Thursday, June 1, 2017

Hello June first and how are ya

Do you know me?
I am not your native nor your blood
we are the same though
we are made of star dust and churned particles made by heat in our star,
so hot so so hot :) Like your hot bod babe!!

We are the same and should not be troubled
yet we dwell and dwell in anxiety and worry about silly little daily things that wreck us

We cry over our hair and our legs and our varicose somehow if we pretend they were never there we can actually make it happen by this "belief"

we love pretending as babies and to carry the tales of children to our adult years, we all do,  we want that and do it..
our fairy tales are just bigger and have a bigger price.

yes like karma in like reincarnation..
"anastasia, I am shocked, you do not believe in reincarnation?"
"no, I don't, does it really matter what we may have been?"
"yes I think so, that is karma"
" maybe it is "revenge"  dressed as free will and or karma?"
He walks away, pondering why he even talks to me any more..ha ha ha..
He wanted that all to be true we all do we all have.

have a wonderful day and remember how amazing we are, how smart and how go, have a  good dream in the deep darkness of twilight and make it a wealthy one a healthy one and where good  will to all reins."_)))

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