Monday, June 26, 2017

I am more conservative than you are

I cook and make soap and nurture..and yet, you,still think I am a "goddamn liberal"?
I make a garden and feed all my kin and talk to my mother and my sons and yell at them for being dumb. I work until I can't stand "no" more and then  I lay down and rest. I read and listen to people when they actually talk to me and not yell insults and crazy ass fits..get over your self. you cannot behave in such ways is what is and should always Liberal, huh??
He called me that and it was the last straw!
Yup, I guess so, because no matter what I say, you will not change your mind.

You are more liberal than you think.
We all are.
Sick? Doctors! Roads, water, to your house, toilet, where did he think that shit comes from,  oops, I mean goes? I know right?
Instantaneously? Like god made us!
One guy said to me,
"You sound bitter.."
I am a little that you get to sneak  in a corner and talk about how bitter I may be.
It is not bitterness if it is not you then?

Women need to step up. accelerate the pounding of man gorilla brain pounding his fists at other man gorilla brains as whose god wants more blood?

Wait, you are Christian and your god is love..I keep forgetting that part when you talk like you do.
People say that maybe I am stirring the pot but then I always have even when I was stirring another one last year..ha ha hahaaa I am just trying to figure out when I insulted you most? Was it when I said all religion are like children's stories and serve to intimidate..make humble and bind to a creed.

Yes of course you are in my prayers. My meditations and focus on what is and hopefully may always be your good..please flourish so that you don't get mad at me when I say things. I mean get mad, sure, do not say mean things and not use  my looks or some dumb weird thing. or feeling like "bitter"

Tell me right now that the hurt remains for past swords from your heart being too open and someone guts you like never before..How did you feel and still feel the pangs of hurt of someones hate toward you?

Guess what, I once got my ass kicked because they said I didn't love Jesus enough.
Guess what, once I wrote about shea butter (years ago when I was blue lotus moon)and because I said an adjective about the women in Ghana and how gorgeous they are and I got my ass beat because I was deemed a traitor for loving black skinned Africans! True story and if you think I should be gracious about that. Sorry!

To say that I hate Christians is strong. I do hate that they have committed many atrocities in the name of their god and for them to be noble and more noble than me..sorry, no again.When you put a scale in your mind like that  it never turns out,  "oh, you don't hate Muslims as much as "us"..therefore you are evil and liberal! "
I have aid it before, it is more like children's games than real life..

I guess I  am tempted a little to tone down my ideas but I do not know if I can. I will always want to share good news like how fats works and how soaps is made and how science is how! You computer right now is science and was never instantaneous. And if you think Donald Trump is your friend? I hope so. It would be nice. it sounds good but be aware, Mussolini also wanted  to make Italy great again. He started the Catholic Youth with the Pope of the day..right, many years ago was that?
Not many and we will change. Italians today are done with the wars. It messes with the ragu and how the pasta is served. I hope so anyway..I wish we could all just grow our food like the past and work and be a nice planet of rich healthy happy people.

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