Monday, May 29, 2017

frankincense patchouli soap

I made some really nice soap for just a few of us.
I have really gorgeous patchouli oil right now and so as I was making some heavy duty  soap blocks I took a little of the soap base and put these oils..

patchouli big time so much that it is dark. Sometimes I am heavy handed.
choya loban

Right now,  I am getting is frankincense but I am immersed in clove and almond from my zanzzy nuggets I just!!

I have been in love with coconut milk. The kind in a can, so smooth and creamy, yea? I put it is a soap base  and it becomes so soft and creamy as I mix.Very luxurious.  It really adds a texture to the base as soon as you put it in. This last one, I used a  double cream coconut milk. Gosh, I am so in love.
Sweet yet no sugar added so you can use it as a topping on anything you like. Even as a dip with just about anything.

of course as i am, you can put it in soap.

Organic coconut milk soap base
organic coconut oil
organic olive oil
organic coconut milk
clean water
activator  n(mms lye calculator)( grow up, sodium hydroxide is what it is, a catalyst..otherwise you can go and melt blocks of glycerin soap.)

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