Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pluto Uranus Square

If the last three years haven't been at all trans-formative for you, well all I can say is they have and you have and we have.
I know that I am ready for the next exciting challenge.
It will be interesting being  at the a tip of a cardinal square between Pluto and Uranus ( Libra Sun here)...
The last time we had this aspect was crazy and brief, thank goodness. not that what debris that  was left behind didn't color our world for about two years now.
If you haven't learned to keep your mouth shut and do your job yet, you will.
Pluto is about putting the ego back inside and nurturing the mind rather than outside situations.
With Pluto, it is always bigger than you are. That is how the outer planets work. I mean look where he she is in space..they are saying he she isn't even a planet..Oh he she is a planet all right. Stealthily grabbing hold and keeping his her distance from us yet the pull being intense and covering so much ground at the same time, er I mean space when I say ground.
These two will create some very strong vibes and with Uranus involved, there are bound to be a few surprises and even tragic events which always liberate in the end. That is Pluto all the way.
Sometimes it hurts so bad, you ride the pain wave and then realize you are ok again. We exist in a violent Universe!
I think we are supposed to feel all the pain, it releases new hormones (pluto) which we have yet to discover (uranus)
We are born to love
it is true
i won't forget
thank you

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