Wednesday, June 14, 2017

there are good things everywhere

I love this time of the year. Here in southern Michigan, it is has been unusually  hot and dry. No rain for days and now they are telling us that our water is not fit to drink. "don't worry though, it is nothing serious. just drink bottled water for a few days until we fix this."

What do they need to fix?? Well,  (well) The water levels dropped  because of the high temps and now all their chemicals are concentrated. they do not just say that in plain English. Contaminated with bleach and dioxin or what ever other poison they try to use in order to satisfy the ignorant masses. Who are these "they" any way?
This is what I am asking.

Water and food is what drives all mammals my babies and we are said mammals too. Because we are aware of ourselves is why we feel so special.
Most humans cannot even accept evolution so it is easy to sit in darkness and let others lead the way.
I would rather be in the fray, the out of the way, the developing secretly mammal  female to
works hard to make it right..for her little fray friends..:)
I am drinking bottles water by the way.

How about that? Imagine no water..
no baths
no soup
no clean underpants against your ass
imagine fighting to survive
no food store near by
to eat a breakfast or make a nice tea no sugar
no clean shoes
no phone to call your mamma
"mamma" like Lambert in that cartoon show
walking miles to get pails of water.
Imagine if you can and if it hurts you just a little to even think it..yes you have heart and
now, you can open it to share your thoughts your ideas and your art.

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