Thursday, March 31, 2016

There it is the beauty of now..KENAZ Rune Of Knowledge

I haven't made new time lord as I said I would on Tuesday. I waited because I wanted to make him with the incense cedar I had been waiting on. mmmmmm
It came, the oil of incense cedar came. I am excited because like all of them it is strong and then dang..
I also had a few drops of Omani frankincense that is exquisite so I put a drop each on my left wand,(arm)
Now please let me continue only to show my ignorance of everything and flashes of profound understanding, and also if I may say, bringing more focus to my lumbar and how I carry my body..core? I think, a little bit the priestess and regeneration through churning of pregnant type cells..the second tier..What is the first? All I know its that it holds the one I am on right now, so we are connected..
Tiers, chakras, whatever you want to call our evolution of understanding of us, it is all linked by our own thoughts..except the aging part, we are going to die, that is certain. Might as well perish doing extraordinary works!
My two tree oils..they bring me such joy!
Trees are really something, aren't they? They came before us so that we could sustain our lives through fire and habitat because they came before us. They are here for us now and the really old ones, we have to go find and on foot, in mountains,  because there are so many humans that they have become far away and rare.
I am not putting the omani frankincense in soap..oh, I would.but no one can really afford a 200 dollars bar of soap, lol
I will use the Somalian I have here. It is also beautiful. They are both beautiful.

For me, this means open mind and open heart. Also it represents a torch in Norse myth. You need good fragrant wood for a perfect do. :) To have a torch means you are committed to a serious task and obviously a torch for someone means hot lovin..yea..:)
Here is an example of confidence. Sexuality and knowledge. I would forecast another thought here, that one must not always open up to every dirty deed. Obviously, that is where the knowledge part comes in.

The Time Lord will be made tomorrow. , maybe today if I can go to the market. I will use this glorious incense cedar leaf with frankincense and we will see, won't we? I can hardly wait!

You know what I am wearing today..
frankincense and incense cedar 

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Futhark Fehu Rune Of The Day

“Every beginning has within it the seeds of its own end.”

why divine invisible

Because I have never seen it and yet I talk about it day and night. Have you talked about it? Do you think about powerful unseen forces that can effect your life? I don't. I feel like it is random and even telepathy maybe being more organic than we knew before...but unseen forces I have had to face! Yes? You too?
Me too. I have. I have had things happen which were beyond my control and yet I suffered for it.
I mostly suffered while loving a man, who ripped me apart and then went all wrong. because at the same time he was living his accusatory life, he was becoming a man of lies and sneaking around.
I am not telling you because I want sympathy! I still learned and read, and made beautiful things!
 The past and how I handled some things..well, so?

I had to do what needed done for me and my  family as I always try to do. Dwelling on past good and past bad..past past past...
It is what I have now..the past is gone babies and yet I brought all of that experience with me.
Wanting to have behaved another way, I never think like that! I seem to respect the moment, most days.
 I am telling you that if you have 50 friends who say they love you and this includes family, only two or three linger when times go wrong. They leave you, they die  along they way or they never even talk to you because maybe they have a new addiction or  they want a whipping boy, a scapegoat and something to hate on..  Yes, well, you do not know what others are really thinking inside. How they love, or hate. You only know what your own eyes are telling you and how you love or hate. That is it really!
All this, divine prepared?
I know it is organically prepared. That, I can see and measure. Organically prepared as in the way we group together and attract more  of what we are and so on.
It is really simple, come to think of it, even in The Universe of  which we are in, things group together to form groups and so on..dust, bigger dust, crashes, heat, more dust, bigger dust, crashes, stars, ball of melted rocks and stuff and thangs from there and cooling off and the trees after that more stuff..
It is crazy but even the body, our bodies, there are 200 groups of 10 trillion molecules formed by atoms which made said 200 groups of functions..Like these molecules made of the right amount of atoms to form a heart or a brain, just automatically go where they are supposed to? WOW!
They do it by hormones that attract one another..yea! "they" ha ha
What are we?

I don't know but I am willing to think on it and ponder on it and say words...
I realize I babble a whole lot and when I go back and read something I wrote yesterday, I sound like 10 thousand thoughts attempting to form one paragraph. Sorry, lol

Fine, if you want, I will make some good ol' lemon soap and more time lord and I need more vetiver with vanilla..for my dancing girl who is so good to me! XX Aries, right? Happy Birthday, goddess!

Monday, March 28, 2016

really good things

Good things, like rose oil and you know, I love sandalwood with rose and now patchouli with rose and neroli on etsy there..:)
I am busy but not that busy. I love mixing a fresh bath oil for some lovely I have never actually met but somehow I have gotten to know them as a friend and loved one...that there is one good thing and there are more.
I must, I must include Vetiver and Rose!
Vetiver Rose in bath oil,
and Divine Invisible with Frankincense,Labdanum and Rose..
I am just in awe of and with labdanum and rose and how about frankincense in that one too, what too churchy?
I don't care, you see, because wood that has sediment from 100's of years of incense burning..I love that idea of a place just having that forever..frankincense can offer that especially if it is a nice resinous one of high quality. This blend with the rose and labdanum and frankincense, it is beautiful and should be served at 50% strength and in these bitchin'est  black jars I am excited to receive. This rich incense perfume will be mixed with a waxy  honey like solution and in a  filthy expensive vial which is about to be delivered to my door. It will be more expensive because of the and so classy!
Do not worry, if you want the same stuff inside, you can order  the plain amber jars which I always offer at the more reasonable price point. I did not buy that many of but man, I had to get it out of my system, you know?

