Monday, April 16, 2012

people moving in

people moving out (sung to the tune from Temptations))

this religion
that religion
Jews in Hollywood
Jews in banking
that Norwegian guy who hates Muslims
because of Jews probably!
Hey dude, Jesus was a Jew, ok! He taught love and forgiveness not some facking hate rampages.WTFak??
( I realize that I have that guy mixed with some other Hollywood guy who hates Jews not Muslims)
I am not understanding why we should still be referring to races of people instead of "us" the human species..right?
Words have power..that is why I never use the term "Anti-Semitic"
Why? It gives it strength...that is you have that energy all the time. Say it long enough it becomes an obsession and then  social  martyrdom depending what side you are on. The phrase is the same either way.
Religion is so weird like that. So intense that we do not talk about it much. Any questions that might arise such as; "what do you mean she was still a virgin before and after, Jesus had a brother?!"
Or, "How come Israel is God's chosen people, that would be like a bad parent only loving one son or daughter and throwing everyone else out, these type of questions would always bring a challenge to anyone, not me and you, others..
My mother will say to me, "Don't talk like that."
I  want the facts, not some made up fear tactics..

Don't blame god for abandoning you, your words are you. You can color them in any way you like.

 It is true!

Think about it, how have we evolved in one and a half million years?
Really besides the paved roads and Internet, I would say that now, we have learned the usage of minerals to make better and better weapons to guard our turf which equals money and riches therein..

What do I know? I feel really safe right now. My kids are nice, all of them and all of them with their own ideas... no guns in this house, no mind control fears...
My riches are inside my mind. I disperse them at will.
 I am fully aware of my behaviors and my choices which lead to the next wave of goodness
thank you~
have a good day and think kind thoughts, everything else will fall into to the right spots:):):)

Earth is our mother which was created by the remains of a giant super star explosion during millions of years and our Earth is at its most glorious place in time right now..why worry about turf and skin color?
This is the best time on our planet forever:)
It just makes you want to  love everybody more now, doesn't it?

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  1. You go girl! Mother Nature is my CHURCH! Go out and play with her everyday and you will learn something new!