Wednesday, March 2, 2011

the picture

the picture
I don't really know why I posted that picture. Probably because I may be still attached to my youth and fancy myself having resembled this girl.
Frankly the whole image makes me feel a little apprehensive about the big wave that is about to splash her all over the place. She will be fine. She will one day have reckoned with herself and totally have come to understand the universe within her. That family obligations and pride in country shouldn't be a complete guide on how she has run her life.
That social expectations have not always been in her radar, more likely, that she has continued to think and always know herself.
Who is she and more importantly what is she?
I am

The new soaps on the menu will be so fun you are not going to believe it.
I am inspired by two things in March. Astro Vibes and Soapmaking, my two favorite things ever!

~Solar Flare Soap
One~ The Sun and all the huge solar flairs that have spewed out have had me talking and once again my sweet Tonie ( chanted some names of oils and as I want to please her in every way. I love her~ In the good way and not in the attached sort of way. (smiling)
Here is the recipe:
16 ounces organic cold pressed coconut oil
32 ounces extra virgin Greek olive oil from ripe Calamata olives
5 ml organic cinnamon leaf
15ml peppermint oil
30 ml blood orange oil
red swirls or vibrant red made with sweet paprika and a wee bit of red clay

Mirror of Isis Black Soap with Myrrh and Rose
Shea Butter based
16 ounces shea butter
16 ounces extra virgin Greek Calamata olive oil
16 ounces organic coconut oil
activated charcoal
organic propolis
pure essential oils

Nighty Night Soap
roman chamomile
90% organic olive oil
organic coconut oil

As we approach the dark moon, let's ponder on the seeds we are now planting. We know it is good, and we know we have worked hard. We have shed tears and fears and now we are washed free of old constraints. We have no enemy, we are friend to all, we are charming and magnetic.

the energy is all water
(sun, mercury, mars, uranus, chiron all in Pisces)
New Moon on Friday
I like this:)

Have a beautiful sunny day;)

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