Wednesday, December 31, 2014

the oud study

I saved a little of the mix back so I could make a perfume oil for us for the new year. We will see about it. Oud is a funny thing. I feel like oud craves rose and jasmine and goes best with a little more spice like cinnamon so it can utilize its fiery potential. I feel like oud is about bringing our thoughts towards the center. Relying on our wisdom and opening our minds to the furure of us.

Some people can't handle oud. I am talking too much about it too but these last few weeks with him have been just what I needed. I forget how awesome I am sometimes. Do you? Forget? How awesome you are?

Should I call these notes, The Oud Study and the Iaw Of Attraction!

I was just reading in some science journal about a certain solar system that is not that far from us having evolved over perhaps 11 billion years, our solar system is about 5.7 billion years old. There may be evolved life there and yet, I do not see them coming here to earth..
Maybe it is really hard for all life to evolve past their gods and they all kill each other before they can get anywhere out of there..or..their brains keep evolving and they are smart enough to work things out. Perhaps...
They have evolved enough to take care of their own rock in space so that all their resources are renewable and everyone is living well..maybe we are not meant to travel between each other's planets. Our robots will, I suppose,  but I do not see us doing that any time soon. I mean who wants to leave like, forever without their kin? It is like they died, gone they are.

Oud is about the past in so many ways back that it takes you to the future.

Don't ask me about the future, I am working on now. Oud, so freeking ancient, citrus, tang, moss, dirt..minerals, spiky and mellow at the same time.
What does one do..wear it alone?
you must secretly add this and that and then wait and then add more this and that..roll the heavenly scent through your nostrils and wait some more..

Royal Oud
coming soon:)

it is four in the morning

It is rare that I wake up this early..even for me that is just not right but it is so cold out there I can't sleep! What is it, a polar vortex? Last week it was in the 50's!
Ha ha ha
It is all frozen too. Like when everything just goes still. The bunnies are under a spot by the garage and I hope they are warm is all. I don't care if they eat my plants..they eat mostly clover which I put for them every year in a nice little spot. They do not eat all the plants in my garden. They love clover but will leave the calendulas alone
I worry about animals in winter.

This is a good time to engage in a little study time with what I want next in a scent..
The Old Whore is spot on..she's  a freeking master..
My latest Fougere blend is beautiful with the tonka and  the exquisite developments with lavender clary sage and patchouli..and a touch violet leaf..I can only say that who ever wears this, must smell so freeking good..warm, smokey, a little edgy..yum

Now, I want to be a little more gourmand for this month..I say gourmand because that word is so cool to say..gourmand..:)

Yesterday, I took the afternoon off to meditate and ponder on my plan. I want more tonka so of course patchouli..I will add the following oils to make this a smooth sweet winter brew for me and you if you want to.
Right then, I will add vanilla, sandalwood as my base notes and at the top, neroli and bergamot.
the bergamot does what it does because its acidity attracts patchouli and they evolve together. It is beautiful and very me.

Forgotten Memory
A leather blend Russian style..
Now for leather which also must happen..I will set this blend aside and wait a couple of weeks.
I will then take birch and dissolve that in vanilla co2 along with a heathy dollop labdanum and 3 drops of my oud dragon's blood blend. I will then mix this together with my classy brew above followed by one drop clove and one drop nutmeg and wait. It is good right then and there..however,  in a few weeks, the transformation will be astounding! It's animalistic notes melting in to a fine personal perfume. 

That is  the least I hope for. It is so exciting about oils. How they reach us and how we respond to them. I know that I am always just besotted by their awesome life changing powers.
It is true.
We invoke what we want to invoke..our mind is so strong and we can harness any vibe we want to.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

why am I picking on sagittarius?

I am not. It is Saturn, Father Time and all that. Saturn taking on forces beyond what you dreamed possible and saturn winning..that is you my sweetie!
You have to leave you past benind though. You have to move forward. You have to admit that you may have  been wrong and it still won't be enough for some. they die or walk away. They are done..I mean, you have to admit, you have had to face your own enemies in your own head. maybe face that and know they are not real. maybe face the fact that you already awesome and you do not have to proclaim it..people that have always loved you will and the rest will fade away and you will see that they were never your friend and never will be. They can't..

When you expect accolades from the wrong people, you will see..they love you today and tomorrow, you are set is never enough for them you see..

you are a wild horse in many ways and yet you choose to be harnessed for the sake of a higher cause..
time tics and causes change..
time still ticks and your abilities evolve always more keen and clear
never in the mind's shadow...
be free of burdens is the key

check you teeth and you legs and your knees
cut off your hair in three years it will be better and healthier
cut it!

listen more
invoke your powers that be
your art, so serene
your mind so poised
you listen and speak wisely

check you inner hearts mind

What are you working for?
What are your motives?
Which things do you really love and are devoted to?
Does life serve you and your plan?

notes on leather and saturn in sagittarius

a fragrant memory

the idea of a warm hunk man walking in to our well lit by a wood fire warmed  hut, sounds really good right about now.
He would be wearing boots and thick wool trousers almost too tight for his big strong legs.;)
Right about then, we would come close and reach in to his pockets for treats. there are always treats. he knows what I like.
He smells of dirt and moss and warm man..hints of tobacco and animal mixed in..he is spicy like cloves and rich musk animal labdanum and jasmin maybe galbanum and birch..

leather should have a touch tobacco and patchouli
and violet and tonka and oakmoss and myrtle
that is how I would think of it
had I a memory
conjured or no..a feeling
invoked by my fantasy of how a  man scent goes on like a memory on a warm real man...

