Monday, August 7, 2017

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and other ideas like why July is so fleeting?

Happy Birthday Leo..ha!!!

If you have ever had a fire on your ass it is now. If you've ever been driven about anything it is now. And if you've been lazy and thoughtless, it is time to not be lazy and laxified, as if you have servants..I know, it is hard..Be a beast on the hunt. It is your best thing. Be organized and thorough, it is your best thing and do not make bad memories with people that have actually loved you and cared for you, your new friends will never be loyal and true..learn to be loyal and true yourself and do not actually expect that in others when you are already ready to shut the door on their faces, watching as they get eaten by flesh eating zombies ready to suck them dry because that is what they are for, their best thing is sucking blood.

Speaking of which, I still love astrology and it is fun for me I can detect patterns in people more than a sign as to who they are. It is all about memories and how we remember each event and how we transform that in to our daily lives and full moons are always about money for me.
Libra, loves nice tings and clean places and works ass off for the money so she can eat nice food and sleep in clean dry sheets(very important)..
July is Tax month in Livonia so I paid that, I paid the electric so we can have air conditioning and I paid the 1200 hundred dollar car insurance bill. 1200 dollars each month! Fuks! We have 4 cars on that plan and Michigan is said to be a state where there is a lot of fraud. Yes there is! By the insurance people! ha ha ha!
 Laughter, okay, because in the end it is all imaginary money and we are going to die and we have no choice in living here on earth, happened to us. Now we are here and this is what we have become. A dirty slave based human civilization based on territory, and bloodshed..sorry but it is true..ah, yes and fighting for our gods as per usual. One God my ass!
There are 4 major ones watching as these little creature try to destroy themselves of property rights..hah ha hahaaaa I have paid my fee for the next six months.thank you for the opportunity Livonia. My place is so amazing right now! The flowers the life!

Good thing we have art and music and a whole lot of veggies! Good thing we have yoga and free speech or I'd have my ass on a pile of embers..yes humans did that, for Jesus! Seriously, it happened, I am as shocked as you but there it is.
God said "there are to be no other gods before me" and then 2000 years later,  Jesus said, " I am the only way you can see the big guy, me the savior of the world" and  and then 2000 years went by and humans spread themselves all over the place and pretended to be servants of god and chastity in the home was godliness..but as soon as they made big towns where everyone came to trade and sell stuff, sex with different people and sexually transited deceases like syphilis and bad living outside the godly home. Syphlis..been here since cities were born! Pretending is something we do rather well, don't you think? Good thing we have a church on every corner though.

I am not angry, I am just saying. We do not cut peoples heads off in a good human that has to be fixed, and if I were running things which I am not, I would make it so everyone has to be healthy. This means getting rid of many bad habits starting with, that healthy food and healthy life means you are not all bound up (pun)protecting your place here on Earth but that you are able to express that in something each day, be it your job, your hobby  or you love of creating through aromatherapy...mmm
cologne,, yuk..gross and nothing they make touches your health in any way, it is an illusion set up by marketing firms who have ever smelled dirt in their lives unless they went on expensive vacations where their lives were led by servants in the hotel..yea..I rant, I know it..
I hates it. I really do!
It makes me stabby..))I work with someone who wears this yucky horrid  Halston from TJ Maxx..I walk in to a cloud of poison every day and can really say nothing because you know, apparently is is not cool, they all are used to it and I am too sensitive..well, darn it all! Sorry I do not care for toxic particles to go in to my brain because they are so small and deadly and ruin your life..sorry, fuking cologne!

Wear something fresh.
What is fresh  to me is something other than fresh to others..

 I find lavender and lemon to be fresh, lemongrass, cucumber smell...mmmm

(cucumber lemon soap coming up, I am just waiting for a few more big ones (well they do look like a penis:) so I can peel them and juice them and add them to soap,mmm))

black tomato


  1. The black tomatoes make me want to make tomato soap again -- I used to make tomato soap for a friend, lots of lovely organic yellow tomatoes and basil eo. Makes me wonder how your black tomatoes would fare in soap ~ hint-hint. Love you, Ana xoxoxo

  2. The black ones should be in soap or distilled. I have not used my still yet so I should get moving. Maybe today. As far as tomato soap..I need then to scheme with scenting. Tomato goes with basil basil goes with lemon and so on. Hey your new house is fancy! Mazle on that one!