Friday, October 30, 2015

happiness2016 when everything is fun again and who is Rick now?

It had better be fun because there is no point in continuing whatever we are to waste away in a dead life..I mean already dead life..
It is like you do everything they tell you to do that  is right and good and still you end up having to face the fact that you will die and have really not done anything but prean around in heels  and be nothing but a memory..hopefully not too many bad ones ha ha ha
What, too harsh?
I am harsh sometimes..words my friends, have power...they shake us up and make us think things.

Let us have fun again, I say. I feel like learning is fun and changing my mind to be happier is way better process a spiritual path I have no control over. I have control of my mind and that is my will and that is the power like with in man!
Like chi and like the jedi force..
I have been doing a little bit understanding about our world, who and what we are and what we are made of..
bacteria, lots of it, proteins that can move and cells that gather together to make each working thing in our bodies. (All the stuff that zombies like to eat::::)
Each age that unfolds before us understanding more and more which takes away the mysteries for more and more and makes thing not as scary..
I think about this question that was presented to a world leader in history and philosophy..
"which age would you want to live in most?'
Do you know what he said?
"This one!"
We have done away with stonings, and burnings of women, well mostly, we have done away with thinking storms and eclipses and tornadoes were punishment from god, and we have done away with gods which do not serve humanity, like, isis, like shiva and like zues..jesus, .yes i can talk about him, he was and still is so alive in people's mind as a redeemer of how bad we are..salvation and all that scary stuff...religions, they hate other so much who don't love him (their god) as much as they is freaky and stupid, yo.
Michio Kaku  says that until humans get past the need to fight for religion, they cannot evolve into interstellar human beings..
but we will and there will still be some back woods mystical man telling us about the path to follow..
Yet, it continues, we continually repave our roads so our paths change as they need to..of course they do.

So, everything is good and really wonderful in Michigan this time of year. The colors are spectacular here and now it is time to plan to cover up my fig..I hope it works because I wants to eat them in happiness 2016
I am totally freaked about the last episode of Walking Dead..Rick and his panicked state ( after cutting himself, having to fight the really bad guys that Morgan let go and then the RV, stalled because he broke having to shoot and kill the really bad killers) at the last scene, it  left me with, well, a little panic too..I can't talk about, "thank you", not yet. Do you love The Walking Dead? I do! I love the art, the acting, and the story! Love!

I will talk about oud and how much rose it needs to be happy in a blend..oud..kind of funky and umami..I am still working on the dragon's blood perfumed balm with oud, which is bloody red and almost black when you look at it in certain ways. No one has bought one yet..they will, and then it will be all gone..I might be holding back a little too. I just keep thinking it needs more citrus.. I know that by now, it is 40% myrrh based and beautiful, balsamic, amber notes and deep deep myrrh. I am super proud of this one and continue to be amazed at how essential oils can help us achieve a happier state by a simple scent molecules reaching deep spaces in our brains.

Have a good one and maybe I will talk about Rick tomorrow..

Thursday, October 29, 2015

new sprayers

They are green and witchy!
I bought a few and they will be part of my holiday well as all other spraying type goodies I might make.

I have been exploring all sorts of ideas with regard to my holiday offerings..and obviously presentation is important. I will not however cross the line and add some junk of an ingredient just to save money. Do not get me wrong, I do like a sweet looking thing on my counter but aromatherapy is for using, not for looking at.
I will use cheap bottles before I hold back on the oils..mmm, myrrh, I love it!.

These bottles are two ounces and they were not cheap or horribly expensive..50 bucks for twelve..I is a little pricy but I love them and The Old Whore should be in a nice sprayer for 2016.

