Saturday, April 7, 2012

Just settle down and have some patchouli soap

made with shea butter and made with gorgeous olive oil which is fruity and delicious.

 Anastasia'a Super Fine Patchouli Soap Batch #8 million 800 and 88

 16 ounces shea butter (sunrose aromatics)
 32 ounces fine unfiltered extra virgin olive oil (Canteros's Italiano Market, Livonia Michigan)
 32 ounces extra virgin organic cold pressed coconut oil
8 ounces fine oil of patchouli, nicely aged and very smooth:)
 2 ml frankincense co2 (for the blessing)

 yumm, yumm you! follow up with a fine anointing balm or oil after a shower with this and I bet you will smell good all day and awesome people will be drawn to you without knowing, why... I always use some neroli and smokey vetiver following a good patchouli bath, but you can do what you like. Vanilla goes real nice with this soap. Everything matters.

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