Monday, June 19, 2017

summertime thangs

I was thinking about things. I am sort of studying brain stuff some more and it makes me think about my inner brain and why I think and do the things that I do.
Why I am never really lonely unless too many people are there then I am lonely, really lonely because I know I stand out. None of them even have a glimpse of what a bad ass I am, have been or will continue to be as my badassery is my my secret and my stand.
I am learning my job better, and as you may have heard by now, Amazon bought Whole Foods Market. I am now an employee of  a global company. Coolness and whatever man!
 How do I feel about the sale of my beloved whole foods? Meh! Soon drones will scan vitamins and body care right in time for me to bank on my retirement savings and just make soap. Yes real people still want real soap made with good fats.. Corporate details are what they are.
Move along. I make money there and do a job that soon will be done by a robot and they like me so much they let me stay and talk to the real people that come in with every fuking complaint.
You know why they are so depressed? They are so fuking bored from doing nothing good that they come in there for a reprieve and comfort. They have nothing to do because money alone is not enough for happiness, you have to keep learning and learning and not be a lazy fuk, wondering who., next,  will do your thinking for you so that you don't even have the knowledge to get on google.

I had a letter written on the web site of whole foods requesting information on why toms of maine roll on is not available. Seriously? You already went to the internet to contact me. Go to Toms and ask them! Toms's roll on really? They made a new one 5 years ago. If you like it so much, why don't you know that? I am just sayin'.
Also if you are the type of guy that shops for his "queen"?? Nuff said about that kind of talk!

The new moon is almost up on us. This is a time of learning and remembering everything you learn. The new moon in Cancer.  It is about keeping what you have, allowing some  secret works to develop in to real usable skills for the next three months which will lay down the pathway for the next three years.

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