This is the best time to think about what oils you'd like on you and what you'd like to use to attract your best things..The moon is about to go dark in days to come and It is good, to plant some seeds and watch your plants flourish and grow..oops, I meant, "plans"!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Incense Cedarwood Vetiver Frankincense and Patchouli

My lovely friend Tonie, she is so smart! I called her and told her of my new blend, an old hardworking developing blend, and how I mixed all these amazing oils and now it is so good. La Bruha, cedarwood, vetiver, frankincense, patchouli., a little carnation absolute and oud and of course smoke from choya..she loves choya loban and smokey things.
She tends to throw ideas out, she said right out of her head as easily as she can sing the words to any song , just about!
"Incense Cedarwood"So I looked in to it and wonder why after all this time I do not swim in this?
That is why our bridges as women must stay open no matter what shock we face about each other. Because our loving connections and actual sisterhood offers ideas we may miss.

Incense Cedarwood trees grow in the western United States between the redwood forests and douglas firs in The Cascade Mountains. There are only a few people distilling this oil because it is hard work collecting I suppose..I would really love to distill gallons..
"come to me incense cedarwood."

I can't hardly wait to try this and add it to "La Bruha"..Then I will write a poem about you.:)
Cedarwood and Vetiver are beautiful together.
"Come to me"

othla rune

Othala is one of my favorite runes. I always choose Othala. 
That said it does not come with a heavy load this one! I always feel like I choose what I may need for the day when I choose a is really "selection, because I am drawn these symbols at the beginning and end..Othala is the end.

This means that there are plans set forth without our consent that are revealed as hearsay and then outright shock when we hear about it..why do you think corporations and big  families are so is about money. who gets what, where it goes and real estate and I am sure there are other reasons to if not enjoy Othala, and they are that Othala also brings you and what you are.
In the Norse philosophy, 
"we inherit ourselves"..Othala

This is indeed about children and what they bring to the table too I would reckon.

Othla is really not the end it is to me and for myself,  "what have you done for me lately?". What you are bringing to the table? It should be somethings good. Something creative and rare. Clean of course, babe and not just a waste of time and energy. 

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Jera Rune Of The Day

Jera has to do with right timing. Jera is in the maxim “This too shall pass”, the proverb, “As you sow, so shall you reap”, and in the modern adage, “time heals all wounds.” Using this rune is the key to understanding the mysteries of time and the psychological importance of dividing and managing time.  Deadlines bring out the best in us and motivate us to grow to levels beyond our present ability. It also moves us to strategically taking action when the time is right. Take advantage of the ups and coast through the downs.

what is the wrong thing

It changes every generation you know, the "wrong thing", the baddies and the stupid selfish desires we make to be true and must have and when that goes "wrong" we cry and carry on.

Funny how humans know that gold is so valuable and in the universe it is, it is one of the last things a star makes before dying in a ginormous blast.
You'd think we would always choose the preciousness and not get caught up in muck and lies and sex, dirty sex, clean sex..who cares, or drugs or our own computer addiction with technology. What women can much they can use birth control, goes on but continues to thrive in our species. Then, the killing and war so that we can keep the peace. Ha! What peace?
Like we want to talk about it so we can say that this way is wrong..or in some extreme cases all of them being wrong. and you get the problems with Islam.
Guess what, the more a country does not have books and freedom the more they tend to be in war or starving and in a third world state.

"You cannot judge humans on their past way of life or judgements."

"I certainly can!' How could they have written such noble words in books while at the same time slaughtering thousands and thousands of Native Americans and enslaving thousands of Africans so that they would not have to work? Jefferson had over 100 slaves working his estate. Washington was filthy rich and had slaves, I do not know how many.
 How could they ponder on art and beauty and martial arts while taking women and babies and killing every one of the men..the babies were thrown off Spanish ships and it was the fun part to shoot their heads in the water..yes, that happened. Remember that Columbus thought he was in the west indies and the objective was to take it from who ever may have been there. Gold! Money! and later Tobacco and cotton..cotton...cotton..."

"no you can't!" He said to me.

"I can't? I can't think to you and me, that those events could have been maybe better handled?"

I think that humans are so interesting. Like the slave is in the bible, it was cool 2000 years ago because nations with money(The Romans) and soldiers brought them to their places to work for them so they would not have to wash clothes, till the earth to grow grain, grind the grain and cook and the clean  dishes and carry water from a fountain which they built. Who do you think helped the Romans,  along the way on their roads, elves? No it was slaves, and, helped I said because I know those guys worked hard and were away from home crucifying humans who even looked at them funny.
See, here it is, and if you will allow me to share my thoughts on the bible, which I rarely do, right?
The Pilgrims! They followed the bible and were super strict. They were of the mind that they were all religions. They were not ready for the hardship of winter in the Boston area. Brutal, cold, no food, no talent to hunt for food, no knowledge of herbs, dang in months time only 30 of them were left. Those guys ate the frozen bodies of their dead kin..yes they did. Was it wrong to do that?
They say we are nine meals away from chaos.
People went crazy from hunger and cold and found that the Natives were able to help them. When they got better in a few years, they wanted to enslave the Native Americans who had their own language and morals and more honor among the women..In Virginia by 1620, there were a thousand slaves. They heard about that..humnn
The questions the Puritan Pilgrims had to ponder on was, "do we also get slaves to do our dirty work or do we learn to change and work hard as a community like the Native Americans?"
"let's ask the priests?"
"ah, we nothing wrong with this and God approves!" "slaves, obey your masters" (which translates to, slaves, your master has money which he gives me to survive so obey him, k?)
"Okay, that does it, we get some slaves and start killing all the Indians and get them out of the way!"