The nice thing about working at a natural grocery store, I get to see what kind of "natural" products come in the store and how they are presented.
I do like a simple label over a bunch of flashy bullshit..also, it leads back to how much are you willing to spend on oils over all the other stuff?
I would rather you toss the skin care I make after a certain time..the balms and sprays, you can keep for a while, they last..they are perfume,

Oh my goodness, I can't wait to see what I come up with!
I have so many ideas that obviously it is maybe, too much?
No no no..
 It should always feel like it is good enough and not enough...:)

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

November Ideas


November to me is about making changes for practical reasons and really getting ready for the cold times.
I say take care of your skin even though you are working hard. Take care of your liver and your kidneys by drinking water and be sure to really fine something new to learn. It is a Sag thing. I feel like this is the time to explore some higher calm and make good things just right.
I love this new cleanser.
I hope you get to try one.
My themes in oils will be myrrh based for a minute or two because I feel like it is a wonderful oil when skin get thinner..there is myrrh in this cleanser even though it is not listed in the ingredients.
I wanted to wait and see if I like the way it cleans before I put a bunch of expensive oil in it.
It does and really nicely.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Good Saturday my smelly sweet friends!

The darkness of winter is near us
we stand and now, can see it arrives
it gets closer and closer

the rain
the cold cold mornings
the long dark days and even darker nights

The warmth of the oven cooking
the tea pot always brewing
warm chocolate caramel vanilla notes in the morning as the coffee brews
crispy sour dough toast with churned butter

a nice hand washing with the old whore..golly but she lingers in oh so good of a way...writing to you and sharing my ideas..I love it, and I know you somehow..I know your heart is pure and you are smart, funny, smart cute, smart working, smart at home...

This to me is real life and the best life
no strife in the family
every one's best things unfolding
my best things that are yet to unfold as I explore myself with dragon's blood and oud, I am afraid!

Yes, aloeswood
the strongest and most intriguing substance to me right now...aloeswood resin!
Why, why do I get so tangled with that one thing for weeks until it is out of my system and then, I am good. It must be my scorpionic abilities to hone in and really study something until I am done with it.
I cannot say enough about oud, Because there are not enough beautiful words easily available in my brain to describes its interesting and unique odor.
Kind of like animal and flowers, tangy musky? I cannot..
I have to just continue to build on it its strange beauty.
It was to bring oud to the dragon's blood infusion, I had been working on. It is almost black now with both the addition of each dark oil and a little activated charcoal..not too much but just enough to make it very dark and almost purple black..

black hearted dragon

dragon's blood ground up fine and melted with coconut oil and olive oil
a little bit beeswax
pine needle
one drop coriander
fir needle
nutmeg co2
one drop clove
more myrrh
more vetiver
more frankincense

I wanted a more jelly like serum rather than a completely solid perfume and yet, this is what it has turned in to..something very deep, very complex with earthy animal notes and a lovely dry finish with myrrh and vetiver almost making your mouth water..

Myrrh is about strength and calmitude..myrrh has medicinal qualities in that it is anti bacterial and soothing at the same time..

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

spoilers walking dead JSS my review so far

If you have not seen JSS please stop, otherwise here is what I think...

Carol is of course the star of this one. She is ready and came through with cold instinct and realizations beyond what in opinion is Morgan's self serving philosophy. She was ready to do what needed done and her first knife kill was awesome! "I had it" Morgan said..yea, well it is not a contest, I say..
He is so wrapped up with the rules of goodness that he forgets to protect himself. in a gun fight , one staff would not do shit! And he let those wolf  guys go with a word, like a kung fu! Where are they, these masters, today, puta? Stop pretending you are holier than thou with your self righteous what I am thinking...
I would defiantely train with a staff, it was my personal favorite weapon when I did train.. I am am thinking he had better get his shit together or move on, go hide..hide, Morgan..but only  after you kick some real ass!
That is the really hurting reality, right there..Rick has had to over and over, see it and know what it takes..Oh Rick! Hurry home, there is some big thing going on!
Carol, crying in the car, Carol crying on the porch..I loved it!
Morgan, saying, "I am sorry". Did he kill that horse face guy? I do think that he did..seems like they should have kept one. Carol had no time to find out or how many more there may have been to kill. I understand that she was beyond caring about "all life is precious"
I like it when at the end they both had some raw truth about what it takes to survive by each have to submit their darkest thing they  never wanted to submit.. Carol, when she has to do the really dirty work, having trained to always be alert or get beat, Carol always planning a food meal  as to always try to not get beat up..alert now, now to anyone who tries to harm the group. Her family!
Carol having to kill Lizzy (The of the best episodes)) who almost killed Judith because she was that psycho!
Carol, maybe having overreacted a little when she killed those two really almost dead sick People..oye, that one upsets me..and her, having to lie to parts of her team is so raw to me. She was smart to take weapons. I would have been transparent to my team.  That upset me, like what is she up to? And then, I knew and Morgan saw, that is is always ready to move and be defensive! She is a better Ninja that even him, yea?
I was so scared when I saw the guy with the machete chopping on the head of that woman who was smoking..I guess Carol could have been nicer to her, since there are always worse ways one can die..and all she wanted was a nice pasta dish, too! She smoked the menthols!