Oud and more

More oud than I could handle. maybe you too?  Nahh!
I put a whole bunch in this soap above. A whole bunch of frankincense too.  It is  peppery, rich, animal, fermentation... and I hope that you can handle it. It made me so high, I went to work like I didn't care about pretty much anyone. And in the best way I couldn't care...detachment and duty.
I have  things to do which I do quietly and I love everyone and will give them a chance until they start to drain my cup and then I must take time to get my orbit down right before I go fixing anyone Else's..
Am I a mystic? Only that I am super smart and continue to learn reality.
Oud brings me focus and attention to the big picture and how I might look at it.

Oud..I hope you like is so heavy man! The dragon, is hiding, biding his time, taking in a breath from rose and patchouli and a drop tobacco. taking a breath from jasmine co2 and myrrh..wrapping himself in mysterious forces which bind and shatter illusions.
Confident and rare forces which make a stable platform for their future spinning.
Oud, making each thought count and not afraid to say it.
Oud is about no fear and acceptance..
Sagittarius, I suggest you get one. you are about to practice the art of change and transformation and finally, I hope babe, question your own mythology and perhaps change  your molds of how things should be and how things are. Have you forgotten yourself in all your doing for others?
What ever your deep changes may bring, I feel like oud brings strength..his practice during many years has been to quietly create a barrier of protection from parasites and zombies..microscopic zombies, but yes, feeders of his goodness..his fight is just as bitter sweet..animal, sex, balance and gracious decay..offering a remnant of something rare. Immune balance and protection are just a couple of ideas I wish  to invoke.

One of my very fine soapies asked if I would make a Pluto Potion spray. Not everyone wants frankincense on them all day!
I know, I know, it is inconceivable but true..:)

There is one more spray,(not shown)) and I will say, it might be my all around  go is not shown here because I ran out of good printing paper for  labels.
I had fallen in love with a nice little soap I made last month (she loves fun)..with the vetiver and the geranium rose and the patchouli and is so nice, the scent combo..I add a little petitgrain too..just a touch..

I love you..have a good one today and everyday.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

we'll meet again

I never have watched The Colbert Report but I watched the finale..I loved this!

neil de grass tyson

Did you see? He said some fun tid bits on twitter about Christmas and people got super mad and trolled him.

As if they need to defend god! See, even if it is the truth, humans are geared towards anger over the facts. Nope, Santa was so too Christian, he was! Oye! Just be nice! Why the name calling? What are you a 12 year old girl?
Wait, Isac Newton was born on the 25th!
Really! Jesus was not actually born during snow times..think King James and you will get a new picture of Jesus..The Romans killed him and for years killed his followers and then when they became his followers they killed those who wouldn't stop practicing  their yearly rituals, so they changed things and made it easy for everyone..later they blamed it on the Jews..Judas took money to turn Jesus in..maybe he did...and if James was a Canaanite (of course he was)) then he was also a Jew..

I wonder now why we have to humor people's utter dependence on this very ancient form of sun worship to what it has become today? And it seems that the most violent ideas on religion are here in the US and The Middle East..but these ideas are everywhere. Look at  the violence through the years in Ireland?
Guns pointed at his head..
"Catholic or Protestant?"
"atheist, sir"
"Catholic atheist or Protestant atheist?"
Yes, it actually happened to a journalsit..

It made me wonder about things and why we are so ready to burn someone for having some fun? Is it because the air of fear is so strong we are willing to make new words like "blasphemy"?
They made that word about 600 years ago so they could use it against people who would not follow Rome which was the Pope..that is modern history...

About 5 thousand years ago this group of people we Sume call The Sumerians today, did not call themselves Sumerians, they would say they are from Uruk, or one of other  three main cities in that place by the big river which would flood every year and give life... there..out of that came the Egyptians and after 7 dynasties failed but made good use of slavery to build big monuments for themselves, they melted away in to I do not know what.
About 2 thousand years before Jesus, Abram came around..he was part of a moon worship cult in that region and he and Sar were renamed Abraham and Sarah ( his half sister by his father). He changed his name to Abraham after he made a choice to only worship one god and adding the new vibrational sound to his you have the the beginning was the word..Aum
next Ham
Not that  I am a scholar in Canaanite history...Seems to me that matras in Sanskrit do just that..use the vibrational sounds to change the brain's neurotransmitters..

Why can't we stand the truth about things, why, is my question? We should be able to question everything as a citizen of earth, right?
Apparently not..because someone is gonna cut your head off for Jesus and Christmas..or if you wrapped your hair or not..
Like I asked before, why?
He(Jesus) taught compassion and forgiveness and they would kill him again, I think. He must have had some powers of telepathy and peace. I have met gurus that made me feel funny just standing next to them..why else would  we seek so vehemently to become enlightened? We want grace and peace and safety. We want to have a  little safety in preparedness of the great unknown..The next moment is is the words that fill us, fill our mind, flooding it sometimes with chemicals that make us smile, laugh hard or cry our guts out..