Was it wrong? Is it wrong for men to have one foot on a womans neck so the she obeys him and as result he gets to decide if she can be a doctor or study, or read books. In the 1700's, it was not cool for women to read too many books and it was cool to think on arranging flowers and making pillows while super clean and white linen that is fresh on you..there were lower people doing the dirty work all the time. In the north it was the Irish and in the south, well we know..we know...and it was all because the drudgery of getting up at dawn to clean and till and make bread..which I am about to do.

It is not drudgery if you decide it is not drudgery and well, I could talk all day, but I cannot..The sun is shining and I must tend to my seedlings and think about my awesome freedom knowledge loving beautiful life!
Grateful! Be!!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Walking Dead Review Season Six Episodes 12 13 14

It took me a long time to want to write about these last three episodes.
Like Carol, I felt a little dirty after I saw two men being burned alive in episode 13. It was creepy. I felt the whole group changed and yes, have become warriors and sneaky ones.
"Get to them before they get to us."
Did they do the right thing or did they do what needed done? What is the right thing in this world?

These people who would have killed Daryl and Sasha and Abraham, blown up on the road by Darryl and that flame thing, "proved beyond a doubt that there are bad humans a foot and heading our way to kill our people and take our food.."
That is the premise here that when all is said and done, there is always some ass hole group trying to impose their tyranny on all people and make women and children live in fear. Like they always have. Why do you think that slavery lasted so long in our civilization? Because Hamm disobeyed god and god turned his skin and his kin's kin, skin  dark so he could punish him in such a way? To be now a slaves for light skinned humans? Please!
Yea, there are still humans that believe that! They are called Mormons!..oye, I digress...not really...
Desperate humans will believe anything to stay alive, even after they are dead. funny one hugh?
Paula, "you don't know what I have done to survive?"
I am thinking, "shut the fuck up, Paula, you are not more special than our heroes in this tale!"
What they just did to survive, to make a place to eat and rest at the end of the day without walkers or now worse, some other ass hole who wants to rule the world by blowing up up big bombs in the ocean (N Korea)....
er... I mean Negan..Negan wants to rule his little world with violence and horrible tyranny!
By basically acting like he is some Norman coming to England as a king named so by god and now everyone dies and we take what we want.."you had better be quiet and we might not kill you, well, we will kill you."
Who is Negan?
Look I do not know that guy. I do not want to know him before that Jefferey Dean guy makes him in to a real contender for Rick. I just saw the previews of the next episode, East, and I am wondering about eating an apple with Rick, I  can also remember that both he and Michone must always be aware of danger and not get too comfy, right? That is why she is so cool, Michone, right?
Beside the fact that she gets to spoon with Rick!
Everyone is promising a big death in the end of this season. I do not know why that intrigues people so much. I just love Kirkman's writing and his knowledge of history and war!
I like Rick and I love the way he is has become more suave. They all judged him in the beginning, oh he is too violent, he is a killer or what ever some dumb reviewer said that he makes bad decisions..Oh yea? Like you would handle anything better? He is not a Batman, he is a man who woke up one day and it was the end of the world. try spending just one day alone and not talking to anyone.

This whole thing with Carol has me wondering. I think that her superstar nature should not go crazy all of a sudden like that  and I know Morgan got to her. I hope she sorts things out though. This weakness on her part may be a plan to do something or a random thing..I doubt that it is a random thing..
I do not want to see Carol die weak and doing the wrong thing. It is dumb to leave your safe place to go and always live in fear of zombies or rape or bullets in your stomach...

Any thoughts?

Dagaz Time is an Illusion Rune Idea of The Day

And now this I made

It is where cedar and vetiver meet!
I began with that aim. To get the vetiver later on after I dab  this oil on. I love that vetiver feeling, so much but changed with the cedarwood. And not too much cedarwood. Just enough.
Here is how it went..
I started with cedarwood and vetiver and patchouli and oud.
Then I added frankincense of a variety that is so resinous as to almost have a sweetness. It lasts and is quite lovely.
I also added after that, choya loban. My goodness, you must be careful with that. One too many drops of choya and it is too much for me. I almost thought for a moment that it was over the amount of smoke I'd  like..but, it is just right..2 drops in 1 ounce essential oil..that is aged and then added to a carrier. Yes, some oils one can use neat. I do. But I like the idea of a carrier for an all over application of goodness. :) is perfect!
Okay so then I let it be and waited.
I finished with sandalwood and a beautiful 2 drops carnation absolute. I then let it be. Everything is about time.

I am going to wear it today, I wonder how people with act. Sandalwood seems to bring wealth for me. Cedarwood is odd. A quiet helper, cedarwood.does not need everyone's approval. Rose hears it all day. Cedarwood does not require accolades and can give accolades easily and enthusiastically. Cedarwood understands waiting and time more than us, true!
Cedarwood oil, Virginia;
Well Rooted
excellent poise
worthy understanding

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Runic Vibes Othala

Happiness and contentment on this full moon for you and all, from me and mine!!
Mine as in my loved one here on this end of the earth where I abide and dwell as good as I can, I am thinking some nice thoughts at the moment,,
I love you, I am sorry, thank you, please forgive me..
Mostly, "thank you".
If you think that you do not have enough for a thank you or that tears will shed the heavy weight of high expectations that never satisfy..well, who am I to say?