Listen, Michone is best with a sword it is true, but even she, has a gun on her..get it together, want to live here and be safe, you get a gun.  You train and you become a must train! Being stealthy is one is most of the thing..violence with killers must be met with intelligent fortitude..right?

(In real life I do not have a an apocalypse, I would go get one..good thing this is just a story!)

Oh, the Enid thing, she is a plant..she has been there a couple months now and she snuck into the woods regularly and we got to see how on her own being that young how she had to cling to life. Eating raw turtle..
It will be really exciting! I am wondering  how they will survive the herd a coming? How did the zombie drive so well in the truck that had the horn?

Just Survive Somehow

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hello Tuesday Planning...

and world, hello world, mine, small that it may be..because I do not relate to any of the threads in the world news and such.
take that story on Yahoo about the shroud that has the imprint of Jesus..but it is not him..9.999999999999999999 not him..(what a silly argument)
and still you get the ire and hatred of people of faith who want to hate on anyone who says different..dude, chill  out and look at your own life before you call people names, is what I say..
also...if my ideas make me an the way I don't know that I am that...I know I am not going to believe in talking snakes or a punishing force in the universe based on how many goats I own and how many I slaughter for him..or as they do in Spain, throw a goat out a tall building on to a sheet held by three or four believers..yea, they still do that..

So..if my ideas are so bad, let us review them   My ways as a so called atheist...
I am hard working fucking awesome at my age dancing bear of a momma and lover of art and my momma...
I am forgiving and caring and always bewaring the strangers and jackal  and cowardly types
who ponder and sneak upon my pearly gates and yell at my door...humnn, keep moving, I work alone..
I am a creator through what my arms and hands provide, I walk away from anger and sigh..
I would never hurt you ever!  I would want the best things for you too then we could trade like before and live easy lives raising ducks on a mountain and fucking when we want to..not each other, necessarily..
if god watches that, he must love it when we do it..I feel like he is is with us then...

Monday, October 19, 2015

Little known secrets about dragons blood

Nothing is a secret!
Especially because it is always there and you just found out about it! Some haven't found out much, That is why they are so violent, I suppose. I have a thick face to them. My heart is black for them. You know  them, so I will not even mention it again. We do not have to be a part of that! Looking for the gods to save us from our is a thick face you must take. It is a black heart you must create..fall now and again and review your mistakes...

Fear and fear of death?
It is cool, we all do it..that is why I no longer believe in meta physical sources for me happiness. I am in control of my mind and know I make things happen based on real evidence and material my brain sorts through..I will not lie to my own mind and not fear what I am...what am I?
I am very poetic and love making words bloom in to wonderful pictures of my ideas..small they may appear and huge in space and time there are!

I love dragon's blood! I love to grind it up and make goodies with it. goodies like a resinous balsam, bitter sweet feeling that dragon's blood resin gives to anything.
Myrrh, anyone?
I know you love it, I love it and I feel like it should be sacred in your heart because it is powerful stuff my friend.
Together, we have something wonderful and my focus in this next balm too!

here we have dragon's blood which has been slowly melting in coconut oil and olive oil. A nice mellow fruity one!