En Light Tend

Good word there..
Tend to  your own light, use good words, release your burdens and your true test is to not fight people..fight with  god..fight the goddess and fight yourself and win.

"I shall have no fear because I do the right thing always.."
"I will not allow trolls to ruin my day"
"I shall always speak  with my heart's mind"
"I am grace and poise"

Friday, December 26, 2014

when the moon

this is why I love mystic so much! She makes my heart race when she says things!

mystic medusa

Sagittarius, Sag rising and Gemini types will certainly learn and learn more in the next 4 years..let's say four, I say it is a little less but let's say four.

Capricorn is also in focus because Saturn rules Capricorn and also since Pluto is in Capricorn still squaring Uranus a couple more times until 2016. we have a whole bunch of planetary changes coming..

Aries, stay put, be kind and do not get so mad that you cut every one's head off and then you cry because they do not love you enough and then you give them candy and they do..

I love you enough with out the candy and when you are burning rage..yes, even then!
Now, you must simmer down and be quiet. Be silent..just for now, you will grow in this way..

Mystic Medusa has ideas about Sagittarius, and I can add in my experience with all this Saturn stuff..
(Saturn in Sag in the 12 house with Pluto there now for years and years)))

Yes, it gets lonely, I suppose. When you feel like outside the fray, the riga maroe, the bruha ha ha..
you hear only what you want to hear and ignore the loud rubble. Beisdes, all this stuff really just means you have to work harder because you know more and when you know more it hurts more and you make healthier choises next time.

Somber, service, skin and hair, for all of these things, saturn is there...cut that hair, sleek, clean flair..words that bind, meanings which one cannot hide..sacrifices of the deepest heart..take some fiber babies, so you do not fart...:)


Gemini, you are awesomer and awesomer! Wow, please do not let your bitterness get the best of you. It does nothing good.

No, this is not me being mystical. I do notice that Aquarius are starting to get wise about how many bridges they may have burned..more like dug out a chasm and never filled it, just walked away because you seem to focus/need freedom and independence and your money..making good life friendships may be just the thing to get you through some really good life growing experiences now and for the next three years.
Some, you go back to and hug and they will aways love you, like me, I will always love you, just not the same way as before.
**an Aquarius said to me..after he hurt my feeling so bad, I almost,  I didn't.
"hey, you remember that awesome cream you gave me as a gift with sandalwood and neroli,
I want one again, can I pay you?"
"I gave you one of those? You must be can't afford that, babe..sorry"
"why, I will pay you!" ))
"babe, you won't. it is $50.00.
"oh, no, that is too much"

Money is weird, yo..some people do not understand (generosity))about how things go because they have fear of poverty and giving is too much for them.

Scorpio, now? She will give you the shirt off of her back!

I love you enough and as we rush around the mountain, we'll pull back on the reins and control our vibrant life forces  to go where we want not where the road may lead as each road is fed by our thoughts and how we may  mold the way..I have planted seeds along mine..
I hope that you have too!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

good day my lovies

I hope you are having a nice morning. I am the only one awake at the moment and kitty is having a blast playing with her new toys.
I gave them to her and told her to enjoy them. she knew they were for her.
The first thing she went for was the little cat nip toy..ha!
I know I would!
We'll go to my mom's and say, "merry christmas"..that is how some people like it. Santa is Jesus and Jesus is Santa and even though we took him from some northern myths, he is now Christian all day and that is it!
Who wants to fight them?
I just say it.
Happy nice but some are like, "oh, I am glad you didn't say, "happy holidays"!
"I know, how you like it", "Merry Christmas, Tom",  I told a guy who likes me and we can never go on a date because he thinks evolution and reincarnation is the same
ha ha ha
Look, I do not have time to debate on silly things..let us talk about something real I can chew on and I am there!
I want to chew on ideas and and melt some more dragon's blood!

I've  decided I need more oud for this blend I am working on. It'll be here tomorrow. This is the reason I have not put photos up yet. I swear man, I am craving something I cannot yet put my finger on what it is.
I know it is oud and frankincense and jasmine.
When I get like this, it is usually worth the 200 dollars I spend on one 10 bar soap block..that is why the 12.99 price, babies. maybe someone wants it that much, like me..I want this blend. So far, let me tell you, it is unique and very very good. There will be an oil too. There is enough for both a soap and an anointing red oil..oh, yea!

Why dragon's blood now?
Well I have been requested by quite a few to bring it back.
It can only be a sometimes potion blend...right now it is runny red and juicy thick.

I am blown out of soap and next year promises to be a chill year where I will learn more about managing my business on etsy. It is like when you get more and more people looking and buying, you must be ready for anything..
Have a wonderful restful day!


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

festive days!!!

I have been making wicks with twine. They burn so much longer and perfectly hold the hot wax in place.

I made candles for three weeks. It is like making pancakes. The first ones are not that great..they taste good but when you get your timing right, you get perfect pancakes.
The same goes for bees wax. If you pour too hot, you get cracks which you can fill in later, when you get a perfect pour and perfect wick placement, you have an elegant candle. 

I like votives. They burn for about three hours and smell so nice in winter. they do!

There are still some store bought wicks in some of these but mostly they are home made.

