Thursday, April 12, 2012

new soap ideas

It is time to make soap at the new place.
I am ready, the equipment is spread out and easily accessible so all I have to do is make.
Lavender Soap, yes! 
Blood Orange Vanilla sounds good:)
What about something new?
I haven't a clue.
My juices are flowing and still no amazing ideas coming out.
Maybe it is because Mars is retro and Mercury just now when direct, the big move, the new job.
I do not know.
I know that I won't just throw anything together right now. I will plan carefully and when it all comes together, we'll have some nice soap. Something new even. Is there anything really that is new in blending for soap scent?
I have had a desire for rose geranium and lime together, but you know what? No one buys that sort of blend from me. I wonder why...

I want something smokey with bergamot..Lady Gray")
I want as always some nice frankincense soap in my shower, a must for Libra and all other signs.
I want more rose otto as I can't seem to get enough, it makes me happy and content rose otto does.
Divination Soap?
Frankincense Rose Soap and cream in a little set which won't cost a fortune?
Ok, let's see what I conjure up.
Have a glorious day!

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