Saturday, August 19, 2017

you made me cry

guys get something clear and I mean the few very sexist men I have encountered in the last month or so.

Please and Thank You!

 I will say anything I want and you do not get to be all do not get to make a ticking time bomb over a topic.

you do not get to be offended by my words about your religion
cover your head, I don't care
your vestments mean nothing to me
you do not get to treat me worse than any person in charge
especially your gods be they real or imaginary
you do not get to spread rumors about me
you do not get to treat me like a  servant
you do not get to engage in conversation
that only leads to war for any of the above topics
you do not get to be mean to everyone just because you are having a bad day
your mom may be dying  or whatever is weighing your mind..there are many things which weigh our minds
you seem to think it is way to be rough with people and you create drama and bad hurt feelings
who do you think you are, Caligula??

ha ha ha

sorry I had to bring this to you as I approach my 60's but it took that long to find words to reply to your unkind racist sexist what supremacist attitude.
I have known and not necessarily  in the "known" sense,  vile white men and vile black men and they all had a penis, they loved that thing and they still do. I am sure!

talk about everything yo

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