I am here to say this, I have been through a whole lot of suffering and tribulations enough to know, that I am way better today than then. Truth!I want to say that again next year and the one after that and not  dwell on what I can't have. I have everything I should ever need now!

Create that all important boundary for yourself, I say. Because you need protection right now at home. Secure your dwelling so that it is safe and happy. Clean, should go without saying..but say it I will!
"that rug is new, please do not drink purple drinks in my house first of all, and second, stay away from the carpets!"

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Good Day Sunday and more eclipse effects

Solar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse
The closest Comet in 250 years..
Saturn  Mars in Sagittarius..big..

Yes, I feel that the year has been turbulent.  It has nothing to do with us of course but it does because others around us do not live and then when a huge magnetic force awakens their low prosperity of thoughts, they are sad and carry on.
Of course they are, they yell and carry on because some one, anyone must hear them!
Know this, complainers will never be happy, so tell them to STFU and get to work, read a book or come over here and help me dig up dirt for the tomatoes!
lol again.
Complainers will always find a way to infuriate others because that is the only way they have allowed their mind to ponder.
I wonder if they found one bright light in every sad story they tell if it could become a habit?
I only bring it up because I notice how they all come to talk to me at work and how they need so much.
It is a time of figuring out what we want, what makes us happy and what we can do to make more money.
Stuff and things cost money, good things more..
I know some witches in my etheric circle who are thinking and changing their minds about money, wealth and  what they find precious, what makes them happy. Don't say sex..after that..:)
One dark witch makes potions now and another is reviewing her circle of acquaintances..The way I see this business of crafting is that you must love it, and when it is quiet, you wait and love it. I think that if you make beautiful things with caring intentions, it is like a magnet. You attract what you are!

What are you, what am I?
I am a creature who loves honesty
courage in the face of fear
kindness and beauty
clean life
where the people who I live and work  with cherish me as much as I cherish is hard to love the household all the time, I know, but try..and tell it!
"I love you all, let us eat!"

The whole thing with Saturn making a little transition in space, effects us in a cyclical your teeth may start breaking or your lower back hurts a lot right now..I do not know why it works like that, I only see patterns and tell about it. For Saggitarius, it means facing more reality that seems comfy. For Capricorn, it means pay attention to retched gossip and bad feelings. People love a scapegoat..they love it..make sure you are not it and say it to them.."I am not your scapegoat!"

Saturn makes for organized life.
Focus on what is real and what is important now!
Take this alone time to meditate and stretch out your wings while no one is looking..sing a silly song and do not take your self so seriously (saturn) and let us now enjoy a sunny Spring Day and if you must, go have the sex (Mars)!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Winking hello with stuff and thangs

I buy this, ,one time a year and use it up like a pig ess and then, I will  think about it again later in the fall of 2016. Maybe. You know how it goes. I work with what I have and what should be done now not some plan that can never change. :)

Templin fir does not smell like anything I consider to be fir smell. I love Douglass fir and all of them, but with this particular conifer, which in this case, comes from Austria, there is a big difference! It is elegant and sweet and borders sacred oils like myrrh and frankincense. Balsamic sweet, fruity and lends the ability to enjoy a sunrise and a beautiful setting no matter where you are. In this case, this magnificent tree gets to live among splendor in the mountains of Austria. I can imagine wild flowers near by in spring time and in summer and water and small streams throughout. I can.  There must be strength,  from where it came from because these trees can take it and they are part of an organism which has lived on earth for thousands of years, perhaps millions! We are one more than anyone can ever fathom. 
We can only try to understand how profound life is and how we should always cherish each other and behave in a way as if we cherish one another. There must be something, many things,we love besides all the things we love to hate, yes??
Being gracious and being suave at the same time is easy for majestic beings like trees. I will cherish that thought!

I digress, I can and must..:)

This luscious, wonderful, special and rare soap is made with organic coconut oil and a fruity olive oil of my choosing, based on fruitiness and quality. I like full cold pressed oils for pretty much everything.
The added goodness is from the other botanicals like Cambrian blue clay..interesting, expensive as heck and worth every penny for us, frankincense and a whole hunkin dose of cedarwood oil. Hints of vetiver come from a rose charcoal soap mixture which has vetiver oil in it. I only put traces so that sometimes you get a hint of flowers and earthy tone and mostly you get woods, tree, church and me....

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Good Reflections

My latest book, The Peoples History Of The United States, by, Howard Zinn..very very good!
All I can say is, "Humans"!

I have been busy making soap because during my hiatus I seem to have gone though most of my best ones. Do not worry, I have many in stock at the moment and looking forward to cutting some new ones.
I made an outstanding Templin fir with Virginia cedarwood and frankincense and blue clay. It smells so good and it is still hot so I cannot cut it. I must be patient and calm and leave it be to do what it does. I added a little bit black madonna because I made that too. So there will be hints of vetiver and rose. I think it is beautiful and definitely reflects my ability to work with woodsy oils.
Black Madonna Soap..Black Rose, Dark Matter..These are a few names I have for vetiver with rose and charcoal. So beautiful!

vetiver rose soap

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Birch Tar Soap

birch tar soap

I made some, it smells like camp fire and what can I do? It is pretty much sold out to boot.

