Thursday, May 25, 2017

I love May

It rains and the flowers are the most smelly. I have a lilac that one can smell about from the street. It is so sweet and good.

I am well and happy friends.
I hope that you are too. I am making a bunch of soap for Martha at The Well in Cape Hope. I love her. She has been with me for a long time and always gracious and generous we are for each other. I feel that way about all my  soap partners. You! We both make an investment for our skin care and it shows.

Etsy has changed a bit so if you have problems with the shopping cart let me know. I have had some glitches with the whole thing. Not bad but enough that I had to go and make a shipping profile because they deleted all of them..
who cares, it's over and I am awesome to be able to fix and not be a dumb old person who can't figure out

This week in soapmaking:
patchouli soap galore
patchouli frankincense rose geranium..oh man..
coconut milk shea with orange blossom
lavender patchouli  (moss on neptune)
cinnamon blood orange with ylang ylang and cocoa butter

There is a sale on the "euc pep" because I want you stay stay cool and wash your feet when you get in your bed.


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