New Moon ideas coming up..also more views on the sheep. 

Sunday, December 21, 2014


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Good Tidings From Michigan

Hello, it's has been a while. I have been busy making soap and reading up on some important stuff and listening to a course on particle day is so gratifying I do not have time for dramas and  emotional indulgences..instead I focus on soap and how I can make it better.

Never mind the salt soap, if you expect pretty soap in those, you must freak out when you open a new bar. they are salty for a reason not just looks.  The cuts are rough! I have to add a whole lot if I am to satisfy its functionality..that is salt soap this (above) is clove! 

Clove is so nice for us in winter. It has a slight pain relieving effect because of its molecular structure..and fatty acid composition. I mixed it here with a few drops ylang ylang extra and what rose I had in the shop. I had wee  drops of all kinds. It is beautiful and one of my best soaps ever.

The soap base is awesome here too. Dr Bronners organic cold pressed whole coconut oil and organic cold pressed olive oil. 
What could be better in a soap bar than shea butter? Well, if you ask me everything else..but we must maintain some control over our I simply added shea butter here..lots of smells heavenly and I only have three left because the locals are getting seduced by good fats and  real botanical ingredients.

(my store has a sale on Bronner's..otherwise I get coconut oil at Costco..I love Bronners coconut oi!     It smells rich and sweet, like you!))

I want to thank my wonderful customers everywhere, you allow me the opportunity to serve you beautiful skin care and soap and I will spend all that money on is what it is for!

Happy Happy New Year! Saturn in Sagittarius, Pluto in Capricorn making everyone get real and next, The Year of The Sheep..let the horse go, he needs some freedom to roam and say what he wants to'll get one or two who can speak for the whole group..
Lets us make a cosmic group where we care for each other and get rid of police state governments and religious tyranny because all people know the idea that you make your  life good or bad based on each thought and action.....lets us all rejoice in the heavens because they a bigger and we are smaller than we even knew..lets us all love the earth and make good decisions based on common health and well being for all citizens..they pay taxes and they should marry and do what ever makes their life healthy and wise..

I love you 
thank you
I am sorry about my miss ships
I will always fix things 
I am not sorry for speaking my mind, someone has to say the is my Sagittarius rising!
he he 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

and they say astrology doesn't work

and homeopathy is bunk..but when Mystic Medusa says Saturn is going to be in Sagittarius, I listen.
She is always right, so I think there is something to this stuff, this collective thought which makes our world do things.
I am a pagan..I believe we are all connected by a web of thinking a sponge thing that keeps feeding certain areas in space..holding everything together  and pulling it apart at the same time..I am a pagan..
Not because I want to do blood rituals and burn sage all the time. I am that because I want to feel the vibrations of the our little dot in space and make something of it. Thinking of it. Looking at it and allowing more and  more information, more awareness to fill me.
I can observe based on myth and mathematical principles some sort of pattern and reaction by us humans to this pattern.

I am telling you this because you all effected by it  too. We all are, some forget to pay attention and some pay too much..that is why they get so upset and kill a bunch of kids!
Where is the balance and why does Uranus have to be such a mercurial dick in disguise?

Everything broke last washing machine after I fixed the dryer, my printer is out of ink (just happened), and my dad fell and broke his head..
He is said to be fine so that is why I am telling you..not because  want sympathy. I do not like hospitals and yet I am amazed at the science based on trial and error..everything is a recipe..follow it with out panic and everything turns out fine..follow it with yelling and panic and you basically suck and people don't want to hang with you. I got lost and went in the wrong guys room and he had all these tubes in his mouth and I kind of freaked out inside about my dad never looking that old and broken before with tubes in his mouth and I got closer I realized it was another much older man..
the relief..I found my dad kind of propped up, asking what happened..oye! I was funny.

It made me a little behind what with the driving and the emotional drain..and family is not always the best company..except me..I am loved by all.
Funny thing about is always due to money and paying the piper. Humans are greedy..
our daily bread and all that..

we forget that we were not made for wealth, wealth was made for us..I want us all to be wealthy and how nice it is to spend all the money and not care..there is always more.

time to make some soap and clean up after that..

"hello" ;))

Sunday, December 14, 2014

New Brazen Brews

I made awesome soap today and as always and even though I say I'll stick with the basics, I get super inspired to made new things all the time.

Today's production list included the beloved neem with pink salt and clay and  a lavender cedar wood little beauty which smells so, so good and inviting.
I used atlas cedar and also Virginia cedar wood oils. I also used a beautiful highland lavender and then I added some  subtle support from labdanum, oakmoss and rose.
I can't stop smelling this! It is soft and very perfumed and not all cedar- ish...

I made a few more candles and I would like to express my full heart for this wonderful day.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Bedtime story

A man called me:) heheee
I'm like, " oh yes, you're that married guy."
"Now why do you have to think of me like that?
"Because you're married, dear"

It's funny though, I seem to be drawing attention from earth signs like virgos.. Always with the Virgo boys! They are so sexy, yes!

"Can I come see you when you make soap?"
"No, not really, I need a lot of personal time when I do that"
"Can you see me tonight?"
...let's see now I got up at six and worked all day and you want me  to go have coffee alone with you at eleven?
"No, I cannot!

