Saturday, May 20, 2017

everyone loves cake

Madeira Cake

6 ounce butter, sugar, four eggs, a whole lemon peel, 7 self rising ounces flour 2 ounces almond flour..bake at 350 for 30 minutes or so..there you have an every day coffee cake tea cake and that is that.  it is like pound cake for dummies..and that is me. Now, lets us have a cup of tea!

I am good and doing well. The kids are all good and the garden is evolving nicely..
evolving, it the same really..Work is finally almost easy. I the
 only woman buyer on my team at 5 in the morning. The boys are on my ass all day.
"are you buying what you need?" "did you take my scan gun?" ( i did because they would kill mine and then leave m e with a dead scanner while they were all acting territorial.) "yea you want to fight me for it?)"
 I took all the labels off so they couldn't see
 which gun they were stealing. The caught me and I told them why I did it. Now and always,
I have a working scan gun. I made my stand and did not cower in fear. It helps that my  boss is 25 years old, smart as fuk and always polite..yea our life is okay. Would I rasher be tinkering in my  garden all day and making soap all day..dang man, I already do that..yes, dear ones, I am fine..sore a fuk and fine fine fine.

While we are aging we are evolving but if you use it to explain your actual age, I will think you are shallow ..just a little.
"we are the same age dude, you are aging too."
A close friend, close enough..
"I am evolving"
Me, that is also aging, do you really think you can stop it?
"I am evolving, Anastasia licious," that is what he calls me..ha ha ha
"okay but growing old is life boy"
He is grumbling now and pretending he has work to do so he does not have to face his lonely penis at  night..(okay, that is wrong to say))
It is so lonely that after years of being lonely, if he does ever get
 a real chance at a 24 year old, he might not react as amazing as in his porn dreams.
I find that men my age are really still randy and yet every day work tasks take their toll and at the end of the day, it is more work and the next day of hard work comes fast.
For all of us.

I think that women get trapped by what society worships so much that we color our hair and yes, we have evolved. We are doing men's work because it has become universal. You strength is not that required anymore in the service industry and most packages are made to be able to be lifted by anyone over 120 pounds.

I do not really have a point to my story only that I look and I observe and I react just as always, by bluntly pointing out ideas that may hurt some peoples feeling, better that than some lie made up pretending.
That is why I choose healthy
fats and healthy skin care.

Yesterday, I had an interaction with a girl, we will call her Maria..I mean yes, she asked a question which was pertinent.."is there alcohol in your cleanser?" "do you give discounts to first time buyers?"
My feathers get ruffled when money comes in to a discussion because it is already 13 dollars..I most likely loose money if you count the 2 dollar bottle and carrier I drive 60 miles to buy because I want the best things. I said i do not discount first time buyers and that I give a sample or two.
"which ones?"
Howe many?
I want neroli mist, rose cardamom soap as my  samples"
Uh, no I don't cut already cut soap and that one is expensive. Nor do I typically give oil or spray samples...6 emails later,
Dude!! something or not. I do not negotiate like some gypsy. Plus it is 13 dollars and now you want the rose and the neroli and the vanilla cream and the pluto potion as a sampler the best one, " can I have a sample of the blue oil if I buy the blue oil?"
It is funny as i write this but at that moment, I got ruffled..not mad but for sure like, okay, I deal with this all day at my job with customers who want to return a shea butter with one fuking swipe in it..whores!
lol again
I think she was so excited about the products that I may have misunderstood her enthusiasm for cheapness. I am not perfect you know. But if you cheapen me, I get frosty. I am worth more that 13 bucks and so are you babies! Ask for more!
I want 13 thousand!
ha ha ha

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