Saturday, April 14, 2012


In Michigan you can find morels if you are lucky. This is the season and now I know why, damp, cool nights and warm days... I have gone hunting for them for years and have actually only encountered one in my whole life. Until now that is! The whole North West corner of my yard has what appears to be.... Morels thriving all over the place Under a very mossy section of my place.
I am afraid to eat them. You know why.
Whole families  have been known to die because of one wild mushroom meal..
Well I think they are Morels because they look exactly like the pictures..I will have them tested  somehow.
It is very special to me to have found such a treasure in my new yard. I planted the sassafras and the black cherry trees in their general direction.
I believe
I believe
I believe
(Mystic Medusa wrote about it in her blog..very cool reminder! )
I am going to remind myself everyday in this way.

I believe I am happy
I believe I am rich
I believe I am loved

I planted the Black Walnut tree first for stability and protection from parasites and this applies to the whole cosmic aura around my family and home just growing there and then also to gift me with its glorious juices.
Walnut is all about protecting the soul
bringing in abundant wealth and protection through a stronghold of
psychic barriers
I chose the North East Direction for Black Walnut

After I put the cherry tree in is when I saw the first one. And then it is as if my eyes opened and I could see as many Morels as there are..which are so many just happily growing there under a flowering cherry tree.

I made soap this morn, not last night. It is super awesome right now and my hands reek of "old whore" and "super fine patchouli" soap..I am all out of labdanum as I melted all I had  for the old whore and I also poured in all my aged vetiver in the soap base. It is a really good day, right!
I'll do the blood orange tomorrow:)
It may just be a way in which I am making my new house my super fine home now..dang man!

thank you

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