Saturday, April 22, 2017

hello babies and big giant sunshine

In a near by town here in the Detroit area, there community of highly religious Muslims that  hired a crooked doctor lady lady lady lady..woman, sister, mom, I am sure she is a mom too, to perform female genital mutilation on young girls, seven years old... well, they tell the girls that everyone gets this done and they must do it. Normal and horrid in modern times , wouldn't you say?
We we have done it to boys too since the dawn of what men in robes in the heat with no books and no idea about atoms, decided that this is the way to treat babies. Seven year old girls! Oh? And three day old baby boys are not that shocking?

And now to the serious and meditative part of my story..
It is cold here and it is becoming a nice day after all. Every day the sun is more and more brillant. I love this time of year.

Now to even more serious stuff to think about..

"I enjoy our conversations. Your cologne is too much on my delicate sandalwood, How about some sandalwood  for you with a fine patchouli?"

I should I say that. How can someone who knows me want to wear some fucking thing with some fucking sharp chemical they pretend is citrus or amber or ambre or noir or Tom Ford with his over the top ingredients..some really good and then he gives you brain chem log syndrome (made up word))?
I am greedy for the best things which means real oils any thing  else is out of the consideration.
It is crazy and so evil to each other and the rest of humanity. It represents a falseness and pretending where what is fashionable is presented by one small group and people just flock. The boots with the tights..missy, you have not seen a horse in like ever in real life. ha ha ha I don't care is ts only poignant because I see so many people all day and there is a look at the market.

My look is natural and I am a crone
I look to have accomplished my mindful goals
my reasons for living
my gratitude and joys
my riches beyond my requests
I can relax now with a notion that I know know know what I want
It is comfort
good food
great family
the fuks
I love them all so much
guess what, they smell the way I want.
real real real
really good.

Thank you I love you for not smelling fake and horrid..thank you mom for not cutting my vagina and dad for busting your ass for  mom, She is the queen of our home for sure.

 I want that which I already have. I have so much and more is coming.

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