Sunday, May 21, 2017

I colored my hair

laughing as I say this because well, for one year as I was growing my hair our out, people started to treat me differently. Truth.
I am in sales and do not wish to go and ruffle feathers of customers by not only my unfailing demands on their brains but just a\the few who are just mean in the first place.
"I am evolving"

I will likely let it grow out again or completely sheer it off.eventually, men hate that. Hair is sexy!

By the way men, just because Donald Trump is president and  likes to grab pussies, it does not mean you now get to call women more names than before! "cunt", 'Bitch" I have heard them twice this wee alone from men who shop at my store when they were referring to women. It is a trend when it is that often and I am keeping my ears open. Excuse me but, am I wrong to demand respect.
Men have been dicks though and we said it often enough and yes women can indeed be it just words then, or can they hurt us in a most deep and humbled way?
I am needing a sit down think for that one.

We must be something more you and I! We must strive to greatness in the most subtle yet profound ways.
We must endure our anxiety and not think for one second that we are safe. Nothing is forever. You have these moments right now to make some good memories. A twinkle in your eye can make sparkles appear for everyone who catches a glance directly. It is a beautiful thing and spreads as easily as anger.
Of which I have against all tyranny..hahaaa

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