Thursday, April 6, 2017

karma and witches

It is not karma I fear but my dishwasher breaking down and if you tell me we are meant to be together it is because I  want it that way. How come some things are meant to be and the bad ones are never "oh, I know we are meant to be that is why we know each other."?
People say it all day and it pauses me to think on it.
Are we really? Or are we drawn to situations based on our desires and activities to get what we want?
I know, it is hard to think on it but it is true. What we do from here on is what matters not what we used to do.

The thing with witches that I can not abide is the pretending we are these long haired beautiful nymphs on a mountain with the wind  in our hair and our inner power strong like fire raging towards the sky..I love it and it is not real.
I wish the man did not label us so. We are strong only because we birth and heal our children and our generations continues. We are really strong in that. We carry the burdens of men who bring blood shed and grief. Men, who must control the money, the wars and the the roads.We have women who build on that in order to fit in the manly structures and in that women have been indoctrinated not to say what is the most obvious things..I will
I will
I will
The real power with in is our will. The way we manipulate and exceed in our own expectations..right?
I can not just take it and say nothing.
It is not because I am an atheist now..I think I am and I  know for sure it is okay because I can integrate my knowledge to make the best choices, for me and my kin.

sigh..the suffering of boys dancing for dirty men holding their dicks! Yes it does does and those are the men worthy of being in the temples! I mean really! And we all say that every one is equal but really fear for our lives is why we comply.
The  way we make women in to sex objects in every advertisement..yea, we do. and no one really looks like that. No one. I can always see beyond the plastic boobs and can't hide from the sun babies..the light of day shine on your true faces..our true faces.

Speaking of which witch which..
I am right now bathed in eternal scent of rose choya and burnt oranges..I am safe. I hope you are too.
I love you!

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