Dragon's Blood
Bees wax
organic raw coconut oil
extra virgin small farm olive oil
steep in hot water bath for three days

myrrh somalia
myrrh co2
frankincense India co2
vetiver organic Haiti

allow to cool for a day or so and then dig in..
Myrrh is wonderful with dragon's good!

I really want you to have one or three of these!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sunday Special

What should it be?
Is it a cream with the scents of honey bee?
Is it a witch brewing up a treat,
for your hair, your face and even your feet?

My pretties my pretties
just take a look and see
let the scents of flowers and animal musk reach your secret places
reach how far you'll not be afraid...

I say pretty funking far!

Special at eleneetha aromatics

Friday, October 16, 2015


Right now at eleneetha aromatics, today'll get one free nice hunkin bar of Lime Nutmeg with patchouli soap awesome spicy piney, sprucy, coniferous deliciousness balm!

Royal Spice 2015

It began with my London wanting things. She has a high thinking mind and conjures up stuff. Like you and me probably. I have friends who love oils and want them in certain ways and I abide, the bitch abides!
Tonie will do that and so will Shabra and Elisa loves myrrh!
This bitch abides.
Don't be scared because the royal unguent by eleneetha is done to perfection!

I started with frankincense (somalia) and myrrh, a few drops cedarwood (Texas)
I put the labdanum (from sunrose, the bestest one ever so far)
I put the vanilla co2 and I put it away to do its thing for one night or two.
Then I put the spices, the clove og, the ginger root very old and smooth, the cardamom, nutmeg co2, the star anise, the balsam fir, the tangy dry scotch pine, the pine bark absolute and a drop cinnamon and galbanum,oh, yes,  the honey summer scent of the bees wax...mmmm
Top notes are sweet orange tangerine..
The dry down is what we are looking for here because when in its jelly like phase, it can't do  itself justice enough.
The dry down is when the citrus is gone and you get the pine, the ghost of frankincense, the myrrh driving away the negative vibes and leaving a trail love and goodness..warm, smooth and delicious with honey and tea. in the woods with your musky love (er), close to you and making you glow from love, warmth and sexy tinglings...

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

:)) now what was it I said I would make for the holiday specials?

I am not crazy! I just forget to not make plans when Mercury is retrograde!

Ok, The specials are still gonna happen and by November, which by the way is right around the corner, I will make it a little more clear at eleneetha aromatics. eleneetha aromatics

I will illustrate a little better on the offerings as I create them. I like having a one day special on Sundays, so I think that is a good idea...
I am getting too excited about everything, that is for dang sure!

The most current and  super fine old whore batch is what I would like to share with you today!

An end piece with perfume glaze having run down the sides..oh man..

I sprinkled more vetiver on top of the limy cloak and let her be. Was it the artemisia or the oak moss which set her heat to such high levels as to be almost too much to control?
Was it my super powers of organization and skills which made her so ready to roll?
I do not know..I like her so much, she is a best and super fine kind of soap bar!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I have been asked to make more balms for winter time

When the air gets colder, we get drier. Our skin suffers in the wind more than in the moist shady days. I am making new  balms!

I have been asked to make a balm that is spicy and brings warmth and attracting ideas of heat and love and money!
I love to make things which are intended in this way. It matters in the final product. It is like you give attention to it and it molds itself in your brain.

Here are my ideas for a winter balm which I am working on for eleneetha's...eleneetha aromatics

top notes will be sweet orange, tangerine and yuzu

middle notes are clove cinnamon nutmeg co2 a drop star anise and black pepper infused olive oil for the base of the gentle and warming at the same time..

base notes include labdanum
myrrh so we can pull everything together

the ginger and clove by the way..I feel should be gently counted in drops..and the cinnamon bark as well.
drops because, with spice, it is all you need.
The base is pure delight as far as I  am concerned. Seriously frankincense and myrrh along with the sweetening and alluring factors labdanum, brings to this wonderful spiced cider and hugs blend.
I do hope you get to enjoy one or three, :)

Oh, about before with my so called poetic prose, sorry I get dark sometimes..but words just flow some days and I say what comes forth..It is what happens when I constantly review my life's opportunities.

