Monday, May 8, 2017

I am still here

I think about you every day. You the ones who love my soap and my words and what ever else you love about me me

I work at 5 am now at my job most days and so my body had to adjust to the 3:30 am wake up time in order to recover from the last day where I worked my ass off and pounded about 5 to 10 miles depending and maybe a few up and downs to upstairs.
"yes, we all know I work hard" I am saying to you..
 I think I am more calm about it now and so a little more suave about myself and what I am required of at my job, at home and maybe with a man..I am not sure.I am fine either way, honestly. devotion to one's family leaves little
room for trifles and I am not talking cakes here, although that does sound lovely. With fresh straberries.:)
Some have been persistent enough..look once you engage with some one, is it about understanding their shit and I am tired. It is like you feel their pain and I am in enough of body hurts yo! lol
When you engage with someone they may tell you of their pain and more. They need to share, we all want the comfort when someone actually cares about us. Be aware of moods  in your chosen company. They may rob you of your good thoughts. Be honest and caring as much as you can. and, and, it may be your cologne making you depressed. Use essential oils and not perfume from the store. And don't spray that fake stuff on yourself, it is poison. what the heck?

Instead use an oil mixed beautifully by well seasoned clean hands, anointed by these same oils for many many moons and ready to make your skin feel like it is glorious.

I am mixing a nice little body  butter for summer today.

Shea butter, tonka butter, vanilla co2 total by ananda apothecary at 12% vanillin, sandalwood and patchouli, also a drop tobacco and to loosen things up, I will add just enough prikly pear oil to make it like silk.
I wore this all day yesterday and yes, my ideas rose to the surface. I find that when I wear sandalwood I get more money and more money means more oils as I am so generous to the product. It is everything and always has been. Why stop now?

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