroli cream for Nancy so it could be fresh for her and then I had a whole bunch left and no good jar to put it in.
Here we go miss, you have a great new very decadent whore with heavy on the rose and labdanum.

shea butter
organic coconut oil
olive oil, rich with unfiltered particulates
oakmoss galore
and roses from Bulgaria
(oil of roses, in sandalwood and cassis and bergamot)
vetiver sri lanka
a shot of jasmine
and drizzled with a cassis rose sandalwood perfume I made earlier
I hate to just leave them alone, I keep going   in to say, "Hello":)
I did say, "them":)

Next and with the same formula in fats, I made a patchouli tonka vanilla blend with tobacco and violet swirl, also containing labdanum, oakmoss and vetiver as the base notes and then I added a splash lime.
I can't hardly wait to try that one..Something about tonka is sick and tasty at the same time..
Sick because of the condensed  aroma within its structure.
I can't wait to cut it and have another little special..
Nancy wants sandalwood and rose and also a vetiver vanilla in a cream..I need more jars!
Next week we will make some of that goodness.
You have a good afternoon!
We will talk!

MIss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

a little wee story sinc....There was a conversation between the detective and his constable who was thoughtful and sad because  his girlfriend would not marry him because she didn't want to quit her job with Miss Fisher..
During the 1920's, it was unheard of for a lady to work and be married. You were in service or you were in  royalty! (royalty means you serve them)
The answer was the best part when Jack (the main detective in the show) said this..in so many words and according to my  memory.
"This is a new way in which a man must face the challenges of pursuing a modern woman"
I tried to find the proper quote for this but I can't. You will have to just watch it.
I thought it was a wonderful line because even today 100 years later women are able to make so many more choices. We work and run the gig..yes some are bitches, some just have a way to lead with grace...
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
Check it out on Netflix, it is wonderful and stylin'.
Oh and if you are a type who is all aghast at a woman having sex with amazing looking men and being "ok" with it, you had better get a grip, and open your mind a little. It is just a story and if you think she is a whore and a Jezebel..you are hiding behind some veil of purity that isn't real. Every one is a whore. We are mammals!

She has so much money that she doesn't have to live by the rules, does she? It, for sure, pushes our buttons a little. Again, in modern day and in the 1920's..people who have had means, have lost themselves in drugs and a bad life style just having sex with anyone any day or night..
Not our Phryne, she spends her time doing what she loves and being generous to her loved ones,  she is selective like James Bond..Plus Essie Davis looks so great. We could all take a lesson at elegance and self control mixed with some climbing..she climbs a lot and jumps from buildings..and clearly a great  dancer:)
On a side note,
no,  it isn't all zombies for me. Besides, what is up with Rick going after a married woman? She must be a slut, that Jessie and will likely die, Rick is too busy for love affairs, isn't he? I get it, he's been on the road and reprieve would be really great right about now.
 And for him, it is best not to  form a sexual bond with any of his traveling companions, not even Michone because it changes everything. So that is why the intense thing with Jessie (the slut) must not become a soap opera and leave us bored to tears..Carol is crazy and not for Rick..what was he supposed to do?
I want Rick to focus and be smart, I feel like he will not disappoint. He is an animal, he knows the zombies. So do you. Stay away from them and take a nice dreamy bath like miss fisher..
check out her skin care on the blog..Beautiful like us.


Saturday, March 7, 2015

The citrus special went really well and now for the next one

I just made some nice complexion soap. I am calling this, "She Wolf"! It is nice and warm and doing its thing!
She Wolf Complexion Bar
It contains propolis from Brazil and camellia oil, my favorite carrier oil right now.
I have decided that I will make that a special with a  complementing balm for both men and women.
A balm..mmmmm

She Wolf Complexion Special

It should be soft and memorable and bite you a little like any she wolf would if you got in her way.
This is what comes to mind as I conjure this special balm.  She Wolf like my girl in Cali!
She presents a strong character with a polished dry down..
Sophistication and charm? Of course and smooth, beautiful skin.

Modern Sensibility Balm

The balm is one which can be used before or after a cleansing. During! I like to apply to my hair and do some chores and then shampoo. A pearl sized dab will do as an after hand wash! All true!

local beeswax
camellia oil
og sunflower seed oil
more propolis

Contains vetiver, both Indian and Haitian..kind of smokey and then not. I love a good Haitian vetiver with a little patchouli. It is wonderful.
This balm contains frankincense, vanilla and labdanum too..it is because I love you and want the final linger to make you wonder about things that are really good about us here.
I made the balm during the full moon phase. The soap is just now doing its thing..I hope it turns out as good as the balm did!

We will talk:)

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

let's be real shall we

I like that better than sneaking around. Humans are so weird.

So after a two day busy holiday, I am back to work for the next five days.
I am excited about my projects right now and hopefully it will be an easy transition from being home, where clean is so nice to coming home to not tidy as I like..It can never be. I stopped complaining..mostly:)
I just clean up and wipe down again.

I want to tell you about all my raging new  ideas. I have been meditating so much that I fear a wildly exciting explosion of my prolific way with essential oils.
**that the energy that guides us towards one another to form an all loving, evolving,  artistic,  learned group of women and men, focus on all that is rare and good. So that when our  bodies are  in decay and nothing but food for worms, we  should be a fragrant memory in the minds of new creatures of earth..

What am I saying?
These idea have been my meditations when I wrap vials of oils and make them nice for my customers. I want to think hard on what is good and fair..It is the Libra way!
What is not fair? Look..that is them.
I love walking dead for that. The girl ( she took the gun)is maybe associated with a darker more aggressive group that is why I fear that sexual attraction will entice carl and ..well this note today is not about zombies and wars..or is it?