I hope you are good and that life's joys and delights visit you every day at least one time or Three!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

you wanted (a rough poem about Lilith and Me)

a gentle woman and then you got me
you thought there were fairy tales about a pedestal of some sort where a woman stays pure and virginal the whole time she lives and of course you are wrong..but if she falls off of that pedestal...
otherwise she is a whore
a slut
a trollop
a cunt

Oh my goodness I said that awful word about a woman who was maybe a jerk that one time and now she is branded a jerk or a bitch..because you need someone to blame and yes, she cuts peoples head off..but I am not her, see? I love, I forgive, I move on from a pain that was not mine to suffer. Maybe you, you want to deflect shame..your shameful thoughts..deflecting and finding the next one, perhaps,
some one to hurl stones at so that you can hide your secrets and those same things you hate in others.

Did you think it would go on forever?
How long could it go on?
I say, just the right enough time..just the right enough attention to itself..this energy you seem to think exists. This vibe you seem to it what you've always wanted? Is this what you have lived and worked so hard for? I hope so, because otherwise it seems like a monumental slip and continual fall where nothing and   no one is elevated enough to know god....and by god I mean success, contentment, happiness and joy in life right now...otherwise, what is it for?

I know you think I am writing this about you. You are  like that person in that song about dreams and clouds in coffee..look it up.

Hello again October 11th

I am going to create my day right now and plan the weeks soap making.
I often make soap on Monday or Tuesday and then I make oils and creams on Wednesdays..I ship stuff on Tuesday through Thursday..
That is how it has been for a while now. It is nice  to spend time at my shop a couple of hours a day before work and facing the out there world of commerce.

This week, I am making more patchouli soap along with a couple of other things I should make more of.
I want to make something else..but you know, what with the holidays coming, one might think all there were, were spruce smells..
I wonder why we can't use spruce when ever we wanted to?
We can.
And cinnamon..not for me!
I want the old whore on me. I want to wash my hands and get her for a long time on my skin..having softly settled in to a musky goodness which I know is my scent..oak mossy, patchouli, vanilla notes..incense..I swear, I can pour frankincense on me all day!
I don't. Dabs and bindis is all...:)

I was looking at Mystic Medusa's blog and she has a link on a natural perfumer who uses brandy and essential oils..the scents are cancer would smell of...vanilla and amber (who wouldn't love that?))
I found it intriguing....

Interesting and expensive..If I am going to spend 200 dollars on one thing, it had better be something more practical..besides that, is silly to assign herbs and essential oils  to astro myths.
I feel like it exploits our intelligence in a way.. Also Libra does not want to smell of basil and sage when she greets her lover!
We love smelling good!
Don't get me wrong, I like the whole idea..I do..but to me it seems like lying in a way.
I tried it for a while and it was too scripted to suit me and my style of essential oil art.
I do like all the scents described. I just do not want to smell like basil when a  Cancerian smells like vanilla...Maybe it is why I keep changing my blends! Who  wants to be stuck with that one thing all the time?

How do you think about this? Do you find power in something assigned to your astrological symbol?
I can no longer see the value in such practices. I find that most of these myths do not serve my modern brain at all but simply add to life's little pretend games.
So then, why are we so drawn to these ideas?
I ask myself now..
Does it empower me to do better and make more money?
Does it make me more confident because I know it will attract more lovers and someone who wants to smell me up close?
Does it satisfy my greedy nature in knowing that I am "special" now and can afford a 200 dollar perfume blend?

It seems like a whole lot of money on one hand and on the other, one must know that really good oils are expensive and perfumes require copious amounts..not just drops.
I get it. products like this have many other expenses..the designer the labels and the 100 thousand little bottles that must be paid up front.
Us smaller artisans of scent, do not work or think in this capacity. It is bigger than we care to tread..and so we continue on, making special little treats for unique minded individuals one at a time and the best things for each time that we need them..

I love you so much!