There are some rich others I have made. The old whore turned out amazing as she always does and I am, for the most part, catching up with cleaning. I cleaned all day yesterday and today I will clean some more. I need a shelf, another one. I prefer wood. That means I am growing and spreading my wings in to the I always do too.

I made the dragon's invocation soap and just cut it. It is beautiful and not the same as the other one, the first one. I hope the lovely girl who bought six of them likes it because you know, I worry. I shouldn't, because people who love oils actually accept all the transitions and flavor nuances. I do. And this last batch is loaded with the goodness. You deserve all the goodness!
There are not too many essential oils I do not like..I mean, of course a spikenard soap is a little too much..ugh..or curry, not for me in soap. I can barely get through that black seed oil! Man, that oil has a tone!
Onward to the rest of the week. 
I made a sandalwood vanilla cream that will knock the socks off of the lovely who bought a jar of that. Let me say, that I filled her jar and scraped the rest and slathered it on my whole face. It is so pleasant and i love sandalwood right now! I bought from White Lotus and Eden's "rare". So so good.
I also bought 6 black infinity one ounce vials! They are so beautiful and elegant that I can only put something beautiful inside.
It will be Sandalwood Perfume..
It will be amazing and make you feel so good.
Three sandalwood distillate..syrupy and blooming with subtle woodsy, sweet, exotic, warming, elegant, attractive to riches..yummy!
The vials will be here tomorrow and I will post them after that. The oils is right now coming together in organic jojoba.
Ingredients are;
og jojoba
sandalwood India, Hawaii, 
one drop tangerine
I  hope you like it.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Music to work by

life is sweet

"Life Is Sweet"

It's a pity
It's a crying shame
Who pulled you down again? 
How painful it must be
To bruise so easily inside 

It's a pity
It's a downright crime
But it happens all the time
You wanna stay little daddy's girl
Wanna hide from the vicious world outside 

But don't cry
Know the tears'll do no good
So dry your eyes 

Your daddy he's the iron man
A battleship wrecked on dry land
Your mama she's a bitter bride
She'll never be satisfied, 
And you know
That's not right 

But don't cry
Know the tears'll do no good
So dry your eyes 

They told you life is hard
It's misery from the start
It's dull and slow and painful 

I tell you life is sweet
In spite of the misery
There's so much more
Be grateful 

Who do you believe? 
Who will you listen to
Who will it be? 
It's high time that you decide
In your own mind 

Tried to comfort you
Tried to tell you to be patient
They are blind
They can't see 

Fortune gonna come some day
All gonna fade away
Your daddy the war machine and
Your mama the long and suffering
Prisoner of what she can not see 

They told you life is hard
It's misery from the start
It's dull and slow and painful 

I tell you life is sweet
In spite of the misery
There's so much more
Be grateful 

Who do you believe? 
Who will you listen to
Who will it be? 

It's high time you decide
It's time you make up your own sweet little mind 

Thursday, March 10, 2016

keeping business interesting

It has been slow  as long as business has been slow in every retail areas..groceries included. I don't mind because I have already felt the ebb and flow of soap purchases and everyone is always scared to buy on line at the moment.
They go to whole foods and pay the same price for soy bean oil soap and a little purple swirl and they are fine with fake frankincense and myrrh. I stopped caring about that a long time ago and will continue to make exquisite soap for women and men of high distinction.
Well, who do you think would pay 12.99 for a bar of chypre or fougere in a bath soap and ..authentic to boot?
High thinkers that is who. Sexy friken high thinkers and guess what, they still love me after all these years. I know they do because they tell me. When a boy buys The Old Whore Soap, it is always sexy. I am only human and I would think that any man who wears vetiver (the vetiver in the old whore really comes out on man skin)) is worth pleasing to an unforgettable degree! Any woman who wants rose on her deserves everflowing wealth and goodness..what ever that is! And I want that for each and every customer, Is there a highest  degree? No..the answer is "no".  Explore the highest degree that you can fathom and be free. Free? Whatever that is! :))

I have spent a whole lot of time thinking and wondering where I can improve my business. One thought always comes to mind. Do not rush..once everyone knows your name again, they flock to buy. It is that way in the world of internet business. ELENEETHA will be known as much as she wants to and will grow at her own rate.
Her perfect rate that she has always thrived right now.
Thriving means for me, some quiet time. I seem to only want a tea and book when everyone leaves for the night. It is quiet more often here at Crabtree Manor, so I have been enriching my life though rest, naps,  the study of flowers and more study of homeopathy..listen one never knows when a good rug or bad rug will be pulled right under them..the difference is where you land and how and the time it takes after that for you to start for that point and move..any way that you focus on will be your choice. Your brain is ready for you to make a decision. You could lay there and cry, I suppose! Nah...

