Wednesday, April 19, 2017

happy and safe

I have had less and less  to rave about for about a month now. I have  been reading and digging dirts.
ha ha

I made some nice things though. Rose Cardamom Soap  turned out so nice, I sold every one of those. When I am good I am very good. I rove a rose with labdanum too!

I have been very thoughtful of you. Of all the things we have been through together and how it can be years since we have spoken and when we do, it is like yesterday. We are drawn together though a silent web of ideas and thoughts and intended invitations.
I love you and the way  you get me and when I say that I mean some want to get me so I can hear them out and l listen to how they suffer. ha ha and I mean to kind of chuckle here..
Don't forget how we all suffer the same but in our minds we have more sadness and sorrow than others unless you see the others suffering, the real suffering.
Not why the traffic is bad or the boyfriend is a jerk.
The  ones who have pain and loss, hunger and bloodshed..everyday and every hour on earth the violence continues and here right now we are gratefully safe and well fed and so so so happy.

Today I will prepare and amazing meal and a nice new batch of soap or two. I once made a soap with ground nettles and I think it will be a nice one should I maybe choose  to make Nettles and Moss.
You see, I have been pondering on this new very funky lavender oil from France. it is odd and I love it!
Why soap with nettles? Nettles are rich in chlorophyll, silicates and other very health nutrients. It is nice and smoothing on the skin.

I have been getting many requests for more scrubby soap.

Lime Vetiver Afternoon Special..

Lemon OG
Blood Orange

One big hunkin' body bar and an oil..mmmm
It will come with a vial of oil
so very soothing, soft
and oddly lingering with a sweet tangy finish from the vetiver having blended like velvet with the lime.

I hope you have a wonderful day and think of me with laughter and awesomeness!

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