Have a wonderful day.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

thinking feeling types

It can go both ways when you are a thinking feeling type.
One way is being very very intuitive and the other is thinking too much about something and making it too big to handle and whoa, drama in the brain syndrome..ha ha ha ha
Yes meditate, but do not think because you are pious or being good that all people will love you and all the things, (tings) will be good and right.
People go through  their own things..and are dealing with other stuff besides you and your troubles. Some of them are not that smart.
You know what I say? "Eh, whatever!"
Yes, feel, but do not be unreasonable.
There are things to be done.
Real things for yourself.
I think a whole lot of things will change for many many people this year.  Saturn has made his move and that always means old structures breaking down. "You are going to change, I'll show you how!" Saturn says, even though it is not as sexy as when Rick says it..(walking dead)

"You must change, the way you've been doing and living may have been necessary for a time,  but now is different" Saturn issues are when you have had a tooth bugging you. When you realize you've aged quite a bit. Your feet hurt more. :) You break up with a bad lover. He sucked, yo!
This means time alone to ponder and plan..the best things are...
When you contain yourself more and hunker down and learn. When you can be armed with knowledge and kindly spoken words, not the way things look.
I feel like there may be and I say may be, some arrogant pompousness..hey man, not everyone is a saint and just because they meditate, it does not mean they are not selfish or insidious..The point is to spot them out and study them..While keeping yourself guarded.
I am often amazed at how many people want tarot readings and astrological advice.
I cannot read the future but I feel like after years of study in philosophy and physics and planetary shifts..I can only say, I know less and less about more and more..we all do!

Now, back to me and what I want this coming week.
I want more coconut oil, that really nice olive oil I got last time for Spain.
I want you to be happy and use the old whore soap before you go out in to the world..:)
Have a wonderful Saturday!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Indoctrination and sneaky Walking Dead referances

That is when you slowly teach and guide your kids or your group to do the "right" thing.
In Greek the term, "Orthodox" translates to stand the correct word.
(How many beatings do you think I got for this teaching?)) I have a big mouth and even as a child I was very vocal))
Think about how you've been taught and how the feelings you were raised with may not be real. As a group they are but when on your own you still need to be accountable for what you feel.
The thing about living your traditions is like to be stuck a little bit.
You are roaming on automatic just shuffling along making every step leave a small imprint in the proverbial sand. (not really, when we really look a a floor for example, there is an infinite amount of space between your feet and the floor))
Also, it makes for a very arrogant sort of vibe when you think you have the upper hand because god told you so...Well he did not tell me and I say you are all pretending he did!

Like being insulted when someone asks you real questions not  just things you are supposed to like. Or what will please mom or dad. Just do not yell things at them. This gets easier as you get older. Family is not your obligation in all respects though. Your friends, the drugs you take, involve you with people that change you mind as often as Kim Kardashian  changes her tight ass clothing.
Then what?

 Do you automatically gut all huffed and puffed when you have to defend what you believe to be true? Maybe, if you are a Sagitarian, Capricornian (ruling planet Saturn in a fire sign)or any other kind of fire sign you sure damn do!The people who are feeling thinking types like me, though,       We cry alone and smile for the world.
We do this because we are two faced in a if that term is bad..I mean really! You really cannot cry over everything or voice every concern to the masses!
We cry to people we think we can trust. We cry to our mommas and we cry because there is never enough time to live our fullest lives because surviving is what we do daily..and we all die..We live and We die!

My point...
I usually read the news before I chat with you here. I see the stories from around the world and I see the greed and ignorance of man so blatant and so hateful of each other and many many other things which hurt me so much some days, my stomach is in knots from that..We are The walking Dead!
The tunic wearing tyrants ranging from golden (catholic) to black (Muslim) all professing to have a hand in how we think or feel or else God will not take us  in..but first we must suffer here on Earth and blah blah..or how about we just kill everyone except us?
Look at them and think about you and me! You and me..thinking clearly and being honest and really listening to our hearts.
What does your heart say?
Do you wish for the world to end so that you can be with god and he will only love you forever while the rest of his creation suffers?
Never! we know that we do not want that for anyone. We all live and we all die..that little spark of energy does something but we do not yet know what..