"Well I want to call on you and chat, philosophize with you some time"
"Thank you"

I have two questions.
Why are some Virgo men willing to cheat? Or is it all men?
Why a Libra woman?
Is it because That man feels excited getting to complain to a great listener about the wife? Ewe!
Ok that is three questions?
Wait, four..

Other random thoughts...

One of my friends,who is super smart thinks I should tone down the religious criticism. 
I don't know if I can. All I have are more questions! It is like Soilent Green is have yell it so everyone can know and choose.
And if zirconium exists  which it does, then we are as old as time and I love zombies in that danger lurks in dark places. Come to the light children.
And you're not allowed to get upset about my rants.
A long time ago I was turned on to meditation and it did change me. It helped me to train my mind to love my mind and to really dig in and explore every aspect. I hope that I inspire you even if it scares you:)
That is the best part sometimes.

Nice big hunks of neem soap with salt.

Holiday Orders starting now..

I am on a three to four day wait (voluntary) on shipping orders at this time and it is working. Starting next week all orders will go out with in 24 hours in order to accommodate the holiday purchases from Eleneetha's..

That is me but we are different from here (blog)and there (eleneetha's shop)which is where I have been spending mental and physical time at.

Thank you for your continual support of fine aromatics! It has been a stellar year in soap making..even my mistakes turned out really good. Have you tried that cracked lemon soap I made? It is so nice to smell that freshness for a nice hand wash.

There will be some very fine patchouli soap made because I just bought a pound of a very nice  12 year old smooth a velvet patchouli that will knock our socks off.
The jasmine soap I made recently is coming along as I knew it would with the green tea gently offering its perfume through all the flowers. I did a good job there because, all I could think of during was, love, love, love and truthful words, graceful stance in life and all the food and money and rivers and mountains  for all..who am a I a Sofia?
ha ha

You may have noticed  some price hikes..yes..
good oils cost know this and that is why there are never any always have mild priced soaps too. The Old Whore is very special and must be honored in this way..

Let's us talk about what you expect from me..
I am a crafter and an artist and if you  get a soap that is not like the first one you had, that is the way it is..I think the point is do not be attached to anything for too long and let go of expectations.
The oils do what they want and maybe give us what we need rather than what we expect..some vetivers make people happy some rose makes them a little sick..One time I put so much rose de mai in a cream, the poor girl..I hope she at least put it on her feet! :)
I do not control the oils..I navigate and offer them a range of acceptance with each other..sometimes it is magical like in the old whore..sometimes the wind will demand notice by taking my water...
I am an artist..
I am a momma and I am a fine ass woman, you should love!

Cheers to a wonderful new year of friendship and fun..loads of great joy!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Good evening and here is the bigness and hardening

And I'm not just talking about a penis;)
I'm talking about Uranus who can be stupid dumb jerk, yea? Some more than others..
I know you know a few someones that fucked up? Am I right? You see the crazy here..and this time it isn't me.. I'm doing good.
I do see a Uranian at work.
Like a sweep of some bad thing that impulsively made some weaker types do the wrong thing and this time it's not a small thing.
Some even lost their jobs...loves and maybe even a few pounds.
Yea well we all have our flaws.
Today I debated with a creationist who told me he believes that the earth is six thousand years old and that is it!
I said that is preposterous and we went on.
I did not humor him and the last thing I said about time freaked him out and he said not to hate him because of his"faith"
I told him I could never hate  him and to bring it! Hahahaa
He stayed a long time and I never one time got upset.
Nor did he, even though he is wrong and 
Carbon dating is accurate.
There is algae that is over 3.5 billion years old found! Seriously??
People think God just zapped us here six thousand years ago? That was the dawn of civilization, maybe, yea...
He sells vitamins!!
I asked him how he can revolve his life in fantasies and sell science?
He did stammer on that one!!
We hugged.
I like him he talks nice about his family.

Uranus square Pluto 
Things involved will be gossip
About sexual 
About randy dandies 
And fire gals who speak their mind
And too much air is a bunch of hot air so do not get carried away with your bad self.. Oh you already did?
See? Uranus!!
Now what?
You should forget it 
Get on with it
Things will change soon
It is done now anyhow.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

