Monday, June 5, 2017

notice something?

My writing is getting better. At least sometimes. I know I tend to go off and rant but that may be my best thing in writing. I am not sure. I like poems too.
Like the one I wrote about some of the Patriarchal slime that lead our world as they always have, with violence and greed about their gods.

I called it Patriarchal slime because I heard a friend use that term about some leadership in our towns and head offices..

I might have to change some words but it goes like this..and when I say is raspy and low voiced beatnik sounding..

Patriarchal slime,

:) patriarchal slime I see you all the time 
your head held high 
because god is on your side
your shoes all shiny because you have it all
just as long as everyone abides by your own man made laws
the time has come for you to face
and not feel disgrace because your god does not care about you so boo hooo
pretty boy

I wrote right before all that stuff on the news about London and the fuks who are randomly killing innocent people who are living their lives.

I have told you before and believe you me, I hate the religion, all of them, especially  Islam but Muslims here in Detroit are fine. They work and are trying to make a nice home and make money and live a decent life. No one seems mad when I talk to them. Oh, and there are a shit ton of Jews down the road. A bunch of Chaldeans too..all from that region and yes, I find some of their habits distasteful like their constant "honey" but well, Greeks are obnoxious too..Oh yes, they are!
Their priests wear long gowns just as much and well, they also work near each other all these different people.The difference with western faith is that the priests wear that shit only during ritual, the rest of the time they are normal looking unless they have to wear the thing on their neck just to say who they are..subtle but still as poignant. The Greek priest I know, looks at his job as a job and has a family and they travel and look pretty in pictures. He seems normal except when he came top pray over my dad in the hospital that time when papou fell down the stairs, he said, in perfect English, "here John, this is myrrh fro Jerusalem" and he put it on my dads forehead. I reached over and asked to smell it..
Fake and so fake! My  dad thought it was golden myrrh from the most holiest of places. I said nothing. They know God but do not know the difference from real myrrh and a fake toy made to fool children! is true though.
You walk away from something like that in deep thought. Are we better because we review and change as need be?
I think so.
And I have said this before about how new generations do not want to live like that. They want music and dancing and nice looking hair and not just for dad and brother to see..creepers!
These few idiots who think they can change earth to their views are but a small spec in time. Future humans will remember them for what they are, apes with no education. because once you learn, there is no going back to make your self believe, you are in knowledge already, willing and open to all the best things for all people.

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