You and I, we know things. We know that loyalty and honor go with truth. We love our families. We do for them because it is better. We care for our homes and never forget this fact.We stick together.
We do not worship any outrageous concepts but we have reverence for natures beauty. We know that we create our fears, yes, but in life there are real monsters and they carry weapons along with their heavenly promises.

I know I rant about this! I know the truth, it does not include anyone having to die. "We can live together" and prosper.

Indoctrination and my idea...

Western Christian, in church praying hoping (apocalyptic desires))for the end times..

Muslim, in mosque fearing for the end times (how did they get all those Toyota trucks?)

Scientists and Natural Humans, studying The Universe and being kind....know ,that when we perish, that we should perish doing our best thing...understanding that what was once meta physical, is now understood!

I just love you so much!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

fun for us

looking at you through mist less glasses

Mars must be in Libra and war is happening on earth again and again so it is for me to at least be aware of it and not to have my head in the sand about politics and the religious wars in far away places. In business,
I tend to be too creative and really don't like to keep to many files and follow too many rules on business.
It is time my friends to look at business, my business, with open eyes.
That means look at myself and get my packaging neater and better than I already have.

I am keeping with the paper wrap on the soap bars.

It is neat and clean and stays that way in the time it would take to use from purchase to till them.
hasta entonces
I have never much cared for naked soap!

It is the bottles,  see? I change them because I can. I like blue cobalt and I love frosted bottles but when I do not have any because I would rather spend my budget on neroli and sandalwood and switch it up to be able to do that, I am.
I hope you don't mind..if you use my oils and creams.

I can never actually use the same paper  and have it look the same..or can I?

If a big company like Whole Foods, wants to carry my products, I would consider this idea, blond uruyu with very nice recycled paper labels, I would consider it. It is hard to change, but change we must..with every rising tide we must move to safety or be swept under an ocean's current which doesn't give a rat's ass about you or me.
 I guess that is my point..about life love business.
Make too many waves and people never not make any and they think you are lax...

Enough about the them business..

How about some new creams, yea?
That shea butter thing I offered at my shop got some interest and juices flowing across this world of ours and I thank you!
I am so glad and honored to make it for you!
It seems that we get hooked on having fragrant and sweet beautiful skin and  we want more shea butter creams.
When I run out, it is when you guys run out. I can go through a four ounce jar in about a month if its good. If it is lemon balm, years. It is not for every day.
Everyday Creams should be easy and be able to carry other scents you may put on later.
It is like a base fixative..this is why I never use rose hip oil in the morning.
I make sure it is washed off in the morning!
I can smell rose hip oil on anyone within a couple of feet from me.
Good thing I love natural perfume because my nose is a good nose for detecting odors.
This is why I have chosen some really nice oils to carry scent in the morning.
Let's say you just came out of the shower having used a beautifully crafted soap and smelling heavenly, of vetiver and bergamot, and you apply a nice vanilla shea cream and then as you proceed through your "get ready" phase of the day, you dab on a little pink grapefruit? 
That is mixes with your body's scent and makes you and others happy. You can use a little dabn of lavender or later some is all good.

Be happy and say what you want.
If people take it personally, too bad..say it nice and don't cry, if people feel like yelling at you, calm them down, say the truth and why you may be  mad mad mad, but don't hold it in for years and then burn slowly inside while you pretend with a smiling face to be content..
say want you want and work for it a penis..:)

ohh....I said penis twice this week!


Saturday, October 3, 2015

Saturday now


well now, Pisces rises again and aromatic ideas for the enrichment of our lives

I mean the quality not specifically that Neptune (pisces' ruler)is fishy or artsy or has anything else besides the rulings of ancient people that did not understand how big of a place we exist in. This always poses the question,
is mathematics real or did we make it up to soothe our quests?

Pisces can be on the best quest. For the next few years and it will be not so easy, and I say, when have they done anything which didn't take complete submission to the needs of others.
I love astrology for the psychology of the personality types. It fits my profile and it serves to take a good look  for all of us on what we associate ourselves with and especially who we'll appoint  as friends and mates.

