Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday and it's my way till payday

and it is actually pay day..he he
We will go to the market and we will eat salad sandwiches, they are so good..

Salad Sandwich
get your self a big bowl and fill it up with all the greens you love.
We love Romaine and Red Leaf made extra crispy..( you make lettuce crispy by washing it and then wrapping it in a cotton towel and putting it in the veggies drawer in your fridge~it has to be non fabric softened, that is an important step.
One big sweet organic onion, sliced any way you like
One big tomato which is beautiful and not some creepy four pack which is some sort of pink color, but plump, red, juicy and smells of sun shine..sliced any way you like
and any other veggie you can clean and chop up.
Ciabatta Rolls with the inside mostly taken out so you have a nice firm shell which soaks up the dressing beautifully~I usually eat that wile stuffing my sandwich:)
Your favorite dressing
(lately I have been digging Garlic Expressions, but I will use a balsamic or a Cesar no problem:)))

Best Dressing  Anastasia
evoo 3/4 cup
wine vinegar 1/4 cup
garlic galore 3 or 4 cloves chopped
og oregano a pinch or so
Celtic salt 1/2 teaspoon
fresh cracked pepper
og basil a pinch
add feta or
or even chopped anchovies (which I have never done because my kids won't eat them)
you can add chopped olives too if you like
shake or blend

Eat is so good for a fast lunch which is not loaded with processed  omega 6's from processed foods which equals to the worst thing for you!
Take charge  of what you consume and you will never need raspberry ketones unless you eat an actual raspberry. You will look amazing for you age and size. You will love every part of your body, even the scars which are like valor wounds.
You will look at your face and be happy with what you see..
and all because you ate some greens:)

Tonight, I am making some Blood Orange Vanilla Soap
I hope it is good:)
Thank you:)

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