It is the way of humans who want to guard and control all the gold and silver. It is about who is in charge of we they want you to think and be..
Never be what some one wants you to be unless it is to climb the mountain of love and success.:)

I want to be around all of you:)
Thank you for being my soap friends.
Do you see how we all want the sames things?
I do.
Why else would you care to spend 12 dollars on soap unless you know it was generously scented and lives up to its display of ingredients?
I don't know..

The oils I worked on today were..
mainly old whore and she loves fun

After that I cleaned again with rosemary basil and peppermint. I went through the whole house as if to say, "welcome home again. Each stroke of my damp cloth over the corners and the crevices of the base of my home is to intend the riches I require and easily all good comes to me"
I still inhale its wonderfully awake aroma. The sun is shining and the birds are singing..
It wont be long now.

I bet you the bears are waking up!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Remember Walking Dead spoilers

I wanted so much to write about Rick yesterday but I was afraid you hadn't seen it yet.
Spoilers dahling.

All I know is that Rick, is a bad ass and all this time has been growing in to the man he wants to be, tough, honorable and will kill you if you hurt his family.
On the outside, you learn about how low humans can go during a hunger.
Will do anything
Even eat dogs 
And some would so too eat people 
( people were so shocked about Terminus)

Vegans would go first.
Unless they were smart. By making a safe compound in a hill in a cold area.
I'd go and meet my friends in Montana.
Virginia is mountainous enough for now.

Those people may be weak.
They are stealthy enough to follow the group, learn their names and listen to their conversations and still they leave their compound weapon free where someone gets to hold all the guns locked up!
That shows how weak these people are.. Still clinging to the old government somehow. Already there is s political leader who leads by talking.
No, everyone is required to have one!
That is required and should be taught.
And then some little rooster is tying zombies up!!
And that guy is in charge now!!
And Carol,  with the heavy gun all of a sudden, I laughed!
"Daryl, honey, how about now you take a shower and then a nice hot bath.
Next run we to to the local health store and get us some oils."

Rick,shaving..I cried.
He wants to relax and remember what he wanted before all this.
And why be sad over Lori, she sucked!!
What was it, two weeks before she got with Shane?
I understand that he was close to the family...

So,this woman with Rick as a love interest..in the real world after a long truck through war, they would have done it right after the hair cut! Just saying. Shirt off means business!
And Rick is s fine man indeed. Tough and delicate at the same time!!

"Daryl, you want I should help skin that rabbit with you?"
I'm excited and hate the police suit!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

lime vetiver coming up

I love vetiver. Most people do not.
Except us!!!

When you grow to love its rooty rootiness, you can learn more about mixing things with vetiver, which are always sublime, smooth, soft and powdery..all of it!

I love the vetiver in the old whore with her secret jasmine notes to bring out the kundalini in all who partake.
She loves fun, is another thing..almost scorpionic in that she is shrewd and keen all over the place! That blend is the old whore with a top grassy note of geraniums and lavender somewhere in the mix.
I have a friend and lover of oils who does vetiver and patchouli so fine! Vetiver with rose and cacao, we have something else altogether.

You know, I get all like which perfume this and what perfume that and then always go back to what is real and what is good.
So, that is it..I am perfect, ha ha ha

Lets us talk about fragrance and how bad some of them are. You know, some dumb jerk has to wear a bottle of some fake or at least half fake perfume and we are all gasping for air. Also, they ruin it for all of us. Essential oils do not poison your brain and cause old ladies to faint because they cannot handle all the smells!
You get one bitter bitch in the office who says she hates patchouli and you can have chaos! I know..I had one who was working at my store out of Chicago..she was hateful and rude.
She and I were gonna butt heads one way or another, that was for sure! She always had some snide remark or another and then one day, we met in front of the deli and as I was scoping out the cheese, she said, "oh, you are wearing that patchouli, aren't you?"
"yea, why, what is your problem?" I loomed over her because she was shorter than me , like Rick did with that cannibal  in Walking Dead! I went to her manager and said, I did not come to work to be harassed by bitter people.
She was soon gone and never to be heard from again. Turns out, she was mean to every body and not just me. **note to self.."do not grow old and bitter"
Some old hags stay around forever and torment everyone with their out dated opinions about life and our earth..oh but because they have tenior, they get to be jerks..my daughter has a teacher like that right now.
I tell her to just deal with because those types never stay with us long. And no, you cannot kick them in the ass for being mean.:)

In a small office it can be a real problem with the perfumes. And yes we have every right to say something. I have one customer who is really sick from it. Her complaints go unresolved because no one cares about her at bank of america. I am not saying we should argue. I mean, if you love patchouli and wear it often, you smell of patchouli lingering. The haters cannot control everything! I would rather have that than some fancy bottled perfume giving me a head ache.

I do not know how to help my friend at the observatory. She is  dealing with a senior who has decided to hate every smell, all of them! No more vanilla, patchouli or passionfuit..none, nada, zilch!
I'd be like all in her face and try to teach her some manners..I do not care if she is a PHd!  I bet she doesn't smell all that great! Doesn't she use some cream or another to soften her skin? She must be dry, very dry!
Sometimes, it is no use. Not everyone is wonderful and worthy of us. LOL

It is snowing here and not that cold. The  smell of vetiver and frankincense from mixing and a good cup of coffee is brewing right up. It is all good between us.
Have a wonderful day.