Monday, April 17, 2017

mending the fences and letting some go

It has been a working time and cleaning up for spring and summer rains to bring more flowers. I love it.
forget me nots
black eyed susan
I have planted seeds and I am stacking the plantings by two weeks in order to stack the harvest times. Last year, I composted a ton of them and that is okay because good dirt!

There are so many varieties that I might have bushels of tomatoes :):)
Greek varieties and big giant heirlooms like "hillbilly reds"
I have an hearty Siberian tomato. I planted brandy wine (pink) and all the black tomato varies I could find.
I planted the basils by the softest part of last year's compost  where they will be free to get as big as they want.
This week I will plant onions and enough so that we can have fresh salad by June..yea..I planted lettuce, it never does well for me..maybe this year it will be different.
I must say it is so magical to work with the soil. My mom says my soil is beautiful and I might agree. I am in awe of seeds though. I started the tomatoes indoors and they hated it. They popped out all right but nope, not enough light. we tried a strand of LED lights and $20.00 later.."okay let us put them outside."
It gets cold at night. They are still alive in their little green house. I do talk to them every day.

I planted all kinds of quash and pumpkin. I am hopping they wander any where they please. Pumpkin Pie is delicious. Ravioli with a simple  pumpkin filling made with just enough good goat cheese, its lovely, delicate and pleasant in your mouth. I want some right now made with a pasta rich in eggs. mm
I will also plant water melon and I will let them thrive in the sunniest spot of the place.
The vines are to me, just the best. I ordered a Japanese squash  variety which I might just put at the beginning of the place and let it just hang its fruit like little orange lanterns.

you are my orange lantern
you brighten my day the way  you attend to your tasks
you lighten my heart the way you look at me with knowing eyes
my knowing heart
my gut wrenching mamma mind ready to
break up
smooth out the dirt
pick out the bad parts
they come out of everywhere
repair your boundaries
build them with core  strength
with core control
with mindful memories
mindful trust
it's everything we like god to be
it is us together though  as one mind working some big giant fire pit so hot and so deep and so much stuff it continues to spew out that it is black and still not it that the layers are so wide in between..there is an ice cold void made of some thing, unknown dark matter dark energy us.. only 1% of everything. We think we are so much, so important, because we know about us, as far as we know now..and it is a lot and not that much in time. 99% of everything that lived on earth has died off and they lived for long periods of time here. We as humans have evolved to now in just about a couple of million years..
from a little rat like creature to a naked ape..the bones tell a story.

What is going to be your story? My story? I am telling it now and maybe I will tell more and maybe less.
Sometimes I remember vividly things I should forget.:)

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