For all of must be met with honesty and remember you will not get away with any thing if you keep telling yourself lies. and then you convince yourself and there is no budging even though you know that you made it up..or do you?
Some do not. That is why they cannot move past a certain point or it just seems that way really.

Virgo, should not think these are set backs but Virgo should look at what is holding him back.
It could be a rigid and very religious up bringing where Virgo must and I say it twice, must move past his prejudges. It could be as simple as not liking a certain food or of course cultural.
We all have these tendencies and I myself am learning new way to use language as to be not insult one's dress or beauty..too much or at least not joke about it in from of my very liberal minded
I'll give you an example;
as I drive my daughter places...we chat..a woman dressed as a green cucumber with high heels and saggy belly fat passes along the road..
"she looks like a fat cucumber"
"Mom, you should judge people by the way they want to look, that is projecting shame on others!!!"
" yes but if someone loved her enough, they would tell her that it is not appropriate to be half naked on the streets?'
"that does not mean that men get to abuse women or call them sluts just because they can't control themselves?"
"I know dear, I was just joking with  you and men have penises and want to do things with them on many women"
I would say only 10% of all humans are actually loyal to their, with the internet, you get "hook" up and have affairs super easily..
I bring this up because ..of Saturn and how that planet will effect all of us greatly in the next few years..its magnetism not mythology..a little myth:)
For Capricornians mountain climbers, slow and easy is the way and it will take time to spread your greatest seeds ever!

Let us make something now and have a rest..kind of like our little resting site..beautiful smells and sounds surround us..and we are contented...

My aromatic reprieve is as follows:
In order to please a long beloved soapie, I am making a special in bath oils.
These will come in 30 ml glass bottles with droppers.

Here is my offering which will post on etsy later today..

Frankincense Neroli Jasmine with Sandalwood

Vanilla Rose

Frankincense Davana with Cardamom and a drop nutmeg

Have a really good day:)
eleneetha aromatics

Friday, October 2, 2015


It is a somber time when Saturn makes a move and let me say, Saturn has moved. Don't worry, it will not always feel this heavy.
I am not complaining. Saturn always brings me down a little bit. That is a good thing. I shouldn't always be dancing in the streets. Okay, a little shimmy!

I am still in planning mode for the holiday specials I aim to have at the shop.
I like the ideas I had before but today, I know, I will make revisions based on practicality and effectiveness.

What do people want? They want to have nice skin and smell good, right?
Well if anyone else passes by me with that fake ass vanilla while pretending to be spiritual because they burn nag champa,..I will stay quiet and not care and mostly, I will stay away. The perfumes alone repel us from them.
I have been wearing the old whore with chypre. I made a really rich one this year and I feel I am just getting better at enriching my instincts on scent.
Going forward, I will continue this "magic" and I will continue to learn.

I have a nice Somalian frankincense I just received. It is lovely. (white lotus aromatics)
The ghost of frankincense is on the way. Oh, I will make it good, my pretties.
Also, I had made a lavender sage soap that I thought no one would like but me, and guess what? I sold every nugget..I do sell everything I make, always, and the question is, how much do I want to make?
As much as I wan to! That is the answer and it is a profound one. My abilities and what I will do with eleneetha aromatics still stand to be revised.
I have such a passion for oils that I tend to go off track..left field, off the beaten path..and that is well and good, but I notice people want to re live the older soaps that had once tried and loved.
You cannot go back, babies!
You can go back but you cannot go back all the way..oils change, plants disappear, dry out and otherwise change each year. Even the old whore soap has changed from the first batch I made years and years ago.

The going back all the way..that goes for lovers too.
So in knowing this, maybe you can move on and forget the losers who tried to bring you down the dark hole they called a love affair..(this blog is not always sweet and dreamy))
That is no way to live always being nervous that you are being stabbed in the back by someone who says they love you.
The same goes for anything.
These ideas are the same in business as well as friendships.