Thursday, June 22, 2017

pulling the lettuce and making the way for onions.

I have been harvesting garlic and basil and dill and that is about it. My vine friends take time to spread out. I am training them to climb with things they were throwing out from work and my usual little nik knacks I like to put out there for the tomatoes to rest on. This year, hay and straw. Straw to hold moisture and hay to smell sweet and green. Think of sweet grass. hay is like that except when you have so much hay, you can jump on it? Am I crazy? You can put a soft blanket over it and look at the sky or the night stars making their journey through time like us. I would do that in the morning,like right now at this moment, it is 3:30 am. The only time I can be alone away from too many people to  be able to think of how much I love them all.:)

A recipe

fresh garlic
fresh dill
fresh basil
olive oil
put these all together in a blender and use with anything you like..grilled portobelloes and almost every other grilled delight.

I am not vegan, I was vegan and turned it around.
I have a friend who always brings up his ideas of perfection and said vegans are better people than meat eaters.
He can bite me because I am a fuking stellar human. and who is counting?
I bet that guy never worked a farm in his life. He never worked the ground. he is afraid to touch things. Americans may be afraid of dirt. i am not sure though:)
Who gets to decide what is sinful and what is not sinful?
Does your sexual past have really anything to do with your current love?
I hope not because if so you are bound by jealousy and hate from the get go.
The love part will fade in to bitterness and agony because you may not have gotten what you bargained for. Things change and your lover is really an ugly demon here to suck of of your good, your goddess, your honest, you worthy, your clean efforts.
Or at my age, men, well many  men are fuked up and still think they are young but too many drugs and alcohol and staggering has become habitual and here we are.
I will stop cussing maybe..:)

Today will be good. I will work
I will think
I will ponder
I will not stink like a fake cologne with ozone ugliness..ozone?? Why???

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