Monday, May 21, 2012

Jupiter Vibes

Listen I could sit here and tell you the ins , the outs, the what have you's, and still not know why I say it!
I know Jupiter is vibing strong with me and our world. I do not follow politics but something big is about to reveal itself to us.
Al I know is this, I will continue to do an excellent job at what ever goes though my hands. That means being detached and only thinking about my task now and not what someone else is doing.
Can I tell you a little story?
this is why I think some people are dick wads..
dick wads
I wont say who or where but as a promotional dvd playing George Harrison singing various songs of his was  just about to finish a clip of him singing Hari Chrishna, ( a clip not the whole song!) someone, I won't say who, ( a christian of the catholic sort I would assume), walked by and turned it off and kept walking!
I am on the other side singing to George when the reception girl came and said, "Anastasia, the  dvd is off, "douche wacker" came and shut it off!"
I am like, "Oh?" "That is where he is at isn't it? Maybe it was too loud for him, I don't know, but it did not go unnoticed by me I can say that!
Listen, I wasn't even the one who turned it on. My point is that this guy was so perturbed by hari hari, he felt a need to protect his religion!
Or did he? Could it be that I am the one who is defensive here over a few songs? I mean Am I going to stop listening to Cat Stevens because he changed religions? Just the old songs, but that is a whole other story...:)

The same one which kept secrets form him and may have tortured his ancestors..that one.. That God.
It hurt my feelings and then I felt that whole business about how people get so defensive about their God.
Know this, they all worship the same one whose name is sweet and comforting in any language.

Then again, it isn't Jupiter at all but a full on Pluto Pattern..what do I know, I am a soapmaker!

"I find your lack of faith, disturbing"
Darth Vader

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