new fougere for the person who loves good oils made of greens and ivy and moss

I make fougere soap because it is so different from anything else I make. The oils are odd and  the oakmossy blend has a calming endearing effect on my mood..
I use a revised method with the base blend..
clary sage
tonka bean..
This base formula can be transformed in to many new scents also a kin to the forest and how glorious it smells.
When you wake up in the mountain cabin in the woods, you  get to see all the  clouds go right by you and as each moment rises with the heat of our star, you get the scent coming out of the denser parts of the woods. Pine, leaves, moss and fern and in spring  and dry down in fall. Certain trees flower in spring  so you get sweet fall you get moss, fern...
Ferns mixed with earthy, wet, mossy green, grassy sweet chlorophyll and tonka's cumarin brings something rare to a fine oak moss perfume.
A little smoke scent from distant  a wood fire, most likely hickory or some long burning hard wood..this adds something else to the air.
In the mountains there is a cabin. It is built well with surrounding woods. There is a perfect road you've carved to make it easy for yourself to come often.
You've carved it with glorious patience and skill..always alert and fancy you are!
It is your secret place. No body comes a knocking this high up on a Wednesday!
You pass the trees which guard your path and they arch over you..there are yellow flowers near by..maybe buttercups or arnica..some wild thing you can't really eat.
You pass now  under thick wisteria hanging over large stones fences and a patch of small gnarly trees you've been trimming and talking to  now and again. There are wild roses surrounding your little nook so that no one can enter that way..there is  only one entrance and you must pass all the phases to its  final approach..the soft mellow pines, the sweet rich dirt freeing particles in to the atmosphere, the oaks towering over you and the oh so tiny. so patient and grounding oakmoss at the oak's base and this lichen with its sweet, sharp almost sweet tones..mmm wild roses and ferns now mixing with a gentle tobacco and davana..
As you marvel at your perfect  small path way, you almost glide in to the entry of your warm cabin. there is a warm bed piled with blankets and there is a fire place in the is big, round and you built your cabin around that. you light that fire. It crackles and warms the place in minutes. You put a kettle on  and you ruminate on your awesome way of doing things. Earl Gray Tea  and a rumination:)

with tobacco and davana

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

zap zone

After so many years of being an outsider which I  am and we talked  about the end of the line being just fine before..but after all this life basically of feeling like does hurt me just as much, I just do not have a bunch of time to spend thinking about just the one thing..I see you momma!
I never seem to get too carried away with myself..but I sure as heck fire can see others from way back here..ha!!
And in reality..all I can relate to is myself anyhow and how I see things..I look often. Sometimes I realize how I am not part of something I have seemingly yearned to be a part of..and no it is not a social group on some blog..I am talking about when I loose a real friend somehow, they just fuck up and don't care..they burn you a little. it takes a long time to figure out how your loyalty and open trust was broken like that?
People, that is how! lol

What am I talking about?
Myself of course..
the year of the horse..freaking trump off you bastard..messy ass freaking anarchist..ha ha ha...opps,...
time to look at what others are doing for a quick second and see what they are bitching about now?

Seems to me, the longer you sit there and I mean sit in from of CNN and NBC< FOX and Hulu to some are being fed information..continually. One side against the head smiling to another saying "oh yea, slice him",  another crying..

Then again..dude, it is about time we all opened our eyes.and ask ourselves and not god, because he is just looking at us.. just observing...because he is willing to send secret boat and helicopter and not say why they came..he just wanted to see how smart you are..dumb ass!
sheesh..what a stupid metaphor that is..the guy on the house during the flood..That is when the proverbial Noah should have magically appeared and shouted, "hey, there, dumb ass, uh,  god sent me to get you because you need more directions that most people"
"Oh, that is cool, sheesh, I should have known about the helicopter for sure, but I was so busy telling him I love him that I wasn't paying attention"

zap zone
Mystic Medusa says things about it that make sense
My thing is to expect the  unexpected and be calm and patient..
Older folk and I am thinking over 70 and Aries men in general..lack of self control may lead you to say mean things and hurt people who actually care about you..your real friends, your son or daughter..just saying..I feel like that generation can go a certain  way..old angry men..manipulative old women..they are perhaps angry because the world isn't going their traditional way? I do not know..but we  will get old and I hope at least my generation teaches  their children to love each other and not fight and also to continue changing.
That must happen.
I feel like some of their generation cannot get it through their head about white flour. they equate that with wealth somehow.  But seriously, why spend all your well earned money on your bad health at this phase in life which is all realted to your bad diet which includes white flour? I everything..white bleached with all the bromides and calcium lime stone powder your body has to go through.

Our children know the difference. They do know. They want natural because they want health.
I become a little disturbed when they talk conventional school science to our continual debate on GMO's..
I am always shocked a little about three major companies that run a good portion of the worlds food supply..
Monsanto Pioneer Seeds and Dow Chemical..
These big companies have guys that go back and forth from the government leadership chain and work together..
it is really scary in a way...and yet continually we fight over the major question, are GMO's safe? NO!!!
Without Pioneer Seeds, Monsanto and Dow Chemical? Maybe! In space on a big ship where you grow stuff in a big green house.. On Earth? These refined heavy metals in our water supply will one day not  be able to support life..
Biggest culprits
Dow chemical..round up, grass fertilizer, weed killers which make for more resistant plants to take over, and then more severe chemicals for that which all pour in to our water supply.
(** last time Uranus was in Aries is when the industrial revolution  was happening and these certain toxic chemicals were used to kill millions)
We have a complete new way to look at things but allow me to rant just one more second because these same leaders pass the stick to the next guy..and they spew lies about how we need to feed the world even though they throw away half of the stuff they grow..nonsense..if we need to feed the world so much than why aren't we?
(**because they have their own way of living there and you are dealing with their governments..I suppose, otherwise if we have too much corn we would drop it off in each village with a kill switch.. a nice one that delivers mail and things..just  go all over the place bringing good stuff..soap, tea, coffee and honey..:)that way none of our boys have to get killed , everyone on earth would relate to more happiness based on receiving and the military would be once again be based on knowledge and martial arts skills  and of course technical skills..) not just world is one can own a river or a mountain..the mountain owns you..