The oils for the next six months will be arriving today and I am super stoked. It is nice to have 16 ounces of organic bergamot, let me say that!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Happy Solar Eclipse

This is a time of beginnings and a time of ending too. The dark moon rises things from the depths and it makes for strong woman power.
Don't scoff! I mean the female part of you which can draw strength from quietude is alive and dong fine. I know it it is.
Unless of course you are in despair and your reasons for said despair are all your own made..yea..well..people are dumb.
The dumb ones sit around and cry and carry on and time just keeps ticking whilst one does nothing but despair and review one's disparity. You add some drugs to that..oye, constant negative thoughts and words coming out of their mouths.
It is a thing of wonder once you become aware of your thoughts even just a little bit. I mean it surprises me so much. probably because I'm simple

Solar eclipse comes with many secrets unfolding, yes? I find that two weeks before a powerful one, some shit goes down. Oh, yes, but this is a time to stop and listen and learn!
Do not cry want to because, life..I want you to relax, do a face spa treatment and let it be for a moment.
The deal about this aspect in mythological sense is that, this solar eclipse is in Pisces..I think someone is swimming away and something nice is coming in its place..people come and they go..I wonder how long a real friendship can last in this world of uncertainty and lies? I do not know..I know that I must not at this moment in my life ever forget that I am glorious just to be here thinking.
I am in wonderment that others do not see  and linger on all the things they hate about their lives.
Just live it. If you are happy, be happy. If you are sad , fix it now because time ticks and even the most keen minds eventually fade in our memories and after we die..we will die..after we perish, our imprint on other's mind will be all there ever was of us this time..
Yes, this time..Our Universe is old and we travel through time with it, becoming everything and nothing and evolving each time in to what we always have been. :)))

I am about to feast on some vittles and I hope you do the same. I will honor my divine nature, mother, witch, goddess  whore...artist of scent and food..mmmm

Monday, March 7, 2016

my reprieve

Mega Knife
little knives
I go there a lot when I want things. I want things now and I am looking at knifes and what I want to hold for the next few years and maybe give some to a few people as gifts. I mean who does not need a knife? I know every witch whore bitch does!
(don't be limited by only choosing one of those as you))

Course I talked about a lemony soap but I really need to make more old whore. I just sold the last really awesome aged one to a girl who loves her. That makes me happy when others are happy. it is all in the oils I know but delivery is a whole lot of one's product. I want to deliver delight in every way. I just do. yes I do rant and carry on about injustice, I am a libran, it is what we do..but dang man, I make a good bar of fat and smelly things!
So, the old whore, I make her but rich and good. Oh, yes, she is a fine bar of delight! She has changed through the years and yet, she stays the same even though the next batch and every other batch is unique. never the same..that is a true woman, right? Go with the growth or get dragged. ha haha I was stocking greeting cards the other day, lol:)
To me a a great bar of soap leaves me with a breath of patchouli mixed with other dark syrupy oils..mmmm vetiver, mmm labdanum..mmmm oakmoss sssss
I just bought some really nice aged patchouli oil! "er mer gerd"..smooth, mellow, intriguing, velvety comfortable. Sunrose patchouli on earth as far as I know..:)

I am making a fresh batch of vanilla body butter today and if you want a fresh one with all the carriers I've been quietly collecting, you should get one..I have really good carrier oils in right now..argan, rose hip, tomato seed, black raspberry seed...mmm all organic.
Vanilla is awesome for your skin after a bath! Add real vanilla co2 to any carrier and you have an excellent skin serum with excellent nutritional factors for the skin. Perfect too, when you go ahead and dab on your bit of your favorite oil or balm..vanilla mixes with just about everything!
I Love it when I finally take off my clothes at night and get that vanilla twang, still vibrating goodness through the day and almost like quietly and staying close cuz, you know, patchouli..

I am looking in to my budget to buy us some real vitamin c oil. I want some. They won't sell it by the ounce, dang it!
(Botanic Oil Innovations)
We will see, there are always other ways to get vitamin c. I would say a bit of organic lemon oil would do the trick.

How about a cleansing oil/serum with all the good oils and organic lemon and orange oils? Wouldn't that  be a nice way to work in vitamin c after a hot bath at night? Of course, do not go out in the sun with lemon oil on you.
It is for a treatment.

I must get ready and clean before I make, so we will talk soon about other wondrous wants..remember,  so, ( asteroids and Mars transits)) let things end as the begin because you are no fool to be coddled in to a lie in order so that you do not make are no fool to stand for insidiousness and anger when it has nothing to do with you..don't let guilt or shame be your first reactions..allow the first to be surprize and confidence!

you're a smart human
hard woker
reality buster
organic machina of amazingness
grace and poise
alluring intriguing and for sure interesting
satisfyingly delightful and
now enough..said
let us do..and be who we are
not scared

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Power to the extreme

I love this time of year because it holds promise.
It is inevitable that we will spin and do spin, and we spin around a hot ball of fire and its force pulls us and carries us as we (all) go around a bigger hot ball of something so hot it is black and it pulls anything that gets too is pulling us right now..
It is really a never ending journey and we all have renewed ourselves through our cells in our offspring.  As far a heaven and hell, why worry about that?
Why worry when there are greater real dangers a foot. lol
We have a powerful solar eclipse and an asteroid near by and we are actually powerless about that and it is big. It pulls us, our adrenals get worked up, chemicals rush through our heart and back out.
So why do we worry?

