Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Just settle down and have some patchouli soap

How are you anyhow Are you feeling the Uranus jump start?
I know, it is intense! Try not to rush into anything will you?
Everything is ok and you can have any control you want of any situation. Scorpio is really thriving right now and I must say Sag is really together too. Aries is changing in a big way and the way I see it is, you won't even recognize them in 7 years, so much lovely skill and talent.
Now me, I am Libra! Don't even ask. Things are wonderful and I am overloaded as usual. Working in retail is a challenge to my rustic sensibilities.
Other Librans may note a certain feeling of loneliness set on by Saturn right now but that too will pass. Hopefully we learn something good from all of Saturn's stern overload! Think about all the fun new people Uranus is going to bring and all the juicy new money Jupiter brings:) Plus, Libra, you kind of need to get out of your comfort zone sometimes and if you have made a mistake, move on honey and forgive yourself first. Capricorn too! Have some fun and enjoy your life girl!
Gemini is quietly scheming to actually rule the world by dancing.
Pisces is flying high and shining more than a rare green diamond for a distant watery planet.
Virgo, is it me or are you kind of moody lately!
Remember that moods are like vampire energy and your itinerary isn't the only thing.

Taurus has many surprises in store and Cancer has some too. Try to take things in stride and be happy with what you already are.
Leo, as usual, things are easy for you. I want to be on your team. I love working with Leo people!

making the soap~

patchouli with a bit of this and that

pomegranate seeds with red clay and lemon oil

thank you

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