Friday, May 25, 2012

Aries and their Uranus Pluto

Re evaluations
about themselves

Hey, if you don't like what your loved one is doing or not doing, step back. Not everyone can keep up with your level of needs you you blend an Aries with some Cancer crab stuff, and you might have a psycho (kidding) on your hands who is super tidy and loves his family but just try to not go to the "thing" with him and see what happens.
Aries does not forget easily and always wants satisfaction.

I think this happens to all of us at some point in out relationships that we might avoid certain subjects based on reactions by Aries type vibes, you know... by some Aries type people.
Another Aries vibe is that Aries always shows these characteristics intimately. At work, Aries has it together, totally.
They do the job well, they have excellent skills in their area and they are pretty. It isn't enough anymore though is it? You forgot that Pluto in Capricorn is making his her way in to a fierce square with Uranus in Aries.
People most effected are Aries, Capricorn, Libra, Cancer.
But then you have Mars the  ruler Aries and co ruler  of Scorpio and  involved here just based on the fact that Mars rules Aries coloring things as well in my opinion and if you look..look at your left side, deeply in the corner of your left eye, there is the Scorpio thing in there..he she is your intuition, that gut instinct to be able to look at the lower chakra stuff, the bowels, the loins, creativity, birth of ideas, the shakti and you might like to bring that in to your Uranus transit. Make something new and innovative which helps and heals, something exciting and feels good, something which enlightens....ooohoooo

The results may be blindingly violent in words mostly but one could figure that might lead to other more intense situations.
Hey, it is a violent Universe because everything is magnetic, when you have magnetism this intense, you feel it. Even if you don't know that you do.

So what is up with you, heh?

A break up
Repairs in the home requiring a tear down
A tear down always leads to repairs
Aries brings skill and new ideas to the forefront
Capricorn wants to control it all
Cancer types must learn forgiveness and open their hearts to new things. So what if Garden of Life is a marketing company, they still have good vitamins, see?

Don't talk shit about anyone or anything. Be nice.
When you are resentful, it shows and colors your whole being..

You put yourself way out there and now it might feel lonely. It isn't really lonely, is it?
Libra, you can really relax some of you criteria in men and then maybe you'll attract more dates...hahahahaaaa ok ok a date not dates!
Hey, I am a busy woman who loves going home to her pad~
if I were to attract a dude in my life he will have to be smart, kind,  funny, read books, work out with me, dig in the garden, eat clean food, drink tea with me, and the most important one is that he must love love love, good soap..
who doesn't?!


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