Because like the sparrow, we only know what we know.
There is a quote about the sparrow in the bible about how it does not worry about how it will get food and simply carries on trusting god...
Uh..actually..the sparrow does worry and only worries about how it will get food! True.
Birds take a whole lot of time to build a nest and make it safe so that then and only after they do that do they lay eggs!  Yes, it should have taught that,  "even a tiny sparrow works its ass off!"
 There's a type of sparrow which worries because for what ever evolutionary reason these sparrows,  only live in this one place where there is only tall grass to build a nest and the area floods twice a day because of tides..some little nests do not make it! Oh yes, they worry, and must build the nest high enough to make it through daily flooding..sometimes their eggs roll away and it is over for that little bird momma!
All creatures "worry" about life and setting up the nest for warmth and safety.
It is a beautiful thing with earthlings and probably every other life form out there that is probably like us in some way or another.
Maybe their eyes see more colors or their hearing is more keen.
It is amazing and each thing makes shelter for himself or herself.
I will now clean my shelter, wash my hair and fix up this nest just so. (not in that order)

I will cherish my friends and loved ones
I will not tarry or carry on too much :)
I will not offend any one easily offended
I will think and do and listen and open my mind to lean better
you are my teacher

Saturday, March 5, 2016

last few hours with Mars in Scorpio

Mars 29 degrees Scorpio..
I feel good and yet I will be happy when this transit finally passes over..

Let me now, look in to some hidden secrets I must not confess (no need)
I want to know them though
I want to throw them in to the wind
I am fine and good and glad..
I want to invite prosperity
I want to invite longing for abundance and riches
I attract love and lovers of me..they are
of a unique and precious nature
having all the I want presented before me like a table full of jewels
you are a jewel to me..:)

I want to refine my ideas
clarify my intentions
choose the best things and flourish!

I want that for you too!

I ordered a few oils and there is an asteroid near by

Like I want some plain ol lemony lemon soap, just to refresh a little. I want a lot of lemon not some drop or two nonsense! Lemon is high in vitamin c as well so you get the brightening aspects of this oil as well as the clarifying refreshment.
Eating lemon oil is a lemon if you want to but dang do not have to eat essential oils..oye, at least not all day!
Read more, follow less and it is best, follow some divine plan set forth by a retail marketing expert and loose money on things that will not ever really change you.
Oils do not change you in to a better person. You have to do that on your own. I mean, sure, to even study oils, one is on a path of something, a searching for betterment. One would think..
The lady who came in the other day, bothering me during a very busy time and asking dumb questions about leather essential oil and I got impatient and gave her a few answers because I do not have time for every dumb ass that walks in to explain that one study lesson on google  about leather notes does not have anything to do with aromatherapy. I recommended she buy some books on oils. She bought a bunch of oils, opened them and used them and then brought them all was 400 dollars worth of oils and granted it is not my money but it hurt a little to see something I cherish, being tossed in to the garbage because some dumb ass fuking whore doesn't give a damn about anything good in the first place! The faking puta with the high heels and leather essential oil!
She said her reasons were that I was not helpful enough! Really? You want me to stand there and explain every aspect of why I do not have lilac essential oil, or lily of the valley, or carnation?
There were like 30 people waiting for me to give them that same attention..seriously..some people do not deserve good things, and yet, so it goes..they buy, the return, garbage and waste is not their concern..I will say this..Lebanon, the river of garbage..yea, so it goes..The Pacific Ocean and The Island Of Garbage..yes, it is real..Honduras, garbage. everywhere blowing in the wind. How many Duncan Donuts cups get tossed in sacks on any given day? It is mind boggling! 

Essential oils are precious and if someone cannot even respect them enough to savor what they buy, dude, I do not care for that! It breaks your heart, really and it isn't the money in this case as much as the pure waste of perfectly good organic neroli...
The things I find precious seem right to me and yet, I have been wrong before, but I was wrong about that!:)

Friday, March 4, 2016

Dark Moon Powers

I am drawing from the dark moon to bring the power from deep inside me up all the way to my crown.
It is started the coiled up snake at my base, slowly taking itself higher where I feel every vertebrae and ever energy center evolving and learning along the way.
It seems this realization has brought me some unwanted feelings and situations but this is the way of being so I will not carry on too long with silly things which should have been and are discarded.

I will linger for a moment at my creative space..where I churn ideas and what will be my intention from the day's beginning, from a mere thought and where I want it to take me.
Where I want to go. Where and how I want to say that my instincts are tingling and carry strength which I am still surprised by, well,  I am surprised and want to always be surprised and not be stuck in some dull addiction that does nothing to enrich me.
Dull addiction is where we store all our loaded heavy fucking bull shit..

"I digest and process my daily life easily and my body is happy."

My gut instincts..ha haha
I do not stay here too long because gut instincts can be based on fear, judgment and longing..
Move on..move it. Be free and do not just lay down to die just because you think this is all there is! I say this to me-self because I am so busy and  may skip steps more important than who did what!

Gut instincts..feel it, fix it, ask your heart.

Ask your heart how long you will grieve over words?
As your heart how long you will suffer not being enough for someone who can never ever be happy?
How long will you linger there and carry on in a submissive state while never actually saying what it is that you really want, what  is in your heart?

I must say what I feel, This is why I make things and why you like to rub my things on beautiful heart felt creations..I love them and always will..because your heart, my heart, we are one and must, we must love and forgive ourselves..don't speak. Keep your love a secret do it for two weeks and it will double from someone a love spell, this is!
take your idea of what you love to your throat and mouth where your words will always be sweeter, each time each sweetest word bringing more magical conclusions..
each gut feeling, transforming in to shared ideas coming forth easily and attractively and nutritionally..intending is all this..
words which are true and not lies..this is an interesting place where my choices and which words, make impressions on people..
Some will never love me enough, it is on them..I am worthy..I can see through my higher mind, glimpses of beauty and future ideas..glimpses of god..and the universe..sighing as I am overwhelmed yet again at how wonderful my life has been so far.
It is wonderment..