Money and billions of dollars I might add, will not be given up so easily by these big players just so we can save our water..just saying..things seem awfully skewed for me not to take notice of it.
Alvin Lee
Ten Years After

Monday, December 8, 2014

Jasmine Concrete in prep mode

This is the start of the blend for an awesome soap a commin'.

When this melted to about half of its volume, I added all the other essential oils for the soap base made with the most delicious coconut oil.. Organic!
green tea absolute, ginger and organic almost sweet lemongrass, sandalwood, frankincense, rose geranium, cedar wood, tangerine, and lemon petitgrain...
The soap's made so all we can do is wait!

It smells really good!
The top grassy notes  come at you right off and then jasmine perfumed goodness!

There are still some resins on the bottom of this vessel left from the last big melting..I think they add something.

There should be a balm to go with this!

all about sher

Is it war now? Do the police have more power than they need and should be able to apply? American's are getting pissed yo!
Can they just come and search your garage because the light is on and it is after dark?
It was a couple of years ago and I came right back from a quick errand, I had forgotten to shut the garrage door.. and they they were in my garrage.
"what are you doing guys:)"
"er were sorry maam, we just thought there may have been thieves in the area and.."
"you need your flashlights for that", I thought to myself...
"I was running a quick errand a mile away, it is cool!"

They said they were sorry and left and I got pissed.
How come they diddn't just knock on the door in the front?

I tell you it left me with a little bit like relief..dude! My garrage is filled with dirt and empty, there is the lawn mower..and bikes..what??

now they are being fillmed,... being police and we are all upset..oh man....

Get rid of it! Change it!
It is like robo cop..soon they will be drones and when they malfunction, we will  be pissed that there was a malfunction..
There is always a malfunction when you have a kill switch.
I do not see how people will less civilized if these broots were'nt there! The "police" force even the word is not right anymore..they, we, must change.
We must grow with the times. If we are truely free, they they cannot kill for no reason..omg! Now there is video..
It is like the roman empire is still here! Evolving with brute force!
( I realize that there are many reasons why they are agressive, violence, guns, drugs and more death each day in day must get to them)
**drones patrolling certain areas would keep people safe from kill switch..instead it would be a Gaba shot which imediantely renders one kind of happy and forgiving and every one is safe..the drone one was killed..this would make  people go about their buisness and not hurt anyone..
The farms would be as always on the outskirts of town..each little reageon supporting itself...

Now do you want to go to france with me and sing childrens songs??
See, I think it is because making bread and cheese takes most of your day and maybe makes you a little money and that is why you do not kill the personas who pay you!

Thick Face Black Heart
a must read for any artist entrepreneur
What I remember most about that book is that work and your soul happiness are linked together.

We are living among the oppressive military and paying them to do this? Are we nothing more than slaves then to their violent and sinister leadership?

If there were any reason for me to go back to the myths and what we've collectively discovered is Pluto power is upon us. I didn't really know how it would go down and manifest itself, but the Zap Zone as Mystic Medusa calls it,  is like a hurricane! I do know know why we react and why I know we are feeling it all happen,  as the planets do what they do but I can tell you right now, I know it is deep, real and poignant!

It is old structures failing, yet again because of laziness and submission of efforts to someone who will handle it for us..
 I do not know why there is crime and why it should bring misery but it does..drugs and alcohol and what ever else humans take to escape their real needs and wants, or what ever thing we need to release our fire.. the tower..freaking bad people crumbling down..
" I mean really guys, you can not go lying forever you know!"
Pluto is about facing who you are.
Every dirty need, and every real need..creeping in and changing you.
How much love do you have to give and what do you really get to hold?

I loves cute, I loves em'

I will teach my kids everything I learn and hear and say..we will discuss it and we will change our minds.

I will say, that yes, "I do  believe in a higher life force that entwines us all" and I will say that I do not know anything else. I  do not know about dark matter only that it seems to be a web that connects in cluster in a really big place compared to us and that an atom is sort of like that in its own dimensions..
and there are waves of particles that do things.

That web though..some say it is pure thought..some say it is composed of particles we do not yet know about. and if Pluto teaches us anything, way out there with his her might be to stand up and observe now..the results of what you've done so far. is your life filled with dirty secrets or are you radiant with light and freedom? Yes, but to  me this discovery with Pluto having is also about manipulations and sneaky things..sorry but that is what comes to mind when I realize about the Moons of Pluto ..imagine what sort of competitive Moon energy there..everyone fighting to get the  best magnetic spot!
a bundle of energy stored ....

For us, we want management that is on our side..we want intelligent money makers, and we want big farms to freaking go away and let real farmers grow things again! I would love to see that happen in our country. I would love to see clean parks with no thieves, near by cafes where people take a stroll after a long day and they have a custard somewhere with burned vanilla sugar on it..everything good is close by and we all stand behind one another.
How nice is that?
We all want that really. I loved that. when I lived n Costa Rica, I didn't even have a refrigerator for years. The fruit and veg shop was a block away and on the way you collect recently fallen come home with so much good food that you eat..the  beans taste good when all that is with them..I rarely love beans (Pluto food)) I will eat them but after five years of nothing but black beans, I just do not want to unless you fry me up a plantain and serve it with Costa Rican, creme' fraiche and a cabbage salad with cilantro and lemon.
:) and wi fi and good shoes and loads of cash to share!  ***
Still, the fresh way is best..just like a fresh start towards better living on earth..also stay home more the police are now a real danger..watching, lurking  behind corners at children or a child  playing in the park they built for them  to play in!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

excellent book to read to your family

I have it on audio read by Russell! It is so good and funny!

