Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Hawthorn (crataegus oxycantha) is a common deciduous tree or shrub growing primarily in North America.
It is one of my favorite supplements of all time.
It is pleasant tasting tart and mildly astringent and best thing ever, great for your heart.
You can buy Hawthorn Tea at any store (good store, not 711) and enjoy the benefits of hawthorn every day.
Hawthorn is loaded with flavonoids and proantocyanidins
(all you need to know that is these little helpers are full of good stuff to help you from radiation and other toxic substances in the air you breathe.
Hawthorn starts out as a shrub and grows for years and years in to a tree. Furthermore, the reason why it looks like it grows  little apples..well that is  it because they are in the same family Rosaceae. It is all apples and roses babe!
How lovely, right?
Have a gorgeous day:)

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