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Good Morning Almost Spring Blue Cambrian Clay Ideas

I am about to go to the superior growers place and get some supplies for seed starting. I feel like if I get a head start on my seedlings, all there will be to do is the digging. This year my garden will be a long rectangle and better planned as to get the most out the plants I do love to grow, like tomatoes and salad carrots which do surprisingly well for me in this garden.

It is dang cold in Michigan and it is typical for March so I am not worried about weather. Let it snow if it wants to!
Watch the ice, you guys!

Now for the best news ever..Blue Cambrian Clay Soap..oh yea, let us think about blue clay..sourced from the clear plains of the ecoregion of Scandinavian and Russian taiga.
This clay contains all essential mineral salts, micro - and macroelements such as, silica, iron, potassium, phosphates, calcium, magnesium, nitrogen (Si, Al, K, Fe3+, Fe2+, Mg, Na, Ti, Ca, S, C, etc.It contains silver ions and many other volcanic components from a time when that whole huge area was nothing but constant lava and Earth churning herself to make good things..mmm

I am thinking about the scent though. I know people like spa stuff, but to me a luxury soap should be more elegant and leave me with something beyonds its mineral offering. I want to smell like church and incense and trees..ha ha Always!

Speaking of medicinal soaps, I found the Hunza sulfur salt again at Zerbos so I am making an acne type soap with the blue clay and neem, tea tree oil with a splash spearmint for my girl. If you like acne soap, this might just be the one for you.

Good times!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

she touched his butt, did you see, walking dead thoughts on 6/11 Knots Untie

Rick said that after he killed yet another  crazy man, scared and tortured this time by a new evil, by Negan. The evilest man so far on apocalyptic Earth, they say!
If the governor was maybe, Mussolini, then Negan is Hitler..and Kirkman takes themes of war to a very interesting level in his writing. never mind the drama that develops.
Look, I know Negan is coming, Rick and the gang have a big development coming up. I am so trying not to look and see anything which takes away from the anxious delight for each new episode.
You have to watch walking dead right away because if you even turn your computer on there are spoilers on every page. I learned about Carl a week before the eye thing happened. That is it! No except for the talking dead extras. :) I love Chris Hardwick!

 What is it about an apocalypse that intrigues us?
My parents lived through it. They had to bury the gold and things and hide their food and they lost people!. It  always does  come to food. Look in your pantry, how long would you last during a bombing or outbreak of some sort of virus that kills off millions at once? No frozen. Back to 500 years ago. You must build a fire in the rain as well as in the snow. Lighters and things being almost like money. I am keeping my wood burner for sure now! ha ha
(plastic can burn in the rain  in small pieces under the wood. I learned that in costa rica.)

What would you trade with? Most of us would starve. The old would not be as useful and die fast due to weather and illness. people would live less in years that now because the death rate from violence and disease would be sky high..wars do that.

Hilltop People and Valley People trading and then you have the bad guy..the fucking asshole who has to be king and kill everyone who gets in his way and by gathering these forces, (his many men), he attracts goons who follow blindly because it gives them a little bit of that "out team is better and we'll kill you!"

Seems like they could trade with these new people and they made a crazy deal, or is it?
I know some people on line will get mad and ask all the questions, the "why's" and the "really's"
I do too, but it is because I love the interaction of what can be.
"it'll cost us"
Maggie said that..all these innuendoes, leave me in speculation. Who will die and who will live for another season or two? Abraham could die because all the signs go that way. Also, already, I see Carl beginning to loose patience with people. He is pissed. I would be! I do not blame him if he and Enid have no chemistry. she sucks..boring as heck fire on screen, right?

I do not want to think about who will die and who died in the comics. If the writers want to kill Glen, they will kill him and Maggie will  be stoic the whole time..boring, and then what a surprize handling the dude in the bed..still, seems to me that, Carol would have been better with that old guy..Carol was busy recovering from being a killer.())) with Morgan also recovering from being a killer because of not being a killer..yea, he let those wolves go and then what? Everything went to blood and guts.
Jessie, Ron, Sam, "bye bye"!
"All that, all that is on you Morgan!" (my thoughts)

Rick said that many would die because they  were already preparing for it. They are so fixed on a dream, a fantasy of life. I feel real life is like that.
Look at the migrants in Europe and how desperate they have become because they are cold and hungry and the world hates them and still they cling to their religion like it has helped them so far. They do it because of fear. God has not helped them. He did not help The Jews or my little boy uncles (1940's)who got bombed to death. evil is evil..and it comes from men!
Bering a blind follower who lives in a dream world..of heaven, hell and punishment, you get so fixed in your ways that you never get past it. You are the one yelling while someone is biting your face off in the next chapter of your already dismal life. You were so busy looking at the flowers, knowing that you are wrong, but by  now, too far gone to fix anything. Too scared and too dumb from having your eyes covered by your own doing.

One can convince one's self with just about any idea and it sticks. I feel like the Alexandrians are like that and so are the other colony people, with only a handful of men and women who understand the reality and the perils of the outside world. Know your enemies!
I love Rick, he talks things through with his people and he strikes like a shark when he needs to.
Dang but that is sexy and I would touch his behind too!