Thursday, August 17, 2017

back to school feels real

It has been a nice summer yea? We have all been working on something and it has been received.
Received..yes..have, has, been, gotten, there, and in a profound learning rush, received all the things coming to us.

I have been honing in some some temperature issues and the dry weather all summer has surely effected the time and reason to make things.
I am not in such a hurry to just make, but when I get that alone time the, oh so beautiful witch time..yes it is good and works like a perfect storm.

This is now, this is the time )
to look at what is up and clean up your work space
don't cheap to yourself iether
it can come quick as an opportunity and then you are like "oh, what should I do??"
Well, don't just take whatever comes like a leaf in the that seed that makes so many new seeds for the next a field of what ever flower you want to your own made proverbial seeds and then..go out of the weeds and stop crying all day..

Think of me, at four in the morning..:) here saying, "hello, you look great, you are great and you are doing great!"

My beautiful friend said it best..
"I don't care, you are not making me hate anyone!"

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