Monday, July 31, 2017

snake coiled on blossoms

:)one of the best things about working at whole foods is my constant and rewarding access to amazing fats, butters, oils or all  sorts and one such opportunity presented itself and I bought a bunch of Flora Omega from organic sources! (7 Sources Omegas 369)
No, for me, it is not for eating although you can take a spoonful now and again.
I used all of it. 32 ounces of a wonderful mix of glorious fatty acids..
  • Derived from 7 different sources, including algae, flax, evening primrose, pumpkin, sunflower, coconut oil, and sesame
Very nice indeed! For, it is the sesame oil which nourishes in such a comfortable way. Here we have also added, organic red raspberry seeds..finely ground and red and soft until they get wet..then they offer a little bit of a sandy feel..

The snake theme you might be wondering about..

I cook up what my mind throws at me and this time I me and you... be aware of the reasons you strike out. Don't waste energy and work smart. Know you are protected because you are always listening, watching, learning..
You are always serene and dignified..always excellent, 
Protecting your domain is a thing because as you know a nice place to rest your head  with a clean bedding is where it is at! My snake is coiled  and resting on my blossoms :)
I have fed them and they responded by giving me what is big and most grand
beauty beyond what my words can convey..

(by the way, it is not a real snake, it is the energy you create from your core self. It coils itself all the way up or gets stuck way down there where it feels good and drains you of optimism if lingered there too long..)

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