Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Fat

Let's get down to the nitty gritty shall we?
I am not a fan of processed creams. In fact I rarely use anything at my store from a store shelf anywhere on my skin besides the Mineral Fusion make up which I love. Even then  get hives if I apply too much mineral on my face. I do love to put on blush and bronzer from Mineral Fusion and Pure Skin..I like the sparkles in their make up.
I look like a horse, I am Sag is cool, Libra Sag rising..I think when Jupiter enters Gemini, it'll be a very cool time for Sagittarius folk..:)

My point being that I rarely eat out for the same reasons and prefer to make food at my home rather than drive to some place..I am really lazy like that:)

So that is why is is all about the fat. This is my actual  point.... I will read an ingredient list the size of my foot (10) and take a whiff and then put it down.
I love to  show some women how they can use a beautiful  balm and hydrosols to make their skin really soft and supple.
Listen all that stuff is processed. Skin care should be simple and you need  never  absorb freeking preservatives and soy extracts and  benzoates..
If you put a waxy surface made of stearate and glycerin on your skin for your essential fatty acids to repair anything will be more work. You might not want to do that to your self.
Essential fatty acids are what make all the repairs in and out of your body. You cannot make them on your own. That is why it is so important to choose the best ones. Why not? Plus, your skin has to breathe. It is like a lung on the outside and coincidentally,  both of those organs relate to Kidney Lung Meridian..

 It is lovely really..

It is all about the fat!

Fats like,
evening primrose
pumpkin oil
avocado oil
olive~ the best one you can afford
raspberry seed
blackberry seed
there are more, each one offering a special blend of essential fatty acids unique to itself.
All of these nuts and seeds are considered "super foods" nowadays because scientists are finding out more and more information about micro nutrients in food. These super small particles seem to be quite important for health and have shown themselves to be extraordinary in many ways. Your skin being a major consumer of such matter to be used as protection from radiation and pollution in the air one breathes..again Kidney Lung:)

have a good day, I am off to be charming and magnetic~

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