Saturday, May 12, 2012

what's new pussycats?

I have been a little busy with the move and all and after what 6 weeks here, I am making this place my home and awesome shop.
It has to be easy and I must say and  this place is.
Closer to my other job and no stairs to climb makes for one very chill Libra dame!
That is me, Libra Dame..
I am so excited about all the things I want to plant. Wormwood for sure and motherwort, both  essential for healing work, psychic protection and attraction of goodness all around.
The Black Walnut is going to be the ruler in this yard but so far I am ok and have dug out of years of memories (again) and feel pretty good...btw, walnut is all about shedding the past and also offers protection for the future. In other words, you have learned something from all of the crap which broke your heart..
it is what it is
I finished Torchwood on Netflix and it was was really something that show!
Do you know what Captain Jack said to his brother and his old lover who both killed him in the most horrid ways one could conceive?
As soon as he would come back to life and face them he said, "I forgive you".
He still let them go, but he forgave..
I love the writers of Torchwood! Another Tonie find!

Now, I should tell you that I have some new things. I have two kinds of ground grape seeds, ruby red and Chardonnay..yes I do.
I ate some, they are gritty and then make a small amount of slick feel, a gelatinous goo if you will:)
That is why the new scrub..
I like scrubs, not too scratchy, something which rolls on your skin with a cream not just scrub..
My friend Tonie makes some of the most amazing scrubs I have ever used. She has a hand with vetiver that one!

Allow me to offer you something grand, something given through my hands~))

Anastasia's Sparkly Grape Seed
Face and Body Cleaner

ground grape seeds (ruby red and chardonnay)
diatomacious earth
redmond clay
quinoa powder(og)
red raspberry seed oil(og)

I wanted to use it in the shower and feel like it smells of incense . It does. Not too much spruce or vetiver, but just enough to hold the resinous components of the frankincense and labdanum together.
This is a wonderful cleanser for men as well as women!

What do you think of that? I love it.
Thank you for this glorious last week!
my wonderful home
the potatoes which are caramelizing perfectly at this moment
the rain and my new grape arbor
my parents
my Tonie
my oils and
my delicious coffee
mystic medusa

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