Jasmine Green Tea with violet and amber notes

For sure that sounds really good to me. I took a bunch of notes for jasmine because even though many do not love jasmine, they should need it!
Jasmine is all about grace and poise and maybe we all made that an idea or  notion as an aromatic collective, I know that it works like arnica works.
Don't be narrow minded, arnica does work!
You are the one talking about particles and now you are saying these ones don't count??
I am right about arnica and I am right about jasmine..that was my point..

I think though what I want more again and again is tobacco with vanilla, labdanum, corriander and bergamot..I want both..
oils for the tobacco blend will go my way  and maybe what I add in secret as to keep you interested..that is jasmine too, by the way..
No jasmine with the tobacco right?
I wonder how it would work to use the concrete grandifolium I have in the cabinet?
Jasmine amber soap with tobacco? The final results will say what they say to us!

here are my notes so far......

**tobacco vanilla blend for soap and perfume oil

blond tobacco
vanilla co2
set for a few hours in warm water

add cedar
rose geranium

Wait a few days and then weeks..soft incense, tobacco and vanilla settling on your musky skin...
Yes please!

Next idea...
**Jasmine Green Tea  Soap

An excellent idea, excellent scent for a dark rainy night near a woodland in a warm cabin, where the road you took was filled with beautiful tall trees gently guiding you to you serene little place..
You walk in and it is warm, there is already fire and you sit down for a nice cup of tea. You reminisce about your day, your life and how you must always remember how we are connected by an invisible mesh of material that holds us all ponder on all these wondrous things in your life and then you  smile because you are already comfortable with yourself and there is no need to fret about anything..

Please have one..soon...:)

beginning with,  jasmine grandifolium concrete, heaps of it..
green tea absolute
petitgrain lemon
violet absolute

Saturday, December 6, 2014


In the Art Of War, "sher" has been studied over  Melania.

"Sher", is a whole heap of energy ready to be used to win. Do we want to evolve as experts in war?
I mean it seems that the art of war is more than just battle..these concepts can be applied to business and money management and to our every day life.
In the art of war, weather and health play a big role in success factors..
In life, we tend to get complacent and the lash out when things haven't gone our way.
"Sher" is when you have a whole heap of stored energy ready to be used at your command..for the good or for the bad..well it depends on how much education you've had and how much testosterone you have now and of course,  how strong your will or life force is..chi..
I love sher..
I want sher..
Is it like Kundalini? Sher?
I think Kali in that particular mythology would be more like "Sher" in the warring sense..enlightenment in the elevated sense.

It is about changing with the times and not allowing yourself to get stuck and then angry at others for saying words that may upset you.
Nothing is real and everything depends on your time and timing.
Are you the type who loves or hates..take notice because your face will show it..

I only speak of "sher" because it is the theme I would like to inspire in my work and presentations to you.
In this candle which I have named "Sher" there is a lovely unfoldment of scent as she burns. her flame strong and gentle at the same time..
Her balsamic, resinous, soft honey tones gently arranging, entwining and supporting themselves as she burns and she is glad..

****I hope that all your stored energy is supported by your calm clear mind and that you never burn a candle this close to was just for the picture and then back the candle goes to its safe spot.

I love you! Have a good day! Build your "sher" and we will say more things tomorrow:)

the days ahead and my telepathy empathy and observations

This is no time to act foolishly and react to hurt feelings..
You will be calm, do what you want and always think things through and not spend all your house money on shoes or expensive creams.

I say this..if you work with low people, they will be removed. I wonder though about people..
Why are they so pissed, crying, rioting and generally unhappy? Even on line, you now have these mean trolls who say bad things about anyone they can find??

That is one reason I do not go to social groups. All the sweet sayings in the world will not help unhappiness like that..
But let us not dwell on that..
Uranus goes direct, full moon in gem..creeper truths come out..

One boy said, "why now?"
"why are all these women saying things now 30 years later?"
I say that, "even your question is a form of misogyny!"
Oh, because a bunch, not one, but a bunch of women are saying things about someone you thought was a good person and saintly, now we cannot accept this because these women may have been putas?
If they were putas, that is their choice. How does having drugged them to do what you want to them, ok?

There are so many subtle ways in which we justify our beliefs..raping young hot girls, killing a boy walking the streets, killing a young boy for playing in the park, burning beauty shops that did nothing to you because you are pissed and so on!

If we all take care of our own, we will not do bad things to makes sense..
I feel I am too busy making a living. How about you?

Maybe we should have a work shop on time management and all the great things you can do with your time.
You have to go to school or work in my house. Both for most of my kin.
There is a huge link between doing your work and being a happy human. Having nothing to do makes you think too much and anger slowly seeps in..especially if you are hundry or cold.
Who needs it!
 I say forgive them all and lets work towards something really nice. Like winter creams and scents to enrich us while we work.

My blend for today is simple
3 drops frankincense
1 drop patchouli
1 drop tangerine
quick palm rub and through my hair..