Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Pluto Power

You can harness it and submit to it churning of everything gooey and uncomfortable and you can prosper.
Pluto is about prosperity and rewards and outcomes of yearnings even you yourself weren't aware of.

Pluto is about tearing down everything you believe and letting old thought patterns go. Sometimes with Pluto, they are torn away from you even when you didn't want them to be.
We get attached to pain and anguish. It is like drug always needing more and more nurturing so that you can continue releasing the chemicals which make you feel need, sexual desire, greed for power, stubbornness and pain from loss..
All Pluto stuff. Death too.
Death of an old worn out way. Death and rebirth is all Pluto all day...
Does it hurt a bit, yes, but you like a little pain, I  know you do.

There is a fear factor too. Look at what you are dealing with head on, honey!
There is no courage without fear..they  say..

Look at the house Pluto is in and there is where you will review your attachments, your painful secrets and worries and where you will overcome each one like a mythical warrior on the side of truth, not what some priest said 1000 years ago...these guys were running the world back then, they would have said anything to support their causes and  money making fear tactics of who God loves..
he he
all Pluto stuff indeed:):)

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