Monday, August 21, 2017

and what a feeling HAPPY SOLAR ECLIPSE

How interesting that this last week was a doozy, yea?

This is rose of sharon, or wild hibiscus..I love it and they tell me it grows like a weed and I am glad. Let her cast herself across my whole yard. she  is really stunning! 
Her flowers, they close at night and open with the sun. 

Glory! Perfection! Pay Attention, be free of fear again and again!

Be stunning and be real
Be happy that you are here
what ever is divine
let it be what it is
nothing to do with you for sure
make your own divinity I say
what ever you want
make it real with each thought
with each thought, transform it in to a real idea
with concrete value
with loving intention
with hands that linger on the good
with mind that proceeds with reverence for nature and her beauty of which you are one with..


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